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Ntalikeris666 Jul 18 2013 replied:

Yes it is supposed to do so. Unfortunately I was not able to change it to show the different radius.
The radius of the old reticule is basically just the Inner radius of the new explosion. (See the pictures to get an idea)

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Ntalikeris666 Jul 1 2013 replied:

Maybe try turning off all the mods you may have installed.
Other than that, it could as well be a Graphics Card issue. Check if you have the latest drivers installed.
If the problem persists, try reinstalling the game and apply all the appropriate patches.
That's all I can think of.

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Ntalikeris666 Jun 22 2013 replied:

My mod does not change anything regarding the explosions of the Commanders themselves. It just tweaks the Ballistic Missiles.
Therefore I don't think the problem is caused by my mod.
Nevertheless, I will look into it and reply back to you.

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Ntalikeris666 Mar 1 2013 replied:

Actually the Trees are falling if you look closely. I just took the pic as they were being bent over.

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Ntalikeris666 Feb 26 2013 says:


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Ntalikeris666 Mar 18 2012 says:

Great job! The only thing that could be improved in my opinion, are some effects which seem awkward under particular angles because they clip with the ground as they rotate together with the camera. Any chance of making soft particles?

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Ntalikeris666 Aug 30 2011 replied:


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Ntalikeris666 Jul 18 2011 replied:

Sure yeah, just mentioned it as an idea. Take your time.

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Ntalikeris666 Jul 17 2011 says:

It would be really nice if you could also make each faction nukes different, like in FA.

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Ntalikeris666 Jun 15 2011 says:

I was thinking about the tech tree the other day, maybe it would have been better, if you only unlocked upgrades to Units and structures with it, and NOT the actual units themselves, so it would be more like SupCom1 or FA with Micromanaging options (That would have been ideal for FA). Unlocking the actual units/structures with it, makes it a much bigger reliance when it comes to most battles, having to build just too many of them, which are going to be useless after a while, when you have unlocked everything.
How about a research point to mass/energy converter? I know there is a structure that does the opposite, maybe it should also work vise versa.

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Ntalikeris666 Jun 11 2011 says:

Actually, the only thing that should be worked more (IMO) is the sense of scale. By that i dont mean the change of the scale to match the original SupCom but more to bring back the 'feel' that it had. That might require work with the camera zoom as well.
One of the things that i love about SupCom vanilla, is that the buildings and units are made in a way so that their size get larger as you progress through the tech tiers, to a point where you would have not imagined at the beginning of the battle. I always feel overwhelmed in a good way, with the comparative size of explosions/units/experimentals. This way, each of them, give you that 'holly cr@p' moments.

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