I'm a game programmer trying to get into the industry. I'm working on several projects at any given time. I play and review mods all the time because I love to see user made content.

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NullSoldier Jun 4 2011, 5:58pm replied:

I don't agree. I like the fact that ModDB are getting deals like this so they can have pretty much effortless contests and give their users free games.

0 votes   news: RIFT ModDB Contest, 10 copies to win!
NullSoldier Jun 4 2011, 3:17pm says:

Good job, it looks like a pretty interesting indie game. It reminds me of ilomilo.

+1 vote   news: gShift - 2.5d puzzler released!
NullSoldier Jun 2 2011, 6:12pm says:

Do you find that in combat there are problems with perception of death? as in lining up your character side ways to hit enemies?

I'm preparing to begin building a multiplayer game using this style of engine but I'm concerned for the problems using 2D sprites in a 3D block world with this perspective creates.

+1 vote   news: Alphatest: Status Report One.
NullSoldier Jun 2 2011, 5:57pm says:

I really hope adding custom weapons doesn't become rampant. One of the biggest problems with Synergy and SVEN is that if you want to play the campaigns in coop how they were meant to be played you're experience is muddied with all these custom weapons that were never in the original games. Believe it or not, this is a massive detriment to the experience. The developers might think it's unique and interesting but it just really doesn't fit.

You know what would be interesting? Having a working cooperative campaign. So many elements of the campaign are completely broken. Cinematics generally never work for more than one player if I recall correctly, and some levels are just totally broken such as the level where you're riding in the container in the citadel. If I remember properly you just spawn on the platform and nothing happens. I had to manually use the changelevel command because we were all stuck.

In short, the mod has very poor support for cooperative elements where it was intended to be for a single person. This really needs to be addressed.

+1 vote   news: The FINALLY!!1 Update
NullSoldier May 29 2011, 6:18pm says:

The UI needs a lot of work. It's almost the opposite of user friendly. Although there are a lot larger problems with the interface I've made a few suggestions here: I.imgur.com If you're going to build a UI based game you really need to study and focus on the UI more. Usability is the #1 downfall of these types of games.

* ALL the text is bold and not just important text or titles
* All the text is centered within the panels
* Upgrade to level X does not look like a link/button. Replace it with some kind of up arrow that you can click on as well as the text which should be underlined as users associate underlined text with links that navigate (I assume this navigates in your game)
* Your background really irks me because it's black on one side and appears to be an image background on the other side. IT's incredibly unbalanced.
* You've ALREADY established an image association with your resources so why are you using text for your requirements?
* Using copyright images. Those are the minerals from Starcraft.
* Perhaps the Fields should be displayed as a resource at the top like minerals, crystal, or deuterium and not in a badly formatted way specifically on this page. I don't really know what it's used for so I can't comment well here.

+2 votes   news: Star Trader - Beta Version Announced
NullSoldier May 27 2011, 4:52pm says:

Are you guys going to be at GDC 2012? I may miss you at E3 but that's my second change. Maybe you all can get me into those crazy invitation only steam/valve parties. :)

+2 votes   news: Who wants to meet at E3?
NullSoldier May 19 2011, 5:37pm buried:


And yet we don't see a PC version of Little Big Planet 2. Way to go Sony. thanks for keeping great games as exclusives so only console gamers can play them. </idealism>

-5 votes   news: Creator Makes Full-fledged FPS in LittleBigPlanet 2
NullSoldier May 13 2011, 8:11pm says:

This is incredibly buggy. From the second I started the game I ran into bugs. During the introduction scene, if you click quickly the game spazzes out and I was outside of the room in the dark to the left.

Then, when I finally stood there to watch the entire introduction scene after going outside and going left to the left map the game was stuck with a black screen and a repeating sound as if it was lagging (but not crashed or unresponsive)

+1 vote   news: Pon full release!
NullSoldier May 13 2011, 8:10pm replied:


+1 vote   news: Pon full release!
NullSoldier May 13 2011, 7:47pm says:

Wow, that looks really impressive. I can't wait to try it out and see some gameplay videos.

+2 votes   news: Gamieon Announces Hyperspace Pinball!
NullSoldier May 3 2011, 2:01am says:

The way those weapons stick into the surfaces just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

+13 votes   news: New Overgrowth a129 video devlog
NullSoldier Apr 9 2011, 2:33am says:

This game looks so beautiful. Holy crap.

+2 votes   news: Get to know "So Many Me", feel free to check out our design document
NullSoldier Mar 30 2011, 4:57pm replied:


Translation: How am I supposed to install this game? I am trying to use your odd installer but I don't quiet understand it. Do I need another game to get this to work? Can you please make a better readme file?

+1 vote   feature: FUEL: REFUELED - Competition!
NullSoldier Mar 30 2011, 4:56pm says:

You should apply both of the translation LERP's to your menu items at the same time. It looks like each item moves up and snaps into rotation. Rotate and move up at the same time. It's just something small I noticed.

+2 votes   news: Hi, we're new and we'll just sit over here.
NullSoldier Mar 24 2011, 5:14pm replied:

Or they could just edit the article and do it correctly instead of forcing people to use a work-around..

+4 votes   feature: Level Design - VisionaryX style!
NullSoldier Mar 24 2011, 11:37am says:

This is a great article, but please make the pictures links to larger versions. I can only squint so much... Your levels are beautiful by the way, the organic feel really does come out in them well.

+4 votes   feature: Level Design - VisionaryX style!
NullSoldier Mar 22 2011, 7:22pm replied:

He didn't compare them, he just said if you can play those you should be fine. Hinting at them being greater than or equal to Overgrowth.

+3 votes   news: New Overgrowth a123 video devlog
NullSoldier Mar 2 2011, 5:07pm replied:

Ah, if you wanted to get my attention you probably should have sent me a message. Send me a message again if you're still looking.

+2 votes   member: NullSoldier
NullSoldier Mar 2 2011, 4:57pm replied:

Dumb DLC that isn't for the PC to boot.

+3 votes   news: Dead Space 2: Severed DLC lopping off limbs on March 1
NullSoldier Mar 2 2011, 1:46pm says:

It looks pretty interesting, though it looks like it follows an MMO formula pretty heavily. Is this a sand box game or a linear adventure?

+2 votes   news: Numen: Contest of Heroes now out on Desura
NullSoldier Mar 1 2011, 11:10am says:

The game itself was actually pretty fun but the controls were horrible, mainly because it's unintuitive for an RTS. It's not entirely your fault because it's made in flash.

However, some things that really bugged me were that I'd tell my ships to move when I wanted to deselect them. I couldn't right click to tell my ships to perform actions and that's pretty standard in an RTS.

+1 vote   news: The Pixel Pirate was released.
NullSoldier Feb 22 2011, 7:53pm says:

That is a seriously sexy buy button you have there. I love those easy buttons.

+1 vote   news: Auralux Released on Desura
NullSoldier Feb 18 2011, 11:17am says:

Oh god this game is hilarious. The first time I saw that video I kind of burst out laughing.

+2 votes   news: Smuggle Truck playable demo and level design contest live on the web
NullSoldier Feb 16 2011, 10:55am replied:

In the alpha, the mouse feels as though it's software emulated. What I mean by that is instead of grabbing the input from the mouses drivers you seem to be emulating the mouse by taking mouse input and calculating your own values as to where the mouse should be.

It's pretty evident because the mouse input is actually delayed causing the cursor to trail behind where you'e actually moving the mouse and therefore making the input feel laggy and unresponsive.

I noticed it while playing, and because of it I had to slow down my rate of input since my mouse movements were not 1:1 with my mouse because of the delay.

+1 vote   news: Survivors of Ragnarök - Alpha Released
NullSoldier Feb 15 2011, 8:05pm says:

There's a few technical changes that need to be made. You need to have a matrix translated camera, and not redraw using the camera offset which causes it to look blocky and jumpy because the camera offset obviously redraws in 32 pixel increments.

Also, please get rid of the software emulated mouse. It's EXTREMELY obvious and not friendly to users. It's rather annoying to use.

+4 votes   news: Survivors of Ragnarök - Alpha Released
NullSoldier Feb 15 2011, 6:29pm says:

I have to say, that is pretty motivational to not only consumers and fans of Natural Selection, but other developers.

+6 votes   news: Words of wisdom on the return home.
NullSoldier Feb 3 2011, 11:22am says:

This is a really nice step forward, good job.

+1 vote   news: Embed Unity Games
NullSoldier Feb 1 2011, 6:06pm says:

This game looks so good, so why is the video of such low quality??

+2 votes   news: Means of Escape: Premature Evacuation arrives at IndieDB!
NullSoldier Feb 1 2011, 6:02pm says:

As always, this game is looking very good. Some of those levels look pretty difficult though. They should be really fun. Masochism seems to be an ever popular theme in new indie games such as Super Meat Boy.

+1 vote   news: Bobbing Level Showcase
NullSoldier Jan 27 2011, 6:39pm says:

Aww yeah, I look forward to trying this out.

+1 vote   news: Developer commentary & Build 162
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