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Huge Star wars and Lord Of The Rings/ Hobbit fan. I love toying with computers and pretty much anything electronic. I also enjoy video games (Xbox) like Skyrim, FarCry, and Call Of Duty (Competitive Fan), Zombies is practically my life!(Hit me up for some owning the Undead). The Denver Broncos are my favorite football team.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game review

Republic at War

Mod review

Incredible mod with awesome graphics! I noticed all the new heroes were perfect and the Republic has plenty of jedi, the new gc music is all awesome, i was getting bored of listening to the same songs over and over in regular FOC. There were a couple of cons however in spite of this amazing mod, the biggest one in my opinion is the Balance, it is extremely difficult and almost impossible to win against the CIS AI with the Republic, even on easy, the enemy ships are much more powerful and don't give you any chance of winning without a massive fleet. Z might also have added a few more units too. in spite of that the mod has really awesome maps that look 100% better than before, the new colors are awesome too.
Overall 8/10

The reason i am not rating this mod 10/10 is because of the bad balance in the mod. But i am sure Z will fix that in RAW 1.2 :)

But anyway great job Z
thanks for all your hard work!


Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Game review - 6 agree - 5 disagree

great campaign compared to regular eaw. also it puts in many more units for the empire and the rebellion, including the Executor. And the new consortium faction with many underworld units. However in my opinion the Consortium Isn't as fun as the other factions.


Star Wars - Clone Wars

Mod review - 3 agree

Pretty nice mod, i noticed a few glitches here and there but a great mod to hold you in for the ultimate clone wars mod "Republic At War"


Star Wars: Empire At War

Game review

Return of the Clones

Mod review - 6 agree

This is a very cool mod
It definitely deserves a nine. It is great if you are looking to play as the republic. It has a lot of changes in the rebellion and many of the rebellion heroes are now republic heroes. Although this mod doesnt have the CIS, it still keeps the other three Factions from FOC.
Overall really fun game if you are looking to play as the Republic!

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