I am a gamer. I play video games. And when I get bored I look for new games or mods this is why I have a profile here. I also have recently been into source sdk.

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orex Dec 24 2010, 10:52am says:

I can't download it for some reason. It says "410 Gone".

+3 votes   download: The Citizen Part Two
orex Apr 21 2010, 4:16pm says:

I edited the sound, yes me but with filters. Duh

+1 vote   download: grunts
orex Apr 17 2010, 11:29am replied:

I have a black mesa acount and I submitted it for this

-1 votes   download: grunts
orex Apr 9 2010, 8:50pm says:

I would say this is a very good mod. With the axe and the new skins all I would say you should do next time you make a mod add a small story to it. other than that great mod. =)

+3 votes   mod: Zombie escape
orex Apr 4 2010, 8:39pm says:

I liked it, good re-imaging at the end.

+1 vote   mod: DangerousWorld
orex Apr 1 2010, 6:48pm replied:

This room I just cleared out. It is meant to be storage and had lots of crates in it.

+2 votes   media: Map1 pics
orex Apr 1 2010, 6:46pm replied:

Really close! Like in real life less than a centimeter away.

+1 vote   media: headcrab
orex Apr 1 2010, 4:27pm replied:

I think it may be broken too. I don't think i play that much. Thanks for pointing that out.

+1 vote   member: orex
orex Mar 30 2010, 7:24pm says:

There is a blur but it seems good.

+1 vote   download: Facility Wallpaper Pack
orex Mar 29 2010, 8:52pm replied:

I am making this mod to improve my skills. I put this mod on moddb so I would have to constantly be creating it or otherwise I would have givin up long ago but I will try to do better with the stuff I put up.

0 votes   download: Teasers
orex Mar 29 2010, 4:10pm replied:

You dont have to like it. If you don't want it dont download it. You don't need to comment that you dont like it.

-2 votes   download: Teasers
orex Mar 28 2010, 4:59pm replied:

Sorry, changed thoughts mid sentence.

+1 vote   download: Teasers
orex Mar 28 2010, 12:18pm says:

I know the mod is big and is very detailed but this is getting more and more annoying. They said they'd be done in 2009 and yet in (almost) april it is still not out. the least they could do is tell us what is taking them so long.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
orex Mar 28 2010, 11:39am says:

I like the icons there are much better than anything I could ever do.

+1 vote   download: Puzzlr and Source Icons
orex Mar 28 2010, 10:52am replied:

Not really sure. I have more of a plan of what I want. So I'll keep making maps to get to where the mod should end.

+1 vote   news: Map Finished
orex Mar 28 2010, 10:50am replied:

In the map it actually fell from the ceiling in a different room.

That carpet was just to add colour to the hallyway. Otherwise it is really blah.

+1 vote   news: Map Finished
orex Mar 28 2010, 10:48am replied:

It is my first map yes but i'll probably come back and add stuff to this map.

0 votes   news: Map Finished
orex Mar 28 2010, 10:43am replied:

Sorry I have never was good at spelling

+1 vote   download: Teasers
orex Mar 13 2010, 2:24pm says:

I keep getting this "mountfilesystem (241) failed... error 5" is there anything i can do?

+1 vote   mod: Garrys Mod
orex Mar 13 2010, 2:20pm says:

This thing is going to be awesome but it is 2 months past when they said it would be out so i am getting increasingly annoyed and just curios to see exactly how much they have improved on the original.

+4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
orex Mar 5 2010, 8:55pm says:

I love this game. Did you read the stories from the plants and zombies in the almanac. Some of them are good.

+1 vote   game: Plants Vs Zombies
orex Feb 9 2010, 5:10pm says:

I like this tutorial alot it helped me very much but here is something i figured out the hard way. For the door when you are making it a func_door_rotating go to flags and select open on use/touch or the door will not work.

+2 votes   tutorial: Hammer Beginners Tutorial Part 2
orex Jan 28 2010, 3:32pm says:

Just for refrence, this mod is more to expand my skills. I just need a little practice on the modding skills. I have made other maps but they weren't even close to half life style. Like I took a month making a complicated map of my house but I had no compiler to add it to the mod as an actual playable mod. But I am still trying to add some things plus I haven't given up with the ladders.

+1 vote   mod: Revealed
orex Jan 28 2010, 3:24pm replied:

I know how to use faceposer but I can't find out how to add the things to hammer.

+1 vote   mod: Revealed
orex Jan 28 2010, 3:21pm replied:

I tried but when I put the ladder invisible texture and put it to func_ladder it doesn't seem to be there. So that is why, most of the tutorials I tried said the exact same thing. But thanks anyway.

+1 vote   mod: Revealed
orex Jan 20 2010, 3:33pm replied:

I have tried many ways to make ladders but they just don't work. I have put other ways to climb and drop down so the ladders are just for show.

0 votes   mod: Revealed
orex Jan 13 2010, 5:53pm replied:

Make sure it is in there right folder or just try to restart steam.

+2 votes   download: Ravenholm v1.0
orex Jan 13 2010, 3:36pm replied:

I'm currently working ona a tutorial that all modders should know how to do.

+1 vote   member: orex
orex Jan 11 2010, 8:55pm says:

If this mod is what you say then this mod should be good. I hope you added or at least tried to add my favorite part of ravenholm Father gagorio.

+1 vote   mod: Ravenholm
orex Jan 11 2010, 8:50pm says:

This mod is awesome. The name was right. I really want to play the sequel now. It should be called the expected conclusiion. I recomend in your free tim,e setting a tutorial on how to do some of the things in that. Like the moving gate. Overall I loved it.

+4 votes   mod: Unexpected Conclusion
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