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Mod Review on May 4th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Even though it looks janky as hell and uses a lot of falling-apart-at-the-seams HL2 beta maps, Mystery Combat Man 3 has a refreshing feel and atmosphere compared to other HL2SP mods, and in a similar (but less extensive) way to Koumei Satou's Mistake of Pythagoras, it does some really neat stuff with entity parent hierarchies to create new gameplay out of the familiar old set of HL2 enemies.

Huge swarms of enemies and blaring, distorted music, in combination with flashing lights and colors, work to instill chaos and panic in the player. You are forced at every moment to decide between protecting your squad (who can give health and ammo as well as additional firepower in a fight) or yourself, and it's frequently necessary to run around with an empty gun while praying none of the bullets whizzing all around you hit you as you look for dropped ammo among the mounds and mounds of dead friends and foes.

While some maps contain the aforementioned nerve-wracking, super intense fighting (Desolation and Capital City stand out the most in this respect), others were a slog for various reasons. Some, like Gambit and Perimeter Breach, simply ended up being too laggy to be very entertaining, while others, like Southern Bog, were just too hard too look at (in this case because of a heavy green fog over everything). Still, as with Mystery Combat Man 1, undesired chapters are easily skipped.

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