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No More Room in Hell

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Hidden Source

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This is an amazing multiplayer source experience. There are two teams, the knife wielding failed experiment 617, also known as The Hidden, and the IRIS agents dispatched to kill it. Playing as the IRIS agents, you are allowed to select from several weapons, two side arms, and special equipment. You and several team mates try to eliminate the almost invisible Hidden on various maps. Playing is The Hidden, your goal is to pounce around the map, picking off IRIS agents one by one. You are equipped only with a knife, but you can jump around the map very rapidly. Your most useful ability is that you are at all times almost entirely invisible, allowing you to get out of an area undetected. But make no mistake, you are still visible, and will be seen if you hang around too long. This game is not dead, and many people still play it.


The Stanley Parable

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