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NuclearBanane Nov 28 2009, 7:16pm replied:

Mine runs Arma 2 perfect.
24 fps is good for Arma 2 passe

And it's steady

+2 votes   news: OFP Mission Contest Finishing
NuclearBanane Nov 27 2009, 10:11pm says:

How many players?
Still ppl playing?
Sp also included?

Nice Stuff
DO not know if it warrant a dl looking up youtube for vids of it

0 votes   mod: Frontiers
NuclearBanane Nov 12 2009, 3:14pm says:

We will remember them.

+1 vote   news: Community Newsletter #1: Lest we forget...
NuclearBanane Nov 4 2009, 9:56pm says:

Nice atleast u have proof of concept for repatting but um

WHat about abbding weapons?
Isn't it impossible with the sdk tools for l4d?
And it seems u guys seem to be using hl2 an not l4d.
There is a difference when modding both of em.
That is why we do not c dod bots i'm affraid but i hope to c what u guys will do cause the mp part ( setting up to survivor teams ) would not be to hard cause of left 12 dead lol

Good luck il be tracking this 4 sure

-4 votes   mod: DEADLOCK
NuclearBanane Nov 4 2009, 6:52pm buried:


I don't c whats wrong with it.
It;s not mod but a campaign made hl2 style ( notice the steam... )

I find it great, an other then the one problem with ram it's great.

was not ever hipped, He never said he was going to add new zomby or anything.
I find it a great l4d campaign an i hope there r many others like it or better.

P.s never give ur money to a l4 mod or to a mod that is new

the reason for not giving a l4d mod money is because they have no source code to make much new stuff, thinking that they will completely change l4d is a waste.
But so is l4d2 an l4d3

-10 votes   mod: Dead Before Dawn
NuclearBanane Nov 4 2009, 6:48pm says:

I have a problem whe ever i go from city lights to the next map, it give me somthing like out of memory break in asserts an so on
how do i fix this other then more memory?

+3 votes   mod: Dead Before Dawn
NuclearBanane Nov 3 2009, 3:27pm says:

Impressive for source

+1 vote   media: Flesh teaser trailer
NuclearBanane Oct 30 2009, 4:38pm says:

Hey on a tactical scale could we get an estimate Of ur goal?

1 being mario
5 being cod4 normal
6 being Ranbow six vegas
7 being Insurgency Hl2 mod
8 being Could not find an entry
9 being Project Reality Bf2 mos
10 being Arma 2 ... i know ur not here but lets c?

+1 vote   mod: Realism Warfare
NuclearBanane Oct 26 2009, 4:32pm replied:

RnL is great How ever it need much more work, the gameplay is perfect just some glitches an stuff.

But remember september will not be replaced bye rnl as for rnl is a mp mod an rs is a sp mod.

Try RnL out it's great but Will not last forever.

PLz some one take over this mod an complete it!

+2 votes   mod: Remember September
NuclearBanane Oct 25 2009, 7:39pm says:

Valve did nto make, this Trip wire did Interactive did

Moddb fail...

+1 vote   game: Killing Floor
NuclearBanane Oct 23 2009, 7:36pm says:

Lol they look like penguins with guns!

+1 vote   media: Reign Of The Soldiers
NuclearBanane Oct 23 2009, 7:35pm says:

Um story plots is a little rough

Um why would they need to secure vancover? u know canada has a military 2? an what r we mutants or something, if u want to make it a scifi w\e shooter ya need something bigger to happen in Vancover like a nuclear holocaust or something lolz

+1 vote   game: Dark Storm
NuclearBanane Oct 5 2009, 7:06pm says:

You made me wanna buy WaW 4 pc now!!!!

+1 vote   news: Beta 2.0 is live!
NuclearBanane Oct 5 2009, 7:03pm says:

Hey no buck shot?

M79 also had buck shot, making it a cheap one shot shotgun

+1 vote   media: Mod progress: Claymores, M79, rate of fire
NuclearBanane Sep 29 2009, 8:14pm says:


Tobad stores no sell this games ( retail :()

0 votes   media: Renegade X Demonstration Video
NuclearBanane Sep 9 2009, 3:43pm buried:


Nope NOT Tiger
Plus Tiger can't while on the move and only like 3000 where ever made so most tanks used would be panther and panzers and alot of stuggs

-34 votes   media: King Tiger Ingame
NuclearBanane Aug 30 2009, 3:59pm says:

WhY nOt Make tHE maPs Halo3 StyLe?

-1 votes   mod: Unreal: Combat Evolved
NuclearBanane Aug 30 2009, 3:57pm replied:

whY is IT sO CoOl BEcauSE it wAntS tO ImmeTAte tHe MastER oF All OnLiNe Games
I say No

Cs 1.6 Has better animations

0 votes   news: New Update and Gameplay video of first version
NuclearBanane Aug 30 2009, 3:50pm says:

Gizzed MY pANTS !


+1 vote   news: Renegade X - Pre-Release Update!
NuclearBanane Aug 29 2009, 4:56pm says:


i dunno
PR 2000 pounder vs ds nuke hmm?

looks cool doh

+1 vote   news: Been a quiet month.
NuclearBanane Aug 28 2009, 4:24pm says:

did not work...

how do i fix this it won't run?

+1 vote   news: Provenance version 1.0 released
NuclearBanane Aug 28 2009, 4:15pm says:

Ty i hated the last releas but this look so much better

Could you make the hl2 campaign a little more possible

like navy seals and marine difs are insane !

+1 vote   news: Delta 6 Progress Update - August 27th
NuclearBanane Aug 24 2009, 5:18pm says:

i put the folder in the source mod like all others but it did not work ?
steam dsid not find it

do i need ep 2?

+1 vote   mod: Provenance
NuclearBanane Aug 24 2009, 9:28am says:

this is really stretching a release date like come on, you add this stuff as if you have a final product

i think updates that add guns are better then just having the guns from the start, and if ppl don;t like what u did so far because no one tried it how do u know ur just not shooting ur self in the foot on release date?

WiP Mods are always good, look at the moddbs and contenders ( Project Reality, Empires, Insurgency Ethernal Silence and many more, most of witch aren't at a real version 1.0

anyways it looks good it's just that it makes u look bad to with hold it

-2 votes   news: Stoner Rifle-25, M1911, and Status Updates
NuclearBanane Aug 18 2009, 2:48pm buried:


come on man i don't wanna go find the proper patches yo

the fallout site is so old and dead

why not juts supply it if it's ur engine?
u do know interplay still own that copy right?

-6 votes   download: FOnline client (OLD)
NuclearBanane Jul 30 2009, 9:38pm replied:

fugit is right but here a link to back him up

the sight is not used on a c7 actually because the c7 is for trianing usaly and has a solid handle

and um it does have tritium in it
it's is an elcan it's the C79 i had this told to me bye members of the armed forces( canadian armed forces )
it does have optical zoom of 3.4x and had range marking

-1 votes   media: M249 ECLAN Scope
NuclearBanane Jul 29 2009, 8:01pm replied:

slick have you played pr longer then 2 seconds

do not know that pr has a 100% independent community compared to bf2

a lot of ppl by bf2 4 pr

it's probly because you don't know that squads are the only way to have fun in

go on youtube and watch the vid pr throught the eyes of a noob

bf2 pro = pr noob periode
you might know bf 2 but you don't know pr

+3 votes   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
NuclearBanane Jul 28 2009, 9:21pm replied:

i might just try it

um you know about pr so have you heard of chicago hard core
if there is a server similar to there rules i would love to know about it

so i guess no one does like where going to be a snipoer squad or tank squad?

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
NuclearBanane Jul 28 2009, 9:19pm says:

hey one question do i have to land to repair ?

that would be cool if it where like pr :)

+1 vote   media: Invasion of Crete map
NuclearBanane Jul 28 2009, 9:17pm replied:

Actualy i did not notice that but there not much you can do

but if you boycott ea as not buying there game you cannot buy l4d 2

as 4 l4d is ea ( only xbox version
look at you're box kids it's true

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