I'm a Game Designer, and Manga(comic)Artist, I work for two spilt companies:TCG(Trench Cloak Games) and DDC. I'm working on a project with my brother in Round Lake.

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Anime Fans of modDB

1. Anime Fans of modDB

Fans & Clans with 2,246 members, open to all members

This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.

Indie DB

2. Indie DB

Official with 2,178 members, open to all members

Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them...

3D Artists Group

3. 3D Artists Group

Arts & Literature with 1,210 members, open to all members

Are you a 3D artist? Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you just want to collaborate or know who your fellow ModDB artists are? Doesn't matter what...

Artillery Lovers Group

4. Artillery Lovers Group

Hobbies & Interests with 421 members, open to all members

Originally applied to any group of infantry primarily armed with projectile weapons, artillery has over time become limited in meaning to refer only to...

Biohazard Fans

5. Biohazard Fans

Fans & Clans with 245 members, open to all members

All fans of the Resident Evil games, join here and share knowledge about the RE series and have fun!

The DoomGuys

6. The DoomGuys

Fans & Clans with 119 members, open to all members

This group is for all of those hardcore Doom fans who have been playing like Hell since 1993

Aeria game fan group

7. Aeria game fan group

Fans & Clans with 8 members, open to all members

everyone join to sopport the work of aeria games and sign up while ur at it

The Survivors

8. The Survivors

Educational with 7 members, must apply to join

A new Horror mod for Half-Life 2... 3 are people trapped in a house. But its something weird about the house very bad and dangefull about the house. will...

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