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orbidia Nov 6 2010, 8:38pm replied:

Thank you for the response. Definately looking forward to it.

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orbidia Nov 4 2010, 5:32am says:

I see the Killer App Mod 1.1 is now out. I'm really looking forward to trying this out very soon. I loved Tron 2.0 when it first came out.

Anyways, I never played User Error before and I figured I would wait to play the Killer App Mod until "User Error 2 widescreen" was out so I would jump from the Killer App game straight into the updated User Error Widescreen Expansion - for the first time! It's been a few months I've been waiting considering it was on Apr 20, 2010 where it was said "hold off...just a bit".

I'm not impatient or anything...Oh wait. Maybe a bit.

I realize this is all the generous work of a bunch of people and I know these things take a LONG TIME when only doing it in one's spare time. But I guess it would be good to know if this updated widescreen expansion will ever come out. If so, I'll just keep waiting patiently.

It'd be awesome if it was out before the movie though as I kind of wanted a lead into the movie. i.e. Play Killer App Mod, Play User Error, watch Tron at home, go to new movie... Hopefully this may be possible!

I fully respect all the work that has gone into these mods. Its quite an achievement!

Please finish the updated Widescreen User Error 2. (before new movie?)

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