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numeronean Feb 16 2014, 6:54am says:

Rohirrin91 could indicate that units will have the faction of the misty mountains.

I have to say that your model Azog echo is very bad, but as I imagine going to work in the model.

I would also like to know whether the next version will add mod embers of the campaign and also solve the problems that this has.

Thanks and continue with the good progress that you've done.

+2 votes   mod: Middle Earth-Extended Edition
numeronean Jun 25 2012, 3:49pm says:


+1 vote   mod: The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
numeronean Feb 8 2014, 11:34am says:

Rohirrin91 good design of the Orcs of Gundabad, the only thing you would have to add are skeletal remains for armor but everything else is fine.

In the next version harad and think elves will be able to have IA.

Thanks and continues to work well.

+2 votes   mod: Middle Earth-Extended Edition
numeronean Feb 3 2014, 6:20am says:

Rohirim91 have some concepts to improve faction harad:

1 - the creation of a new structure rhun barracks, where will be able to recruit forces rhun (still requires power Allies of The East)

2 - replace the power to summon corsairs umbar by allies khand (three battalions variangs that will come equipped with spears and shields were convened).

3 - Adding two new heroes umbar and the captain of the Lord of rhun.

4 - umbar corsairs were recruited in the palace of the Haradrim.

That's all and please respond Might see what you think of these concepts.

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numeronean Jan 22 2014, 5:26am says:

I would have liked to design films that really threatening, but anyway bolg design must be updated to and resembling the orcs of Gundabad ha the design of version 3.8.1 does not inspire much fear of enemies, just like a goblin memory.

Please edain canviad equipment design bolg even be the movie of it one good shirt.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Jan 6 2014, 6:45am replied:

Gnomi after I finish the version 4.0 Could start creating BFME campaign with elements of BFME 2 would work much like you said, but it would be a great novelty.

long live the Edain mod.

+4 votes   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Dec 26 2013, 11:15am says:

Goods edain team, ye show us an upgrade (as isengard) before the year ends. Merry Christmas

+3 votes   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Dec 20 2013, 6:39am says:

Very good picture, better than the original concept (it was only the tower of the elves of the original game).

+7 votes   media: Lindon Spire
numeronean Dec 12 2013, 5:13am says:

hello Edain team, today I want to give a concept for a dwarven subfacion Dale.

Dale will be built outside the fort specifically in the outposts, but this will have four plots construction.

The scepter of a plaza will be built with a source indicating that it is the central place of the city, around the dwarf craft markets where they bought (excluding improvements will unlock fire arrows), will be built this is due to the dalle village has a trading relationship with the very large dwarves.

the barracks is the structure dode recruit archers, soldiers, spearmen and the hero brand.

The following structure has Esgaroth belongs:

The house of fishermen, in this structure benefits will be obtained by fishing there in the near Esgaroth, is also the place of recruitment bard.

Thanks and I hope you respond.

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Nov 29 2013, 5:44am replied:

I think the spell that can be replaced is the earthquake, it is a spell that really is not necessary, however Dwarf Fortress by demonstrating the ability of construction with the dwarves, but the earthquake feels more like a casual phenomenon that caused by the power of the dwarves. but if the power to summon his strength Thor i feel much better.

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Nov 17 2013, 4:56pm says:

Checanos no crees que podrias hacer tambien una versión en español, se que es mucho trabajo pero el resultado vale la pena buena suerte.

+1 vote   mod: Wars of Middle Earth
numeronean Nov 9 2013, 5:44pm says:

goods team edain I have a question:

Pesais add new voices of the characters seen in the hobbit an unexpected journey and desolation of Smaug (when released), and what language will (English or German).

Thank you.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Nov 1 2013, 7:50pm says:

Edain team great job in this faction, the wait has been worth it.
Might expect to release version 4.0 until you exit the second film of the Hobbit, I mean to add new elements seen in the movie, is that many people would like to play in this version (jo I have also wanted to leave) but would be very well add some new detail seen in the film.

Thank you very much for this wonderful work.

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Oct 24 2013, 7:46am says:

checanos estas haciendo un trabajo estupendo, podrias decir que facciones habrá en tu primera beta.

Gracias y no dejes que el mod muera ja que tiene un futuro prometedor.

+1 vote   mod: Wars of Middle Earth
numeronean Oct 20 2013, 6:47am says:

Ruudy93 have plans to add more variety of economic buildings and civil buildings, and also dol amroth infantry in the future.

+2 votes   mod: BFME: Tactics
numeronean Oct 16 2013, 7:57am says:

think you can launch the first version of the mod before the end of the year.

Another thing you can say for the mod concepts on this page.

+4 votes   mod: BFME: Tactics
numeronean Sep 5 2013, 4:57pm says:

Just out of curiosity do you plan dum khazad faction is true that there has been very himportanciahasta the last alliance (a small army led by Durin IV). They have to work on other factions but I think the dwarves would kazad dum a representation of free people against the power of sauron.

+2 votes   mod: Westernesse
numeronean Sep 5 2013, 4:42pm says:

I agree orcs shields deserves a wider variety of shields similar to rj rotwk, and also think it could give an importance to black numeroneans mordor ha which are the most powerful servants of the dark lord apart from nazgûl.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Aug 22 2013, 9:15am replied:


+2 votes   mod: Middle Earth-Extended Edition
numeronean Aug 22 2013, 4:52am says:

Rohirrim 91 When do you think will be available the next version of the mod.
I would also like to know if the AI ​​will improve in future updates ha that little offensive.

+2 votes   mod: Middle Earth-Extended Edition
numeronean Aug 20 2013, 7:36am says:

MorguLord when you think you will be the new beta of the mod.

+5 votes   mod: Battles of the Third Age
numeronean Aug 11 2013, 2:00pm says:

very good mod, but I would add some new units to Gundabad as some siege engines, would also add some heroes as Azog retextura the Defiler and the armor of the orcs to be the closest thing the orcs we've seen in the hobbit .
Merovech still working on this mod ja assure you it is a great project to lthough it you're just in the beginning.

0 votes   mod: Shadow and Flame
numeronean Aug 10 2013, 12:17pm says:

Radspakr see you have a lot of material for the next version of the mod, the second beta think that could be launched this year, very good job.

+2 votes   mod: Return of Shadow
numeronean Aug 8 2013, 4:58am says:

MorguLord in the next grain of the mod will see new elements of the Hobbit movies, as a new design for Azog, the Dwarves of Erebor, and many other things.

  I have wanted to see the new features of Agmar and Arnor.

+1 vote   mod: Battles of the Third Age
numeronean Aug 6 2013, 6:05pm says:

Hello gnomi, I will explain in detail the concept ruins of Dol Guldur or abandoned fortress ruins:
It will be a small torreon in ruins in the qual inhabit the powerful bats, they will have little attack and intimidate the enemy armor causing a reduction of 25% horn.

This concept has been removed from the movie the hobbit part 1, when the necromancer sends a group of bats against radagash making the need to escape from the fortress of Dol Guldur. sauron had a great command over the dark beasts (spiders, bats) when dominated Dol Guldur and so I like this concept, the domain that sauron can exercise over dark beasts.
  The building could replace the power of the barricade or build a parcelaeconomica "can not remember what it's called" well here is the conceto explained and I would like to see the opinion edain team.

+3 votes   member: Gnomi
numeronean Aug 5 2013, 1:41pm says:

gnomi mordor I have a suggestion for a structure called the ruins of Dol Guldur,
in which to temporarily summon some bats to attack the enemy, just would have a totally defensive function.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
numeronean Jun 18 2013, 10:10am says:

Rohirrim 91 over time and in future updates wrath añadiedo factions that have not been voted, I would love to see the deep and Erebor faction.

Thank you very much for making a mod so awesome.

+2 votes   mod: Middle Earth-Extended Edition
numeronean Jun 17 2013, 3:34pm says:

MorguLord I have a bug that when you upgrade to the goblin warriors with heavy armor become invisible

+2 votes   mod: Battles of the Third Age
numeronean Jun 5 2013, 7:32am replied:

Si somos una minoria.

+2 votes   member: Rubilax023
numeronean May 8 2013, 8:16am says:

very good job, a pate de Rohan in the future you will create new factions.

+1 vote   mod: The Horse Lords - A Modification for BFME 2
numeronean Apr 22 2013, 10:04am says:

is much better than the strength of the previous versions, this mod so keep improving every day.

+1 vote   media: Evilman building
numeronean Dec 27 2014, 2:45pm says:

great work

+7 votes   media: Mordor farm
numeronean Nov 8 2014, 11:27am says:

it's perfect, it's definitely a great job

+3 votes   media: Isengard Officer
numeronean Aug 17 2014, 1:43pm says:

I really like the new design

+3 votes   media: Heroic Statue
numeronean Aug 13 2014, 1:14pm says:

very good animations are building structures.

+3 votes   media: Building Animation
numeronean Aug 8 2014, 10:53am says:

very good design, it's perfect

+1 vote   media: Gondor Farm
numeronean Aug 3 2014, 3:55pm says:

It is a great design.

+7 votes   media: Mirkwood Warrior
numeronean Mar 14 2014, 9:44am says:

god, this mod is a masterpiece.

+4 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: The Last Dragon
numeronean Feb 16 2014, 11:23am says:

Rohirim91 I'll give you a tip to improve strength cetral replace the base camp for a more appropriate thing for goblins.

It is an amazing job and I am looking forward to play with this great faction.

+2 votes   media: Dol-Guldur
numeronean Feb 28 2013, 7:24am says:

Esta muy bien hecho, en serio tienes mucho talento.
Creo que estaria bien como una invocación del palantir.

+2 votes   media: Fëanor
numeronean Feb 19 2013, 7:26am says:

I like

+2 votes   media: Hwaldar
numeronean Feb 19 2013, 6:34am says:

Me gusta tu boceto.
A ver si tienes suerte y el equipo edain lo retextura.
Un saludo

+2 votes   media: Glorfindel
numeronean Jan 3 2013, 3:06pm says:

know where you can download the mod currently walroth.

+1 vote   member: art100
numeronean Sep 19 2012, 9:49am says:

you're very talented

+1 vote   member: _FgF_
numeronean Aug 27 2012, 2:02pm replied:

this creature belongs to skyrim

+3 votes   media: Chaurus
numeronean Aug 27 2012, 11:53am says:

me alegra que haiga un español

+2 votes   member: ARTEAGA
numeronean Aug 3 2012, 5:18am says:

not cancel the faction of the hobbits because it is original

+3 votes   mod: Rise of the Arnor
numeronean Jun 26 2012, 7:28am says:

future would be better that they put away the helmet is not well

+1 vote   media: Gondor Rangers
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