Lazing around, trying to make a good MP map

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Highmist Mar 7 2010, 8:31pm replied:

For UDK, they tried, but the porting went horribly. Besides, i think they already paid a gold pretty penny to get this.

+1 vote   game: Crimson Crow
Highmist Mar 7 2010, 8:18pm says:

eerie, almost stalker like. expecting a bloodsucker to run at you from that door ahead....or is there one already?
Lovely work here

+1 vote   media: Red Harbor WIP Redux
Highmist Mar 7 2010, 8:16pm replied:

more likely that the atmosphere resembles the songs? i don't know, but lovely area. Just don't like the fog D:

+1 vote   media: Red Harbor WIP Redux
Highmist Mar 5 2010, 11:48pm replied:

Well, screw me if I'm wrong, but i don't think freeplay would "skew the scope" of the game. Haven't you ever just wanted to wander Pripyat just cause you could? or just roam around killing mutants? I know i have, cause i cherish the moments when you get to kill Bloodsuckers, or when Snorks jump at you when you least expect it. Cause I'd love to use all those 120 or so weapons you guys will have, but i don't want to play through it o so many times just to do so. And with your upcoming weather 2.0, just to roam the night in pitch black in a serious rainstorm. I mean yes, you could do this regular S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but soon it will end. But i just dont want that to end and have it make me restart from Day 1 with nothing but a pistol to my name. I can live without Faction wars, but this mods atmosphere you guys are making is PERFECT for freeplay. And just another question, will you guys move to the other stalker games and make a "L.U.R.K." type mod for those?

+2 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Highmist Mar 5 2010, 10:16pm replied:

just wanted to know. In any later editions, will you add Freeplay and/or faction wars?

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Highmist Mar 5 2010, 10:11pm replied:

but that is pretty good.

+1 vote   media: Hope is candled.
Highmist Mar 5 2010, 4:57pm says:

Aww man, that guy was o so close.
Love the concept art, Good work

+2 votes   media: Concept Art #12
Highmist Mar 3 2010, 10:12pm replied:

THAT. is a good question

+2 votes   engine: Unreal Engine 3
Highmist Mar 2 2010, 10:02pm says:

Blowout? love the lighting

+4 votes   media: Call of Pripyat Screenshots
Highmist Mar 2 2010, 6:23pm says:

I like the new HUD, the bottom left info helps alot.

+8 votes   media: Call of Pripyat Screenshots
Highmist Mar 2 2010, 6:22pm says:

For anyone who has it, Hows it like? cause im up for getting it for mostly freeplay (oddly im into survival-type stuff), but the graphs look like old stalker SHoC (not that i jugde solely on graphs) so any opinions?

+1 vote   game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
Highmist Mar 2 2010, 6:20pm says:

This is coming along great. The attachment system is alot like Crysis', and the models for the new weps look great. As for the alpha bunker level, it was overall pretty good. The screams at the end were pretty creepy, and so was the radio (6-1-7?)
looking forward to it
but question. since there is a silencer, does the AI track down by sound as well, i.e Crysis like?

+1 vote   article: Welcome to Barsa-Kelmes
Highmist Feb 25 2010, 9:45pm says:

That is a lovely model! Just the amount of detail is awesome

+1 vote   media: Servoskull character
Highmist Feb 19 2010, 7:39pm says:

We probably dont want to see what he's doing behind the Snowman's head....*shivers*

+13 votes   media: ze_military
Highmist Feb 18 2010, 8:34pm says:

Yo, just a quick q. If thats a SP SDK for stalker, where'd ya get it? I can only find the MP SDK. Pm me if you dont mind :)

0 votes   member: dezodor
Highmist Feb 14 2010, 5:59pm says:

yea, these tutorials are great, and i would love to do some unreal stuff, but its mostly crap content provided from UDK. D: and im pretty much too lazy to attempt to learn a program, nor have the time. Lovely tutorials might i say again. looking forward to any more

+1 vote   article: UDK ProcBuilding Basics
Highmist Feb 13 2010, 12:37pm replied:

Mostly cause these maps are about 3x larger than normal BF2 maps, and a few things are a lot more detailed, also. its a price to pay.

+1 vote   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
Highmist Feb 8 2010, 7:54pm replied:

nvm, im just stupid. didnt read the readme correctly :P

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Highmist Feb 8 2010, 7:47pm replied:

Just right click it, and selct open link. it opens it in a window for you.
Also, i cant figure how to get this to work in my Crysis folder, dont have Profiles. any help?

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Highmist Feb 6 2010, 11:01pm says:

Awesome work guys! Lovely model and texture work

+1 vote   media: DropPod
Highmist Feb 5 2010, 9:23am says:

Ohkay...says for me these files are corrupt >.< anyone else?
EDIT: Nvm, just had to not run it & restart it :P

+1 vote   download: Project Reality v0.9 Full (Part 1 of 2)
Highmist Feb 2 2010, 8:31pm replied:

BMS has HL1 to base off of. they're just re-vamping it to Source's full potential. Raindrop would be a great example though. Mapping is perfect. Havnt seen Minerva, though. though this shows on how much i should practice mah mapping :P

+2 votes   mod: Danny's Mod
Highmist Jan 31 2010, 11:42am replied:

Hmm, thats a shame.
Played this mod, its kickass. Love the Vet's Chainsword and Plasma beam pistol :P. Quick Q, is this going to be just Marines on Nids or will ya add orcs n stuff?

+1 vote   mod: Exterminatus
Highmist Jan 29 2010, 10:47pm says:

Pretty good. Although i cant remember that much (Jacked D:) its really good for a WC3 map.

+2 votes   media: Valley of Trials WIP
Highmist Jan 28 2010, 7:02pm says:

Looks good! Would love to try this out. I wouldnt say its "competition" for steam, since most people can have both (Steam for Commercial games/DLC, Desura for Indies/Mods.) Looking forward to how this turns out

+3 votes   article: Busy Week
Highmist Jan 28 2010, 5:22pm says:

Congrats guys! You deserved the Editors Choice. Keep up the awesome work!

+3 votes   game: Overgrowth
Highmist Jan 28 2010, 4:56pm says:

This mod is coming along great! the Air strike is cool, but it seems like the bombs wobble too much. Besides that, the overall design is superb, glad im tracking this

2038 release? Madness!

+1 vote   mod: Codename: Dead Bird
Highmist Jan 24 2010, 5:49pm says:

Yea, this is really good. Least we know your still producing something :P
^ Its very cloudy Ele, so i wouldnt expect much shadows, if any

+1 vote   media: Harbor
Highmist Jan 23 2010, 12:33pm replied:

Ah, k, i just wanted to know :P thanks

+1 vote   game: d-zone
Highmist Jan 21 2010, 9:32pm says:

looks really promising. just needs some good maps n stuff. good luck with making it

+2 votes   mod: Reign of the Undead - Zombies
Highmist Oct 16 2011, 7:51pm says:

Well, if the credit card was stolen, at least THAT can be tracked...right?

Anyway, that's a pretty bad thing to happen, and I hope you guys will continue on as usual. Condolences!

+4 votes   article: Project Zomboid set-back - but otherwise business as usual
Highmist Jun 24 2011, 10:20am replied:

3rd person+violent melee=GoW clone?

+1 vote   media: lanzor
Highmist Apr 2 2011, 10:33pm replied:

Having the same problem. Did you get yours workin?

+1 vote   article: Build 6: I love swords!
Highmist Mar 30 2011, 6:51pm replied:

Haters gonna hate.

+3 votes   mod: Nuclear Rain
Highmist Dec 19 2010, 1:18pm says:

They all look good, but my bet's are on Overgrowth.
But best wishes to all.

+3 votes   article: Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Indie
Highmist Dec 19 2010, 1:15pm says:

Aww, im stuck. Blade or CoF. Ah well, best wishes to both!

+10 votes   article: Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Mod
Highmist Nov 20 2010, 10:57pm says:

"Your cover has been blow!"
Voted, this looks really good so far, hope for the best.

+1 vote   article: MOTY: We are here. Are you still there?
Highmist Aug 11 2010, 11:33am says:

Last time i saw something like this was in crysis :P keep up the good work guys

+2 votes   media: Full Body Awareness
Highmist Aug 11 2010, 11:28am says:

I really do like how accurate you guys are making this. Its really good, and as said above, the Screenie looks like an actual picture.

+1 vote   media: Kantubek Comparison
Highmist Jul 23 2010, 5:53pm says:

well, the RPK's gun body is based along the AK's to an extent, so it needs a little of an AK touch. IDK what he's talkin about though, it looks good for an early model

+1 vote   media: Early RPD
Highmist Jul 13 2010, 11:24pm says:

I always loved that stealth mission above all other CoD missions also. I was looking forward to something like this in MW2, but that never truly came to be. I'm definitely tracking, and wish you good luck!

+2 votes   mod: S&R: Tactical Run
Highmist May 31 2010, 5:10pm replied:

Ill have what hes having

+1 vote   game: Solaris Assault Tech
Highmist Mar 30 2010, 5:15pm says:

Hoooolly ****. looks like your animator is worth his weight in gold. Nice rhino, in perfect form also!

+2 votes   media: Rhino
Highmist Mar 9 2010, 3:17pm says:

nice lean system. and agreeing with Goor, you guys are moving at a steadily fast pace

+1 vote   media: First implementation of leaning
Highmist Oct 15 2009, 8:23pm says:

and he was surrendering too.....oh well, no kids for you!

+4 votes   media: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl by azultain
Highmist Sep 21 2009, 4:24pm says:

Amazing again!

+1 vote   media: Gull City outskirts 2
Highmist Sep 14 2009, 6:53pm replied:

oh...kay....a little creepy.

+1 vote   member: Highmist
Highmist Aug 13 2009, 7:51pm says:


+1 vote   media: engine renders
Highmist Jun 6 2009, 10:25pm says:

Very nice mapping. like Danboe said, it looks realistic. But the scope... im somewhat positive its a Sniper, but i cant put a finger on the name

+2 votes   media: 31 May Demonstration
Highmist Apr 12 2009, 7:42pm says:

I agree with frere, this is a very nice screen. but i think theres too many trees for the savannah. Just need to reduce the amount around the little village. Also, like most ppl are sayin, there a little green. Dunno if u could alter the color, but plz try :P

+2 votes   media: New Models
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