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OmeG Sep 29 2014, 8:02pm says:

Some Sea Units -Check
Lots of Air Units -Major Check!
Waiting On:
-Buildings & Defenses
-Super/Special/Experimental Units XD

Wondering how you're going to deal with artillery & ballistic|nuke missile spam... cloaking/shield tech/laser-anti missile defenses??? It would seem the 1st to get air/artillery/anti-armor deployed wins!

+1 vote   media: New transport
OmeG Aug 7 2014, 10:24am says:

Hmm... was hoping you'd utilize your ambition to draw/paint concept art as a way to display your skills of "texturing" (Which is another way of saying Drawing/Painting models) in this mod with those concepts for your portfolio (art collection that companies look at before hiring). This would catch the eye of potential game studios looking for people with more then just one skill, and benefit the fans of your mod at the same time. What ever your decision may be, thank you for improving the game/mod and hope you will return to it later to show off your persued acquired talent.

+1 vote   article: Freezing of project. I'm leaving.
OmeG Apr 6 2014, 2:09pm says:

I think the flames should disable/disrupt any building engulfed in fire, that should be realistic, who's going to produce/work while the buildings on fire? Kinda like an emp effect...yet needs an engineer to symbolize repair & personnel bringing the building back online. Just a though, nice job by the way!

+2 votes   media: Fire Gullet in action
OmeG Jan 29 2014, 2:54pm says:

They look like mutated cattle that graze on tiberium... Not that that is a bad concept in itself, their attack could be to charge at their target. While a tiberium wolf-like fiend hunts these beasts going cloaked (camouflaged) when in tiberium fields. Never liked the original ranged attack of shooting tiberium and oinking...

+1 vote   media: Tiberian Fiend
OmeG Jan 15 2013, 10:51pm says:

uhmmm.... I think we're gonna need bigger maps... XD XP

+2 votes   media: Ingame_chalenge
OmeG Apr 9 2012, 9:23pm says:

I think you should have both, keep the gantry for the smaller/vanilla expies, and warp in the bigger expies. :)

+7 votes   article: Should Warp Pillars Replace Gantrys YES/NO ?
OmeG Apr 5 2012, 12:54am says:

I was thinking about that too, and yes fair trade.


+1 vote   media: Planet Cutter POC
OmeG Mar 31 2012, 7:48pm says:

Please Don't be April Fool's...Please Don't be April Fool's...Please Don't be April Fool's... XD XP

+17 votes   media: *APRIL FOOLS 2012* Debut Teaser
OmeG Mar 31 2012, 8:09am replied:

Sounds good, can't wait to test the new TK beta out! :D

I just really like the picture, and hope to see those types of skins to add a little zombie variety in the game :)

GJ Ketxxx

+1 vote   download: TK2.Zero: Singularity HD Foliage & perf. update
OmeG Mar 20 2012, 5:46am says:

Definitely Want Zombie Mode For This Mod!!! Absolutely Awesome Trailer!!!

+3 votes   media: Hypovolemia Trailer
OmeG Mar 17 2012, 7:43pm says:


OMG... DEAD FOR... I mean RED FOREST!!! I can only imagine the ambient sounds this area will make. Roaming Anomalies, Creatures... the dead... O my!

+3 votes   media: Red Forest
OmeG Mar 15 2012, 6:52pm says:


I'm just happy you're adding more variety in every aspect to the game. The more options the player can do to/for units or the environment, the more re-playability and different outcomes the game produces to the gamer. Can't wait to see the next 4 units and their intel.

+1 vote   media: Sector Venom
OmeG Mar 10 2012, 4:41am says:

I wonder if this unit can burrow or travel underground

+1 vote   media: Colony Update
OmeG Mar 6 2012, 6:53pm says:

Hmm... for some reason I'm thinking of Zombies when I look at him... Zombie mini game???

+1 vote   media: Wounded Payne
OmeG Oct 6 2011, 7:36pm says:


well when you put it that way... I'm right there with you :D

I think you were thinking about the last bit, the succubus, which in a sense could be a female controller, but she'd control you in a way you don't want to be controlled XD

The first bit was more of a female fear factor to the game, something you don't want to wake up to in the zone. :) +1 for your scary naughty thinking :p

+1 vote   media: Test New quest character
OmeG Sep 22 2011, 1:49pm says:

Np, Sounds good, as long as the game is always improving & Vandrerer is happy making his mod all is well. :)

+1 vote   article: Desolate Land Vol.3?
OmeG Sep 20 2011, 8:36pm says:

Does "I haven't updated the mod for 13 months" mean that this mod is no longer being worked on? Nothing else to improve or add to the game? In other words, there's no reason to track this mod?

+2 votes   mod: Flash's The Witcher Mod
OmeG Sep 20 2011, 11:40am says:

So the questions that arise are:

-Do they infect others? How fast will they turn if they do?

-What is their weakness? Flamer, grenade, sniper, tank shell, well placed headshot?

-They are controllable by scientist in group? What happens if the scientist dies?

-Or do they become a squad that can ignore same side infantry brains and just attack enemy infantry?

-Only the axis can build them?

This should be very interesting to play while we wait for Burton's mod to be completed.

+3 votes   media: Zombies!
OmeG Sep 16 2011, 7:04am replied:

Thank you for the reply, best wishes on your mod :)

+2 votes   media: Garbage walk
OmeG Sep 15 2011, 9:41pm says:

This feels like the original stalker movie, but with visual cues XD

I'd need a backpack full of bolts to go through that though! O_o

possible downsides:
-impatient players
-unable to flee should gunfight take place
-death to nps & mutants = lots of dead things on the ground and a very lonely zone

But in all honesty the reason the garbage, cordon, swamps, etc are available as maps are because they are the least affected zones of STALKER. If you want to give the maps a resemblance that they are still dangerous, add most anomalies at the entrances/exits of each map along with places of interest ei. garbage piles, bridges, houses, cars, etc. as that is where anomalies usually gravitate towards to give us STALKERS artifacts to find. Hope my constructive thoughts help.

+2 votes   media: Garbage walk
OmeG Jul 15 2011, 2:14pm says:


Looks like China watched too much Japanese anime and went crazy with our US Debt to produce these Mech Hybrid Vehicles.

It's true what Loner said, an enhanced visual mod was how this seemed to start out as. But I'll applaud the creativity & uniqueness that this mod will contribute to the Generals modding scene. There's another mod that has their base in reality units, maybe some of the reality visuals from this mod could be donated (with credit to VectorIV ofcourse) to their mod for that enhanced reality like feel that some wish to keep.

Great work as usual VectorIV

+1 vote   media: [Unit] OTAN Wild [Custom]
OmeG Jul 8 2011, 11:44pm replied:

Wow, usually people only take away karma for people who troll people's pages, I made a well meaning suggestion and I get treated like a troll? 0_0

+4 votes   media: B-1 Lancer
OmeG Jul 8 2011, 3:10pm says:

Hopeful suggestion for developer, please widen the turn rate & speed of all aircraft. That would add to the realism that I believe your mod is trying to accomplish. Then you'd have sexy planes doing sexy moves! :D

+4 votes   media: B-1 Lancer
OmeG Jul 4 2011, 2:42pm says:

This should be an epic unit with that kind of name and intimidating look. 0_0

+1 vote   media: UEF mini XP Tank
OmeG May 24 2011, 4:38pm replied:

Thx again ye pirate matys yArrrrhhh & yo ho & such & such... XD

+1 vote   article: Dwarven Updates coming up
OmeG May 23 2011, 10:56pm says:

O, so just like the elves faction. Nice, thx for the clear up.

+1 vote   article: Dwarven Updates coming up
OmeG May 11 2011, 11:15pm says:

Nice, now there's someone who can flip the alarm switch before I kill them all... XD

+3 votes   media: 'Lookout'
OmeG Apr 12 2011, 9:12pm says:

The effects are amazing, just wondering why the smoke appears instantly on the outside first before the explosion takes effect for the airplane bomb drop? People would see the bright flash before the shock-wave kicked up dust emanating from the center to the edge of the bomb radius. There was also quite a bit of debris from vehicle explosions shooting up higher then the map's buildings. If these are the intended effects not based on realism then awesome job & sorry for misled assumption.

+2 votes   media: New effects!
OmeG Apr 12 2011, 8:52pm says:

YAY little people!!! Thank you Vector!!!

+1 vote   media: Optimized Exhaust Effect
OmeG Dec 8 2010, 1:03am says:

I believe they wanted the Brits to compete on the same level as the other army types, I don't think they meant that Brits were in major play along the eastern front. Even then, this surprise is well received and welcomed to the CoH franchise.

Since this is the only current modding team that has introduced a totally new faction to the franchise. I believe they would do well adding an Italian faction to the European scene. Which could then join/collaborate with the Asian mods that are going on with Japan & China. Giving all of us the chance to experience a true World War II experience.

+1 vote   article: Who Dares, Wins!
OmeG Nov 23 2010, 7:39pm says:

Yea, I'll agree with the comments above, this is a great mod but a zombie trader "kills" the mood. Plus I'd rather shoot a zombie then trade with one.

-Heeeeerrrressss urrrrrr weeeppponnn...
-Thank you
-Nicccccceeeeee haaaaaaannnnd
-YOU MOTHER------!!!

...yea see doesn't end well XD

+6 votes   media: Test Zombie Trader
OmeG Sep 15 2010, 12:07am replied:

Thank you, I didn't think to click on the "read more" link, my apologies.

+2 votes   mod: Alien Swarm: The Darkness
OmeG Sep 8 2010, 5:36pm says:

Ok, I'm stumped as to where I'm suppose to extract this to, could you add some instructions ElementAlien?

+1 vote   mod: Alien Swarm: The Darkness
OmeG Aug 24 2010, 3:27am says:

-The UN who were protecting these civilians whilst fighting the Taliban became weak, and soon became so unstable and over-militarized they launched a nuclear weapon on the middle east, killing millions. Many of the terrorist leaders fled to the north to find comrades to join their cause. (Al-Qaeda mainly get supporters who willingly join their cause due to the civilian casualties caused by mainly US/NATO forces. The UN only provide aid, no combat role...well maybe as support watch "Black Hawk Down". That doesn't mean their isn't resentment within the Muslim world between Sunni & Shiite groups, and since Al-Qaeda is a Sunni movement it would not be below them to use Shiite civilians as suicide bombers under threat of killing their families. So you could say that in their attempt to keep support strong to their cause, they "Al-Qaeda" planted a dirty bomb in a Shiite province & blamed US/NATO forces).

+1 vote   article: Initiation, History and Backstory
OmeG Aug 17 2010, 2:43am says:

Read your readme,

-corpses should be eaten off the map by mutants

-NPCs should carry what we would carry (both you and I would not carry only 10 ammo per gun right?) A good way to remedy this is to have NPCs place items in stashes & have those locations pop up in pda map when we loot their corpses...which gives more incentive to loot stashes. A unique script would be to have NPCs loot stashes & be able to place stashes where they/we choose.

-Food, Meds, Bullets & Artifacts are like gold in the STALKER world. Guns (most common) are a dime a dozen in the zone, the trader should not have to sale any gun except maybe unique guns. No trader would buy a gun that they could just pick up off a dead body.

Hope this helps you out.

+1 vote   mod: ZR Hardcore mod SCoP
OmeG Feb 26 2014, 7:24pm says:

Nice model, but there's no hint of him looking like he belong to the undead faction

+2 votes   media: WAH Undead Hero: Vrykul King
OmeG Feb 16 2014, 1:05pm replied:

Ty, just giving a heads up to those wondering if it is. :)

+1 vote   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
OmeG Feb 16 2014, 2:36am says:

BUGs: (Or Campaigns not supported?)

SCAR ERROR Original CoH 3rd mission when selecting 'engineers'

SCAR ERROR Opposing Fronts Germans 1st mission

Opposing Fronts British = Black Screen

Tiger Ace = Not on map

Causeway & Pocket Missions = Black Screen

+2 votes   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
OmeG Feb 11 2014, 8:42pm says:

Where's "Dead Reckoning" battle bus??? XD

+2 votes   media: SWAT Armored Rescue Vehicle
OmeG Jan 29 2014, 10:02pm says:

Ah, so a bug free, vanilla-ish game as the base of this mod has been set. I guess I was more interested in #6 and what you are currently planning/ideas that will be implemented in the future. Happy modding MasterHero :)

+1 vote   article: 1.8 of Master Hero Mod for BFME2: Rise of the Witch King ( Coming Soon )
OmeG Jan 29 2014, 2:58pm says:

Wow, why? Better concepts to implement by reverting back to original? Please elaborate :)

+1 vote   article: 1.8 of Master Hero Mod for BFME2: Rise of the Witch King ( Coming Soon )
OmeG Jan 11 2014, 3:09pm says:

Holy **** that's Scary!!! Now just imagine it doing 'The Ring' "fast forward" movement towards you! o_0

0 votes   media: Memories
OmeG Jan 8 2014, 12:39pm says:

Cheap Intelligent to pick one off a scavenging or long dead stalker, but I'm sure traders or scientists wouldn't sell you that. At least not full price, hopefully you'll keep a clean version around for those stalkers who like shiny new toys. Or you could have different textures showing a gradual degrading of the item as the durability (health) of item diminishes. Hope this helps :)

+13 votes   media: Rusty Project
OmeG Jan 4 2014, 11:17pm says:


Didn't think Ogres were smart enough to be mages... Nice work!

0 votes   media: Ogre Mage
OmeG Dec 31 2013, 11:50pm says:

I like the intricate thought designs that you guys are coming up with. Really adds to the immersion factor! :)

+1 vote   media: WEA Powerplant
OmeG Dec 31 2013, 11:41pm says:

Compatible with latest steam patch?

+1 vote   download: Normandy 44 1.1 Part 1 of 5
OmeG Dec 29 2013, 8:19pm says:

Mine Drone?

+2 votes   media: Something...
OmeG Dec 22 2013, 12:36pm replied:

Ah, I shoulda thoughta that before commenting... XD Can't wait to see the new armor! :D

+1 vote   media: Glorfindel
OmeG Dec 22 2013, 11:01am says:

Honestly like the old skin over the new one, as it seems more logical to wear intimidating/apparent armor into battle. Also is that blade on the new skin attached to his wrist? Great Progress, keep it up! :)

+2 votes   media: Glorfindel
OmeG Dec 20 2013, 2:35pm says:

What about the retail version? Wouldn't you have to manually install updates? So you'd only install the update that you are modding to, for us to play your mod... while you work on the steam version mod or fix. ;)

+3 votes   article: Grim News...
OmeG Dec 17 2013, 12:56pm says:

Hmm... that's disappointing, guess the times have changed or rl has people spread thin on helping others. But I believe the Reborn Mod has been used as a base for several modders and has just been picked up again by the NLS team. Plus there are other mods out there that have been abandoned or completed that could jump start your mod by recycling their material & crediting them. No one stays in modding forever, most are here to one day get in/a team/company and produce commercial games, so no worries, just keep doing what you love doing and others will join you.

+1 vote   media: BAD News (read description --->)
OmeG Dec 17 2013, 12:20pm says:

I would suggest you ask some of the other Zero Hour modders if you could use some of their work as place holders, to speed up the process and show your concept (mod) of the game to entice others to help you realize your mod. The mod community is pretty friendly about helping others out, give credit, and enjoy their help/input. As you can already see some watchers are already offering their models to your cause, releasing your almost done factions for play testing will help fine tune and give you insight as to how enjoya/playa-ble your mod is so that the last two factions can be tweaked faster and implemented into the game. Hope this helps, happy holidays! :)

+1 vote   media: BAD News (read description --->)
OmeG Dec 16 2013, 5:04pm says:

Amazing work so far! When will we see the Elves (High, Blood, Moon...) Faction(s) & Undead &/ Burning Legion faction(s)??? :D

+1 vote   mod: Warcraft: Alliance and Horde
OmeG Dec 1 2013, 12:43am says:

Lemme know when version 3.0 is out so I can vote for it! XD

+3 votes   mod: Warhammer 40,000: Epic Legions
OmeG Oct 5 2013, 2:27pm says:

Yes, the zone welcomes you back Mac ;)

+3 votes   article: RCOM: Past. Present. Future
OmeG Oct 5 2013, 2:15pm replied:

OooMmmGgg 0_0

+1 vote   media: Baneblade
OmeG Oct 5 2013, 2:12pm replied:


+2 votes   media: Minigunner
OmeG Oct 5 2013, 2:11pm replied:


+2 votes   media: Minigunner
OmeG Oct 5 2013, 2:09pm replied:

It would if you were against an Air Force general... XD

Cheap Numerous Mobile Gatling Towers FTW!

-Infantry no chance (except snipers)
-Airplanes no chance
-Light Armored Vehicles? No chance?
-Heavy Armored Vehicles Yes... unless they get Anti-Armor bullets option... 0_0

+1 vote   media: Minigunner
OmeG Sep 30 2013, 8:58pm says:

Was wondering if I could shoot down the helli for supplies? Before another helli has time to react and get to the location of the downed one?

+1 vote   media: Screenshots for October :)
OmeG Sep 30 2013, 8:43pm says:

Interesting effect, does this mean the pond in Dark Valley will expand or the ditches and basements in various levels will flood? Will our footsteps in this puddles be heard? Will there be a slow effect or possible slip effect depending on depth of puddle? Hmm streams, rivers, flash floods O my. This would definitely be a welcomed technology to the STALKER realm.

+9 votes   media: Dynamic puddles test
OmeG Sep 15 2013, 3:01pm replied:

Well said, I understand your concept now, looking forward to playing it! :D

+1 vote   article: Hyp 0.2 Prerelease gameplay!
OmeG Sep 15 2013, 2:41pm says:

0_0 wow... sept 29 needs to get here already, I need to play this!

+2 votes   media: Task group
OmeG Dec 18 2014, 9:11am says:

Traditionally troops wore their sides colors or had banner carriers to identify themselves on the battlefield, so this would fit as is, but it would be cool if you could create icons/symbols of the factions on the units ei. White Hand, Iron Crown, Horse Lord (Head) etc...

+8 votes   media: Do you need housecolor?
OmeG Aug 7 2014, 9:17am says:

A: yes
B: no
C: no way!
D: yes
E: yes!
F: yes basically what ^he said... XD

+1 vote   article: Poll
OmeG Jun 9 2014, 12:47pm replied:

Thank you for the additional strategies, would be nice if each Signal Fire had it's own theme such as Ent Gathering, Dragons Lair, Balrog's Sacred Flame, that dirt diving fire-breathing wurm thingy, Goblin King/Army mini kingdom or Orc Infestation, Mountain/Troll Dwelling, Eagles Nest WITH AREA MIST to Stealth them! Same with Elf Forest that cloaks their "homeland"! Or the Wizard's Tower where their Magic Damage/Cool Down is amplified.

Would also be cool to have these Signal Fire defenders respawn after a certain amount of time as a way of retaking the Signal Tower. This would also allow "lesser" themed creatures to make surprise attacks on the occupying player in a more frequent occurrence then the legendary ones. Creatures such as: Goblin attack, Barrow wright haunting, Spider infestation, Wildmen Raid, etc.

+1 vote   media: Master Hero Mod 1.8.1 Defenders of the Signal Fire
OmeG Apr 20 2014, 1:42pm says:

I hope so, maybe this new chapter will be based on the actual current events that are happening in Ukraine right now. I can see the three factions already:

PLA (People's Liberation Army) = Russia
GLA = Seperatists/Terrorist groups

The CWC (Cold War Crisis) could be started anew with this event, with current weapons of war shown in the news along with futuristic & hypothetical things included.

All-in-all glad to see this mod team back in action, can't wait to tell those future stories with the next mod! :)

-2 votes   article: Let's celebrate
OmeG Sep 3 2013, 3:15pm says:

I'd say make the game you want using real/true/futuristic life weapons systems/units that can't be "copyright"-ed and call the game C_ontrol & C_rush (C&C) how's that for spiritual successor? XD

+3 votes   media: USA Supply Center (Unity 3D)
OmeG May 23 2013, 2:06am replied:

Love your depth of thought, hope to see more of your creations!

+1 vote   media: Meet the new GDI Firewall Barricade
OmeG May 20 2013, 3:59pm replied:

XD My bad, I kinda went with the 'firewall' instead of barricade way of thought. It's a great buffer strategy, most useful for terrain & urban chokepoints.

Do the towers regenerate as well when they are destroyed? As in a section of the barricade that is targeted is temporarily down while the rest of the structure stays intact?

Can't wait to see what other concepts you're going to add-on! :D

+1 vote   media: Meet the new GDI Firewall Barricade
OmeG Apr 28 2013, 12:29am replied:


+4 votes   media: The return of fake structures
OmeG Apr 8 2013, 11:46pm says:

"Eye of Solaris"

+4 votes   media: Satellite Ion Cannon
OmeG Dec 23 2012, 10:28pm replied:

No problem, but did my well meaning comments really deserve negative karma???

+1 vote   media: VRM 0.4 Release Video (Part 1/3)
OmeG Dec 23 2012, 8:15pm replied:

Indeed, scaling of units would give this mod a realistic visual effect. Also tanks/turrets/reloading/speed would move at a slower pace for that extra visual realism that I believe this mod is working towards. Constructive thoughts for the mod team :)

+2 votes   media: VRM 0.4 Release Video (Part 1/3)
OmeG Dec 9 2012, 7:35pm replied:

Very true, seeing as how Contra is known for quality, I'm sure they'll be able to incorporate both our thoughts at a later stage.

+1 vote   media: GLA RPG Trooper
OmeG Dec 9 2012, 3:57pm says:

Was wondering if it's possible to have rpg troopers and similar units have limited ammo before a timed ammo reload is needed to simulate a restocking of ammo. Seeing as this trooper has 4 rpg's total. Would add another sense of realism and strategy. Beautiful models as always, keep up the awesome work contra team! :)

-1 votes   media: GLA RPG Trooper
OmeG Jun 11 2012, 12:58pm replied:

I know, but isn't the coding based on the original? KW was an expansion afterall, it wouldn't be possible to splice & inject parts you need into your mod? If not, I still wish you the best on your mod! :)

+1 vote   download: KW Reloaded 2.0 Final (KW only)
OmeG Jun 10 2012, 6:42am says:

Would "Kane's Wrath Mod SDK" on moddb help you with that issue?

0 votes   download: KW Reloaded 2.0 Final (KW only)
OmeG May 14 2012, 5:33am replied:

Wondering if there could be similar tunnels like these where Dark Valley leads to Cordon & Garbage tunnel with the train leads to Agroprom.

Since this is the Zone, in all it's mysteriousness, who's to say the Zone didn't create this "metro" for stalkers it favors?


Again looking good Smrtphoneusr :)

+5 votes   media: Metro Station w.i.p.
OmeG May 8 2012, 4:18am replied:

P.S. Keep up the good job XD

+2 votes   media: Lightning...
OmeG May 8 2012, 4:16am says:

o_o ... *gulp

0.0 ... I just **** myself...

+1 vote   media: Lightning...
OmeG May 8 2012, 4:01am says:


Would hate to see what happens with more then one Missile...
Good Job XD

+1 vote   media: Wispercraft heavy missiles "Perseus II"
OmeG Apr 3 2012, 10:15pm replied:

That would be an awesome weapons variant! Since it would be self propelled, having a longer range would also be realistic too right? Making it truly "elite"

+1 vote   media: Rail Mammoth / Rail Predator / Direct Juggernaught
OmeG Apr 3 2012, 8:43pm replied:

Or what Azuza just wrote...



+1 vote   media: Rail Mammoth / Rail Predator / Direct Juggernaught
OmeG Mar 29 2012, 5:06am says:

Now That's Awesome!

+1 vote   media: Legion Jump Technology
OmeG Mar 27 2012, 11:15pm replied:

Love the way he wrote that suggestion! XD

+2 votes   article: CoH: Back to Basics. Progress update for v1.3
OmeG Mar 26 2012, 5:04pm says:

Beware of Zombies in the port-a-potties! XD

+2 votes   media: March Update
OmeG Mar 25 2012, 4:52pm replied:

Your Welcome ^^

+1 vote   media: USA Anti Air Vehicle
OmeG Mar 25 2012, 3:37pm says:

Was hoping you would have the oil depot as a requirement before having to build small energy generators next to buildings that require energy, and also as a requirement to buildings that produce vehicles. Still a nice model by the way.

+1 vote   media: oil power plant
OmeG Mar 24 2012, 11:34pm says:

Very Nice Model, the non-Laser variation to the Laser Generals Anit-Air Vehicle for the other US generals

+3 votes   media: USA Anti Air Vehicle
OmeG Mar 19 2012, 5:06pm replied:

Agreed was about to type the same comment, the people in the open-top jeep are scaled, just need to scale the other infantry to that size and I assume reduce their speed so we will have to use transports for our infantry to traverse the battlefield.

+1 vote   media: HUMVEES!
OmeG Mar 15 2012, 4:57am says:

Umm... not to sure about the venom "light, fast, and stealthy air unit" using what takes a Medium Sized Building to produce an Elite Laser. Trying to be a little realistic, as Valherran said, a little OP. Maybe the Tiberium Guard Doctrine could equip it with Napalm Bombs and/or Hellfire Missiles that can be strategically used to create firestorms/walls. This would bring more meaning to the Tiberium "Guard" Doctrine.

Just some Constructive thoughts for your clever mod. :)

+1 vote   media: Sector Venom
OmeG Jan 11 2012, 4:53pm says:

I feel sorry for that boat... :(

+2 votes   media: screen
OmeG Dec 4 2011, 11:47pm replied:

I could see this vehicle being used as a decoy with it's siren & lights, that would force idle zombies to run/walk after it and attack it.

+3 votes   media: Policemen and Squad Car
OmeG Dec 4 2011, 11:40pm replied:

yea, until they get stuck in a zombie herd and zombies start smashing in the windows... Dun dun dun... XD

+1 vote   media: Policemen and Squad Car
OmeG Oct 17 2011, 6:28pm says:


+2 votes   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot - They Walk
OmeG Oct 6 2011, 3:23pm says:

Yea the infantry are nice, but they are giants. Scaling the model and most likely their speed down, will give players a more realistic feel for such nice realistic infantry. :)

+1 vote   media: MSF Force
OmeG Sep 10 2011, 8:02am says:

One thing I'd like to see would be garrison enabled building or buildings that have firing ports. Those towers would be perfect for sniper infantry or whatever the player chooses to garrison the building.

+1 vote   media: AW Landbase
OmeG Aug 26 2011, 7:33am says:

Sound fx are as alien as the unit should be, I'm assuming only fast units can get past this defense?

+1 vote   media: Aeon Tech 3 Heavy Plasma Artillery Installation
OmeG Aug 23 2011, 5:08am replied:

My bad, he's a hero, and heroes don't need helmets. XD

+3 votes   media: Mornamarth
OmeG Aug 23 2011, 1:28am says:

No helmet? So less armor stat then?

Still a nice model though. :D

0 votes   media: Mornamarth
OmeG Jul 28 2011, 3:41am says:

O.M.G. O_O

Wish the actual trees looked like this in the game. Seriously beautiful menu.

+5 votes   media: Main menu
OmeG Jul 25 2011, 4:17pm says:

I think reducing the speed of the units a tad would get rid of the "float" effect, other then that the unit's animations & sound are believable.

+1 vote   media: Small vid of new footstep sounds
OmeG Jul 13 2011, 10:38pm replied:


...just had to do it bud...

-2 votes   article: Update 13-07-11
OmeG May 24 2011, 4:41pm says:

LoL, I guess even the Chinese prefer Japanese hardware, but then again all made in China does come to mind. XD

+3 votes   media: [Concept] Hacker
OmeG May 24 2011, 4:36pm says:

LoL, where are the smaller looking turd looking guys or cannon fodder I should say?

+1 vote   media: [OLD] Covenant Group
OmeG May 16 2011, 4:25pm says:

I thought Cybran were more laser precise focused, while UEF was more spray rockets everywhere you can? Looks nice though.

+1 vote   media: New Cybran T3 Rocket Battery model
OmeG May 1 2011, 7:51am says:

I'm thinking that the nuke cannon should be a lot more devastating then what the blast radius looks like in this vid and a lot longer ranged. I'm going by the nearby bunker's scale size. The nuke cannon should be China's improved version of it's regular artillery unit. It's major drawbacks should only be cost, AT & explosive weapons, reloading time, and explosive &/ radiation leakage radius around it upon it's destruction.

+2 votes   media: Nuke Cannon Test Effects Vid
OmeG Apr 29 2011, 10:41pm says:

I'm pretty sure that guy would want it as long as possible, seeing how "backfire" wouldn't be fun at all. XD

+3 votes   media: Soviet Stuff
OmeG Apr 28 2011, 12:42am says:

XD all good, this was just a teaser ;)

+4 votes   article: RCOM Final Feature List
OmeG Apr 23 2011, 9:17pm says:

I like the other zombie type that has no weapon, if you could add stalker camos to those zombies and add lots of them that would be awesome. Some normal zombies in building would be scary fun too!

+2 votes   mod: Dusty Sky
OmeG Apr 23 2011, 8:25pm says:

Shockwave & radiation would affect a lot bigger radius with that huge "wonderful" glow... XD... So pretty...

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Missile
OmeG Mar 30 2011, 12:58am replied:

It's very good Predator, could you also add in the stamina bar under the health bar? I believe people are able to tell when they're about to run out of breath; and how they are on health. Not sure people can keep track on the amount of bullets in their gun, but definately the type. Add in the hunger icon and have all the other ones as in game ques ei. sleep = blurred vision or blinking black screen to simulate eyelids an I guess detectors for anomalies and radiation. Then your hud is cherry!

+1 vote   media: Work on FFCS
OmeG Mar 19 2011, 2:23pm says:

You crazy modder genius you! XD

+1 vote   media: Shoop da whut?
OmeG Feb 23 2011, 4:11pm says:

God that is freaky, can't wait to see it's animation.

+2 votes   media: Skeleton
OmeG Feb 21 2011, 7:18am replied:

Usually if the mod has not been worked on and the original modder/s cannot be contacted the material is considered abandoned and therefore can be considered public domain.

It's nice to credit others for there work, but it's even "nicer" to enjoy there work when a modder wishes to entertain us with there creative works, the work of others were originally made to entertain and I thank this modder for not letting the other modders efforts go to waste.

+5 votes   media: Stryker, Tomahawk Launcher, Humvee and Comanche
OmeG Feb 21 2011, 7:12am says:

I see that the after effect gives a more eroded look of metal then the before pic. After so many years of zone weather & blowouts, I would believe the after would be the realistic look. Just my opinion, I would say depends on how far into the zone the metal is located.

+1 vote   media: Texture Content: Image 1
OmeG Feb 21 2011, 7:07am says:

Good movie, wish they would make another one, they showed the time void anomaly and used the screw marker a lot in the movie. Just goes to show apparently how numerous anomalies were in the zone. If it was like that in the game, gun fights and population would be extremely limited... you would spend more time throwing a screw which could turn a lot of people off the game due to screw boredom. XD

It's a hard balance trying to stay true to the movie's zone and the games gun/monster entertainment huh?

+1 vote   media: Visual Improvements
OmeG Feb 19 2011, 3:18am says:

I find this version more interesting then the more simplistic model, but either way they both look great!

+1 vote   media: Choose your flak-cannon, general
OmeG Feb 19 2011, 12:22am replied:


just playin... all in good fun my friend, can't wait to try out 0.4.5 keep up the great work!

+1 vote   media: Rostok Bar in CS Level Editor
OmeG Feb 18 2011, 10:18pm says:

Fluffy, ur so Foxxxy! ;P

Can't wait to play with you... it... I mean it...

+1 vote   media: Rostok Bar in CS Level Editor
OmeG Dec 4 2010, 5:18am says:

I agree, which is why I believe all creators should share their content freely to provide infinite variety and gameplay with wonderful units such as these.

+2 votes   media: Remix Screenshots
OmeG Nov 29 2010, 7:33am says:

There's nothing wrong with it Dezo, our world just happens to be bright and colorful :D

Unless you want the foliage to have a a dark, rusted, worn look? And maybe have the atmosphere have an orange-brownish haze to make it look like the fallout still lingers in the zone after blowouts.

Oh, and lol to your description comment! XD

0 votes   media: Lost Alpha
OmeG Nov 16 2010, 4:28am replied:


+5 votes   media: girl
OmeG Nov 8 2010, 3:34am says:

I hope you take this as positive criticism because it is meant in that way. It's a nice model, but, take one of those men along side of it. Put that man in the cockpit...or turret? Put a steering wheel in front of him, is he looking through a tube to drive forward? Have him step on the gas pedal on the...where he sits. Step on the gas pedal to pump gas from the...gas tank? get to the... engine?

Like I said, it's a nice model, like a fortified jeep. Maybe a rescale is all it needs to realistically serve its purpose. Otherwise, allies remote control, mobile bomb makes this an interesting unit.

+2 votes   media: New model: Daimler Armoured Car MK1
OmeG Nov 3 2010, 11:55pm says:

It would help the structure a bit more if you had mist coming out of & around the black "hole". This would give the arm animation a more 3d look as if it was coming out of a hole rather then a black object. It would also fulfill the name "misty mountains". Just some constructive advice for an awesome mod. Love the animation & sound by the way.

+3 votes   media: Fissure
OmeG Aug 24 2010, 3:25am says:

- The main terrorist force in Afghanistan is dead. (This country never had a military force, just warlords, and "terrorist" is usually a term given by oppressors to people fighting for their way of life... Think Robin Hood. HOWEVER, Taliban, "Students" way of life was a very strict society, which could also be viewed as oppressive to the woman of that country...this gave the Taliban a negative image to the world view)

+1 vote   article: Initiation, History and Backstory
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