Hi am **** from planet Vulcan located in 40 Eridani star system. That is all you need to know :D :) :D But in truth I like games, movies and some more stuff but that is private. You can find me on Digimon Masters Online under name DaNtlEs and in Star Trek Online under name @dantles1992. Live long and prosper :) Also if you play Soulstorm whit UA mod join my rooms SSUAmod and SSUAmod1, pw for both rooms is 123 or if you have your room just give me so we can play :D

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Star Trek: Legacy

Upcoming News

Aug 17, 2014 Star Trek Legacy New Beginning 0 comments

Star Trek Legacy New Beginning news and announcements

New version info
Fallout: New Vegas

New version info

Aug 15, 2014 Wasteland Weapon Pack 0 comments

Fallout New Vegas Wasteland Weapon Pack NEWS on what is new and what to do

Star Trek: Legacy


Oct 2, 2013 Star Trek Legacy New Beginning 2 comments

not much of a new things is new version that am planning except maybe one thing, New RACES.

What will be the new
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

What will be the new

Dec 19, 2012 World of AklesH 4 comments

This is a list of a new stuff that you gonna be able to see in a new release of this map, it is not much but am gonna let you decide. :)

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