My name is Mitchell Lucas, and I've recently obtained an A.A.S. in Audio Production at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. I plan on doing sound design for indie games, and would also like to become a voice actor for them as well. My portfolio can be found at I also have voice samples in my videos tab.

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I've been a gamer for a long time, but I've always stuck to retail for the most part. It wasn't until I started playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent that I even discovered the world of independent game developers and die hard fans. I played the game, came across a part that scared the crap out of me, then had to search youtube to see other people's reactions to those parts. I discovered Let's Plays that way, and through those, independent games.

Since then (only a few short months) I've tried to jump into the world myself. I've been studying sound design and audio production for a while now, and had always planned to get a job in sound at a major game developer somewhere (big dreams I know). My plans have kind of changed since then. I've decided to try for more of a freelance approach, which will, if anything, help me get some great experience.

Ever since I have helped with voicing some mods, I have already discovered some very talented people. I'm completely honored to be a part of some of these creations. Notably, a few fantastic mods for Amnesia: The Dark Descent in alphabetical order:

1) Obscurity
2) The Four Horsemen
3) The Hands Resist Him

and a very well organized mod by another very passionate developer:

1) Deus Ex: Nihilum

There is just so much talent out there, not only in the modding community, but the indie game community in general. I'm glad to see the independent game market taking control again. The industry needs a kick in the ass, and the originality and passion that comes from indie games is unparalleled. I just hope I can be a part of more fantastic projects, and look forward to it.

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Nice work :)
However, most sounded a bit wooden and shallow. You should work more on wearing your emotions on your sleeves. Right here its hard to detect the involvment in the characters that would've made them go from "good" to "great" :)

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Obsidiaguy Creator

Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on pieces with more emotion. The things here aren't the most emotionally driven, especially the anime. That was more of a fun thing to do.

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He he yeah it sounded like you were having fun :D It did sound like an official english dub, so cudos to you on that :)

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Obsidiaguy Creator

Thanks, I really enjoy your work in Cry of Fear. You really added to the sense of hopelessness the character was feeling.

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