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Noesis_Interactive Jan 25 2011, 9:24pm says:

Thanks for the interest guys, I've already got a bunch of good responses. Definitely shoot me a message if you're interested as well. Gonna be an action-packed GDC this year!

+1 vote   article: A Call For Interviewees!
Noesis_Interactive Nov 29 2010, 1:00pm says:

Thanks for the comments guys, we're stoked to be sponsoring the awards again this year!

Yes, it's true, design3 does have a low monthly subscription fee in order to see all the tutorials. But, you can also register a completely FREE membership and get total access to the design3 community as well as access to certain free video tutorials. The trial membership will not cost you a dime and is a good way to check out design3 before signing up. You can register a free trial membership here:


Thanks again guys, we're really looking forward to seeing this year's MOTY / IOTY entries!

+2 votes   article: Design3 joins the sponsor list!
Noesis_Interactive Sep 21 2010, 1:55pm replied:

Well...actually..there are definitely new videos and they are being released very often! All the Unity tutorials are new as is the Left 4 Dead mapping tutorial. The older Noesis content will continue to be released on design3 but we are also creating new content for different engines and software tools as well. Expect more and more to come!

+2 votes   article: Noesis Launches Streaming Tutorial Site - design3
Noesis_Interactive Jul 14 2010, 3:03pm says:

Very informative and cool!

+2 votes   article: How I make levels
Noesis_Interactive Mar 26 2010, 12:28pm replied:

We shall support both GGTL and In Development!

+1 vote   article: Weekly Interview: "In Development"
Noesis_Interactive Mar 25 2010, 4:55pm says:

Definitely sounds interesting! Looking forward to playing it!

Nice interview also, keep doing them.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Interview: "In Development"
Noesis_Interactive Mar 23 2010, 1:10pm replied:

Seems like the forum link is broken? I just get an "Address Not Found" error page.

+1 vote   article: Party of Sin: First Screenshots Ever
Noesis_Interactive Nov 16 2009, 2:02pm replied:

Umm yeah...

* Press F to lock onto any enemy or objective location

* Shooting accurately is pretty easy if you aim at the target icons (usually leading the targeted enemy ship)

* 3rd person flying perspective is already in the game

Try to actually be informed before you start making comments.

Eternal Silence is one of the best mods out there and I'm really happy to hear that there is new development starting to take place! Keep up the great work ES team!

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence: The Next Generation
Noesis_Interactive Oct 1 2009, 4:09pm says:

Nice releases!

+3 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - September 2009
Noesis_Interactive Jun 2 2009, 5:04pm replied:

I watched your interview with the original crew before doing this project and I thought it was awesome!

+1 vote   article: Noesis Presents: Dystopia Interview (Part 2)
Noesis_Interactive Apr 1 2009, 7:03pm replied:

Ok, bad timing on the post I guess. Not an April Fool's joke!!!

+1 vote   article: Noesis Interactive Announces the Addition of Curriculum to SourceU
Noesis_Interactive Mar 3 2009, 4:52pm replied:

Group hugging with stenchy probably isn't a good idea since he may be contagious. Ha ha.


+4 votes   article: MOTY 2008 is in the books.
Noesis_Interactive Mar 3 2009, 4:26pm replied:

*wipes a single tear from his eye*

That was beautiful man.

+5 votes   article: MOTY 2008 is in the books.
Noesis_Interactive Jan 15 2009, 2:47pm says:

Great idea and work on the package art guys! It's very cool that you are taking the extra steps to present your project in a way that most mods don't and are striving to be more like a "real" game. It's definitely not pointless and it would be nice to see more mods make this extra effort.

+2 votes   article: The Nameless Mod DVD Art Revealed
Noesis_Interactive Jul 1 2008, 1:30pm says:

Great job!!

(but was that really the best footage you could get for Bloodstone? Ha ha)

+1 vote   article: Mod Video Spotlight - June 2008
Noesis_Interactive Jun 17 2008, 4:35pm says:

Great modeling demonstration! Which 3D program were you using? (there weren't any of the usual interface graphics to provide clues, ha ha). It would be sweet so see a similar video for the texturing of that character. Keep up the good work guys!

+1 vote   article: Grayshot Created before your eyes
Noesis_Interactive Apr 7 2008, 5:26pm says:

Awesome! Who will the other characters be? Perhaps the Fruit F***** Robot?

+2 votes   mod: Penny Arcade : Birds Are Still Weird
Noesis_Interactive Jan 18 2008, 5:04pm replied:

Thanks for the comments everybody!! We're glad you guys are finding it useful.

Broadsword: You're right we probably should have shown it applied to an in-game model at the end of the tutorial. If you go to the Noesis Interactive ModDB group page and watch the "Noesis Interactive Promotional Trailer" you can see the facemap on a Deathmatch character at the very beginning of the video.

Thanks again everybody and keep an eye out for new tutorials and DVDs !!

+2 votes   article: Creating Custom Facemaps with Photoshop
Noesis_Interactive Jan 18 2008, 5:00pm replied:

Ok, sounds good.

+1 vote   article: Introduction to the Softimage/XSI 6 MOD Tool
Noesis_Interactive Jan 18 2008, 4:58pm replied:

No problem. Thanks for your comment and for joining our group!!

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Noesis_Interactive Jan 18 2008, 4:58pm replied:

We're very glad to hear it!! That means we're doing our job, lol !!

+1 vote   article: Tagging a Rig in Softimage/XSI
Noesis_Interactive Jan 18 2008, 4:57pm replied:

Thanks a lot !! We hope it is useful to everybody.

+2 votes   group: Noesis Interactive
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