Lazing around, trying to make a good MP map

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Highmist Mar 27 2011, 7:40pm replied:

Probably nigh-nights for a little

+1 vote   media: WIP Dart
Highmist Feb 23 2011, 10:23pm replied:

Hilarious kid.

+3 votes   game: Battlefield 3
Highmist Nov 8 2010, 9:34pm says:


+5 votes   media: Reactor Comparison (Source Beta, Prelude)
Highmist Aug 5 2010, 1:12pm says:

I like the style of the textures. Props to who did em

+1 vote   media: color correction
Highmist Jul 9 2010, 9:56pm says:

lookin forward to playing this at some point. Its a really nice concept, and could be executed pretty nicely since you guys are focusing on the mechanics. Wish best of luck to you guys so you can get this perfected

+1 vote   article: T-Minus Five Days and Counting..
Highmist May 31 2010, 10:03pm says:

Wait, later on in development, will you be able to choose weapons and attachments?
Looks awesome. Gonna track. Good Luck.

+2 votes   article: Rebel Strike Force project resurrected
Highmist May 20 2010, 9:55pm says:

Woah, a lot of noise , but at least your working on it. The island is perfectly smoothed though.

+1 vote   media: Development Screenshot #2
Highmist May 17 2010, 9:36pm says:

Nice, nice.

+4 votes   game: Order and Resistance
Highmist May 14 2010, 7:11pm says:

Yea this is pretty good, besides the fact you need to restart the server every now & then due to restrictions, but thats easily solved

+2 votes   download: CoD4:MW Singleplayer PeZBOT 009p
Highmist Apr 22 2010, 9:52pm says:

well, you could keep that Deagle and rename it a revolver. just need some minor touch-ups, but it would work. besides that, this is nice work

+1 vote   media: Some of the weapons i have made!
Highmist Apr 10 2010, 10:49pm says:

This does look pretty good. quick q though: how big is this is approx square kiloms/miles? that would help "measure out" how big this would be.
And are you planning on separating the kingdoms into separate areas, so this isnt all rendered at once?
This, by far, is one of the best things ive seen so far on Moddb, and i wish great luck to you and your team :)

+1 vote   media: MyWorld's new Provinces Layout
Highmist Apr 10 2010, 12:00am says:

Yippie kai-yae. And remember, no dispenser -Engineer #1, turning into the point.
Horrible, yes, but this (pic) is funny :D

+1 vote   media: Assault Engineers
Highmist Apr 6 2010, 6:50pm says:

now what to do....

+1 vote   media: ZzzZZZz
Highmist Nov 10 2009, 6:55am replied:

Yea, but also check how many are done. theres a difference

+1 vote   poll: Will you be switching to UDK now (Unreal Dev Kit)?
Highmist Nov 9 2009, 9:22pm says:

Haha, free my @$$, its Constraints are large between free and paid. Only reason this game is good is to pass really bored time until something exciting comes out :P

+3 votes   game: Runescape
Highmist Nov 3 2009, 12:36am says:

lol, everione argues w/ Nokia cause he hates all the good games cause they have no story. Its called makin a mod, but he doesnt know :P


+1 vote   media: Chopper for sale
Highmist Oct 27 2009, 4:33pm says:

looks nice, but the silencer (?) just seems a little big. besides that, gj

+1 vote   media: The Prototype05 Sub Machine Gun
Highmist Oct 18 2009, 9:49am says:

Nice modelwork! cant wait to see them finished. Do you plan on giving him dirty and scratched armor, or leaving him clean?, besides that, going well

+1 vote   media: Small Scout Update
Highmist Oct 17 2009, 9:17am replied:

But realize, the 350k is for the commercial license. theres a big difference between indie and commercial. they cant do that much because they cant afford it, and microsoft will be up there *** about putting halo on the PC. They dont need to do that to make a free game to give to people for FREE! if they planned on going commerial, yea, theres not an exact point here unless they had at least a million here to buy the privlage to use halo from microsoft

+1 vote   game: Halo: Frontlines
Highmist Aug 28 2009, 9:07pm says:

Damn man, this looks good. The MG model honestly could use some touching up. Just needs ta have hand models while deployed, it just looks wierd without. And add a little spread for deployed. I didnt really notice much bullet spread (knda hard to see) and may need some bumping up. Besides that, it looks awesome! (Achievement! +1 Tracker)

+2 votes   article: 1st New/Dev Post :D
Highmist Jun 14 2009, 10:15pm says:

Well,as the saying goes, im speechless. Its awesome work

+1 vote   article: The First Story Post
Highmist Jun 3 2009, 5:09pm says:

Lol, funny. Shoulds said "i'll vomit it", but this works!

+2 votes   media: Funny Media
Highmist May 25 2009, 6:41pm says:

Well, at least u announced its dead. Give you credit for that, cause alot of other people dont have the common coutersy to do that.

+2 votes   mod: Modern War DEAD
Highmist Apr 12 2009, 7:44pm says:

Very nice screen! good job you guys

+1 vote   media: New Screens
Highmist Apr 9 2010, 11:55pm says:

i agree, it looks pretty freggin awesome. the only thing i would like to have is BF2-like 64-player battles, 32vs32. that would be really fun, but if server problems/limits cannot do that, im happy with 16vs16
in general, the whole games look and aparent hardcore playstyle will have me committing ShacTac's basic infantry manual to heart :P Gl on making this!

0 votes   article: Nuclear Dawn Fact Sheet II - Featured Features
Highmist Apr 9 2010, 9:11pm says:

Very well modeled PPsH

+1 vote   media: Weapon Models
Highmist Apr 9 2010, 9:11pm says:


+1 vote   media: Weapon Models
Highmist Apr 7 2010, 9:21pm replied:

His approach is when its done, and everybody here accepts that it may take awhile, but Dec's making this one of the best mods for Source

+2 votes   mod: The Mortewood Plaza
Highmist Apr 7 2010, 8:41pm replied:

first that i know of :P

+1 vote   game: Heresy: Tactical Deployment
Highmist Apr 6 2010, 10:49pm says:

What? how, i mean.....what? My hopes and dreams, shattered! (jumps off a cliff crying)
Im very sorry you guys cant get a release, was really hoping to have the 1st FPS from Warhammer 40k universe. GL on any future projects!
Ps: they might just be jealous!

+1 vote   game: Heresy: Tactical Deployment
Highmist Apr 6 2010, 6:55pm says:

Ahh, trolls. Cant live with em, can live w/o them
But hopefully this gets released soon, looking forward to it unless they decided to postpone it again if they have a set release >.<

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Highmist Apr 6 2010, 12:17am says:

Mind hitting me up an invite? It would be much appreciated!

+4 votes   group: Desura
Highmist Apr 3 2010, 10:02pm says:

Damn. Thats a good model. cant wait to see it textured

+2 votes   media: Kalashnikov 47
Highmist Apr 3 2010, 11:41am says:

Ahh, the frag grenade. good times, good times...
nice detail and texture work guys

+4 votes   media: M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Highmist Apr 2 2010, 10:07pm says:

I think he wants to cuddle...

+2 votes   media: In-game Images
Highmist Apr 1 2010, 9:19pm says:

does look pretty good, although slightly on the semi-dark side.
and the orange is beast

+1 vote   media: Secondary Weapon
Highmist Mar 30 2010, 5:19pm replied:

Awesome, good to know, and good luck. How this is looking, it may be awhile, but it'll look beautiful.

+2 votes   game: Heresy: Tactical Deployment
Highmist Mar 30 2010, 5:15pm says:

Hoooolly ****. looks like your animator is worth his weight in gold. Nice rhino, in perfect form also!

+2 votes   media: Rhino
Highmist Mar 28 2010, 12:12am replied:

Both, actually. I cant find the light, but if i can get that, maybe i can migrate my way into getting it toggle-able. but still, if you know, please inform me. Thanks

+2 votes   member: KUB3ISM_GAMEWORKS
Highmist Mar 26 2010, 3:40pm replied:

i kinda like the Bullpup version. looks better in my opinion

+3 votes   media: Dragunov SVU
Highmist Mar 25 2010, 10:18pm says:

Love the attachments, too bad the HBS (?) is blocking whats underneath. All around good work. Too bad the dude forgot to buy his lens :P

+2 votes   media: Tactic00l
Highmist Mar 25 2010, 10:16pm says:

Nice Dragun, never seen this type. Gratz to bot for the whole thing
.....and is it Jesus?

+1 vote   media: Dragunov SVU
Highmist Mar 24 2010, 8:09pm says:

Hey, just wanted to ask you a question. for UDK kismet, how did you get the Spotlight(whatever it was)able_0? cant find it anywhere. thanks in advance

+2 votes   member: KUB3ISM_GAMEWORKS
Highmist Mar 24 2010, 7:51pm says:

Two? they look about the same, but this one seems to have a slightly darker texture color to it (?). Besides that, awesome work fellas

+1 vote   media: Colt M1911A1
Highmist Mar 23 2010, 6:44pm says:

Lovely document! Neat, pre-organized, just what i need. thanks for the upload, going to use this as a layout for my 1st

+1 vote   download: Design Document Template - Small Mods
Highmist Mar 22 2010, 8:41pm says:

Yea, Pump's right. The Turrets looks a little too rounded, but beyond that looks pretty good

+1 vote   media: The Baneblade
Highmist Mar 21 2010, 4:48pm says:

Very interesting game. loved it, but my 1st run saw a huge ammo shortage :P my second i seem to have too much to do with :P very nice, and as everiones saying, mod tools would be nice

+3 votes   game: Metro 2033
Highmist Mar 15 2010, 9:23pm says:

damn, nice look

+7 votes   media: TAR - Tactical Anti-personnel Robot
Highmist Mar 11 2010, 5:22pm replied:

well, bu my guess, it might be a little more to the story-oriented side. Just has that feel to it

+1 vote   mod: Raindrop
Highmist Mar 9 2010, 3:17pm says:

nice lean system. and agreeing with Goor, you guys are moving at a steadily fast pace

+1 vote   media: First implementation of leaning
Highmist Mar 8 2010, 9:08pm says:

looks good, but i think the x supports are a little long. i think you should do like your 2nd vari, with 2 levels of x supports. besides that, pretty good

+1 vote   media: Guard Tower Varient 1
Highmist Mar 8 2010, 8:02pm says:

Wow. just, wow. Ive never actually played Rogue spear (might just sttempt to get), but the way you guys use the community to attempt to get this right is amazing. Just have to watch this

+2 votes   game: Rogue Reborn
Highmist May 11 2010, 6:13pm says:

Looking pretty good. definite track on my part

+1 vote   mod: Tube 2022
Highmist Apr 13 2009, 9:02pm says:

Seems like a good mod, but 1 q. Does it require MW2 2 play it?

+1 vote   game: Assault Tech 1: Battletech
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