Hello, I am a Mod player from Canada and hope that one day, I will make my own. Fingers crossed.

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orang3dragon612 Nov 15 2014, 5:51pm says:

Excellent news! Maybe we'll see an added connection back to Underhell as an Easter egg... I am very glad that this is getting a large update. The first HL2 mod I ever played. In fact, first mod I ever played, period. Lots of nostalgia connected to this game for me. For the record, I would be willing to pay to help support and fund this project.

+4 votes   news: Nightmare House 2 - New version is coming
orang3dragon612 Sep 24 2014, 7:17pm says:

Also, come the Steam Underhell release, will we need to replay the whole game, or can we import our save files? I understand that there's a lot of retexture and remodeling work to be done, but will any of these changes/improvements force the players to replay? Not that it wouldn't be fun, but one does want to experience the next chapter as soon as it's available.

+1 vote   member: Mxthe
orang3dragon612 Sep 24 2014, 7:16pm says:

Mxthe, I was just wondering, why is it that you want to make games? I've heard a lot of reasons among others, such as wanting to make the next big thing, to make money, or even to fix the industry's image. This is kind of random and out of the blue, I know, but I've taken to asking myself it, and I was wondering what opinion someone might have the with the experience such as yourself.

+1 vote   member: Mxthe
orang3dragon612 Sep 1 2014, 12:13pm says:

Excellent news to hear. I still remember back in the day (like 4 years ago) when Hen first posted about Underhell, after you had been in contact with him. I still remember watching the original trailer and looking towards playing the mod.

Fast forward 4 years and my, how things have accelerated. The mod can no longer truly have the mod moniker, but it's a full game. It grows increasingly popular, and to think it could come to Source 2 as well... Such a step forward from that old trailer featuring just the house and Her.

I'm glad and happy to see that you've managed to develop a career out of this passion to create, to tell a story, and to make a kickass game. Truly something that other starting Game Developers can look at as inspiration, showing what can be done for those who love to make games.

Keep up the good work, and good luck!

+7 votes   news: Underhell Chapter One - Anniversary
orang3dragon612 Apr 18 2014, 5:57pm says:

Yes please, always loved this mod.

+1 vote   news: Steam release is near.
orang3dragon612 Apr 1 2014, 6:31pm says:

Ah, nothing like a sleek Beretta. Classic gun, and great model.

+7 votes   media: New Beretta by Alexander Voysey
orang3dragon612 Jan 28 2014, 9:49pm says:

Must be really gratifying to sit back, show it off, and say "Yeah, we made this"

+9 votes   news: Patch 1.07.6 Now Live!
orang3dragon612 Dec 15 2013, 10:33pm says:

At last! Just like I had always hoped from 2011, the start of Coop has begun. Definitely looking forward to this, and good job with it. Have to ask, what's been the hardest part of coding this beast? Also, will focus be, er, focused on this till completion, or will Chapter 2 be worked on too? Keep up the great work guys. Hoping for the best. Can not see why this couldn't be sold commercially at this point.

+4 votes   tutorial: How to play Underhell - Coop (Unofficial version)
orang3dragon612 Dec 5 2013, 4:24pm says:

Looks even better then before. More modern.

+7 votes   media: New SOCOM by Alexander Voysey
orang3dragon612 Dec 4 2013, 10:23pm says:

A rising dawn. Promise, opportunity, choice. Great setup, this is some great work. Should really open up an official store for the game, sell some prints and such. Of course, there are other ways to gain revenue from the game...

+6 votes   media: ModDB Design Concept Art
orang3dragon612 Dec 4 2013, 10:21pm says:

Wow. What left is there to say? What an air of menace that permeates from the house. Must say Mxthe, if you want the house to look like this one day, going to need one hell of a tree clearing company. That, and uproot the rest of the house. But all things considered, I think that's the easier thing the house could do...

+3 votes   media: ModDB Design Concept Art (WIP)
orang3dragon612 Dec 4 2013, 10:18pm says:

This song,First Light, Terry and Ben, and a few others. Of course, the main theme always provides the chills. This will be one hell of a soundtrack at the end of the next four chapters.

+8 votes   media: (Spoilers) The Lab of the Mind
orang3dragon612 Oct 1 2013, 3:54pm says:

Good to hear you broke your addiction! Things can only improve from here. Bravo. And again, as most devs say these days, it'll be done when it's done. Take your time, refine and improve and we will enjoy it for lengths when it comes out. Good job!

+7 votes   news: 17Th update, Final weapons and new Gordon npc;
orang3dragon612 Sep 13 2013, 5:59pm replied:

*This can be categorized into the "Fanboy" section of your mail bin.

+5 votes   news: Underhell begins now
orang3dragon612 Sep 13 2013, 5:56pm says:

Excellent, excellent. Always great to hear the success of indie developers, and the never ending passion that they put into their games. Have an idea what that "news" is, and can not wait for it. Take as much time that you need, more time can only bring better things. Mxthe, I salute you ser.

+6 votes   news: Underhell begins now
orang3dragon612 Aug 31 2013, 8:46am replied:

Yes, even makes a few references to it.

+3 votes   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 31 2013, 8:15am replied:

At least this makes for a nice little early stress test, although the volumes of people will drastically increase, so maybe not as helpful.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 31 2013, 8:08am replied:

Ah ha ha ha, you should have seen when Cry of Fear was about to be released on Steam. Oh, the delays...

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 31 2013, 1:01am replied:

You might be right, but hey, I remember it more from UH.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 30 2013, 11:23pm says:

Whoops, accidentally down-voted a good review. My bad :P, didn't mean that.

+2 votes   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 30 2013, 11:09pm says:

If there was a game to start recording commentary for, it would be this one. Why don't I have fraps yet?! Can not wait for this Mxthe, looking forward to a day of Underhell.

Time to set my alarm clock to 6:00. Oh, and sorry that less people haven't payed for the music yet, I guess those exclusive digital weapon skins and items are the hook for "pre-orders" :P

Ah, can't help but let my inner fan boy out. And my theory timeline! I must get back to that, speculate on the story and continuation...

To quote Underhell "What is sleep?"

+3 votes   mod: Underhell
orang3dragon612 Aug 28 2013, 7:00pm says:

And that's another yes! But so many songs! If you do this, tell us how much it costs so I can run out and buy an iTunes card. The last album was fantastic, and I would love to continue to support you and Tom Stoffel, who I think is very underrated.

+6 votes   news: Underhell Chapter One OST AVAILABLE NOW!
orang3dragon612 Jul 7 2013, 9:59am replied:

Here's how I see it. It's not just another group of enemies, it's additional sentry's and guards blocking your way, and making a empty hallway on easy or normal suddenly have guards that you need to keep out of sight from. I do agree with the above, but AI is difficult to do, some of the best being from FEAR, and some of the worst being from, well, many other games. Equipment, I think, will be conditioned to the situation, so not every group of baddies will come equipped with NV goggles on hard, only if you've been spotted or something like that. Anyways, just what I think, sure Mxthe will replay properly in due time.

+5 votes   tutorial: Difficulty Scaling
orang3dragon612 Jul 7 2013, 9:55am says:

Mxthe, I'm curious. A few years ago I made the wildly incorrect statement that you might have upwards 7 chapters. Now I know that's wrong, but I'm wondering will this be the final chapter? Seeing how long it's taking, and how much of your life that you need to spend on it, I'm not sure if you want to plunge headlong into another full chapter.
It doesn't help that your an essentially one man team, slowing the whole process down compared to what a full part time team could do. Anyways, it continues to look great, and thanks for the tutorials, gives me ideas for programming.

+5 votes   tutorial: Difficulty Scaling
orang3dragon612 Jul 5 2013, 5:04pm says:

Also, is there a guide out there for all the secrets? I never knew about the chainsaw until I saw your video, and just found the room challenging us model that anime girl.

+2 votes   mod: Katana
orang3dragon612 Jun 28 2013, 6:06pm replied:

*If you still don't know, as Ace was the one who picked it.

+2 votes   mod: Katana
orang3dragon612 Jun 28 2013, 5:45pm says:

Maddieman, I realize that this subject has been touched on before, but what is that Final Boss song? If still don't know,do you know a tool or debug mode that would allow me to see the name of the song as it's "activated" in the mod, or view the mod files?

Also, great mod, and do you have any other projects? Matrix? Indie Company? Not really into modding/gaming any more? Thanks.

+2 votes   mod: Katana
orang3dragon612 Jun 16 2013, 5:39pm says:

I bought it first on Desura a long time ago. Do I get a steam key or do I need to buy it again?

+2 votes   news: UnEpic Now On Steam!
orang3dragon612 Jan 22 2013, 4:27pm says:

I wonder if I should play Strider Mountain again to prepare for this one. Looking good, mapping skills once again have a certain uniqueness to it. It would be great if this and Strider Mountain could be ported to that Co-op Half Life 2 mod. And good luck on your indie project.

+3 votes   news: The Closure - 11Th Update
orang3dragon612 Oct 30 2012, 5:06pm replied:

While I agree that not all the skins are great and there are repeats, it's for charity so you would also be doing a good deed. Don't if you don't want to but the more skins the merrier.

+3 votes   news: Halloween Charity Skin Pack on Xbox
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