Hello there! I'm olvi. I play computer games, guitars and coffee makers. Ive been an avid PC Gamer for 16 years now (since '94) And I'm been a huge mod fan since Quake 1 came out (remember quake?) I grew up reading the brilliant PC Gamer UK from 96-2001 too..which I still love, and hear about on their podcast. Ill set up a small blog and prolly rage about the good ol' gaming days and promote mods I like or mods ideas I would liek to be made. Top mods 5: GloomQ2 (Quake2) ActionQ2 (Quake2) Empires Source (Half-Life2) Unreal Tournament 1 (lots of mutators!) Sven Co-Op (Half-Life1) Warcraft III maps! and many more Im forgetting right now...

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test test! test test!

is this thing on? lol

if this works I'm gonna voice my opinions on PC gaming and modding,
based upon my own experiences, as 16 years as a dedicated PC gamer!
I have mostly been playing pc games since 1994, when my family got our first home pc, with windows 95.
I had the original 8-nintendo myself, but I tried other consoles at my friends house like Gameboy, SNES, N64 (with emulator, I played pc games in 96, not console games, lul) Amiga, C64, Sega Genesis, Sega megadrive, Playstation 1..abd lots of those crappy handheld gameplatforms that were more low quality then the the original gameboy. heh.

see ya! ^^


i still play with my GBC sometimes. they are "indestructible". ever played with a sega dreamcast?

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olvimasta Author

yea...the old gameboys were pretty hardshelled. I only played the origial black and green display gameboy...but the color version of it wasnt that far behind of it, but I missed it anyways, because a friend of mine had it...I played Marioland 1&2, Megaman3, TMNT, Robocop on it...and tetris of course :*)

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olvimasta Author

No sorry...I missed out on the consoles after the Snes, and the sega genesis (called megadrive in euroland)..but I did try some n64 and playstation 1...but I became sort of a devoted pc gamer in 95 when I found an issue of PC Gamer UK...and I was hooked :D

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