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OPGreenback Apr 1 2013 says:

Don't forget the liminal-streak rewards for when you get quite a few kills in one life; you can summon anything from Scamps to Hungers to Boethiah, depending on how long the limstreak was.

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OPGreenback Mar 18 2013 replied:

Oh, and I really appreciate that you actually remarked on Raid on Pyandonea. Barely anybody has, at least not in the Luftahraan/Mod circles. Got some attention in the lore community, though. Makes sense, I suppose, because the appeal is clearly to lore hounds.

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OPGreenback Mar 18 2013 replied:

Now, I know that the text is not without flaws. In fact, I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out the various stumbles within it, such as, "He seeking fingers found the severed spearhead." The final touches to the text were, I admit, added hurriedly. The vast majority of the text has been heavily edited, but there are short intervals of 2-in-the-morning writing. And I do regret some things within the text, such as the use of the Stare rather than the Voice, as evidence has arisen that the Tsaesci kiai does indeed exist, as a sort of Hissy Thu'um, Hisses rather than Shouts, and that would have been more than fitting for this work, what with the importance of the duality of Serpents and Dragons and also Serpentborns and Dragonborns, than my own invented versatile Basilisk glare.

"The writer(s)? just need an editor well versed in Elder Scrolls lore." This specific bit made me smile. I'm more or less the lore savant of the team. And, more than that, it was edited by two others from the lore community.

As an added note, you may want to read this text to understand just why different versions of Nordic myth vary so much. For example, the differences between Fight Two's Ysgrim and the modern conception of Ysgramor.

And as a final goodbye: "It may be that the exploits of the near-mythical Ysgramor conflate the reigns of several early Nord Kings, as the Elves were not finally driven from the present boundaries of Skyrim until the reign of King Harald, the thirteenth of Ysgramor's line, at the dawn of recorded history."

(Bomundl anon Dreadmund's legend was swallowed by that of Ysgramor.)

(Tons of thought went into making this text delicious from a lore standpoint.)

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OPGreenback Mar 18 2013 replied:

(Note: Apparently, this does not fit in one comment. So I’ll reply to myself as many times as I need to to fit it all in.)

I am the writer of that piece, and you are incorrect.

Something More Than Five Hundred Companions is partly a joke and partly serious. The joke bit is clear: It is a play on the well known '500 Companions of Ysgramor'. It is serious in that each recording of the number of Ysgramor's Companions is similarly vague. The Five Hundred Mighty Companions or Thereabouts of Ysgramor the Returned (I'll link the sources at the end of the comment), the dev text after which the in-game Songs of the Return is based (there is a dev statement [in a discussion, not in an official capacity, and thus it'd be harder to find] somewhere in the official forums that confirms that, but it'd be a pain to track it down), is about the Five Hundred Mighty Companions 'or Thereabouts'. It's unsure. And in Fight Two, "How Herkel the Fool Became a Clever Man" of The Seven Fights of The Aldudagga, Ysgrim's warriors are counted as '"six hundred and some odd" Nordic warriors'. Again, it is uncertain. My 'Something More Than Five Hundred Companions' is the middle ground between the two uncertainties.

So, we're past the initial point. On the use of Thu'um as 'Thu'umed', I realize that that is not 'correct', but this is a tale that, for at least a couple centuries, has survived only through the Marauders, a loose group of Nordic raiders. Pirates, essentially. Be glad that the Marauders have not dumbed the text down to a series of drunken grunts.

And on the cheesy names, give the already cited The Five Hundred Mighty Companions or Thereabouts of Ysgramor the Returned a look. That was the inspiration of the names. They're all suitable for what we know of ancient Atmorans. At least I have nothing like, "Aldugapadptujenmenhelfnenjaarighuruijleymora."

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