I'm a game programmer trying to get into the industry. I'm working on several projects at any given time. I play and review mods all the time because I love to see user made content.

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NullSoldier Jan 26 2011, 5:12pm says:

I really dig the animation style you created. The trailer is really intersting.

+2 votes   news: Dream Casters' Duel -110125 - week 229
NullSoldier Jan 25 2011, 11:39am says:

I don't really meet the requirements, but I may use this service.

+2 votes   news: A Call For Interviewees!
NullSoldier Jan 24 2011, 6:48pm says:

You have some very talented designers. Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   news: Bobbing First Gameplay Video!
NullSoldier Jan 23 2011, 1:06pm says:

It looks really impressive, the art style is really well done, and the use of dynamic lighting is also nice. The overall atmosphere you've created from the combination of art style, music, and character design is really good.

+1 vote   news: We just released our Open Beta!
NullSoldier Dec 29 2010, 4:47pm replied:

I agree, as a UI designer and future tools developer it makes me cringe. As a tools developer, your number one focus should be usability.

+1 vote   news: New Core and GUI
NullSoldier Dec 11 2010, 2:20am says:

This is very amusing to me, good job. I'm surprised you were able to do this in Multimedia Fusion.

+1 vote   news: Super Mario RTS
NullSoldier Dec 9 2010, 8:49pm says:

I started following your project and looking at your website. It's horribly obvious that you need a project designer badly. I started to look at some of the articles written on your website, primarily the one where you talk about UI. You start talking about how you have interfaces built in HTML and I'm so sorry but you are making such a huge mistake.

Your game clearly reflects the fact that you have no one in charge of your marketing, PR, or design. I'm not saying this to make you angry but you are making some HORRIBLE decisions as developers and it's so very, very clear. You should raise your standards a bit. If you don't have a UI, find a cross platform UI framework or build your own. Do it correctly or you'll just regret it in the end.

Don't set low standards for yourselves. Make a good game.

+1 vote   news: New Art Team+Some Server Updates
NullSoldier Dec 8 2010, 9:57pm says:

I like your art style very much, and that's important in these puzzle indie games.

+2 votes   news: Welcome to Incertitude
NullSoldier Dec 6 2010, 10:32pm says:

Is that an RPG? Does anyone else have that specific RPG sound stuck in their head that almost sounds like a wheezing sneeze?

+1 vote   news: GES Update 12/06/10 [v4.1 Release Info]
NullSoldier Dec 6 2010, 7:18pm says:

I have to admit, I've played the recent beta and it is a LOT more playable.

+2 votes   news: Build 157 and 158 Released
NullSoldier Dec 5 2010, 3:55am says:

Oh my god I saw this so long ago and it has been part of my inspiration, I can't believe you are restarting it awesome!

+2 votes   news: Team Monkey re-announces "Return to Mana - Legacy of the eight elements"
NullSoldier Nov 19 2010, 10:47pm says:

May I ask who your pixel artist is? It's quiet beautiful.

+6 votes   news: Survivors of Ragnarök
NullSoldier Nov 17 2010, 10:40pm says:

My god this does look awesome.

+1 vote   news: The Spire
NullSoldier Nov 16 2010, 8:46pm says:

Hah, I know what you mean about building an RPG. Developers tend to shy away from it and make fun of people who strive to make console style RPG's or RPGs in general. ButI want to congratulate you for taking the step forward and just going it. You totally have my vote. Keep up the great work.

+1 vote   news: Make something A.Typical, part 1
NullSoldier Nov 14 2010, 9:08pm says:

I understand that one of your target platforms is the Xbox 360, however I do implore you to use some anti aliasing in your game. The lack of it is painfully obvious. Also, those shadows look like 8 bit pixel art.

+1 vote   news: Updated Screenshots of Earth1
NullSoldier Nov 13 2010, 11:50am says:

I've been following your progress for a bit now, I'm still impressed. Good job.

+1 vote   news: Through 1.0 - 1.1 Released
NullSoldier Nov 12 2010, 5:49pm says:


+1 vote   news: Sexy new Special Effects!
NullSoldier Nov 5 2010, 11:25pm says:

Downloading now...

+2 votes   news: Demo! Box! Reviews!
NullSoldier Nov 3 2010, 12:25am says:

I'm glad to see these updates, hopefully with updates more people will play the game and less people will **** it up with their ****** nazi line battle servers.

+1 vote   news: New Militia Skin!
NullSoldier Nov 3 2010, 12:13am says:

This mapping is right up there next to Zeitgeist. It's absolutely amazing. This deserves more compliments.

+6 votes   news: Off Limits - construction site and hotel
NullSoldier Oct 31 2010, 3:21pm says:

Oh man, this type of web based sandbox definitely looks fun. I think everyone should give it a try.

+1 vote   news: Dominoze Construction Kit
NullSoldier Oct 31 2010, 1:06am says:

This game is so beautiful it's not even funny. The art style just attracts me alone which isn't to say you're awesome game play isn't notable as well!

+2 votes   news: Jeklynn Heights Site Launch
NullSoldier Oct 29 2010, 2:27pm says:

Thanks for posting this, I think many developers who just want to jump right into making games can benefit from this. Documentation and planning is one of the most important stages, without it you are highly likely to fail.

+1 vote   tutorial: Wiki: A Guide to Pitching Your Game
NullSoldier Oct 26 2010, 9:49pm says:

It looks good overall, though I hope you realize you need more anti aliasing than you could possibly ever know. :P

+1 vote   news: Party of Sin: Designing the Guns
NullSoldier Oct 25 2010, 6:18pm says:

This art style is amazing, the whole feel is just super polished. Wow.

+1 vote   news: Version 1.02 released!
NullSoldier Oct 18 2010, 1:26am says:

I'm very excited. This game looks pretty awesome. The art style is absolutely fantastic. It really makes me happy.

+6 votes   news: Jeklynn Heights Site Launch Coming Soon
NullSoldier Oct 17 2010, 1:02pm says:

I really like this graphical art style. The other people say it's too "busy" but I can't say the same. Keep up the great work.

+1 vote   news: Graphics
NullSoldier Oct 16 2010, 12:06am says:

This is a HUGE improvement over the old UI.

+2 votes   news: New GUI
NullSoldier Oct 11 2010, 5:08pm says:

Eh, I've never seen this before for some reason.

+2 votes   game: Lost Sector Online
NullSoldier Oct 6 2010, 5:00pm says:

Really good job! Also through you I found the beautiful tile sets of those artists. :D I'm curious what language and graphics API you used to do this. Was it XNA or perhaps SDL?

+1 vote   news: Through v0.9 release
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