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NuclearBanane Aug 3 2013, 12:10pm replied:

No they just say, sorry we blew up your base eh!

+13 votes   media: Updated Canadian Forces
NuclearBanane Jul 5 2013, 9:31pm replied:

Don't say he can get sued. Worse is he could get banned from MODDB

+1 vote   mod: Tanks of War
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:15pm replied:

Go to the RNL forum and sign up.

You are in the wrong place............

+1 vote   game: Resistance and Liberation
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:13pm replied:

So clearly you guys are on the team. Please stay true to RnL alpha 4. Beta literally killed all the good aspects of RnL. Thats why a huge chunk of the hardcore RnLers lefts after 1.5

+3 votes   game: Resistance and Liberation
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:06pm buried:


Please, PLEASE don't make tanks a part of the game...

-8 votes   media: French R35 tank
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:05pm says:

I always said the stuff in RnL was to high poly/res... Now does anyone believe me?

-1 votes   media: Opel Blitz and German Gruppenf├╝hrer
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:05pm says:

Meh, please just recreate the old ones. they are tested and have a great layout as a gameplay stand point.

I can already see how this map will get section off similar to DOD_donner.

rnl_eglise had multiple ways INTO to the city from fields to get rid of said problem.

+2 votes   media: White boxing
NuclearBanane Mar 21 2013, 2:01pm says:

So none of you are from the original team.
I see no post on the forums talking about the CE3 team.

Please make sure you contact the original team.
We don't need any people getting butt hurt over stealing IP's.

Oh and for the love of god base it off of the Alpha 4 build

0 votes   game: Resistance and Liberation
NuclearBanane Jan 16 2013, 12:00pm says:

wow if only all the footage I had wasn't in terrible 30 second bits ( fraps free, oy )

I honestly can't wait to see.
Been pondering getting back into PR, even if the community that once WAS is now gone I still love the game.

+2 votes   article: 2013 Project Reality Movie Awards
NuclearBanane Sep 23 2012, 12:56pm replied:

The north American game crash is just because WTF? A GAME BEFORE 1983 HAHAHHAHA

The methods used in the past to make games are long gone and a market crash would not be caused by the little guy but by a big publisher like microsoft which continue to punish the player and developer.

+3 votes   poll: Do you think the OUYA will succeed?
NuclearBanane Sep 23 2012, 12:49pm says:

I doubt its success. Its setting itself up for a position like the wii.
The Tegra 3 is a mobile chip so this " console " will be a tablets you plug in.

It might be interesting for 3 months but after that it will fade away once the 720 hits the market.

Even with unity the potential for games isn't much as there is barely any leg room. Interesting but I doubt it will be a primary platform and instead battle with the wii

+2 votes   poll: Do you think the OUYA will succeed?
NuclearBanane Jul 21 2012, 6:23pm says:

Why is this on IndieDB?
Its not free and its not Indie.

Take this listing down please. These should be on moddb.

+3 votes   game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
NuclearBanane Jul 12 2012, 10:44am replied:

So basically turn these matches into a cold war?
Trying to avoid the other team using a EMP which would cause every plane in the area to crash even the originator?

I don't think EMP should be in the game unless who ever used it becomes as useless as his opponent. This way he could use it so that his opponent loses his advantage.

+2 votes   article: Report 020: Trees and First super weapon
NuclearBanane Jul 8 2012, 12:00pm replied:

first to do it right.

-2 votes   article: NMRiH Belated Independence Day Media Extravaganza!
NuclearBanane Jun 9 2012, 7:07pm says:

Wow, you seriously couldn't make your own prefab?
You most likely are using the default character motor as-well.

I don't see why you bothered to release this as most of the work was from unity and not yours.

Give the character more weight and it shouldn't bounce as bad, but using default you'll always get bugs. Like clipping walls and getting super jumps.

I think you should get something thats unique and not a tech demo before you release but what ever floats your boat. We all got to start somewhere, doesn't mean we all got to know where you started.

+1 vote   game: Battle of the Games
NuclearBanane Apr 29 2012, 8:11pm replied:

Man, I hate when people do that.
Its like having a total disregard to the skills of the devs.

Good work. Looking forward to hope fully another prosperus BF2 mod. 3 Moddb awards so mabe you can be the 4th

+2 votes   media: The new rifle C8
NuclearBanane Apr 28 2012, 7:19pm replied:

**** move. Did you not read the news post?

+1 vote   game: Days of Valor
NuclearBanane Apr 24 2012, 10:20pm replied:

Obviously another Developper Fopas,
Not to burts Ulbris bubble or 2Dawns bubble but
This won't be on Linux, not matter how much money you give them.
It not their fault, well it sorta is, because they are working on Unreal 3 platform.
And Linux is great and all but if your a gamer why bother making your life hard, just dual boot

+3 votes   game: Ravaged
NuclearBanane Feb 5 2012, 3:30pm replied:

If your going to do a IGI on CryEngine 3, I want in. I was thinking about to myself til I saw you comment.

+2 votes   mod: Project IGI:I'm Going IN(HD)
NuclearBanane Oct 15 2011, 10:34pm replied:

Not really games are games.
He doesn't start up a game and wanted it to feel new but he likes to beat noobs with his good strats or headshot skills.

+1 vote   poll: How many mods do you download/try a year?
NuclearBanane Oct 15 2011, 10:30pm replied:

Nah they say " wait if we put mod support, the users mods are going to overshadow the GAME! "
And its true, look at HL2 and BF2 w/ PR+FH2+NaW the list continues.

+3 votes   poll: How do you find mods to play?
NuclearBanane Sep 20 2011, 7:09pm replied:

LOL ....
PR: Arma 2 is a PvP based mod.
Its highly UN scripted

+2 votes   media: Project Reality: ARMA 2 Mod v0.1 BETA Trailer
NuclearBanane Sep 20 2011, 7:06pm replied:


+12 votes   media: RAF Chinook HC2
NuclearBanane Sep 13 2011, 8:33pm replied:

Dude, I agree

But might I add delta force 1 need work by these standards.

+1 vote   game: Fox Squad
NuclearBanane Sep 13 2011, 8:26pm replied:

I think people should start to let these game be known as block games and not " minecraft ripoffs ".
Did we link the CoD devs to MoHs website when they did something with the same idea/art style.

And hey maybe he is doing this just so he can get experience making games.
You " MINECRAFT RIPPOFF " trolls should.. well continue playing minecraft.
Maybe the Moddb and IndieDB scene isn't for you then.

+1 vote   media: Shadows & Sun WIP
NuclearBanane Aug 28 2011, 6:11pm says:

Why not make it a full mod???
Sounds like it could be the Gmod of CoD4

+1 vote   download: Public Area BETA*
NuclearBanane Aug 22 2011, 6:13pm says:

the church in the back ground reminds me of the ones in ArmA2

+1 vote   media: M4A2 Sherman
NuclearBanane Aug 12 2011, 4:57pm buried:


Unless its free you should take this down.

-6 votes   game: Fighter Ace Deluxe Edition
NuclearBanane Aug 6 2011, 10:13pm replied:

seems the most likely hypothesis

+3 votes   article: Alpha Project Version 0.1
NuclearBanane Aug 5 2011, 1:32am says:

English! please??

+4 votes   game: The-Enemy-Front
NuclearBanane Jul 29 2011, 12:49am replied:

I.E of your ending statement
Look at : Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, CoD at its start ( they came from MoH ).

The list is crazy so yup.

+1 vote   article: No mod support for Battlefield 3
NuclearBanane Jun 17 2011, 5:04pm says:

*sigh* Phu Bai Valley

+1 vote   media: Recruits Level Design 01
NuclearBanane May 21 2011, 3:23pm says:

I hate to break it to you but thats not an MP5 nor an ACOG

+1 vote   media: MP5 ACOG
NuclearBanane Apr 15 2011, 3:39pm replied:

Wow so true.
I feel like i'm actually in the 1930s'

But still good work for 4 weeks and being source mod noobs.
You are no longer noobs.

+1 vote   media: School-project
NuclearBanane Mar 25 2011, 4:33pm says:

fake and gay

0 votes   article: mod compatible in all maps and mods
NuclearBanane Mar 22 2011, 3:43pm replied:

I totally agree.
And most of my xbox and ps3 friends wanna switch to PC gaming now, because its better. End of story

+14 votes   poll: Would you mod console games if the platform was open like the PC?
NuclearBanane Dec 5 2010, 1:54pm replied:

that is the one with the fairish wheel in the middle.

+1 vote   media: BMP-2
NuclearBanane Sep 22 2010, 4:20pm says:

How about a none facebook client?

+11 votes   article: Game Play Video
NuclearBanane Sep 5 2010, 6:29pm says:

You need to change the USA and brit flags on the textures, he cannot be both us and british now can he.

+3 votes   media: Some of the Main Characters
NuclearBanane Aug 14 2010, 2:53am says:

Wow a system not even PR has.
good work to the guys form FH2.
Nice work around not needing to slots

+6 votes   article: Variety is the Spice of Life
NuclearBanane May 4 2010, 3:34pm says:

How come there is little to no terrain deformation, or is that only for PR sized maps?

+1 vote   media: Dalian Shaders Update
NuclearBanane May 4 2010, 3:33pm says:

wow looks like an new engine...

+1 vote   media: Dalian Shaders Update
NuclearBanane Apr 13 2010, 8:13pm replied:

Carl gustavs aren't the standard issue, the law 72a5 is witch is what he is holding in the picture

+2 votes   media: Project Reality v0.9 Bug Fixes
NuclearBanane Feb 20 2010, 2:56pm replied:

It's an alpha.
It looks like all alpha's. even like an alpha from any source game.

+1 vote   media: Alpha Verruckt
NuclearBanane Feb 14 2010, 4:54pm replied:

cause there making a better one for PC

+3 votes   media: Tech Demo
NuclearBanane Dec 28 2009, 2:22pm says:

Wow for some reasons when ever i look at you're pics i get redirected to some stupid thing
anyways looks great keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Codename: Dead Bird - New M4 & grenade
NuclearBanane Dec 17 2009, 3:53pm says:

Lol pr has no need for that,
Good job do for getting it to work.
Could i contact the coder for how to get this to work
I wanna make Something like this but it does not include heli. Or Planes.

Oh yeah and
BTW if PR did want this and made it no one would care if you did it first.
There a bigger mod and i know ppl will remember PR longer then Goergian Conflict.

You should consider porting it to Pr as in creating a Community mod for for PR, The Pr dev team loves what we the community make and if you can some up enough to make it it's own factions then i'm sure it will make it in.

Note it means making all the models and textures and ETC youres except for models that are already in pr
So far what i c make my eye cringe.

+2 votes   media: Air Lift
NuclearBanane Dec 15 2009, 6:40pm replied:


+4 votes   download: Time slow script for all source games
NuclearBanane Dec 11 2009, 5:43pm says:

Wtf why do u have a css model in this? really?

-1 votes   media: Screenshots
NuclearBanane Dec 7 2009, 7:15pm says:

I don;t like the reflex ion and the trees are nice but there not plastic design, More like the trees and a 3d animated movie,

+1 vote   download: Army Men Extended Wallpaper Pack (UDK)
NuclearBanane Aug 30 2009, 3:57pm replied:

whY is IT sO CoOl BEcauSE it wAntS tO ImmeTAte tHe MastER oF All OnLiNe Games
I say No

Cs 1.6 Has better animations

0 votes   article: New Update and Gameplay video of first version
NuclearBanane Aug 29 2009, 4:56pm says:


i dunno
PR 2000 pounder vs ds nuke hmm?

looks cool doh

+1 vote   article: Been a quiet month.
NuclearBanane Aug 18 2009, 2:48pm buried:


come on man i don't wanna go find the proper patches yo

the fallout site is so old and dead

why not juts supply it if it's ur engine?
u do know interplay still own that copy right?

-6 votes   download: FOnline client (OLD)
NuclearBanane Jul 30 2009, 9:38pm replied:

fugit is right but here a link to back him up

the sight is not used on a c7 actually because the c7 is for trianing usaly and has a solid handle

and um it does have tritium in it
it's is an elcan it's the C79 i had this told to me bye members of the armed forces( canadian armed forces )
it does have optical zoom of 3.4x and had range marking

-1 votes   media: M249 ECLAN Scope
NuclearBanane Jul 17 2009, 2:13pm says:

bad tank formation, i suggest you add FF so if a tank shoots when he is behind and other he hits it depending on there positionment and heigh and so on

+1 vote   media: Russian & German armored combat
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