Hi, My name is Noah, I love to program. C++ is my favourite language but I am proficient in Visual Basic, C#, ANSI C and finally Objective C. I spend most of my spare time programming a dinky engine. My preferred 3rd party libraries are OpenGL to handle triangle rasterisation and SFML to handle pretty much everything else I also have experience with SDL. I would be glad to help anyone if they are reasonable and respectful. My all time favourite compiler is GCC but I do have experience with VS and Clang. Have any questions? just run them by me.

0 comments by Noah.Klabo on Jul 9th, 2014

If anyone would like to learn C++ I am still available to help I have hired one of my friends to revamp my website so that will be up soon. If you need someone to help fix something or explain a solution one on one just PM me.
The only problem is that my schedule is a little crazy now that I'm working full time
so please schedule ahead of time.

Report abuse So much work.....

0 comments by Noah.Klabo on Jun 25th, 2014

*Random thoughts*
3AM still have a lot of work to finish.
I have to reamp my GUI library (based on SFML)
Been freelancing a lot lately, Although its been helping me get a lot more programming under my belt.
Hope to finish some large projects soon but real life keeps on getting in the way XD Oh, well.

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