Designer extraordinaire, I suppose.

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Full Archetype Lineup
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"Copper"... I wonder what metal he's made of

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Actually it's brass.

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His name is Detective Inspector. Inspector is his name, and Detective is more of a title.

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I might play the Rat.

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gonna be a Rival. Oh yeah.

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Classes not covered last time, from left to right.

- The Mentor is kind of a crutch character. They start with twice the skills of everyone else, and more perks, but they gain experience at half the rate so they won't keep up over a long campaign. Their job is to advise other characters, after all!
- The Rat is an infiltrator class. They blend easily with criminal types and have lots of bonuses to sneaking and lying, make them go-to to undercover work. However, they tend to be kind of easily corruptable, given their criminal origins...
- The Copper provides the team with muscle. Nobody looks twice as a police officer wearing an armoured vest and carrying a longarm, so they can openly protect the team, and when the shit does hit the fan they can call for backup.
- Dame: See last image.
- Sleuth: See last image.
- The Partner, as the name implies, is the best buddy of the team. Socially, their role is as a mediator, as they gain cards for diffusing arguments, and their ability to lend their skills to other party members is very helpful.
- Short Stuff is basically a little kid who is following the rest of the characters around. They are kind of joke characters; nobody takes them seriously in arguments and they can't really fight. However, nobody really tends to notice them either, so they are great for spying and sneaking.
- The Rival is sort of a dark, social Sleuth. They are basically Sleuths who have sold out, so they get to have goons on call and they have lots of money and connections, even if their actual detective skills are a bit rusty. They have a unique special rule that encourages them to try to steal the spotlight from others.
- Professor: See last image.

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