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Okay, so considering this is my first blog, I figured I should post a little bit about myself before I really get into the main content. I'm a 19 year male from a little old place called the United Kingdom, I spend quite a lot of my time on this site, trying to post constuctive comments to help developers improve their mods, I know how to have a laugh and I'm not above making a joke out of myself.

Now for the juicy bit; mods I'm currently enjoying.
Currently, the mod I'm playing the most would be Vora_Bat's Price Of Terrorism mod for Men Of War. The mod brings Men Of War into the 21st century by adding a large amount of modern day weapons and vehicles, among which are the M1A1 Abrams and the BTR 80. Currently POT only has two missions released, but what missions they are! The first act places you into a middle eastern town with the main objective being to take back a large building that Insurgents have taken over, while the second act puts you into the mountains of Afghanistan on a hunt for Insurgents who ambushed your Humvee column. Both of these missions are challenging but not to the point where they become rage inducing.

Of course with most mods there's a fair share of glitches and issues, mostly due to the fact that it's being built on a Russian version of the game and doesn't convert well to the English version, however it's clear Vora_Bat is aware of these issues and is working hard to fix them, going as far as to set up a beta testing circle for English players (Of which I am unfortunately not a part) to get all these bugs ironed out. So I'd recommend this mod for all keen MoW players, and I'd recommend MoW to all keen RTS players.

So how did I do?

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