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My name is Nicolás. I'm from Argentina. That´s all the information I'm allowed to provide at the moment by my administrator. Please contact an Aperture Science Supervisor in order to recieve further details. Gotta get back to the lab. Nico Seibel, we're done here.

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Deus Ex

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Deus Ex.

I had never thought I'd find a game as great as Half-Life, maybe even better. The story, the setting, the characters, everything combines to make such a great experience. I can't believe I had never played this game until this year; I can't believe what a great story I had been missing. At the moment of writing this, I must admit I've yet to finish the game. 30 hours into it already, and I feel like if I was just starting to see the action.

All in all, a remarkable game. Make sure to try it, if you haven't already!


Half-Life 2

Game review - 4 agree

One of the greatest games in the world, Half-Life 2 is an outstanding title in the history of gaming. Words aren't enough to describe the magnificence of the Half-Life series. Full of action, adventure, puzzles, and even some mistery, this game will go through the history books as a game that changed the history of gaming forever.


Fortress Forever

Mod review - 5 agree

This mod makes me feel as if I was playing Team Fortress Classic!



Game review

In my opinion, this is a great game.



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