I'm a game programmer trying to get into the industry. I'm working on several projects at any given time. I play and review mods all the time because I love to see user made content.

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NullSoldier Feb 16 2008 says:

I would like to help you as I am a big fan of Gauntlet and a C++ and C# programmer myself. I'm not sure how much I can help you at this point because I have not dabbled into the Source SDK YET but i'll open up and poke around. I don't think it should be that hard. Are you attempting to make a full remake? With the classes and different models and weapons for each class that were in gauntlet?

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NullSoldier Feb 13 2008 says:

LOL. Especially at the Team Fortress 2 stuff!

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NullSoldier Jan 28 2008 says:

I have to agree, I hope they get a team of people to translate it or at the lea-st a few good writers. As a fan of Myst and Riven, the game itself looks amazing in all aspects. Keep on workin!

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NullSoldier Jan 28 2008 replied:

LOL! Did you seriously just say "hope it gets to the mac"?

Does it use opengl or directx? Why don't you just get a real computer, or better yet I have to point out the fact that all those retarded mac commercials insult themselves by pointing out that windows runs faster on a mac than osx does. Just format and install windows on your mac. It will run faster!

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NullSoldier Jan 14 2008 says:

Just plain awesome!

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NullSoldier Jan 12 2008 says:

That is really great, but I think Synergy should get to work fixing the bugs in Synergy one. This would be an AMAZING mod if they just polished what they already have.

Half-life 2 campaign bugs i've seen include
- Using melee in a car while you are the passenger will do damage to yourself.
- If a car falls off the cliff into the water you all have to truck it. Please reset the car if a player dies driving it off the cliff. Walking through the entire map was NOT fun some times.
- In cliffside when you meet up in the town where they give the briefing in the bsaement, the rocket launcher would not appear. He dropped it but when we dropped our weapons to pick it up our weapons all disapeared and the rocket launcher did too.
- Can not spawn at team mates even though all conditions seem to have been met to do so.
- Some unpredictable game crashes.
- Cinematic scenes would not play for everyone. An example would be when you fall through the stairs at the beginning and meet alex for the first time. The camera track did not go for everyone. This was a disapointment.
- MAJOR ISSUE: Near the end of the game when you ride the track_trains when you use the pods, after it loads the next map your all stuck on the platform and can't procede because you can't get into the pods! Please find a game design solution to this, perhaps when the map loads everyones camera is merged into one perspective riding one pod?

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NullSoldier Jan 11 2008 says:

Thirdperson = inaccuracy. It's not for single player but not for real competition though I guess it doesn't matter since the PS3 version isnt fast and competative anyway.

Console gamers seem to really dig the third person thing. Logically I guess they have to compensate for lack of ability to aim. I'd have to say it would like really nice though as you can see the environment in a whole new way!

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NullSoldier Dec 30 2007 says:

The Terran demo is simply amazing! We had a LAN party yesterday and we all played the PR Demo as well as regular Starcraft and we all pretty much loved it! Can't wait for the full release.

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NullSoldier Dec 28 2007 says:

I installed it and it says "Step 3 Install Complete" but when I go to open it it says, "Unable to locate game!" Whats going on? I have my Starcraft disk in and it installed so what is it looking for????

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NullSoldier Dec 10 2007 replied:

From experience, not sure what PC gamers you know but I have yet to find someone who plays Pc games that doesn't activley play mods of some kind.

People who play flash games don't count as PC gamers!

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NullSoldier Dec 9 2007 replied:

well, hopefully console gamers will learn their place in competative gaming when we get to play them cross-platform.

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NullSoldier Dec 9 2007 says:

history? Mods are old news they've been around for so long but as I stated before there a new concept to console gamers so they either Don't really care or don't really know what a mod is.

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NullSoldier Dec 9 2007 says:

Even if someone manages to develop one mod, I don't think console gamers are intelligent enough to know what mods are in the first place. A mod to a console to a console user is inserting a chip into their xbox.

It's not a flame im just stating the fact that 95% of console gamers don't know what a mod is. I have yet to find a single console gamer that doesn't activley play PC games that know what a mod is.

Consoles should stick to what their good at, racing and fighting games and nothing more. The optimization to make a mod work on a ps3 is going to be rediculous anyway since its a garbage machine with little ram, atleast the last time I heard. And i'm guessing there gonna have to switch hard drives out every time they want to install a new mod. Ps3 hard drives are 3 gb? maybe 10?

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NullSoldier Nov 15 2007 says:

Why is this being advertised here? I hope there isn't any more console news. This must be since they added those console sections for mods. I don't think you'll really find anyone here since we all have skill at FPS and we don't play FPS on a console. This whole news post is a joke.

Just a sidenote, PMS aren't real gamers there just more sterotypical girls, not liek they play real games just console FPS. Theres like 5 PC gamers there for every 50 Xbox gamers. What a joke, go back to painting your nails and stop trying to play games.

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NullSoldier Nov 3 2007 says:

Your idea is absolutely amazing! Fantastic work!

Some issues with the demo that you might want to consider fixing because as a massive RTS and FPS gamer I feel that the following things are a must to fix.

- Smooth out the scrolling of the over-head view. I have a good machine theres no reason there should be such a delay when moving my overhead view around. It's very annoying.

- Use Hotkeys. PLEASE use hot keys. I should NOT have to click any buttons at all to play this game. It is very frusterating when I want to tell my guys to use a granade and I have to keep on clicking it will trying to micro at the same time.

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NullSoldier Aug 5 2007 says:

Don't get your hopes so high on this game.
Remember, this game is so popular on consoles because console gamers have such low standards. They have never had a good game before. I don't know why this is here unless they ahve announced that it will be for PC. In any case I think it will be a bad engine to mod. A few reasons I say this is because

A: The game is bad to begin with, 2 players max? Even if there are online servers how many can they hold what 10? Console ports are known to be lazy as **** and barely change it over to PC to use the power that it can be used for.

B: It's originally from the console. If it's been tuned down to the point that a console can play it fat chance there going to actually restore the engine to a point where any PC gamer would even want to use it.

Don't think you'll need a super graphics card to run this. Just think, the Xbox could hardly run Oblivion even on High. Most PC graphics cards that are high end can handle Oblivion Oblivion on Max and then some. Consoles are weak hardware wise so if a Console can run this it's probably pretty nerfed. Just imagine what a PC could do with this engine. You'll only probably need a 7000 series card to run it. What's that like $130 now? And thats a high end card. Just because it's not DX10 and you don't have vista doesn't mean you can't run it either. I run most Vista only games on XP just fine.

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NullSoldier Mar 28 2007 says:

That's not hypocritical at all. If you think about it, if you are adding content to the game, that changes the game. If you add coop, the game is still remaining the same. No new content is added and the only difference is that more people can join in one persons game. Changing content is changing the game, Coop is not adding content, theirfore not changing the game.

Now, if they decided to add some special coop features like a warp gun that you could teleport to friendlies then THAT would be changing content, and therefore being hypocritical.

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NullSoldier Mar 28 2007 says:

I have begun to sketch out gameplay, modes, and other details. Beginning progress seems bright. I'll update the progress every week or bi-weekly on my progress. I'll announce the planned game information when I finalize it. Right now, I am a team of one so we'll see.

A general description of my goal is the nunchuck and the wii mote will both be used. Using the nun-chuck you will move, and can wield a shield, a second weapon, or if your using two hands, must use that for your two handed weapons. (I am still planning this out)

Everything is one touch so your going to have to learn to menuver your equipment to defend yourself. The rules will be very similar to real Dagorhir so visit their website if you need to learn more.

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NullSoldier Mar 27 2007 says:

please stay true to your original thought process. Don't let any of these idiots try to convince you to have two different weapons. If you did, it simply wouldn't be Half-life 1. It would be Half-life 1 Source with a new twist. The worst thing you can possibly do is to listen to your fans pre-release. They usually don't know what they are talking about. They just don't think of the real reason you are doing it.

Keep on fighting on! Great work! Looks fantastic! I was also surprised to hear the word, "Coop". That will definately be an awesome idea, it might even make alot of people want to buy Hl2 just to play Hl1 coop and then the Hl2 series.

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NullSoldier Mar 27 2007 says:

Also, they need to know that their server running at is running on an older or newer version, thus resulting in none of us being able to join! Please update it to the version you have downloadable so we can play! We may be able to join a dedicated server.

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NullSoldier Mar 27 2007 says:

None of the solutions work. I believe everyone is continously getting the same error.

"Unable to load authentication library, Exiting..."

I think all we can do is sit back and hold on till they do something about it and release a patch. They might wonder why no servers are up and no ones playing, probably because the games broken.

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