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There's a new video tutorial posted on design3. Check out "Character Selection Menu in Unity" here:

Learn how to make a selection menu with keyboard support. This menu functions like the normal Unity GUI but uses keyboard input and button navigation instead of a mouse.

The "Real-Time Character Animation" video tutorial is up on design3.
Real-Time Character Animation teaches you expert techniques used by professional animators. Working in Softimage with a character and animations from the Source engine video game, Counter Strike, you’ll learn how to blend different poses and motions together in order to create new animation sequences. Then use customized parameters to develop the controls and organization necessary to work with the animation sequences. Using device capture you’ll be able to link your mouse movements to the character animation controls and essentially turn your mouse into a motion capture tool. Finally, you’ll see how to create real-time shadows from the character model geometry.

Check out the "Source Creature Rigging" video tutorial on design3.


Working in Softimage, you’ll start with the basics of bones, joints, and hierarchies as you set up an animation rig for a biped skeleton character. Then learn how to create a shadow rig and envelope the character model to it. Next, you’ll see the character guides and rigs that are already included in Softimage and learn how to modify them to fit your own needs. Finally, you’ll go through the entire process of creating a skeletal rig for a quadruped dragon character, ready to export to the Source engine.

Check out this brand spankin' new tutorial on design3, "Triggered Cameras in Unity".


Add an interactive security station to your game! Learn how to use triggers, cameras, GUI Buttons, and first-person controller tools to make a fully functional closed circuit surveillance system. Great for first-person puzzles or cinematic sequences.

Want to learn to make machinima? "Source Machinima Choreography" is up on design3. The first 13 chapters are free for design3 trial members!


Direct a full range of digital characters and creatures using Valve’s Source engine Software Development Kit, then create elaborate in-game sequences featuring your digital cast. You’ll use the Face Poser animation software and the Hammer map editor to push machinima to new limits. Topics covered include character movement, animation blending, gesture manipulation, facial expressions, lip-synching, prop interaction, and more.

A new video tutorial, "Softimage 2011 - Intermediate Exercise", is up on design3. Model and texture an old style truck!


Use the tools and techniques shown in the previous Softimage 2011 training modules to create an old style pickup truck. This intermediate exercise will go through the complete process of polygon modeling, detailing, UV stamping, and texturing 3D objects for use in video games. This is the fourth and final module in Softimage 2011 Content Creation Fundamentals.

There's a new game in the design3 Arcade! Play the Unity game, "Mobile Skater", and tear it up in a simple skate park level. Tutorials covering how to make this game for iPhone, iPad, and Android are coming soon!


A new video tutorial, "Softimage 2011 - Basic Texturing", is up on design3. Learn to give those models some color!


This training module will teach you the basics of texturing 3D objects in Softimage 2011. Learn how to use materials, clusters, and texture projections to add color to your props and characters. Then follow along as the Texture Editor tool is used and explained in detail. Finally, learn the process of unfolding UVs from a 3D model in order to create interesting and unique textures. This is the third module in Softimage 2011 Content Creation Fundamentals.

A new video tutorial, "Softimage 2011 - Basic Modeling", is up on design3. Learn to create game ready models!


This training module will teach you the basics of modeling in Autodesk’s Softimage 2011. You’ll start by learning the tools and techniques to begin creating detailed objects for your video game worlds. Master the art of manipulating polygons, points, and edges into optimized game assets. This is the second module in Softimage 2011 Content Creation Fundamentals.

A new video tutorial, "Softimage 2011 - Interface", has been released on design3.com


This set of beginner modules will teach you the basics of 3D content creation in Autodesk’s Softimage 2011. You’ll start by learning this powerful program’s interface, how to navigate around your scenes, and organize your content.

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