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Titan: XCIX

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First off, let me say that the visuals in this mod are very impressive.
Every corridor of the Titan is meticulously detailed and is able to avoid becoming an eyesore, despite being essentially monochrome red. Virtually every visual art asset is new or at least modified from its vanilla HL2 appearance.

On the negative side, I found the mod to have pacing issues. Too often, I had to wait 30ish seconds for a crewmember to convince me to go out of the next airlock or pick up an item that I'd already figured out I needed and was trying to pick up. For me, this damaged the sense of immersion; the player should be able to interrupt NPCs by doing whatever it is they're saying to do, prompting them to go onto the next dialogue.

Also, there are awkward pauses seemingly between every sentence. I don't know why this is, but many of the dialogues would have been of more reasonable length without them. Often I'd already starting walking away because I thought an NPC was done talking. These are usually minor things, but they're especially important in a first-person action type game, where freedom of movement and anticipation of action tend to leave the player with the attention span of a hyperactive goldfish.

Two more minor things. I was baffled as to why, in two parts of the mod which promised the ability for the player to do something exciting, the action happened in cutscenes. Namely, knocking the crazy guy over the head with the wrench while he was stunned, and shooting the panel at the end and then going down the elevator.

Finally, I thought that since there's essentially no combat in Part One, puzzle-type sections would have been nice. When the player isn't listening to NPC's, he's basically just blowing through corridors to find buttons to push. I'd think that having some puzzles would not only add to gameplay value, but be more efficient mapping-wise, as the player might take 5 minutes rather than 5 seconds to go through a section that probably took 5 hours to make.



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Pretty fun, no major issues bug-wise that I encountered.

However, the mod is mostly hallways with just one sort of enemy running at you. Health is scarce and often you don't come across enough at a time to make up for even one hit by an enemy.

Further, one type of enemy damages you as soon as it's within line of sight of you, which, considering I often had little health, meant a lot of reloading the last save. Adding even the slightest bit of delay to its attack would have been great.

Enemies don't drop ammunition, however ammo is plentiful and each pickup adds to every weapon's ammo, which I think was a nice idea.

Having audio logs was nice, however it would worked much better with more coding work—for example having a mini-UI where you could listen to previously picked up audio logs, as they're quiet enough to be drowned out by any ambient noise. Being able to scamper off to a quiet closet to listen to them would have been better.

Another thing, though it may be minor, is that I think the flashlight shouldn't have been taken out. It wouldn't have harmed the story, and though most of the mod is bright, sometimes I just want to get a better look at something without having to crank up my gamma.


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