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oneneo1 Mar 6 2011, 2:20am says:

I've been away from this game for far too long.
I jump into a game from time to time only to get my arse handed to me royally. It's kinda frustrating really, but I do love the game, and am stoked to see the team still hard at work on the next version.
The videos look fantastic. I can't wait to see the final result.

Keep up the great work guys.


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oneneo1 Mar 6 2011, 2:03am says:

There, I'll just post a new one altogether...

I played the game when it was released I KNOW it came out years ago.
What I was trying to say is that the movie seems to be all but a complete rip-off of the game Tron 2.0
The stories are ridiculously similar.
Originality is dead in Hollywood, why do you think we see sooooo many remakes these days?

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oneneo1 Mar 6 2011, 1:47am replied:

jeez, I keep replying to above comment, and it keeps replying to my own, wtf is going on here?

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oneneo1 Mar 6 2011, 1:31am replied:

oops - posted as reply to myself EDITED

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oneneo1 Mar 25 2010, 1:16am says:

Like I said back in '08, there are still people playing it, even with no support or DLC, so it must be pretty good if that's the case.

You can now see more info over at the Games for Windows forums as well as the Xbox forums

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oneneo1 Mar 25 2010, 1:13am says:

Anybody else see a striking similarity of this game and the upcoming Tron Legacy movie? The story seems awfully familiar...

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oneneo1 Oct 29 2008, 4:51pm says:

This game is still being played by many.
It may have done poorly with the critics, but those who have taken the time to play it all agree it is the most well balanced multiplayer game to date.

It may not have any support, and it does have some bugs, but all who play this game have agreed these are acceptable nuisances.
It's only real drawbacks, a steep learning curve, and no DLC.

Check out the xbox live forums here to get a feel for some that play the game:

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oneneo1 Sep 5 2008, 10:43pm replied:

man I forgot all about the homepage, duh:

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oneneo1 Sep 5 2008, 10:24pm says:

ya, I've been trying to find it everywhere, but can only find up to 2.6
something happen?
Moddb has the 3.0 page listed as mod not active blah, blah.
are you still working on it, or should i just use the 2.6?
And btw, nice work with the BFP mod, I've been watching your progress with it since you took it upon yourself to not let this mod die.
Thanks for that...

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oneneo1 Mar 13 2008, 3:35pm says:

I have to say this looks just amazing, this could hail as one of, if not the greatest Star Trek game/mod to date. I can hardly wait for it...

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oneneo1 Jul 15 2007, 6:06pm says:

I am able to load the game, but there aren't any gametypes available, so there is nothing to play.
I've reinstalled, following instructions to the letter, but still the menus come up, I can adjust game properties, even choose character, but no game is available, not standalone (which I believe was never completed), no internet games to join and I can't even start a server! WTF?

The forums (new) and website (new) are all but non-existent, they paid for the domain names, at least post a comment there, right?

The old website and forums are pretty useless as they aren't even as current as the final release of the mod, again I say WTF?

I PM'd the creator of the game, but he visits this site rarely, and the only hope I have is if he has email notifications activated, otherwise we will not hear from him again until his new game based on the SoulKeeper universe is underway...

Any ideas on my problem? TIA

(I really want to play this one!!!)

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