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Nuttah 2hours 26mins ago replied:

That does, however, need at least enough accuracy from the gat to actually land all those bullets close enough to the spot.
Going by Chinese principle of quantity, that might be a bit of a problem for a single pair of guns.

Personally, I assume that at anything over a kilometre, the Chinese weapon would just land ricochets all over the exposed area of the Mammoth, failing to do much against the TD version.

On the other hand, the Overlord DOES have about 10-20 years on it, at least, but not very good ones on progress, if I remember, and it's still geared for mass-production.

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Nuttah 3hours 26mins ago replied:

It is also mostly useless outside a frontal engagement and you'll probably be walking from or even to the battle. :P

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Nuttah 7hours 21mins ago replied:

The turret does look a biiit weird, though.
Was it turned to the side, slightly?

Also; WAAAAAH, why don't I get to go to fun stuff like that!? ;_;

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Nuttah 7hours 53mins ago replied:

Two words:
Chew. Toys.

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Nuttah 19hours 55mins ago replied:

Depending on the calibre and muzzle velocity of the fixed gattling guns, they might have trouble landing on the optics without just bouncing harmlessly off the top of their armoured casings.

But if not, it still means that a 7.62, 12.7, 14.7 or 20mm round (Personally, assuming it's not the latter.) would have to hit a small target at a fairly high angle of attack by the time it reaches the target at anything but 'melee' range.

And then it would have to do the same thing to primary and secondary sights for both the gunner and commander. Handy for a distraction, I guess, but all-in-all, it should probably rely on using its main guns to throw the Mammoth's crew off-balance.

Self-repair would probably be a more important factor in-between separate engagements, and for recovery of knocked out tanks. Oooor a prolonged duel, I guess.

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Nuttah Jul 4 2015, 3:57pm replied:

****** up a bit, though;
If we assume the basic outline of the mission remains the same, the place is BOTH a supply facility, AND a hub/outpost/stop on a major transit route.

So, folks probably using it to rest, it could just be designed to house a certain peak traffic, and would be steered clear of at that time unless you actually want to stop a major troop movement dead.

When you just want to knock out a supply line in general, waiting for a time when the traffic will be minimal would mean there would be less would-be defenders on site, aside from the crew and the copious amounts of support staff, (And 'camp followers,' maybe?) which would PROBABLY still start packing as soon as the air raid sirens kicked off.

So, you have the high risk/reward option with full parking lots and abundant explosives on site, or the low/medium option where you just run the place over empty and suppress further recover efforts.

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Nuttah Jul 4 2015, 6:25am replied:

Ooor their spider senses tingled and they decided to temporarily relocate with their vehicles* in an orderly fashion and/or check up on how their bomb shelters are doing.
*And belongings.

No? After all, by the time the player will actually see the insides of the place, their units will have to have breached the place's perimeter defences, and that entails radio chatter, explosions, and gunfire in the distance.

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Nuttah Jul 4 2015, 6:22am replied:

Religious violence and Klingon Promotions™ aside, I kind of doubt a Nod settlement (at least that's what the overall feeling is) would be chaotic.

They'd probably be downright great neighbours, really. Aside from the whole "Tiberium Doom Cult," thing. And especially in the TI-verse, given that they're far stronger than in the other continuities, no?

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Nuttah Jun 27 2015, 3:33pm replied:

Frankly? While they're both the same type of tank, the Overlord probably still outsizes the X-66 by a lot.
And despite that, the C&C Wiki seems to say its guns are a 'mere' 125mm. Though, there is two of them, and they're almost as long as the tank itself, so muzzle velocities ought to be absurd, and I figure both tanks get depleted uranium APFSDS even if the game doesn't actively show* them for the Overlord*, and the Mammoth probably wouldn't use them much on Nod, having 120mm. I'm assuming Rheinmetall, but they too, could be something heftier.

*Not a lot of sense in using uranium for something else, I think.

Anyway, long story short and assuming a 'realistic' fight;
-If you placed them on opposing sides of an open field and let em at it in a 1v1, I'd put my money on a Mammoth without much actual reasoning.
-If you gave them infantry support and an actual wartime engagement somehow*, I'd still put money on GDI, but it would probably suck for them.

*Because what the **** kind of moron uses singular tanks and singular tanks alone?

And if you intend on actually making a game where GDI somehow goes up against Generals' China, the general differences between the factions would probably mean a Mammoth could duke it out with an Ovie and live, but there'd never be "An Ovie," in the first place.

Here's an extra tidbit free of charge; Mammoth's missiles are 60mm, and generally intended for Aircraft and personnel; Off the top of my head; He-Fragmentation warheads that turned out handy for murdering a bunch of infantrymen and were 'unofficially' pressed into the role. But anyway; Chinese infantry blobs probably wouldn't be overly appreciative of their existence.

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Nuttah Jun 26 2015, 4:29pm replied:

Haven't played in a fair bit but; Homeworld?

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Nuttah Jun 26 2015, 3:28pm replied:

I was asking about mechanics, though.

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
Nuttah Jun 25 2015, 8:47pm says:

Hey, here's something that just popped in my head; Is the Panther going to be an 'actual' IFV, or a Pandur-alike?

Given the Luchs, I figure it's most likely not getting transport slots, at the very least.

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
Nuttah Jun 24 2015, 7:03pm says:

Now...can we..err...'suppress' the launch bays?

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Nuttah Jun 23 2015, 4:56pm replied:

Obsidian order were intelligence, right? Probably more cloak†-y about things.
So I'm slightly confused where the Sardaukar would equate.

+1 vote   media: The Emperor's Special Envoy
Nuttah Jun 23 2015, 2:36pm says:

So, Death-World-Trained-Gestapo, or am I thinking about the wrong Obsidian Order/Should brush up on my Herbert/Both?

+1 vote   media: The Emperor's Special Envoy
Nuttah Jun 22 2015, 5:51pm replied:

Nothing that would make practical sense on this engine, I'm guessing.

+1 vote   media: Tiberian Sun: Reborn Testing Video June 13th 2015
Nuttah Jun 22 2015, 8:03am replied:

Nobody likes a pedant.

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Nuttah Jun 21 2015, 7:21am replied:

Anyone who doesn't want sit around, bright and exposed, for however long it takes to actually make the target's armour crack from the attention.

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Nuttah Jun 18 2015, 7:09pm replied:

You tried. :P Though, yeah, maybe triangles, but that brings us back to square one again, and will probably need an extra module in every passageway to make room for diagonals.

Or we could just contend with the corners having to do with less resources and 66.67% of the primary surface access points. XD

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Nuttah Jun 18 2015, 4:34pm replied:

You could assume tiberium brought something of a proto/semi-post scarcity society that makes such stuff pretty easy for the folks that actually have the resources to do it.

Heck, I don't think it's that big of a stretch, because I'm almost certain that even TD made it perfectly clear that a lot of the equipment, at least for GDI actually IS being produced in the field.

Also, we have folks engaging in massed gladiatorial combat, somebody in this is very, VERY well off, and a lot of somebodies very decidedly aren't.

Heck, now that I've been blabbering on about it for this long, assuming you don't take it as tongue-in-cheek as it's probably supposed to be, I wouldn't be so sure that the owner WOULDN'T try to organise a round to coincide with a particularly violent *ahem* "Course Hazard."

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Nuttah Jun 18 2015, 4:25pm replied:

Kind of a shame you had to specify, methinks. But in any case, wouldn't that corner each of them in-between the centre and their nearest neighbour, who now has NO other route to pick?

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Nuttah Jun 18 2015, 9:59am replied:

That. Is. Awesome!
I think you can see a brighter band of water around it even un-zoomed. At least, I can if I peer for a few seconds.

+1 vote   media: Map: [8] Tournament Mega Platform
Nuttah Jun 18 2015, 5:58am replied:

That's actually a fairly good point. Though, quickly looking at concept/FMVs of it for TD and TS, it actually looks like it's 'only' some ~15° off the pod's vertical in most cases.*
How-EVER, the pods do grow at whatever angle they damn well want to grow at.
*I'm also terrible at gouging angles.

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Nuttah Jun 17 2015, 10:36am says:

Those tiberium field walls are not going to last very long with that gate placement. :P

+2 votes   media: Map: [4] Tournament Platform
Nuttah Jun 17 2015, 5:33am says:

Let me guess; That big explosion was the con yard and now you have to sit tight while Ivan decides to pay you a consolatory visit?

+5 votes   media: Allied Mission Preview: Frostbite
Nuttah Jun 17 2015, 5:27am replied:

This a two years old newspost.
Question is, why did it show up on my (and apparently, others') feed(s) all of a sudden?

+4 votes   news: A Public Apology / 2013 Updates
Nuttah Jun 16 2015, 4:21pm says:

I am...torn. Sure, the old ones look all tiny and distant, but they were TS, GORRAMIT! O:

Oh, right, are the trees getting a facelift as well?

+4 votes   media: Misc: New Tiberium Graphics
Nuttah Jun 16 2015, 1:01pm says:

Sweet baby Jesus with a crackpipe, it's awesome!
Well, the concept is, at least, anyhow, it still needs some work on the acoustic side of things.

Explosion/weapon sounds are still C&C3;, right? Because if nothing else, they feel rather tame and quiet altogether, and especially with the infantry around.

Also, any considerations to upping the construction range? It may have been the map being awfully tight, but it just looked to me like it was just a bit tight, especially at the airstrip.
Then again, they don't have to be physically touching each other, so there's that. *yay*

+1 vote   media: TiberianDawn Gameplay Video
Nuttah Jun 13 2015, 3:45pm says:

Minor thing to consider; Before that crater happened, there was something roughly above the western inner cliff.

Or, in other words; Youch. o.o

+1 vote   media: Map: [6] Hecksagon
Nuttah Jun 12 2015, 12:18pm says:

At first, I had expected a leisurely cruise up a central African river.
But this will do too. Oh, yes.

+7 votes   media: Map: [6] Heart of Darkness
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