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Nuttah 5hours 32mins ago replied:

As I said, it's slated to come back in 2.0. ...whenever that happens.

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Nuttah 11hours 27mins ago replied:

M2, actually, and there is, and I think still in the files, as well, so probably easily reintroduced.
It is intended to be General Bradley's (heh) replacement for the Humvee, and was disabled 1.85 because they overlap so much.

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Nuttah May 25 2015, 3:27am says:

*Ahem, seeing the blades on the Harpy, I just wanna...well...GET DO DA HARPEEE!

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Nuttah May 24 2015, 8:22am replied:

But the things that don't, REALLY don't.
See: Bob Semple.

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Nuttah May 19 2015, 8:04pm replied:

Given the barrel length, I suspect it might even be something bigger.
But then you'd have problems with travel time...rather puzzling, really. :/

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Nuttah May 18 2015, 9:09am replied:

Depleted uranium fragmentation/flechette rounds, perhaps? Would there even be a point? I mean, I know the stuff is 'slightly' flammable, if nothing else...

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Nuttah May 18 2015, 9:08am replied:

Given the appearance, the hull seems just like a slightly different (better?) texture of the normal gattling.
But I feel compelled to note, given existing gattling tank performance, slapping a MBT gun onto that chassis will not an MBT make.

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Nuttah May 18 2015, 9:05am replied:

Doubly absurd given that the design just reeks of Nod.
But yes, the Contra jokes were lamer than Contra two years ago.

+7 votes   media: China Advanced Dragon Tank
Nuttah May 9 2015, 1:58pm replied:

Let's say that it's 'based' on reality, but certainly not anchored in it.
And besides, it's not like the thing would add anything to the faction, unless you introduced some sort of modular vehicle system, where you can swap out your MBT for a Heavy IFV and back, but that sounds more like something you'd stick with the two western factions.

Also, if we were to stay within the fluff, the Armata project already ended up not being overly effective, if I remember some of the Sentinel's, so feh. :P

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Nuttah May 2 2015, 8:11pm replied:

Running with Tremors.

Or, maybe "Walking with the Valkyries," instead. :P

+2 votes   media: Sand Bastion
Nuttah May 1 2015, 10:26am replied:

No, that's Tu-160 (NATO; 'Blackjack'). Bigger, badder, smoother, with an internal bay and twice as many engines, mounted under the wings.
This is the missile strike plane.

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Nuttah Apr 27 2015, 3:15pm replied:

Nah, you probably don't want that feature in most troops at all; It's kinda micro-managey, and it looks like the team is, understandably, trying to move a bit away from that, in regards to infantry.

As far as their weapons looking out of place is concerned; They're mercenaries, and they've been outright stated to have a hefty price tag, and all the shiniest equipment the most powerful and well connected warlord in the world can get his grubby hands on.
So, really, even for the GLA bastard child of an Attack Dog, and a Vanguard, you could argue their boomstick isn't expensive enough. :P

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Nuttah Apr 26 2015, 7:30pm replied:

Yeah, that'd be a shame.
Sure, I get it if they want these to actually be made for the close quarters combat, instead of just having the other two fellers go stabbity stabbity, but still;
-It was kinda their schtick of insane stabbity killity person.

+3 votes   media: GLA Mercenary Runner
Nuttah Apr 17 2015, 5:06pm replied:

Bah! Children's toys! Men carry their AT weapons!

+3 votes   news: Stop That Tank!
Nuttah Apr 17 2015, 11:13am says:

A whole news post titled "Stop That Tank!" and not one man-portable AT rifle? Frankly, I'm disappointed. :P

+3 votes   news: Stop That Tank!
Nuttah Apr 11 2015, 1:02pm replied:

Hm...is it possible to make tunnels with 'special/new' tunnel entrances?

Also, what kind of Nod base would let "Kane's dead" stay scribbled on a wall?

+3 votes   media: Nod: Extra Base Props
Nuttah Apr 11 2015, 4:21am replied:

Other than the work required to remake all of the stuff they couldn't convert and modifying the rest as needed, I'd guess.

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Nuttah Apr 7 2015, 3:49am replied:

Yeah, but it was kind of a no-brainer. Though, the current mess probably ain't helping.

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Nuttah Apr 3 2015, 1:04am says:

Sqveeeeee! ^^

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Nuttah Mar 30 2015, 6:14pm replied:

I...I forgot about those. >_> Yes, I don't play enough.
Could you already make a pillbox fit more units? Mechanically, I mean.

+2 votes   news: Playtest 20150329
Nuttah Mar 30 2015, 2:55pm replied:

Sqveeee, Bonkers! ^^ Or at least a couple ol' fashioned TS-ified Watchtowers, mayhaps? Hey, we're already brainstorming Forgotten ideas here! :D

+2 votes   news: Playtest 20150329
Nuttah Mar 30 2015, 12:08pm replied:

Also, since we're already going there; Garrisonable buildables, pliiis?

+3 votes   news: Playtest 20150329
Nuttah Mar 29 2015, 7:08pm says:

Left clicking? Again? Awww yesss! It's pretty much the reason I can't properly get into playing this, I think. RMB just feels wrong.

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Nuttah Mar 27 2015, 4:59pm says:

Suh-weeeet! Nothing like some hand-held high-impact violence every now and then!

+3 votes   media: Tutorial Mission 1
Nuttah Mar 26 2015, 4:47am replied:

Was going to make a wall of text justifying it, but I accidentally closed my window and it's gone. In any case, its reasonable to assume the buildings are at least TD-era, and some would probably already be standing in time for RA, if you go by the manual and give allied infantry M16s(Produced since 1959).

PS: And the Heavy tank is stated to be similar to a T-80, and that kicks it even further down the line. (Or just a couple years if you imagine it's a shinified 64)

+2 votes   media: [3-3] Co-Op: Second Wind
Nuttah Mar 24 2015, 6:27pm says:

I wonder if anyone patched up that hole...

+2 votes   media: [3-3] Co-Op: Second Wind
Nuttah Mar 20 2015, 6:54pm replied:

Plot twist: Cancelled and all assets sold to EA.

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Nuttah Mar 11 2015, 2:36pm replied:

Weee, summary executions! ^_^

+1 vote   media: [3-3] Co-Op: Freezingly Desperate Grip
Nuttah Mar 11 2015, 2:32pm says:

*No Mercy starts playing in the background.* Well, what do YOU think?

+4 votes   media: GDI: Twisted Dawn A-10 Warthog
Nuttah Mar 11 2015, 4:31am replied:

Bu-bu-but...I wanna ride someone's *** over it instead! ;_;

+1 vote   media: [3-3] Co-Op: Freezingly Desperate Grip
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