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Nuttah Nov 19 2015 replied:

Interdasting. Now I'm wondering if that's its fully finalised version you were playing with.

+2 votes   media: GloboTech: Campaign Missions
Nuttah Nov 19 2015 replied:

And it deploys. Took me a few looks to realise that.

But I don't think it will.
Instead of a railgun, its main weapon is a proper chemically-propelled cannon with what looks to be a fume extractor. Kind of an odd choice, since it would imply manual loading, but what the heck.
Core point is: Replacing the Goliath with it would mean that the high-tech microfaction is left completely without one of their own major technologies that they were said to have a major hand in developing.

From a more fluffy standpoint, (which is what I most like talking about anyhow) it would also mean Globotech armour would shrink to a light tank that's cheap and precise, but likely too vulnerable for major engagements* and a large, expensive and considerably less reliable heavy weapons platform with an over-exposed propulsion system that will cause critical damage to the vehicle if disabled.

So basically, best option I see would be the Holy Armoured Trinity of: Light Tank for skirmishy light tank stuff, Goliath for in-your-face Armoured Fist of Pain, and NTitan for close range bunker-busting armoured support and generally being a huge, hulking badass just slightly behind the first or second line.

*Compensate with deployment logic, anyone? Doesn't even have to do any body-turret contortion: Just throw a mound of dirt in front of it. Pity that you probably can't effectively animate the crew jumping out and shovelling for a few minutes.

+3 votes   media: GloboTech: Campaign Missions
Nuttah Nov 14 2015 says:

Not dead!? Now this improves my day by a few orders of magnitude!

Oh, yeah, and your stuff is shiny too, but I don't like stating the obvious much.

+2 votes   media: Terrain 2.0
Nuttah Nov 14 2015 replied:

T-28, Vickers Medium Mk. III and Cruiser Mk. I, for a start, all have the same layout of "Main turret, and two machineguns on either side of the driver."

If you go add in stuff like the T-35 and the (again Vickers)Independent A1E1, I could just be typing in names and how they're probably semi-related to each other and other, less similar designs for several hours.

+2 votes   news: Polish Heavy Tanks
Nuttah Nov 8 2015 replied:

To paraphrase JC Denton: A Technical's a bad choice for high intensity warfare.

+4 votes   news: Who's awesome? EU is awesome!
Nuttah Nov 5 2015 says:

Hey, folks, if you intend on doing any further Kodiak variants...unditching logs, anyone!?

Would probably also work well with GLA, to a minor extent.

+1 vote   media: Kodiak Variant
Nuttah Nov 4 2015 replied:

Ooooooh, shiny!
Though a shame. If only a bit.

+1 vote   news: Development on Twisted Insurrection 0.50 Begins
Nuttah Nov 3 2015 replied:

If I remember correctly, not in the foreseeable future.
Engine reasons.

+1 vote   news: Development on Twisted Insurrection 0.50 Begins
Nuttah Nov 2 2015 replied:

Though, I would be willing to admit, given that, as far as the fluff is concerned, you're actually observing the fight from a system, that there probably is a case for at least implying that the system works by observing the field, from someplace 'down' from the map border.

That make sense? I'm downright awful with it lately.

+1 vote   media: Are You Picking This Up?
Nuttah Nov 2 2015 says:

That looks like an infection that's should be treated with some 356-406mm antibiotic capsules.

...or just some sort of HE-frag or shrapnel warheads exploded while flying in the general direction of the lenses.

+2 votes   media: Laser C-RAM Upgrade
Nuttah Nov 1 2015 says:

Yay, now it finally doesn't look like the other one!

+2 votes   media: American WASP Drone
Nuttah Oct 31 2015 says:

Hey, wait a second! Why are you attacking the Estonian coast from the south in the first place!? :/

Unless you're storming it from the Gulf of Riga...or it's one of the islands.
But the arrow clearly comes from the northeast. >:(

+3 votes   media: Are You Picking This Up?
Nuttah Oct 30 2015 says:

Good. Oh. So very...good.

+2 votes   media: Are You Picking This Up?
Nuttah Oct 28 2015 replied:

I assume asking SAGE to make it 'land' to recharge would make the thing puke its guts out?

+1 vote   media: American ATVHumvee
Nuttah Oct 13 2015 replied:

For a whole...what? 4 hours again? 8 at best?

+1 vote   media: UNATCO Office
Nuttah Oct 12 2015 replied:

...or not, depending on how Hood-like the Battlecruisers are feeling that day.

+1 vote   media: Light Battleship Remastered
Nuttah Oct 11 2015 says:

Dear Santa...

...did I get all your little spies this year, or do I still have to buy my own presents?

+1 vote   media: INC's Armstrong Cruiser progress
Nuttah Oct 5 2015 says:

Hmm...fun as it sounds, could you please not stretch yourself to Wehrmacht-thin levels?
I'd like to potentially play this thing sometime...probably.

+1 vote   media: a Galactic Playpen
Nuttah Oct 3 2015 says:

For some reason, I'm imagining Nic Cage manning the gun.
It's...confusing me.

+3 votes   media: Live Stream 04-10-2015
Nuttah Sep 29 2015 replied:

Ah, interesting. So you can't do a full fly-through. Though, in space, that probably isn't much of a factor.

Ah, so no boosting off the ship, only launching their own power. Works either way.

+1 vote   media: PLC 'Sadalbari' Command Carrier
Nuttah Sep 29 2015 says:

Assuming the side things are engine nozzles:
Does the flight deck go the entire length of the ship, or is it just a rear-thingy?
Also, launch tubes, or do small craft, whatever they are, have to fly off the deck?

+2 votes   media: PLC 'Sadalbari' Command Carrier
Nuttah Sep 28 2015 replied:

Technically, a Stargate is wider than any modern MBT, but I'm just not sure if the event horizon is wide enough at 'entry' level.

+1 vote   media: Goauld Tank: Tal'mak kek
Nuttah Sep 27 2015 replied:

Moar Dakka.

+5 votes   media: American Recon Drone
Nuttah Sep 27 2015 replied:

And nobody not on Earth still knows them. Or close to nobody, anyhow.
And pretty much anyone that doesn't speak Goa'uld* is either legible for a surprise plasma shower courtesy of a great big flying pyramid, in hiding, or under Asgard protection.

Kind of petty for a galaxy-wide term that's pretty much just "Those particular guys."

+1 vote   media: Goauld Tank: Tal'mak kek
Nuttah Sep 27 2015 replied:

Would probably be better to have something more advanced that can reliably fit through a stargate, though. :p

Also, tanks are expensive.

+1 vote   media: Goauld Tank: Tal'mak kek
Nuttah Sep 27 2015 replied:

Latin isn't the general language used by most of the galaxy, though. So it still sounds kind of weird, honestly.

+1 vote   media: Goauld Tank: Tal'mak kek
Nuttah Sep 26 2015 says:

Schweeeeeeet, bumpdates! :D

+7 votes   news: 1.86 Development Update IX
Nuttah Sep 20 2015 says:

Battlestar Hiigarica?
I reich.

I reich a fole lot!

+3 votes   media: INC Armstrong Cruiser (K-variant)
Nuttah Sep 18 2015 replied:

Awww, there was a long talky episode and I missed it! ;_;
Curse you, Sword of the Stars! D:

+2 votes   media: Live Stream 13-09-2015
Nuttah Sep 16 2015 replied:

Ah, nice, thanks.

+1 vote   news: Up from the icy grave and back into quests
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