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Mod Review on Sep 29th, 2010

Nice mod with a lot of effort put into it. I rated it a 5 because two intentional, non-bug features ended up frustrating me enough that I never finished playing the mod.

One is the save gem system. It's bad, but maybe not the worst thing in the world. A little bit of strategy in using save gems takes out a lot of the difficulty these add. Still, they artificially extend how long the mod takes to complete because missing jumps, getting shot by an enemy you missed, etc. means you often get set back pretty far. Also, to use any strategy in spacing out saves means you'll have to start the game over a bunch of times.

The other was the security-camera view that's used in a lot of sections of the game. Half-Life's control scheme wasn't intended for this sort of camera, it just wasn't. This feature feels like a trick that the developer figured out, thought was cool, and decided to put everywhere without realizing what an incredible pain in the *** it is in actual gameplay. Now, normally, this would only be an annoyance, as it's only used in some sections, but combined with the save gem system, it becomes an unforgiving mechanic that artificially inflates difficulty for no good reason, and sets you back ten minutes or more because it is invariably easier to die in these sections than in others.

All in all, the mod is worth a download and a try, but the fact that the developer takes cues from Daikatana should be enough to suggest that it's not really worth it to stick around until the credits roll.

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