Hey all! Im Mike I have been developing games since high school starting with good ole GameMaker. Once I starting college going for CS I continued onto creating games in whatever language we were using for class. All in all I would save I have made 10 games and god knows how many idea prototypes and tutorial projects. However none of those ever left the house. Until my senior year at Stony Brook. When me and a few friends developed an idea I had. That idea became Paddle Baddle. We entered it in the Stony Brook Game Contest and took first prize. That was the day Onslaught Studios was born. My official title became the everything except art guy. We have since release Paddle Baddle on XBLIG and are well into our next project "Bombo Goes Nuts" When I'm not writing code/designing/play testing/doing business like thing, I like to pick up my guitar and play a bit of music.

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Onslaught Studios Nominated for Indies Crash E3
Trixies Tilted Adventure

Onslaught Studios Nominated for Indies Crash E3

Apr 23, 2013 Trixies Tilted Adventure Competition 0 comments

Indies Crash E3 is a unique opportunity for indie companies to go to E3. Onslaught Studios has been nominated to be in the voting and will be bringing...

Trixie's Titlted Adventure Beta on Kotaku (aus)
Trixies Tilted Adventure

Trixie's Titlted Adventure Beta on Kotaku (aus)

Mar 19, 2013 Trixies Tilted Adventure Event Coverage 0 comments

Trixie's Titlted Adventure Beta was listed on Kotaku's Australian branch as one of the "App Deals Of The Day" Unfortunately being over in America it took...

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