I'm a game programmer trying to get into the industry. I'm working on several projects at any given time. I play and review mods all the time because I love to see user made content.

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NullSoldier May 30 2010 says:

sweet maybe this will fix my issues so i can actually play the open beta. I couldn't play previously because it never launched correctly to the game.

Also theres a lot of qqing going on but they haven't even tried it yet.

0 votes   news: Resistance And Liberation Open Beta Patch 1.2 release
NullSoldier May 27 2010 says:

Nice article, favorited it!

+2 votes   news: Automatic navigation meshes
NullSoldier May 24 2010 says:


+2 votes   download: Konata Desktop Dancer
NullSoldier May 21 2010 says:

Super nice art, plans, and ideas.

+1 vote   news: Birth of a Unit #2: The Ziggurat
NullSoldier May 20 2010 says:

This looks ace, it's only natural that it's the next step in development of AoC.

0 votes   news: Chivalry: Battle for Agatha Announced!
NullSoldier May 11 2010 replied:

You've already given your information to a machine and it's publicly available on the internet. Did you sign up with ModDB? Did you sign up with a web mail? Are you a registered citizen of a country that posts public records online? Don't say silly things. Titi Freeman, a 19 year old from Canada.

Also, this is a great feature. I'm going to pick up Zombie Driver just because you guys are so innovative.

+2 votes   news: Steam Leadearboards on Facebook
NullSoldier May 9 2010 says:

Line battles are the cancer that is killing Battlegrounds 2. Those servers are ruining the game by siphoning off the player base. Also all the admins of those servers are douche bags.

-2 votes   download: Line Battle Map Pack 1 for BG2 2.0
NullSoldier May 8 2010 says:

This looks really good, I also like the idea of the Raptor having his own pet animal as an extra ounce of comedy. Pet turtle perhaps? :)

+3 votes   news: Our Work Progresses: Velociraptor Apartment
NullSoldier May 6 2010 replied:

Yeah you can, I did it with ease. They moved it so you change your channel from your channel options instead of from the profile options.

Go to "My Channel" from the options drop down. You'll see multiple tabs at the top. "Post Bulletin, Settings, Themes and Colors, etc..". Click Settings and then change the Channel Type drop down to Director. Done.

+1 vote   news: Tech Demo Video 2010
NullSoldier May 6 2010 says:

I love this update, I just wish people knew how to use youtube. You can upload more than 10 minutes without a problem as long as you change your profile type on youtube to Director.

I have been following this game since before the first prototype.

+2 votes   news: Tech Demo Video 2010
NullSoldier Apr 30 2010 says:

I find this very interesting. I'm just now getting into 3D programming. I've been addicted to 2D for so long.

+1 vote   news: Angular and linear keyframe blending
NullSoldier Apr 30 2010 says:

I'll probably be signing up, I love AoC it's an amazing mod. It's nothing at all like PVK II. Each have completely different play styles and gameplay design.

+1 vote   news: Age of Chivalry's Grand Tournament
NullSoldier Apr 29 2010 says:

Why is this even posted here? This is spam and shameless advertising. Get out.

+2 votes   news: World of WarCraft 2010 Arena Tournament Begins!
NullSoldier Apr 26 2010 says:

Does this have multiplayer yet? I go to a LAN party every month and we love LAN games like this. I just hope when you do add Multiplayer you take the time to do it right and not make it a second thought.

+5 votes   news: Sanctum Update - Spring 2010
NullSoldier Apr 22 2010 says:

The character art styles are killer.

+3 votes   news: Elementary School Warfare Update Time
NullSoldier Apr 22 2010 says:

Whale man bones.

+1 vote   news: The Twisted Path
NullSoldier Apr 20 2010 replied:

People like you make me sick to my stomach. There's so many things wrong with what you said. It makes me sick that so many people feel the need to comment on "bunny hopping". It makes me remember the days when games were actually about skill and gamer's used every tactic they had at their disposal to win.

Now new generation games are filled with lesser gamers who want everyone to stand still and use weapons that lend to lesser skill. It's truly sad.

I hope everyone that trashes bunny hopping realizes that they are ruining games. Go play Halo on the Xbox where you belong.

-1 votes   news: Engine Test Follow-Up and Custom Mods
NullSoldier Apr 20 2010 replied:

Agreed. Silverfisk is right, people just create a negative opinion of your mod. If someone was going to look at your mod page they would it regardless. What's going to happen is that they WON'T look at your mod page because they won't be interested enough since they can't see your screenshots well.

+1 vote   news: Epidemic Mod Media Post 1
NullSoldier Apr 18 2010 says:

Wow speaking to all the commentors I want to say.. get a life and get a clue. You could make it as realistic as you want. You could even make a game that reenacts columbine. You people have very shallow imaginations and very narrow ideas of what is "acceptable".

Even through raw and vulgar violence you can portray a message to the person playing the game and that's a great method to teach. Stop making stupid comments about school violence.

+5 votes   news: Elementary School Warfare Update
NullSoldier Apr 15 2010 says:

God I love this game.

+2 votes   news: Dystopia: April 2010 Update - Effects, Effects, Effects
NullSoldier Apr 15 2010 says:

That does look super cool, well done. Very well done.

+1 vote   news: Throwing Tutorial Preview Video
NullSoldier Apr 12 2010 says:

I'll be preordering. I've been following the game for awhile. I love to see indie studios ship something great like this.

+3 votes   news: Announcement: Frozen Synapse Pre-orders Open April 19th!
NullSoldier Apr 7 2010 replied:

It's more trouble than it's worth, let the indie devs make and sell their own shirts.

I would really like a classic White text black outline on red ModDB shirt though. I can't believe there isn't one already. =\

+4 votes   news: Mod DB Shirt Sale!
NullSoldier Apr 7 2010 says:

Thanks for the advice, I've received similar feedback from other people as well so I'll probably end up doing that.

+1 vote   media: Ranger Sight
NullSoldier Apr 5 2010 replied:

You get negative karma for your retarded comment.

Do you want to know what the purpose is? The purpose is to make a game, have fun doing it as well as to let people enjoy your work.

+1 vote   news: Milestone 1
NullSoldier Apr 4 2010 says:

The breaking of the glass at the end was ace.

+1 vote   news: Backstory & Mapping Progress
NullSoldier Apr 4 2010 says:

This is animal cruelting how dare you drop all those eggs. Quick we need to catch those eggs!

0 votes   news: Milestone 1
NullSoldier Apr 4 2010 says:

I found this very useful as a programmer however I find that your node pattern is not logical to someone using your editor. I would personally prefer the previous as it's more logical to a designer. Of course you've used it more so do you find that the previous method is more logical just more time consuming to create?

+1 vote   news: Party of Sin: AI Behavior
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