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nokanomi Mar 22 2013, 8:27pm says:

You know...This would kind of be overpowered, if you had air supremacy. I mean seriously, if you just hover over any ground to air units with five or so of these, you can't really lose...

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nokanomi Mar 17 2012, 6:51pm replied:

exactly, a massive flat plain. that would be a pain to scour every last inch of to find one or two crickets... it also helps that they're green...

+1 vote   media: Basic Environment Sounds
nokanomi Jun 25 2011, 10:32pm replied:

well, did you read what engine it is? that engine was made to seem like the total anihilation engine...which the supreme commander engine was based on...sort of like how almost all launguages are based on latin, there are bound to be similarities

+2 votes   media: Evolution RTS Gameplay (Survival Mode)
nokanomi Mar 2 2011, 6:18pm says:

impressive, how much does the tower cost (if at all)? also, is there a way to script it so that at each point you select for a patrol, this thing will drop a tower perfectly timed for when the hashiba comes back to replace it in it's patrol route? would be sweet...

+1 vote   media: Hashiba Scout Mech
nokanomi Dec 18 2010, 9:22pm replied:

look more like rocket or missile trails actually

+2 votes   media: Evolution RTS
nokanomi Oct 15 2010, 10:20pm replied:

my friend?

+4 votes   media: Tau'ri GN-3 Mine
nokanomi Sep 7 2010, 8:39pm replied:

it is in beta, but i agree, looks like minecraft cloth..

+5 votes   media: Waterfall
nokanomi Aug 23 2010, 8:24pm replied:

yeah, but the imperials could use a few flying outhouses in a patrol...

+2 votes   media: Mission #2: Convoy Patrol
nokanomi Jul 21 2010, 7:43pm replied:

does snow melt?

+1 vote   media: Snow in the morning light
nokanomi Jul 18 2010, 12:03am says:

are the stars blurred while your within a planets atmosphere?

+1 vote   media: Stars rendering
nokanomi Jul 7 2010, 7:51pm says:

please dont tell me that this is just some silly joke to get our hopes up

+1 vote   media: Evening
nokanomi Jul 7 2010, 7:46pm replied:

ah, nevermind, anyway, i meant a second realease when you are finished conflict terra, where you could make a joke version where, say the weak spam units are actually super powerful juggernauts, or stuff with just funny names ect.

+1 vote   article: Unit Spotlight: NKG Tech Level 1 Aircraft
nokanomi Jun 29 2010, 2:27pm replied:

so no flying cars?

+1 vote   media: Evening
nokanomi Jun 29 2010, 2:26pm says:

so is the day/night cycle actually based on the planets location and rotation reletive to the star its orbitting? or are you just simulating the effect?

+1 vote   media: Evening
nokanomi Jun 22 2010, 10:29pm says:

"- Removed Flagship, Battle Flagship, Metal Supply Cruiser, Energy Supply Cruiser, Transport Cruiser, and Battlecruiser from qualifying as "builders." (Will no longer be selected with Idle Builder hotkey.)" energy supply and metal supply cruisers?

+1 vote   article: Conflict Terra SVN
nokanomi Jun 15 2010, 12:25am replied:

it will remain indev until beta release, so if you want to test that and still have the pre purchase bonus, i reccomend getting it now

+1 vote   media: Farming
nokanomi Jun 10 2010, 11:54pm says:

i have a simple question for you, have you seen the incomplete mod THIS KRE? it has a mothership, and that mothership can actually produce air units while in the air "hint hint" also, i have another solution to air production, perhaps there could be say, a teleporter pad, and if you select a unit and right click on the pad, the pad morphs to accept that kind of unit in the buffer, now you could set another teleporter pad to take that unit to it, or teleporter ships that have the same function, that simply take units from the buffer and launch them (or let them drop like a stone depending on if they fly or not)so that you could that way unleash an untold ammount of havoc in under a minute, but to make that fair maybe you could make it so that there is limited buffer storage, and you could build buildings to increase it?

+1 vote   article: A Shift in Plans
nokanomi Jun 10 2010, 11:46pm says:

about that ressurection tank, why dont you make a morph button for a t1 version that takes about 10 minutes alot of metal, alot of energy, to make it balanced, or you could possibly make it shut down at different times due to a problem with the emp weapon to make it fair? or perhaps make it so that the thing has next to no health, and is incapable of targeting air or water enemies? all of those are possible ways to fix that

+1 vote   article: Friday, April 16, 2010 News
nokanomi Jun 10 2010, 11:41pm says:

you mentioned airfields quite a bit, will there be seaplanes, underwater plane refuel stations and flying fortress refueling ships? just curious, and also, i hope that you are done this mod soon, and also if you take the e out of ure and extend might work for a joke playable version where the stuff has slightly different names and attacks designed with comedy in mind, hm? i dont know, maybe after your dont this mod

+1 vote   article: Unit Spotlight: NKG Tech Level 1 Aircraft
nokanomi May 2 2010, 12:39pm says:

...if youve got less time then why dont you tell someone else to type this for you so you can make the most of your time on working on this? just kidding but anyway, quick question, will there be any mechanichs with weaponry? and also now that i think about it, will planes have a fuel limit? and still yet again, will there be russian zombies? (nazi zombies). honestly instead of chickens add in nazi zombies since this is after based on earth right?

+1 vote   article: Saturday, May 1, 2010 News
nokanomi Apr 13 2010, 10:53pm says:

personally, unless you are going to make 2 versions of this, just use the upper image as, it will be slightly easier, and although someone might possibly use a microscope on all the differences on the stuff for quality testing, but its unlikely, so just go with the upper one. besides, angles hurt my brain XD

+1 vote   article: UI Opinions
nokanomi Mar 5 2010, 12:38am says:

robes...the best idea since underwear

+1 vote   media: models
nokanomi Mar 5 2010, 12:17am replied:

so then...nice song...complex engine...are there any builders/gatherers/strategy type vessels? lol

+1 vote   media: SCP rock video
nokanomi Mar 5 2010, 12:11am replied:

are you refering to oblivion? yeah i think it would be cool to, by the way those red and blue bars look like health and majicka from oblivion...just saying lol, also will you be able to l'up skills by using them or with skill points or both?

+1 vote   game: Esenthel RPG
nokanomi Mar 1 2010, 1:10am says:

can i have some download instruction please?

+1 vote   article: New map GRTS Desert Valley Version 2
nokanomi Mar 5 2010, 12:09am says:

oh and uh, nice graphics! but i forgot one thing, is it possible that you could make planes that when landed you can press a button and turn into a building? if you could implement something like that it would make rts/fps/tps hybrids awsome!

+1 vote   article: Short Test Flight
nokanomi Mar 5 2010, 12:07am replied:

@butterbiscuit what would you prefer, quality or a month of your time? ask yourself that and then see which one is better, of course you can always try both

+2 votes   engine: Esenthel Engine
nokanomi Mar 4 2010, 11:58pm says:

just wondering, will space travel be available? also will there be city/ space stations? also will there be realistic water, terrain elements (such as water resistance, craters etc)?

+1 vote   article: Short Test Flight
nokanomi Mar 4 2010, 11:53pm says:

hm...could this engine in a futer form handle multipple planets (solar system) and if so could you have spaceships capable of carrying people (or cpu) to the other planets? and also, will this game be fps, tps, rts or a hybrid?or will it be up to modders?also, to go along with the solar system idea, could you make maps for certain mods if it is up to the modders to handle gameplay? and also, will this game hold full sized planets or downsized? lol i just wanted to know some stuff. also, nice physics, would it be possible to have obsourbant materials to obsorb shock from bullets, missils etc? such as water only...denser? also nice engine, hope you dont mind if i track

+1 vote   engine: Outerra Engine
nokanomi Mar 1 2010, 12:34am says:

just quickly wondering, 1. are there going to be resources and unit training and building. and 2. are you going to be some form of squad leader or a standard spring rts prospective?

+1 vote   game: Engines of War
nokanomi Mar 1 2010, 12:00am says:

eh, is this a patch or full ver?

+2 votes   download: Gundam RTS 1.21
nokanomi Feb 28 2010, 9:09pm says:

eh, i hope there room for another tracker

+1 vote   media: Gundam RTS 1.2 video
nokanomi Feb 28 2010, 8:47pm replied:

actually for some of us it really isn't that we have no money to spend and its actually no payment methods....if i had some form of payment method (do you accept pay by mail) that i could send by other than credit card or bank account stuff? oh and some of us are kids and cant pay by phone either lol

+2 votes   game: P.U.R.E.
nokanomi Feb 28 2010, 3:23pm says:

eh, first of all, will there be ONLY cpu zombies? and also, if there are in fact player zombies, will there be infections? another thing about zombies i want to ask you is, will there be any human rts controler in specific maps (like in zombie master) or stuff like that? and also, for survivors, will there be hunger, thirst etc? and will there be any long term type singleplay modes? if there are maybe it could be like you just go searching in one huge map for food and ammo etc. not to mention, as far as weaponry goes, all i want is a double barreled machine gun XD maybe like a double barreled shotgun, only faster and more powerful fire with 2 barrels? and also will there be weapon dual wielding? if not can you add it in for the final release? will there be a singleplay campaign mode?if so will there be a zombie AND survivor one? what types of maps will there be? just right now i can think of abunch... defense, survival, objective, scavenging, escape. well the only 2 i think i really have to explain are defense and scavenging lol. anyways i think that for defense maybe you are in a neighborhood and have to get barricades and food from houses beside you to barricade and survive in the house that you are currently in. and for scavenging same thing only, no defense and you really just migrate and take everything you possibly can. ok and my next few ideas will be more survivor oriented. will there be any survivor cpu to burden and help you? if so will there be a survival overlord to command the survivor cpu (like a reverse zombie master)? if not can you add that? and also will you have backpacks, or just normal user interface of ammo like in most zombie games? will there be a customized nmrih map maker? and also, will there be a feature where the more stuff you are carrying the slower you go (like in zombie panic)? lol thats all for now, if you want any more just ask lol

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