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Geth_Prime Jan 11 2013, 10:42am says:

Some should really mobilize a QRF then...

+1 vote   media: Correspondence 2-3-2
Geth_Prime Jan 4 2013, 10:18am says:

This is giving me Taris flashbacks...

+3 votes   media: Wallpaper - EAW2
Geth_Prime May 5 2012, 12:03pm says:

Maybe add defense guns to the station similar to those on the TEC hangar defense?

+2 votes   media: Cerberus Hanger Defense
Geth_Prime Apr 21 2012, 9:14pm says:

You decide on Squadron markings yet?

+1 vote   media: A10a2 WIP
Geth_Prime Apr 6 2012, 8:11pm says:

Securing human dominance... one world at a time.

+1 vote   media: Chronos Station
Geth_Prime Apr 1 2012, 8:53am replied:

And with that the DoV development team saved this Cycle... for now...

+1 vote   media: Empire of Japan Reveal Trailer (April Fools)
Geth_Prime Mar 17 2012, 7:50pm replied:

I'm sure they emptied those barrels first.

+1 vote   media: Mortar Pit
Geth_Prime Feb 4 2012, 12:48pm says:

Guess the Germans would have ended up doing this eventually...

+1 vote   media: Update Images
Geth_Prime Dec 14 2011, 5:11pm says:

looks better closed.

+2 votes   media: Sovereign (Game Version) *Closed*
Geth_Prime Dec 13 2011, 10:48pm says:

oh ****, a Reaper...

+3 votes   media: Sovereign Class Reaper Dreadnought Final
Geth_Prime Nov 14 2011, 3:01pm says:

maybe have some weapon lockers on that left wall. that could look good.

+1 vote   media: UNSC Barracks
Geth_Prime Oct 30 2011, 10:11am says:

energy sword one a hero unit?

+1 vote   media: Spec. Opps Elites
Geth_Prime Oct 27 2011, 10:08am says:

so does this mean we will have Human Urban maps?

+1 vote   media: Police Pelican prop (crashed)
Geth_Prime Aug 12 2011, 9:23am says:

went from Skin to in game rather quick.

+1 vote   media: Vahrdona Ingame
Geth_Prime Aug 10 2011, 9:50am says:

this wont end well for the UNSC...

+2 votes   media: Needler :)
Geth_Prime Aug 3 2011, 10:32am says:

i sense reaper killing in our future...

+1 vote   media: Alliance Fighter Textured *Final
Geth_Prime Jul 28 2011, 8:47am says:

radar dome on top fits with soviet design.

+1 vote   media: Konev Class Frigate
Geth_Prime Jul 11 2011, 11:54am says:

That a CIS freighter from the starfigter games I see off the republic vessels bows.

+1 vote   media: Batles 1.2
Geth_Prime Jun 30 2011, 7:41pm replied:

remember, Turians are best.

Alliance are second.

+1 vote   media: Turian Battleship WIP
Geth_Prime Jun 23 2011, 8:29pm says:

i think that design is more of what the SAS used in North Africa, looks very good.

+2 votes   media: Commando Jeep
Geth_Prime Jun 22 2011, 1:21am replied:

if your looking for an assault rifle, maybe the M1941 Johnson machinegun, seeing how it had a 20 round box magazine it should be able to work. and it was used until 1961, not to mention the stock's design can be seen on the modern M16.

+1 vote   media: The Army of Tomorrow
Geth_Prime Jun 12 2011, 9:51am says:

i like this Trade ship design

+1 vote   media: Sea of Clouds
Geth_Prime Jun 1 2011, 10:14pm says:

don't be afraid to add fictional space objects, like Halo Rings... or even make up your own.

+1 vote   mod: Cosmos Ad Infinitum
Geth_Prime May 28 2011, 6:09pm replied:

if i looked right, they had a theme park then. of course there is Conney Island in New York City.

+1 vote   media: London (in Progress)
Geth_Prime May 28 2011, 2:47pm replied:

i believe it was just Orange Fields... well the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971... sure your not thinking of Hershey?

+1 vote   media: London (in Progress)
Geth_Prime May 28 2011, 12:57pm says:

do Philadelphia, the city is under used and during WWII was a major production area for... well everything...

+1 vote   media: London (in Progress)
Geth_Prime May 22 2011, 10:29pm says:

should add some city name to, like Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.

and there is of course "Shoot him ->"

+1 vote   media: Draftees
Geth_Prime May 8 2011, 11:07pm says:

i guess Halsey, Mendez, and surviving spartans are there...

i hope someone gets the reference...

+7 votes   media: Dyson Sphere
Geth_Prime Apr 30 2011, 9:32pm replied:

i think Platinum is used for starship hulls, use i would recommend gold

+1 vote   media: Planetary Holographic Effects
Geth_Prime May 28 2011, 2:44pm replied:

Logic dictates just to do that... people seem to be getting to itchy with waiting, also note on the timeline that there is a Soviet GGR war... DF seem to just be sitting there at that point.

but i'm not Swiss so... yeah...

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of Victory
Geth_Prime May 27 2011, 8:11pm says:

what was updated 4-5 hours ago?

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of Victory
Geth_Prime May 25 2011, 3:25pm says:

great video

also, if people want to see DF ships there is a picture in the image section thats an old concept picture of one...

wait... we get nukes...

+4 votes   media: Gameplay After Action Report
Geth_Prime May 24 2011, 9:54pm says:

red line says "Travel Restricted for all non-military vessels"

this is a really nice tactical display

+1 vote   media: Serve the People
Geth_Prime May 24 2011, 9:47pm says:

that looks good

+1 vote   media: Loading screen for 1.40
Geth_Prime May 24 2011, 3:24pm says:

good thing i have Russian ancestry... Товарищ [Лидер имя здесь] Приказы, служить мне свои головы на тарелке!

took me 2 hours to find out how to switch this thing over to Cyrillic... i think it was worth it...

+2 votes   media: Serve the People
Geth_Prime May 23 2011, 3:01pm replied:

it was entrenchment actually, but this computer has been showing its age lately so it could be that...

just thought i point it out though.

+1 vote   mod: Maelstrom
Geth_Prime May 23 2011, 2:59pm says:

Helmet may need to be replaced to, looks kind of like a M1 from WWII/Vietnam, but that could just be the engine.

+2 votes   media: Detailed Infantry Texture Test
Geth_Prime May 22 2011, 2:40pm says:

anyone else notice its just a upside down TEC escort carrier?

+1 vote   media: Pirate Carrier
Geth_Prime May 22 2011, 2:37pm says:

i had to fight 2 of these, a level 4 can be handled by Planetary Defense Forces, a Level 7 (estimate) needs a fleet to destroy it.

wouldn't say that they are unbalanced though.

+1 vote   media: Dreadnought Advent
Geth_Prime May 22 2011, 2:23pm replied:

with AI they just keep spawning after it recharges, i was doing a Huge Random Multi map, i myself had 2 but their were 9 AI Total, was about an hour or so in. i'm sure the number of player played a part to, but at that point i think each player could of had 3.

it was R4 as well.

+1 vote   mod: Maelstrom
Geth_Prime May 21 2011, 8:11am says:

probably should add a limit to the number of Dreadnoughts that can be made by players, to many seem to lag the game.

+1 vote   mod: Maelstrom
Geth_Prime May 18 2011, 6:28pm says:

interdenominational rift?

trying to release the Scinfaxi...

+2 votes   media: The Spectacular Options Screen
Geth_Prime May 17 2011, 9:29pm says:

thats a good tactical display...

+1 vote   media: Ingame Elements
Geth_Prime May 16 2011, 6:08pm replied:

for some reason the folder is non-existent...

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
Geth_Prime May 15 2011, 9:16pm says:

will there be a installer of some sort for this?

because i always have trouble installing sins mods

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
Geth_Prime May 14 2011, 12:15am says:

lot of Mig's escorting them...

0 votes   media: Liberation
Geth_Prime May 13 2011, 8:14pm says:

does this work for BF2 from Steam?

+1 vote   download: Allied Intent Xtended 2.0 Core Mod Files
Geth_Prime May 12 2011, 4:12pm says:

i would think something along the lines of the Cradle would work as a star base for the UNSC

+1 vote   media: Vanguard
Geth_Prime May 7 2011, 7:43pm says:

Whats the UNSC having as anti fighter anyway?

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
Geth_Prime May 7 2011, 7:41pm says:

whats being used for anti fighter anyway?

+1 vote   media: UNSC Interface v3
Geth_Prime May 7 2011, 7:39pm says:

"All stations brace for cast off..."

should use that when it spawns actually...

+1 vote   media: Halcyon (Re-done)
Geth_Prime May 1 2011, 8:12pm says:

well... um... we're dead...

+1 vote   media: Atkov Planetary Defense Station
Geth_Prime May 1 2011, 7:51pm replied:

go Democratic Federation, we saved our monuments!

and have 1970's TV References!

+1 vote   media: The Sword of Stalingrad
Geth_Prime Apr 30 2011, 3:43pm says:

is this going to have its own launcher, like what the Company of Heroes Eastern Front mod has?

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of Victory
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