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AttorneyAtPaw Jun 3 2004 says:

Hide under a flag? Is that what you'd like me to do? Do you like dressing up in pretty clothes and pretending you can do what you want? Let me guess, you are bout 19 and paint your nails black to be "against" society. You are such a rebel. Did you pierce or tattoo part of your body to be different from the rest of us? You think the world should be totally free yet you cannot understand that limits are placed on freedom to preserve the freedom of others. You want to be free to do whatever you want in a country that respects freedom for all. That means you can't do anything that impedes or hinders the freedom of others. I think you need to pursue happiness. Maybe you could step out of the closet wearing your flag cut up in the shape of a miniskirt. I swear, you have to be one of the most pathetic flag burning liberals it has ever been my displeasure to know. I hope you go hug the tree of freedom just as GreenPeace spikes it so we can't cut it down. You are pathetic and weak. I can't believe that your kind are able to survive. it must be the kindness of others because if you were of my loin, I would drop you from the genetic tree and make sure you hit every branch on the way down. Your kind are the reason we build prisons. Bye meatlicker!

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AttorneyAtPaw Jun 3 2004 says:

I hope you feel better. Personally, I was trying to encourage the pathetic youth of today to be more than wanna-be time wasting pieces of ****. In reality, I couldn't be happier if the world flash froze killing everyone of us. Now as to your comment, do you stay up all night thinking of these incredibly lame insults or do you have grown-ups helping you? If you don't like my opinion, that's fine. If you want to send me insults, that's fine. But if you can't think of anything deeper than that, well you my dear virtual foe, are an idiot. I would say "goddamn" like you but I speakee betta englis than thet. I also don't believe in any god.
So, I hope you have nothing but success in all you do. Even if all you do is waste my time with pathetic one-liners from some noob.
(By the way, it would be goddamned or cursed (sounds like ed not duh) or pretty much anything other than the hash-slingin southern slang you generated.)
I'm going to go back to enjoying people with good mods and ignoring people like you who spam profiles because they are too shy to have real friends. Bye bye stinkmeat.

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Robo_Ronald May 11 2004 says:

Why did you change your avatar? I had just gotten used to it... :(

/me realizes me changes avatar often :paranoid:

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bart2o May 10 2004 says:

im starting to like your profile ;)

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Cory_the_Gargoyle Apr 18 2004 says:

who's the dime you always have in your avatar

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Tomato-Killer Apr 6 2004 says:

Heeloooo my felow pervs :P
hey! lol

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2CoS2 Mar 12 2004 says:

I love you Obsydian
i know you hate me but I LOVE YOU MAN YOUR LIKE A BROTHER TO ME I SWEAR~!!!

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T-RonX Feb 26 2004 says:

Sweet girl there :thumbup: :D

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a_llama Feb 21 2004 says:

Oooo! You have crimson skies? That game rules :D

My gamertag is Mightyz :P

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a_llama Feb 19 2004 says:

1000 posts is what i have. The time is now to have beer.

:beer: :beer: :beer:

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