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Unity 3 Feature video "Asset and Scene Management" is up on design3.


Learn how to manage and find assets in the Unity Editor. Learn how to label assets to easily find them later and some approached to organizing GameObjects in your hierarchy like using empty GameObjects, Tags, and Layers.

design3's Youtube channel is up and running! It needs friends and subscribers, so hook it up Youtubers!


design3 has the worlds largest game development training program. We offer hundreds of award-winning, video based tutorials that cover all aspects of video design. Check out what we got and let the games begin.

A new video tutorial, "Door Functionality in Unity", has been released on design3.


"Learn how to implement door logic with Unity's scripting system. First you'll learn how to open the door as soon as a player is in range. Then you'll create logic to require a player to open the door with an action button, or even to unlock the door first. By using triggers, raycasting and enumerations, you can control when and how a player interacts with doors in your game levels."

Noesis Interactive's "Source Choreography & In-Game Cinematics" video tutorial has been released on design3.


"Explore Valve’s dynamic Face Poser toolset to develop choreographed NPC sequences, including custom dialog, facial animation and blended gestures - each containing multiple actors, conditionals, and events. Various sequences are then connected and additional interactivity can be integrated via the powerful input/output response system in Hammer for endless possibilities."

Noesis Interactive's "Custom Props and Animation with 3ds Max" has been released on design3 (and this one has 109 chapter videos in it!)


You’ll begin by learning the custom props workflow in Source® and basics of 3D animation in Autodesk’s® 3D Studio Max® 8. Then, develop, export and compile your creations and learn to manipulate them within the powerful Hammer™ level editor. Before you know it you’ll be creating dynamic objects that can be walked on, picked up, broken apart and brought to life within Source powered games.

Noesis Interactive's "Source Vehicle Programming" has been released on design3.


Source Vehicle Programming introduces you to the basic functions and methodologies of programming in the Source Engine. With a results oriented approach and an experimentation oriented attitude, see the real evolution of a vehicle modification from the very beginning, including compiler and Source Control integration using free, professional quality tools.

Noesis Interactive's "Source Vehicle Scripting" has been released on design3.

Check it out here: Bit.ly

"In a step-by-step process, examine the purpose and various uses for every scriptable property of the vehicle systems. Vehicle scripts present a particular problem due to the complex, hidden interactions between variables. With Source Vehicle Scripting, you'll learn not only what those interactions are, but you'll also go through examples of how to fine tune them to get the results you are looking for. From a car that falls up to a drag racing sports car, you'll run the gamut of possible changes and learn from experience the limits of scripting."

Noesis Interactive's "Character Design and Integration with Maya" has been released on design3.

Check it out here: Bit.ly

Using custom templates, you'll begin by quickly transforming ordinary facial photos into HL2 Deathmatch characters in no time. Then learn the award winning Autodesk Maya character toolset. Focus on rigging, weighting, UV mapping, and preparing your models to be exported to various game engines. Finally, you'll test, perfect, and export your 3D characters from Maya into Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.

Noesis Interactive's "Unity Particle Effects" video tutorial has been released on design3.

Check it out here:


We'll be taking a look at the particle system that Unity has developed and see what effects we can create. Let your game come to life with real-world and fantasy effects. We will teach you how to simulate water, smoke, and sci-fi effects and provide you with the final finished project files.

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