I like the older style games like Jagged Alliance 2, fallout 1 & 2, Dungeon Keeper, Final Fantasy 7 - 10 and the like. The only worth while games out today are Mass Effect 1 & 2 and GTA4 imo :\

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Omegakill Mar 16 2013, 11:53am replied:

Sorry, triple post, I've just read the forums and seen you're aware of this bug.

+1 vote   article: New Trailer Video
Omegakill Mar 16 2013, 11:47am replied:

another bug, I was poisoned by a burrower when my character had low health so I ran away to the next area and when the area loaded I had 0 health and my character lies on the floor but isn't dead I can click and move him around, if I get into combat I can move and shoot without any enemies reacting to me, can provide some fraps footage if you like.

+1 vote   article: New Trailer Video
Omegakill Mar 16 2013, 11:35am replied:

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I think I've encountered a bug, I used a frag grenade on around 6 Spawn's and took 2 of them out yet I only got experience for 1 kill(134XP) is this sort of a penalty of using grenades to finish off low level enemies or a bug?

+1 vote   article: New Trailer Video
Omegakill Mar 14 2013, 10:22am says:

Actually really glad I watched this new trailer, I was a bit stuck where you go down the ladder and see two people and they basically get the drop on you (talk to you first) and either attack there and then or take you to their leader, now I now you can go in a vent and bypass that. Think I'm gonna buy this on Desura after all as I want to support the game more. Any idea on when the next version is going to be ready at all?

All the best!

+1 vote   article: New Trailer Video
Omegakill Mar 3 2013, 9:29am says:

Looks promising, keep up the good work, tracking :)

+3 votes   game: Hello Space
Omegakill Jan 25 2013, 2:30pm replied:

This is similar to how DayZ works though, you could spend weeks or even months finding amazing gear, an AS50, loads of ammo, a ghillie suite, GPS, nightvision and it can all be taken away in a split second by a sniper sitting 800M away, it gives the game an intensity that most games these days are lacking, it constantly forces you to think about your every move and that makes the game fun.

+2 votes   game: Miscreated
Omegakill May 16 2011, 3:51pm says:

I still find all these links very very confusing. People ask for download links and we get links to Bear's pit forums with about 100 different links on them. I just wish there was 1 single page for 1 single download link that was kept up to date, but it seems all the wiki links are out dated, as well as many threads. I was shown a link a while ago to the apparent latest version of 1.13, which turned out to be 2 versions late, and its a bit frustrating (which obviously isn't your fault or anything just saying..) Anyway with that little rant over, I'd like to thank you Wil473 for your hard work into this undying classic game, very much appreciated :)

+1 vote   download: Urban Chaos-1.13 Hybrid v3.0 Rev. 20110127
Omegakill May 2 2011, 5:20am says:

thats a great ammount of detail, your doing really well with your texturing and the like keep it up :)

+1 vote   media: EOTech 552 Final Render
Omegakill Mar 22 2011, 10:59am says:

Is that the pistol holster on the left? its a little hard to tell, plus I know some combat jackets have a holster on the front of their chest (where the flag is) a thicker skin would be nice but thats still pretty cool

+1 vote   media: Arctic-Conditions Green Beret
Omegakill Feb 13 2011, 4:31pm says:

Any bits of info on how the jobs will be like? Any clues as to what jobs we can expect?

+1 vote   article: News
Omegakill Nov 14 2010, 5:13pm says:

That is looking **** hott!

+1 vote   media: PotW: Future Trunks (Nov, 14 - 2010)
Omegakill Nov 9 2010, 4:34am replied:

Ok thanks for your suggestion, I haven't played any x-com type games before, and currently can't seem to get any to work on my machine (as I'm on Win 7 32bit). Maybe still put some small tooltips on some of the buttons for players that need their memory refreshing or need teaching in the first place I.E me lol. Good luck with the rest of your development.

+2 votes   game: UFO: The Two Sides
Omegakill Nov 6 2010, 10:47pm says:

First of all i'll state that I understand that its a Beta, but I'd like to say this game needs some serious work, first of all there are NO tooltips as to what any of the buttons do, your just basicly thrown onto the geoscape and thats it, and in combat again no idea what the buttons do, the combat is fine but also on human campain (which to be fair is the only one i've played so far) you start out with assault rifles and the like but no way of building more ammo for them? My final point is I have only done about 3 or 4 missions on "downed" (didnt do anything to them so I take they are landed rather than crashed?) and now it says "Humans have won" If these issues are being addressed then disregard everything i've just said and good luck. I should also point out that i'm only playing the single player campain.

+4 votes   game: UFO: The Two Sides
Omegakill Oct 7 2010, 2:49pm says:

Its a H&K G36K I believe.

+1 vote   media: Weapon Textures 2
Omegakill Jun 6 2010, 7:32am replied:

Yes we all believe in you, no pressure just make sure you take your time in making things right, your not a corporate company so you dont have a deadline to rush things out :)

+1 vote   game: Compound
Omegakill May 24 2010, 1:00pm says:

How would you be able to do this though? Wouldnt you be using the offical pokemon and gyms etc, how will you get around licencing and rights etc?

+1 vote   article: Features of PKMN:O
Omegakill Feb 8 2011, 3:17pm says:

Thanks for the updates, keep up the good work guys, you know it'll pay off soon.

+2 votes   article: News
Omegakill Dec 29 2010, 9:00pm says:

I loved DK and even enjoyed DK2 somewhat, tracking this game but wont be trying any demos or anything until there is some decent material together, good luck with the project though :)

+2 votes   game: Natural Born Keeper
Omegakill Dec 21 2010, 2:49pm says:

Looking good keep up the good work :)

+1 vote   media: PotW: New and Improved Gohan Shield
Omegakill Dec 21 2010, 2:44pm says:

Thats fair enough and its good your communicating with your fans. I think as long as you keep the files and documentation from the game you may find that you'll see other people willing to work with you. Good luck.

+2 votes   article: DBT Finished
Omegakill Dec 11 2010, 4:56pm says:

I've installed the latest 1.13 mod, the combined stock mod and now this..yet I don't get any features such as hanging off walls, or the discription box pictured above with Gus.. What is it I'm doing wrong? I'm also using the correct INI file when starting up using the INI Editor. Thanks in advance for any help.

+1 vote   download: Urban Chaos-1.13 Hybrid NAS v2.8 (20101114)
Omegakill Dec 4 2010, 4:58pm says:

I like the interface, its clean and simple how an interface should be, I just really can't wait for you guys to give us a live video of the battlefield as I've seen alpha screen shots of it (you showed some on your website) and wasn't really impressed with the graphics on the ground but i'm sure they'll change. Anyway keep up the hard work guys its looking good so far :)

+2 votes   article: Sitrep #2 - In-game Geoscape footage!
Omegakill Nov 28 2010, 6:17am says:

Thanks for the update guys, keep up the hard work :)

+1 vote   article: UFO: The Two Sides Version 0.97
Omegakill Nov 17 2010, 6:19pm says:

The new site looks really good, really do hope you guys make it.

+2 votes   article: Sitrep #1 - Databanks Relaunched!
Omegakill Nov 17 2010, 12:28pm says:

Glad to see you guys are kicking around, will resign up to the forum soon :)

+2 votes   game: Xenonauts
Omegakill Nov 13 2010, 10:16am says:

I see in most mods that the hand placement on rilfes are well off, but this is pretty much spot on.

0 votes   media: AWM Rifle Wooden; Camo fabric
Omegakill Nov 13 2010, 10:12am says:

The concepts for this look pretty good, i'll be tracking this.

+1 vote   mod: Wargame: 2073 A.D.
Omegakill Nov 10 2010, 1:07pm says:

Seems really good, although I dont see it working out for some reason..I do hope you guys can prove me wrong though :) Good luck

+3 votes   mod: Metal Gear Solid: Source
Omegakill Nov 10 2010, 1:00pm replied:

Neither does taking your caps lock off, mod looks pretty cool but I think I might finish the original game first

+1 vote   mod: RCOM
Omegakill Nov 8 2010, 1:25pm says:

Sounds like some pretty bad luck, and I know what you mean, I've been in the same situation with my gf where she was working and I wasn't and she had to fork out for everything and yes, very depressing..esp when your stuck inside all day with no job and nothing to do and I would think that due to you moving away you've probably moved away from friends & family which isn't easy either, but hang in there, get your life sorted before the game, after all if you end up having a break down there won't be any game at all.

On the topic of the game it looks pretty cool good luck with it. :)

+1 vote   game: Armored Core : Limit Release(OVA)
Omegakill Nov 8 2010, 12:37pm replied:

Actually I wasn't "throwing" the word around, I was wondering how someone could create a game using a company's "products" if you will, without permission.

Also as nielsmillikan pointed out, copyright DOES affect them (as it would affect any game/mod based on a company's characters/products). For example, Bioware had to get permission from Lucasarts for KOTOR because of COPYRIGHT. Next time, before trying to make someone look stupid by accusing them of "throwing" a word around, do your research first :)

+1 vote   game: Lite Blue
Omegakill Nov 6 2010, 8:32pm says:

Looking forward to this very much, but im just wondering how your getting past copy right and all that? Either way I wish you luck in your game :)

0 votes   game: Lite Blue
Omegakill Oct 29 2010, 7:34pm says:

As much as it breaks my heart to admit it, this as a fully working game will never see the light of day, I'm mental about fallout 1 & 2 and while I enjoyed "Fallout 3" by bethsoft it just wasn't the same as an interplay producded dark humour fallout game. Maybe..just maybe if some modders got the source code then it might work, but chances are slim..

+5 votes   game: Van Buren (Fallout 3)
Omegakill Oct 17 2010, 8:02am says:

I take you will be doing a german version first, which is understandable. Do you know when you'll be thinking about releasing an English version? Also the engine reminds me of fallout tactics for some reason :\

+1 vote   game: Die verbotene Welt
Omegakill Oct 17 2010, 7:55am says:

Looks like a lot of work is going into the design of the game which is always a good thing, I think all you have to do next is get the gameplay spot on and you've got yourself a top game

+1 vote   media: Greytown Concept first update
Omegakill Oct 11 2010, 2:37pm says:

I've only seen the 4 files in the 1.5 download and its the only one i've downloaded but the mod just makes the game CTD, am I missing something? Do I have to download it from 1.1 then onwards?

+1 vote   mod: Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)
Omegakill Oct 4 2010, 12:16pm says:

Mate you take the time you need for your exams and good luck, your no good to us if your depressed coz you failed your exams :P

+3 votes   article: Late News.
Omegakill Oct 2 2010, 7:21am says:

This looks really good, I LOVE the stalker series so i'm crazy about any mods that come out for it, but this seems to be huge. I wish you the best of luck in creating this mod and hope you iron out as many bugs as possible |:)

+1 vote   mod: STALKER: TK - Singularity
Omegakill Oct 2 2010, 6:58am says:

The maps sort of remind me of Total Annihilation, not that that's a bad thing obviously. I'm tracking this good luck with your project :)

+2 votes   game: Faction Command
Omegakill Oct 2 2010, 6:41am says:

Just thinking that while this game seems cool and it would be fun to do this, what will happen after we've been through our final exam?

+1 vote   article: The Purpose Of Magical Education
Omegakill Sep 1 2010, 4:38pm says:

if you copy and paste code your asking for trouble, if you've changed the way the game is going to play its best to write the code from scratch to prevent bugs..

+1 vote   article: Early Weekly Update: Number 8.
Omegakill Feb 3 2015, 9:00am says:

That sucks, I hope it works out ok, thank you for the update and your dedication to the project!

+1 vote   article: Project Update - Orbital Elevator
Omegakill Sep 3 2014, 9:25am replied:

You don't want much do you? All those troops would be fighting and therefore take some CPU power to calculate hit/damage and other things, how would you expect the dev's to deal with that request?

+2 votes   media: New blog concept and in-game images
Omegakill Jul 19 2014, 3:45am says:

Good luck

+1 vote   article: NO RETURN NEWS 16th July - V1.125 Download Now
Omegakill Feb 4 2014, 6:31pm says:

This sounds amazing, I really can't wait to see some of the work that's been put into this game, I understand that crafting and special hand to hand moves were going to be included in VB, is this still something you're looking at doing?

+3 votes   article: UPDATE #5: A surprise!
Omegakill Jan 24 2014, 9:10am says:

Looks amazing, love the way the ships are built from sections allowing you ultimate customisation

+1 vote   media: How to build a Cruiser
Omegakill Jan 17 2014, 12:17pm says:

At first when I heard there was another developer working on this game I thought "oh no" after what happened to Jagged Alliance back in action (which I didn't spend that much time on because it just wasn't the same..) I actually feel like there is hope for this game, you've been brave taking on such a game I just hope you can do it justice and keep the turn based elements and other features of the 1.13 mod that has been worked on so well by Mad Mugsy and the others.

+2 votes   article: Competition Follow-Up and Editor Sneak Peek
Omegakill Nov 14 2013, 6:00pm says:

Looking good, keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Developer's Log - 13 November 2013
Omegakill Oct 19 2013, 9:48am replied:

no one gives a **** about upvotes, you think this is a popularity contest or something? The guy was just showing his appreciation of the mod, where's your gratitude?

+11 votes   article: Vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (release #9)
Omegakill Oct 9 2013, 6:04pm replied:

Try right clicking on the setup.exe and running as administrator, either that or as you have the original copy of the game, download a cracked copy, or if you're willing to spend money: Gog.com

+8 votes   article: Total Annihilation Escalation
Omegakill Sep 6 2013, 1:56pm says:

Really glad that this great game is still being worked on, keep up the good work guys!

+1 vote   article: Monthly development report, August 2013
Omegakill Jul 15 2013, 9:13am says:

Looks like quite an interesting and unique idea, however what about if you don't want to go through this type of hacking mini-game? I would imagine that it could get a little annoying/tedious after a little while, will there be a skip option?

+1 vote   media: Hacking Showcase
Omegakill Jul 4 2013, 9:28am replied:

I also feel that the jeep seems too high up? Although I also recognize that this is concept art, I like what you've done so far.

+1 vote   media: Mosul - Traffic
Omegakill Jun 11 2013, 9:02am says:

Love the changes you've made, my thoughts are as follows:

How about a shortcut mouse button to put an item into your pack, such as the middle mouse button or double clicking the item, saves the user dragging around.

Also maybe make the screen a bit bigger as you aren't utilizing all the space available. It also doesn't look like the game pauses when you're in that screen, it would be quite annoying to have to rush around looking for that grenade that I know I have in my pack, another suggestion is maybe some quick slots that you can have assigned to some short cut keys?

Other than that it's looking good, keep up the good work :)

+3 votes   media: New Inventory System
Omegakill Jun 8 2013, 3:35pm says:

Thats a quality render of an SA80A2 very well done.

+1 vote   media: L85A2 - WIP
Omegakill Jun 6 2013, 4:03am says:

"Family first." Damn straight, don't ever let anything come before your family, they will be there when you're on your death bed, this game or the community won't be..

Anyway I'm really looking forward to the demo, good luck!

+3 votes   article: Development Update III
Omegakill Jun 6 2013, 4:01am says:

Not looking too bad, however with the semitransparent ui, it may be hard to read if the sun is behind a particular element.

+1 vote   media: In game footage
Omegakill May 23 2013, 10:01am replied:

Ah I completely missed the part where it says multiplier, that's great, I've always wanted to play X online to show off my factories, what are you going to do about cap ships not taking out new players in little scout ships etc?

+2 votes   game: X-the forgotten battles
Omegakill May 19 2013, 12:21pm says:

I'm always up for another X game but could you tell me how this is any different from the professional X games?

Regardless good luck with your project.

+2 votes   game: X-the forgotten battles
Omegakill May 9 2013, 1:37pm replied:

You get a plus vote just for having Magic as your DP

+2 votes   article: [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.2!
Omegakill May 8 2013, 4:01am says:

Still haven't played since 1.6 as I'm just thinking I'd have to restart my game after each patch comes out, is this the case?

Regardless, thanks for your work on this game.

+3 votes   article: Dev Log #17: Version released
Omegakill Apr 4 2013, 10:06am says:

Glad to know that this is coming along well, I hope if you guys have a Beta at any point that I will get invited along :D

+2 votes   article: Development Update for Miscreated (03/29/2013)
Omegakill Apr 4 2013, 10:01am says:

I've got to say the art on this is fantastic, while I don't normally track action adventures I think I'll be keeping an eye on this, good luck!

+2 votes   game: Bloom: Memories
Omegakill Mar 24 2013, 6:17am says:

Looks strange, and not quite in the style of the Stalker I'm use to, but this could be a good thing, I'll track for now and see how this goes, good luck with the project.

+2 votes   game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RPG
Omegakill Mar 24 2013, 6:09am says:

Sounds like The Hunger Games, not that it's a bad thing, will track this :)

+2 votes   game: Survival Games
Omegakill Mar 23 2013, 2:50pm says:

Great, thanks for your work on this I bought it on Desura the other day (and then had a call from my bank saying someone in Australia had taken 6.50 and I forgot these guys are based there lol) but yeah I'm looking forward to the continued development on this.

+2 votes   article: Dev Log #15: Version released
Omegakill Mar 22 2013, 11:12am says:

Looking decent, I know it's probably still early days but any thoughts about releasing a demo or doing some beta testing?

+2 votes   media: Merchant and Dialog Showcase
Omegakill Mar 19 2013, 11:23am says:

Looking good, Scyther is imo one of the best looking Pokemon

+1 vote   media: Scyther
Omegakill Mar 19 2013, 11:18am says:

That looks amazing

+1 vote   media: Pokeball
Omegakill Mar 19 2013, 4:54am replied:

Agreed, it seems like the weapon is too far away from you, also makes it looks like that scope would be almost useless to aim with. The meshes (or skin if you like) look good though.

+2 votes   article: The Road - Weapons Update 3/19/2013
Omegakill Mar 17 2013, 1:04pm says:

I really like the sound of there being Parkour, but please make sure you get the animation right on this! What sort of weapons are we going to see, the typical M4 for assualt rifle, .38 special for revolver and crowbar for melee or are you planning on having a vast array of conventional weapons and melee weapons? (Such as SA80a2, H&K 416, Katana etc..) I'm keeping an eye on this so please do everything you can to make this game great.

+1 vote   article: The Road - Some of the Features
Omegakill Jan 25 2013, 2:40pm says:

Just wondering how you're going to get past the licencing issues that come with doing something like this? I really do hope you can pull it off as I love Pokemon but I'm afraid I think you'll hit too many legal brick walls. Best of luck to you.

+1 vote   game: Pokemon A Jornada
Omegakill Aug 14 2012, 5:18pm says:

Just my opinion but DayZCommander is much better for finding servers, can automatically download updates and even has a friend system.

+1 vote   download: The Six Updater
Omegakill Dec 4 2011, 8:28am says:

Keep going guys, I'm still watching you and hoping that you'll finish soon :)

+2 votes   article: Xenonauts Update & New Build
Omegakill Jun 4 2010, 5:36am replied:

And what? Even if it was a "fallout rip off" as you put it, it would be an amazing game because loads of people love Fallout, including myself.

+1 vote   game: Compound
Omegakill May 26 2010, 4:36am says:

I like the constant updates, tracking this here and on your website, keep up the good work coz this is looking to turn out to be an amazing game :)

+1 vote   article: Xenonauts Sitrep #5 - Aircraft
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