Hello Hello! name's Nutritious Bag Circles but you can refer to me as Telvy! I make Half-Life 2 mod reviews on my YouTube channel along with some other stuff. One of my big dreams in life is to be a game developer and for this channel to grow into a big community and brand. If you are interested in viewing the vids I make then you can check them out on YouTube.com/NutritiousBagCircles Hopefully you have a good time, enjoy your stay and I will see you lay-tor!

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If anyone is reading this, please know that I'm trying to learn the source sdk and I'm just practicing in the engine, but if any out there reads this, I want to start a mod team or at least make a mod and get some help from other people who know how to model and animate, level design, scripting, sound and music, texturing, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY CODE, thank you and have a nice day, my Steam username is Agent Monojo and my profile picture is a green circle that says GB&Co. don't ask why

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Youtube.com @Dredile @WelsheYT @D3caY_7 @MicrowaveGaming I just found this funky, smooth jazzy album, S'GOOD.

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RT @anomalyxd: ffs guise stop T.co

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RT @anomalyxd: Carlssons internet doesn't work so we're trying to fix it. Will stream when we fix 8-)

Oct 22 2016

RT @MrGervaisWrites: I don't care about Playstation but this cat gif is so solid and needs to be shared. T.co

Oct 22 2016

I just got my 15 min. break at 4:20 pm #blazeit

Oct 22 2016

So politics aside, my mom is a republican but I swear she is a low key Hillary supporter sometimes

Oct 22 2016

so I just finished the #Battlefield1 campaign @ while Im NOT to going to spoil anything, I will say its not as good as I expected it to be

Oct 22 2016

Youtube.com @Dredile @D3caY_7 @WelsheYT @MicrowaveGaming have a sunny friday everyone. God bless <3

Oct 21 2016