I'm a game programmer trying to get into the industry. I'm working on several projects at any given time. I play and review mods all the time because I love to see user made content.

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NullSoldier Aug 4 2012, 11:05pm buried:


Wow, look at that! ANOTHER Voxel game. You're real original aren't you?

Oh? But yours is different? Oh really. Your trailer totally shows all the differences your game has besides the myriad of other voxel games. Welcome to the pile.

-6 votes   article: StarMade update 0.080 Teaser
NullSoldier Jun 15 2011, 2:13am says:

I'm not gonna lie, it looks incredibly slick. I love the feeling, and the music. I really liked when the room was being deconstructed and replaced with the island in the trailer.

+1 vote   article: CANVAS Mod Launch
NullSoldier May 19 2011, 5:37pm buried:


And yet we don't see a PC version of Little Big Planet 2. Way to go Sony. thanks for keeping great games as exclusives so only console gamers can play them. </idealism>

-5 votes   article: Creator Makes Full-fledged FPS in LittleBigPlanet 2
NullSoldier Feb 16 2011, 10:55am replied:

In the alpha, the mouse feels as though it's software emulated. What I mean by that is instead of grabbing the input from the mouses drivers you seem to be emulating the mouse by taking mouse input and calculating your own values as to where the mouse should be.

It's pretty evident because the mouse input is actually delayed causing the cursor to trail behind where you'e actually moving the mouse and therefore making the input feel laggy and unresponsive.

I noticed it while playing, and because of it I had to slow down my rate of input since my mouse movements were not 1:1 with my mouse because of the delay.

+1 vote   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Alpha Released
NullSoldier Feb 15 2011, 8:05pm says:

There's a few technical changes that need to be made. You need to have a matrix translated camera, and not redraw using the camera offset which causes it to look blocky and jumpy because the camera offset obviously redraws in 32 pixel increments.

Also, please get rid of the software emulated mouse. It's EXTREMELY obvious and not friendly to users. It's rather annoying to use.

+4 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Alpha Released
NullSoldier Oct 6 2010, 12:38am says:

I've been playing the Closed Beta for awhile and this game is a pretty great game to play with friends.

+1 vote   article: Vindictus Open Beta
NullSoldier Jul 17 2010, 11:17am says:

Looks great, I just have one or two minor suggestions. Don't let other planes move the players camera, and add more interpolation turning so it isn't so jerky and looks much smoother. I'm talking about when you move and seem to let go of the movement keys and level out the movement isn't as smooth as it could be.

Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Dogfight Alpha news
NullSoldier May 30 2010, 2:37pm replied:

Why are you suggest changes to the jetpack when the jetpack worked perfectly fine in the first NS? Your just overly complicating it for the sake of complicating it because you want more features. Stop suggesting things, thanks.

+1 vote   article: Friday Update - Build 148, Jetpacks and...Legos?
NullSoldier Apr 18 2010, 4:36pm says:

Wow speaking to all the commentors I want to say.. get a life and get a clue. You could make it as realistic as you want. You could even make a game that reenacts columbine. You people have very shallow imaginations and very narrow ideas of what is "acceptable".

Even through raw and vulgar violence you can portray a message to the person playing the game and that's a great method to teach. Stop making stupid comments about school violence.

+5 votes   article: Elementary School Warfare Update
NullSoldier Apr 4 2010, 10:42pm says:

The breaking of the glass at the end was ace.

+1 vote   article: Backstory & Mapping Progress
NullSoldier Feb 26 2010, 12:49pm replied:

It's for global banning on all servers for people that hack. Instead of banning them from one server and have them just change servers they are banned from all servers and it must be done by a PVK Admin which is my guess.

This probably isn't doable by each individual server admin so don't worry.

+2 votes   article: PVKII Update Released!
NullSoldier Feb 19 2010, 6:03pm says:

I'll see you all tonight, dead of course.

+3 votes   article: GoldenEye: Source Beta 4 Release
NullSoldier Feb 15 2010, 2:23pm says:

This is pretty short notice, but epic none-the-less. I'm pretty excited.

+1 vote   article: GES Update 02/14/10 [Release Info] February 19th!
NullSoldier Feb 9 2010, 2:12pm says:

The company of heroes mod won over Jailbreak, Living Hell, and Mechwarrior? Cool story bro.

+3 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - January 2010
NullSoldier Feb 3 2010, 12:05am says:

I'll be there

+2 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source - Big Breakout Weekend!
NullSoldier Jan 19 2010, 10:16pm says:

Do want!

+1 vote   article: GES Update 01/19/10 [January Report] Video Teaser!
NullSoldier Jan 17 2010, 8:05pm replied:

Wow, I totally slaughtered that gramatically. I had to fix it.

"Heh, that gap is going to grow even larger when DX11 comes out. It's supposed to have an amazing new API for parallelization."

+1 vote   article: Terrain updates
NullSoldier Jan 17 2010, 7:54pm replied:

Heh, that gap is growing to grow even larger then DX11 comes out. It's supposed to have an amazing new API for parallelization.

+1 vote   article: Terrain updates
NullSoldier Jan 10 2010, 8:17pm says:

Thank Darwin there is a media update. I love this game. One day, I shall propose to her.

+1 vote   article: 2009 Retrospective and progress
NullSoldier Oct 22 2009, 10:05am says:

Thank you for using high resolution textures. It looks like you are using 1024x textures, I can't stand when people use 512x resolution textures. Even some of the lowest machines today have enough RAM on their graphics card to handle 1024x textures.

+4 votes   article: Snows and Sands
NullSoldier Oct 20 2009, 9:34am says:

This is a pretty good post. You've definitely captured the Warhammer feeling. :) Sorry that the first poster is just stupid.

+1 vote   article: class and game guide-beta
NullSoldier Sep 17 2009, 9:16am says:

So good, I really am looking forward to the release with the new classes.

+1 vote   article: Achievements and Menus
NullSoldier Jul 24 2009, 9:22am says:

Considering the video player for Youtube was written by 3 year olds it's not hard to compete with "the best video site(s)".

Good job, awesome.

+1 vote   article: HD videos and audio visualization
NullSoldier Jun 10 2009, 2:11am replied:

Sure there is, it's called game natural selection. You develop a bad game, you are out of the market. It's pretty simple I think.

Besides that, it's a good thing there no quality selection it creates a barrier-to-entry free environment. If companies like EA had their way though no one would be able to create games except them.

+5 votes   poll: Which platform would you most like to develop for?
NullSoldier May 4 2009, 5:23pm replied:

Small player base? Excuse me? You do realize that Unreal sold out of CD keys right?

Theres a huge player base for unreal 3 you just need to get people interested in reinstalling their copy with something great like this.

+2 votes   article: The Haunted v2.0 Impressions
NullSoldier May 1 2009, 10:24am says:

Heh, this mod came out of nowhere but have easily made this into many mod players watch lists. Congratulations half of your popularity is in the beauty of which you present the mod.

+2 votes   article: The Details are in the Devils are in the Details are in the Debbbbbbbbbils
NullSoldier Apr 28 2009, 5:21pm says:

I have HUGE hopes for this mod, keep on keeping on.

+1 vote   article: News Update #7: Stielhandgranate
NullSoldier Apr 2 2009, 5:34pm says:

Finaly, a shirt that doesn't suck. Why can't we just buy that red shirt you've drawn as a concept?

+1 vote   article: T-shirt Competition
NullSoldier Mar 1 2009, 9:43am replied:

Maybe next year a custom map pack for Mount and blade will win the best upcoming mod.

+9 votes   article: 2008 Indie Game of the Year Winners
NullSoldier Feb 27 2009, 11:08pm says:

The haunted is one of those awesome mods that actually make UT3 worth buying.

+1 vote   article: The Haunted: Still alive
NullSoldier Feb 12 2009, 5:01pm says:

Absolutely fantastic work.

+2 votes   article: Ps_Sand, M4, & FAMAS Showcase
NullSoldier Feb 8 2009, 8:33pm replied:

Of course you do, they are probably shelling out plenty of cash, and tax payers money.

+1 vote   article: Top 100 Voting
NullSoldier Jan 14 2009, 6:15pm says:

You guys deserve nominations for MOTYD for all your hard work. This is genius. Excellent idea!

+4 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source - Deathball Trailer
NullSoldier Dec 24 2008, 2:25am says:

There is plenty of win in this post. I'm glad to see modders take advantage of the Episode grasslands and forest content. It really looks great. I hope to see more Episode 2 forest content in HL2 mods.

0 votes   article: A Holiday Gift
NullSoldier Dec 22 2008, 1:42am says:

i came.

+1 vote   article: Insurgency - Holiday Season News!
NullSoldier Nov 30 2008, 8:14pm says:

Yes, you guys win!

+4 votes   article: Black Mesa Official Trailer released!
NullSoldier Nov 26 2008, 11:40pm says:

It's gonna be crazy to fight that thing. It looks really creepy.

+1 vote   article: A Thanks Give'n update!
NullSoldier Nov 19 2008, 8:46am says:

Looks good so far, i'm waiting for the steamworks version. It's gonna be fun.

+2 votes   article: Eternal Silence: Some News
NullSoldier Nov 6 2008, 5:46pm says:

Your doing a great job and Ican't wait to play the final product.

I hope valve looks at this and actually implements these things in the Episode 3 engine. They should have had all these improvements such as dynamic lighting a long time ago.

+2 votes   article: Semi-Mega Update
NullSoldier Oct 14 2008, 5:21pm says:

Alright, you guys win. Although I'm saddened that this won't be for source. I'm a source *****. :) However I have no doubt that this will be completely and utterly awesome.

+2 votes   article: Unknown Worlds Videocast #5
NullSoldier Sep 23 2008, 7:24pm says:

Signed up. Looks awesome.

+1 vote   article: A Call to Arms
NullSoldier Sep 12 2008, 6:25pm says:

YES! It's booty time!

+1 vote   article: PVKII Beta 2.2 Released!
NullSoldier Sep 2 2008, 8:12pm says:

Crap, now that you've made such a good mod i'll have to play it when it comes out. I say that meaning I hate scary games and don't play games to have heart attachs. However your mod may change my mind. I barely got through Doom 3...

+1 vote   article: Nightmare House 2 trailer
NullSoldier Aug 16 2008, 2:09pm says:

I was wondering when the heck you guys would update. I have all my eve obsessed friends (including myself) just waiting to jump on this game at a second notice!

The website looks fantastic.

0 votes   article: Brand new Infinity website!
NullSoldier Jul 27 2008, 1:54am replied:

Yeah, just don't shoot the wockets!

+3 votes   article: Lit Fuse Films listed on ModDB
NullSoldier Jul 19 2008, 2:30am says:

As soon as I have a chance I'll download this and try but I have no doubt the quality will be no less than amazing from their previous work.

+1 vote   article: Beta 2.1 Released!
NullSoldier May 2 2008, 11:24pm says:

This looks alot like what I expect out of Huxley, the Unreal 3 FPS MMORPG.

You can't run unreal 3 on your PC? I can even run it on my laptop. It's not that intensive. ;)

+1 vote   mod: Warfare++
NullSoldier Apr 30 2008, 2:41am says:

Mmm I just bought Unreal 3 on Steam for some of the mods coming out. It was about time, I was still playing Utk4 for awhile there but theres finaly some mods that are coming out that made me want to buy it.

+1 vote   article: Renegade X - Ingame/CG Trailer
NullSoldier Apr 13 2008, 2:30pm says:

Looks awesome. I'm just curious if your going to add a variety of tricks and other interesting things you can do? Such as in the old n64 snowboard game 1080? I probably will remap some of those old n64 maps for this mod.

I'm thinking of... "Grinding" + balance meter and lots of other air tricks you can perform with keyboard key combinations.

+1 vote   article: Snowreal - Dev Team update
NullSoldier Apr 10 2008, 12:14am replied:

Definately not realism mod. Look at the trailer first next time. =\

+4 votes   article: Gunreal Beta Released
NullSoldier Mar 27 2008, 1:45pm says:

Awesome progress. I can't wait to play this. I just hope you guys don't water it down for the PS3 players. Keep modding where it should be.

+2 votes   article: Renegade X - Ingame Vehicles Trailer!
NullSoldier Feb 16 2008, 1:37pm says:

I would like to help you as I am a big fan of Gauntlet and a C++ and C# programmer myself. I'm not sure how much I can help you at this point because I have not dabbled into the Source SDK YET but i'll open up and poke around. I don't think it should be that hard. Are you attempting to make a full remake? With the classes and different models and weapons for each class that were in gauntlet?

+1 vote   article: Beta 2.0 Gameplay video
NullSoldier Jan 3 2008, 1:07am says:

This seems very pointless to post about an Xbox game on ModDB when your fanbase consists mostly of PC gamers. This game doesn't even exist to most PC gamers because it DOESN'T exist. If a game is not on the PC it doesn't deserve to be mentioned because it won't be modded and it shouldn't be on ModDB.

Aka get this **** off here.

+1 vote   article: Mass Effect
NullSoldier Oct 5 2010, 11:46pm replied:

somonels -> No, you're wrong. You sound like an armchair developer.

+1 vote   article: Vindictus Open Beta
NullSoldier Oct 4 2010, 5:04pm says:

This is pretty epic, it's crazy to see the developer doing community events, it shows he (now they) care about doing things to keep the game's community happy and not let the game become boring or stale.

+6 votes   article: Boo! Coming October 31!
NullSoldier Oct 4 2010, 2:18am replied:

Entirely different situation. Eternal silence could afford to cut corners, it's not the same.

+1 vote   article: Empires 2.27 Released
NullSoldier Oct 4 2010, 2:13am says:

Yeah, it looks pretty sweet. I'm sad I don't have an Xbox 360 either for games like this.

I think Xbox has been behind the times in terms of both games and hardware but every time I see a game like this it actually makes me want to buy a console. True story.

+3 votes   article: Fez Gameplay Video 2
NullSoldier Oct 2 2010, 11:50pm replied:

He made a valid point, I'm sad to see so many people down vote him.

+5 votes   article: The Flamethrower - Gameplay Video
NullSoldier Sep 30 2010, 7:31pm says:

This looks REALLY REALLY good.

+2 votes   article: FUEL: REFUELED - V15 BETA Now Available
NullSoldier Sep 27 2010, 12:57am says:


+1 vote   download: Noobwarfare Beta 0.1
NullSoldier Sep 24 2010, 11:00am says:

Thanks for this little tidbit of information, I'll definitely use this when working in C++. Though I guess those of us using managed only languages are pretty much screwed! You really can do a lot by jumping down into processor instruction.

+3 votes   article: SIMD optimization
NullSoldier Sep 22 2010, 5:39pm says:

Looks really well done and polished, why isn't this on the PC as well? heh

+2 votes   article: Didgery has been released onto Xbox Live!
NullSoldier Sep 21 2010, 4:04pm says:

I absolutely love the art style, it looks really good.

0 votes   article: Stats
NullSoldier Sep 20 2010, 11:05pm replied:

I played the tech demo and I have a LOT of suggestions. I would like to find a place to post them such as your forum or your survay. The game has a lot of good elements to it, it just needs a bit of reworking. I have a few major logical complaints that I think all players suffer from, and I'm not saying this because "I think that what ever I hate must suck" as most gamers who suggest things do.

+1 vote   article: Oasis 1.1 technology demo released
NullSoldier Sep 19 2010, 7:12pm says:

Downloading immedietly! Using my 35mbit connection this should'nt take any time at all.

0 votes   article: Oasis 1.1 technology demo released
NullSoldier Sep 15 2010, 4:37pm says:

Awww yeah, Dystopia is one of the most polished and fun games of all time.

+2 votes   article: Dystopia 1.30 Released
NullSoldier Sep 15 2010, 4:37pm says:

This looks ace, me and my friends are all waiting on this.

+1 vote   article: Oasis 1.1 Countdown: Camera-, Quest- and Interaction System
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 4:38pm replied:

I like how you took a single mention of rendering engine I made and completely focused on that. What you should have done is realize I was judging it on multiple decisions (as I clearly listed) and not just graphics. Though your probably too narrow-visioned to realize that.

Usability, the integration of social features, and the fact that they used Unity are all decisions a developer makes and reflects their ability to develop and lead a team.

-2 votes   article: Trailer + Short term plans
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 11:33am says:

My god, this is why I play games. This definitely needs more attention, this is a BIG DEAL. I'll tweet about this.

+1 vote   article: Oasis 1.1 Release Countdown: Explorable Regions and Travelling System
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 11:30am replied:

I actually had to do a bit of research myself, Cubelands only started 4 months after Minecraft but it's obvious that you are significantly more talented than the Minecraft developer. This looks far more polished and well developed than Minecraft. I'm pretty happy to see more talented developers taking ideas which could be executed better and improving on them.

-2 votes   article: Trailer + Short term plans
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 11:23am says:

Clearly you took the idea of minecraft, but I'm impressed and happy to see that you've improved upon it heavily in your rendering engine, usability, and other places.

+1 vote   article: Trailer + Short term plans
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 11:21am says:

I love your artwork and idea of modular buildings. Keep up the good work.

+4 votes   article: SimMars Concept
NullSoldier Sep 14 2010, 11:19am says:

Please don't show off your normal coop mode, show off your DM and TDM modes instead.

Alien Swarm without lights looks far less appealing and is most likely not fun. I hate to say it but I think you missed the point of Alien Swarm. Do you not remember what happened to Doom 3 when it released and people complained about it being too dark? It's a good lesson to learn.

Games are fun when they are challenging, but the challenge shouldn't be the basic ability to play the game. That is not fun.

This is friendly constructive criticism, keep up the good work.

+3 votes   article: Work Currently In Progress
NullSoldier Sep 4 2010, 7:52pm says:

The models look absolutely fantastic, great use of creativity and imagination. The modeling is very well done too. It annoys me to see so much pointless criticism. There's a difference between constructive criticism and trying to influence your own opinion.

+4 votes   article: Meet… The Infiltrator
NullSoldier Sep 4 2010, 5:38pm replied:

Ah I see. So it turns out that this is a more abstract experimental game style than a standard interactive game.

+1 vote   article: Fish Fish Bang Bang Demo Available
NullSoldier Sep 3 2010, 6:11pm says:

Looking at the game it looks like you control the fish, I sware to god if you have to use the arrow keys or keyboard keys to control the way the fish is aiming this is unacceptable levels of fail. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Don't **** PC gamers off with ****** console style controls. I'll confirm this once I'm done downloading.

+1 vote   article: Fish Fish Bang Bang Demo Available
NullSoldier Sep 3 2010, 6:06pm says:

This looks excellent, good job. It almost reminds me of a more interactive and more mystery oriented Myst or Riven.

+1 vote   article: Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Demo release!
NullSoldier Aug 31 2010, 8:06pm replied:

You are as dense as the water. Have you no concept of gameplay? Realism hardly ever equals good gameplay. If you couldn't turn very fast it wouldn't feel natural to PC players.

Thank god you aren't designing this game.

+2 votes   article: Look ma, news!
NullSoldier Aug 18 2010, 11:10pm says:

This looks pretty nice, I'm making my own card game as we speak so I can really appreciate this.

+1 vote   article: The Special Cards: Imposter
NullSoldier Jul 29 2010, 6:00pm says:

Wewt, I thought this died! So glad to see news on it!

+4 votes   article: Dev Diaries: In the shadow of Russia
NullSoldier Jul 23 2010, 2:21pm says:

I for one welcome our new image eating SAN iSCSI overlords.

+11 votes   article: Server troubles
NullSoldier Jul 21 2010, 5:25pm says:

It looks great I just wish there was more contrast with the backgrounds. Great job! :D If I owned an Xbox/console, I would give it a try.

+1 vote   article: Starlight Trailer is here!
NullSoldier Oct 15 2011, 8:34pm says:

This game looks really neat, I'm definitely going to pick it up for my iPhone.

+2 votes   game: Tiltz
NullSoldier Aug 9 2011, 9:45pm says:

This looks absolutely fenominal. I am extremely shocked by the production quality in such a mod. Keep up the good work you are doing amazing things. This may be one of the most under-rated mods on ModDB to be honest.

(I also think the voice actors are lacking but understand that you're working with what you have. I have to say the female voice actor you used for engineering isn't bad at all)

+1 vote   article: Gameplay Trailer and New Details
NullSoldier Jun 17 2011, 4:59pm says:

I'm sorry to see that you chose Java over Mono but it's understandable considering that MonoTouch and XNATouch (XNA cross platform implementation) are both dead when Novell was purchased.

There are other mono alternatives which are much faster in performance.

+1 vote   article: Porting "Blocks That Matter" to Win/Mac/Linux
NullSoldier Jun 2 2011, 6:12pm says:

Do you find that in combat there are problems with perception of death? as in lining up your character side ways to hit enemies?

I'm preparing to begin building a multiplayer game using this style of engine but I'm concerned for the problems using 2D sprites in a 3D block world with this perspective creates.

+1 vote   article: Alphatest: Status Report One.
NullSoldier May 13 2011, 8:10pm replied:


+1 vote   article: Pon full release!
NullSoldier May 3 2011, 2:01am says:

The way those weapons stick into the surfaces just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

+13 votes   article: New Overgrowth a129 video devlog
NullSoldier Mar 2 2011, 1:46pm says:

It looks pretty interesting, though it looks like it follows an MMO formula pretty heavily. Is this a sand box game or a linear adventure?

+2 votes   article: Numen: Contest of Heroes now out on Desura
NullSoldier Jan 23 2011, 1:06pm says:

It looks really impressive, the art style is really well done, and the use of dynamic lighting is also nice. The overall atmosphere you've created from the combination of art style, music, and character design is really good.

+1 vote   article: We just released our Open Beta!
NullSoldier Dec 29 2010, 4:47pm replied:

I agree, as a UI designer and future tools developer it makes me cringe. As a tools developer, your number one focus should be usability.

+1 vote   article: New Core and GUI
NullSoldier Nov 19 2010, 10:47pm says:

May I ask who your pixel artist is? It's quiet beautiful.

+6 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök
NullSoldier Oct 17 2010, 1:02pm says:

I really like this graphical art style. The other people say it's too "busy" but I can't say the same. Keep up the great work.

+1 vote   article: Graphics
NullSoldier Oct 16 2010, 12:06am says:

This is a HUGE improvement over the old UI.

+2 votes   article: New GUI
NullSoldier Oct 6 2010, 5:00pm says:

Really good job! Also through you I found the beautiful tile sets of those artists. :D I'm curious what language and graphics API you used to do this. Was it XNA or perhaps SDL?

+1 vote   article: Through v0.9 release
NullSoldier Jun 22 2010, 8:23pm says:

This is really great work, congratulations on your release. I'll absolutely be picking this up.

+1 vote   article: Puzzle Dimension is now out on Steam
NullSoldier May 11 2010, 6:59pm replied:

You've already given your information to a machine and it's publicly available on the internet. Did you sign up with ModDB? Did you sign up with a web mail? Are you a registered citizen of a country that posts public records online? Don't say silly things. Titi Freeman, a 19 year old from Canada.

Also, this is a great feature. I'm going to pick up Zombie Driver just because you guys are so innovative.

+2 votes   article: Steam Leadearboards on Facebook
NullSoldier Apr 15 2010, 12:25am says:

That does look super cool, well done. Very well done.

+1 vote   article: Throwing Tutorial Preview Video
NullSoldier Apr 7 2010, 5:37pm replied:

It's more trouble than it's worth, let the indie devs make and sell their own shirts.

I would really like a classic White text black outline on red ModDB shirt though. I can't believe there isn't one already. =\

+4 votes   article: Mod DB Shirt Sale!
NullSoldier Apr 4 2010, 12:10am says:

Did someone say, Halo Soldat? Mehehe, just kidding... :P

It does look good though.

0 votes   article: H:OWaW March Update
NullSoldier Apr 1 2010, 4:56pm says:

I'm gonna rape people with those pogo sticks. I'm jump around like a badass soldier taking out Germans left and right with my pea shooter.

+2 votes   article: April 1st Update
NullSoldier Mar 5 2010, 12:44pm says:

Looks ace, I can't wait to get this.

+1 vote   article: Dominoze Editor Demo Video
NullSoldier Mar 2 2010, 2:06pm replied:

Cool story bro, except that it's nothing like a silly flash game off the web. It's an actual game that runs on the Xbox 360 or PC and can be played with a friend. It's not some crappy makeshift project it's a full fledged project.

+2 votes   article: New trailer
NullSoldier Feb 12 2010, 11:21am says:

Great article, and I don't see how anyone could disagree with you. I personally believe there's no reason ever to strive for lower standards. People that push for lower standards are just lowering expectations and poisoning the market. They themselves are the venom that is slowly killing quality in the industry.

Mr Kadish, I believe the article was arguing his point independent of developer inadequacy.

+1 vote   article: Framerates do matter.
NullSoldier Feb 9 2010, 12:21am replied:

I disagree because Obisidian Conflict suffers from worse problems. I love the down voting because I stated the truth. :) Sorry kids, some times the truth hurts. Regardless of the critique Synergy is still the best HL2 Coop experience and every once in awhile I do play through it which just reminds me every time of all of it's vanilla HL2 issues.

+3 votes   article: "Still Alive..."
NullSoldier Feb 8 2010, 8:38pm says:

Eh, new content with the HL2 campaign features hardly working.. Awesome.

No cinematic camera's for non-gordon/first players. Entirely broken citadel levels that require you to ride the "pods".

0 votes   article: "Still Alive..."
NullSoldier Feb 8 2010, 8:32pm replied:

XNA doesn't have a built in particle engine. Whatchyou talkin about willis? I would hardly call XNA an engine as well.

In any case I was more talking about the techniques they used while developing the game or something like a post-mortem.

+1 vote   article: Legend of Vraz - Released
NullSoldier Feb 1 2010, 11:35am says:

I enjoyed the article it was a great explanation at social experiment games that just blow your mind when you really think about them and how people interact with them.

Silly Soulseker, there was no front page real-estate wasted. This article is as valuable a contribution as any other and maybe one day you'll realize that. Please ignore Soulseker, he's not intelligent.

+2 votes   article: Classic Mods: Don't Move the Tauren!
NullSoldier Jan 24 2010, 1:25am says:

So NS2 is also focusing on moddability. Neat.

+1 vote   article: Spark SDK (Build 133) Released
NullSoldier Jan 20 2010, 9:43pm says:

Some of those are very original and definitely deserve the recognition they have received.

+1 vote   article: 2010 IGF Reveals Student Showcase Winners
NullSoldier Jan 19 2010, 8:18pm says:

I found the little bit at the end very funny, "vote early, vote often".

+1 vote   article: TNM for MotY - A message from our sponsor
NullSoldier Jan 15 2010, 9:49am says:

Tristram was destroyed at the end of Diablo I so I'm actually curious maybe I haven't been paying attention but did they rebuild it?

Also this is a very neat and notable project.

+1 vote   article: Tristram Concepts
NullSoldier Jan 5 2010, 5:38pm says:

Awesome, I'm so happy to be a game developer. I feel somewhat connected to all other indie developers in the world like were our own faction.

I really can't wait for GDC 2010 and hope to see a lot of you there! When are we going to schedule the ModDB meetup?

+2 votes   article: 2010 Independent Games Festival Finalists
NullSoldier Jan 4 2010, 2:28am says:

I hope that messenger dog can fight because I can tell that those gang of mutts are probably going to back stab him or something when they find his food.

Just like humans.

+2 votes   article: Overgrowth Comic Update
NullSoldier Jan 4 2010, 2:22am says:

The point system is a bit sketchy. I'm a skill based gamer, when I used to play Jailbreak I would always have some rediculous score like 20 in 2 so I'm always sketchy of game play mechanics that help inadequet players. Infact, thats one reason why I don't play TF2 anymore. We'll see how it all works out when it comes out. Naturally I prefer the prior but I think I'll live.

I also have been slightly wary about the models and the hit box sizes. They seem rather thin in the screenshots and the robots seem MUCH smaller than the dinosaurs. Will the robots have smaller hit boxes? And if they have the same size hit boxes theres going to be a lot of complaining because if you shoot where there is no model and kill them it seems very awkward.

+1 vote   article: The Perks of Jailbreak!
NullSoldier Nov 30 2009, 12:29am replied:

Are you retarded or just kidding? I hope your kidding.

Do I seriously have to draw it? He's not just talking about the shaking look but he's talking about this: Img691.imageshack.us

0 votes   article: HLP - November Media Release
NullSoldier Nov 5 2009, 4:53pm says:

Seriously, congratulations. If your going "commercial" or selling the game at any point I would love to purchase it you deserve the money. Of course I'm sure Epic Fail would want to pocket some of your hard earned money.

-2 votes   article: The Ball Stand Alone UDK Demo
NullSoldier Oct 1 2009, 4:10pm says:

Take a look at your fog and perform quality control, do it.

+1 vote   article: Fog effects
NullSoldier Sep 20 2009, 12:00am says:

Yeah... the real Team Fortress 2.

+6 votes   article: Fortress Forever 2.4 Released!
NullSoldier Sep 18 2009, 4:55pm replied:

Right on! You totally should have mentioned that in your news article. I've used Unity when they had the free Windows beta. It was really neat. However, I'll probably end up sticking with XNA and Mono and write my own engines.

Take that $$Apple$$! We refuse to use your crappy XCode and Objective-C!

+1 vote   article: SpringFling springs onto iPhones this October
NullSoldier Sep 18 2009, 1:10pm says:

You know what's cool though? Now that MONO and XNA Touch run on the iPhone you can actually develop iPhone games without having to use a ******* garbage language like Objective C. I am looking forward to developing a Pokemon Online client for the iPhone.

+1 vote   article: SpringFling springs onto iPhones this October
NullSoldier Sep 15 2009, 10:18pm says:

This is good because the biggest problem in the game is that people don't work together very often. However, applying bonuses if you fight near your NCO is fantastic. I just hope that you've improved the entire squad system because not only were squads loosely defined in the players eyes in previous versions but keeping track of your squad and moving together was difficult.

Although there were so many times my whole squad had microphones, we would travel together like a real group of soldiers and we kicked ***. God those times are what make this game so ******* awesome and the reason I love it. I have some unforgettable moments in my gaming experience from this game.

Also, the new news post color scheme is great! It really matches your theme.

+1 vote   article: September 15th RTTF
NullSoldier Sep 9 2009, 7:23am says:

Co-op and upgradable towers will make this game 10x what it currently is, and that's notable because it's already basically awesome.

+2 votes   article: Sanctum News Flash (September 2009)
NullSoldier Aug 11 2009, 11:55pm says:

Definately going to try this out. A very creative and positive use of the HL2 stock engine without just creating new maps and throwing tons of enemies into it.

+2 votes   article: WSIP: Research and Development
NullSoldier Jul 31 2009, 11:47am replied:

I have been playing Savage 2 again online and it does have a LOT of improvements. I suggest everyone give it a try as it definitely is worth the download. These guys really have done a great job developing it.

I don't think you understand. Savage is a Multiplayer game. The other players in the server are your army.

+1 vote   article: A Second Wind for Tortured Souls
NullSoldier Jul 24 2009, 9:31am replied:

My question is why is SD The default when HD should be the default. If you can't enforce HD on video playback then I don't find a reason to end up using ModDB's video player. Internet has improved a lot theres no reason to assume someone can't render HD video if your playing isn't written badly or your servers are slow. If you wan't to compete with the best your competing with Stage 6 and stage 6 could do that easily.

+1 vote   article: HD videos and audio visualization
NullSoldier Jun 16 2009, 9:08pm says:

I'll need this when I start up my indie studio. Excellent read.

+1 vote   article: The Zero Budget Indie Marketing Guide
NullSoldier May 17 2009, 5:04pm says:

I have really high hopes for this mod I'm really excited. Everytime you release a news update I get all giddy and excited.

+1 vote   article: News Update #8: Achtung! Feuerstrahl!
NullSoldier Mar 18 2009, 6:44pm says:

I like the maps, the video however does not do this mod justice. It does not look polished and needs work of course, which I'm sure it will. You shouldn't have demoed off that video, it hurt it more than it helped however I still have plenty of faith in the mod.

+3 votes   article: MarchUpdate
NullSoldier Feb 26 2009, 4:31pm says:

This mod already wins because they took out the terrible Crysis nano suit.

+1 vote   article: Petrograd - February 25th Update - Teaser Commentary
NullSoldier Jan 8 2009, 6:41pm says:

You've got my vote. This is becoming so very polished.

Is it bad that all of my votes this year have gone to HL2 Mods? It's okay Mech Crysis mod and Renegade UT3 mod I still love you too.

+1 vote   article: Age of Chivalry Preview Thursday #9- Becoming a Legend
NullSoldier Jan 4 2009, 7:34pm replied:

No doubt, and I think this is excellent quality. I'm just saying these are not mods. I wanted to make sure people were aware. I am in no way criticizing this custom campaign. I think it will be one of the most high quality custom packs for L4D that we will probably ever see.

+3 votes   article: Dead Before Dawn Teaser Released
NullSoldier Jan 4 2009, 4:55pm says:

It's not a mod, unfortunately. Valve screwed up by not releasing the SDK for L4D. It's only a custom map. Nothing about the game is modified.

0 votes   article: Dead Before Dawn Teaser Released
NullSoldier Dec 23 2008, 6:54pm says:

Yeah they ninjad the alpha awhile back. I was ****** that they didnt make an announcecment but they did ti for a good reason. This is exactly what I wanted for christmas!

RnL is CLEARLY the best WWII game I have EVER played.

+1 vote   article: Alpha 3 Patch - MGs under the christmas tree
NullSoldier Dec 23 2008, 1:41am says:

Wow, how many 3 year olds think they can map? Seriously.

+1 vote   download: Desert_War
NullSoldier Dec 4 2008, 11:48pm says:

Great job, I'll be watching your development.

Quote:it’s awesome to think that Overgrowth is going to be sold next to games like Far Cry 2, Crysis, and GTA IV."

You don't have very high expectations do you? lol

+1 vote   article: Steam and Shadows
NullSoldier Nov 20 2008, 1:21pm says:

It looks like that guy died while playing Crysis. See what violence in video games does?

Very nice screenshots.

+2 votes   article: Petrograd - November 20 Update
NullSoldier Oct 29 2008, 10:21pm says:

Hold on, your telling me that the turrets actually do something now? NO WAY!

Nice map, gun and turret models.

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak! Turrets & Auto Shotguns!
NullSoldier Oct 29 2008, 8:27am says:

Quick! Hit the flux capacitor and reinstall a copy of San Andreas! Were going Back to the future!

+3 votes   article: Back To The Future: Hill Valley 0.2e Released!
NullSoldier Oct 22 2008, 1:25pm replied:

I'm so glad that it explains that. :) I can't figure out why theres not an installer and just pure files. I had thought we advanced past those stages in technology...

Anyway, the original thiefs den has the DevIL.dll but the ONLY dll in the second game is the gamex86.dll

-1 votes   article: New Mission: The Tears of St. Lucia
NullSoldier Oct 22 2008, 8:21am says:

The DLL file goes in the mods folder, C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\doom 3\saintlucia because Doom3 detects the mod by finding the DLL in the folder, or finding a pk4 with the file. However, I have copied the mod's dll to the base directory for doom 3 (which wouldn't make sense because then you can only ever have 1 mod installed) as you've suggested but the results are still the same as I expected. "couldn't load game dynamic library" Maybe some time in the future we'll see working releases for the steam version?

-1 votes   article: New Mission: The Tears of St. Lucia
NullSoldier Oct 20 2008, 5:46pm says:

I'm on it! Time to play!

+3 votes   article: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm V1.00 Released!
NullSoldier Oct 15 2008, 5:21pm says:

FLCL Guitar style zombie beat down!

+1 vote   article: The Mortewood Plaza - Update 01
NullSoldier Oct 9 2008, 3:12pm says:

Great to know I can't play this awesome mod yet but other people are... heh

+2 votes   article: Decadence closed alpha is released, media release for mere mortals
NullSoldier Oct 8 2008, 5:05pm says:

Alright, i'll look forward to playing when you release it for the MSU competition. To bad Unreal 3's online play fails horribly. You even need to authenticate for a LAN game! What the crap?

+1 vote   article: Back from the dead
NullSoldier Oct 1 2008, 5:19pm says:

Excellent! However I'm still disappointed that you have not yet been chosen for the Steamworks movement.

+1 vote   article: Dystopia: September Update - RC3 build ready, New Website
NullSoldier Sep 27 2008, 11:58pm says:

Yeah, looks great. Another mod i've added to my watch list since the first few media releases.

+1 vote   article: Scary pictures - From the 1800s!
NullSoldier Sep 27 2008, 9:20pm says:

Yeah i've been following the news. I expect ZPS will release a news post too. :) Right on!

+1 vote   article: D.I.P.R.I.P. available on Steam next week
NullSoldier Sep 23 2008, 2:01am says:

Excellent media, you totally deserve the Make something unreal award.

+3 votes   article: Aquila 9
NullSoldier Aug 30 2008, 6:37pm says:

Aperture science was the second leading company in technology next to black mesa. They, like black mesa developed technology, tools, and weapons. The combine most likley developed it and then the combine stole the weapon and technology for their own use.

+3 votes   media: Rail gun- concept
NullSoldier Aug 24 2008, 10:59pm says:

Finally. It seems from past and future trends there are always alot of mods that give us an insight into the HL2 universe (even if unofficially) from other points of view. It's fantastic to see what happens in the view of another city, City 24. I love how in your story and dialog you reference other cities and events that are going on while perhaps HL2 is happening. Thats absolutely fantastic, great job.

+8 votes   article: City24 administrator
NullSoldier Aug 18 2008, 7:38pm says:

Not everyone has quicktime, including myself and I won't install it. Please use the ModDB video functionality as it makes everything so much easier!

0 votes   article: New screenshot & quicktime VR image
NullSoldier Aug 18 2008, 1:19am says:

I'm not a big Halo fan but this mod looks like you put alot of work into it. Great job.

+1 vote   article: Years come and go
NullSoldier Aug 11 2008, 7:22pm says:

Yeah I don't like Naruto but this definately shows that even with a legacy engine you can STILL make a game that shines.

+1 vote   article: Friday update #14
NullSoldier Aug 10 2008, 11:54pm says:

Very nice models. I like them alot. Especially good detail on the MAIR-40.

+2 votes   article: Sorry Mod DB
NullSoldier Aug 10 2008, 2:31pm says:

I agree with the above posters. It will be interesting to see Killing floors "remade" on Crysis.

+1 vote   article: Videos
NullSoldier Jul 22 2008, 11:56pm says:

Capture the Lolly?... Lollicons! Ahhh!

+1 vote   article: WoP is back with ENTE's PadCloister
NullSoldier Apr 1 2008, 7:37am says:

You guys like, need to hurry up there with that update.

+1 vote   article: 2.1 News and New Site
NullSoldier Mar 11 2008, 7:27pm says:

These are custom maps? Someone actually modded this game?

I give GoW an E for effort. No reason to mod it when these mappers could put their talent to a more useful cause on the Unreal 3 Engine. I don't even think many PC gamers play GoW or have played it so I doubt they will really harvest the fruit of their labor.

-1 votes   article: Gears of War SP Maps
NullSoldier Mar 1 2008, 1:16am says:

Absolutely fascinating. I'm going there next year to try to snag me a job!

+1 vote   article: Valve's GDC presentations available
NullSoldier Feb 17 2008, 11:50pm says:

vary nice! I'll be sure to play!!! <3 my ID Pack on steam.

+1 vote   article: Shamblers Castle
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