1996 borned boy from finland. You can add me as a friend if you want to :D Mods made by me: (Amnesia The Dark Descent): Grueling Adventure, Great Enlightenment, Horror Cellar.

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nikon99 Feb 26 2014, 11:42am says:

It took me nearly 3hours to complete this, i must say that this was insanely disturbing, in a good way of course :)

I just faced some problems during the story.

At the lever door part i only had to pull 2 levers and got the door working.

Also i think the tunnel which leads to the room where is aqua regia is pretty damn hard to notice, i even had to watch walkthrough for it.

It would be nice to have some kind of hint that there might be another way to get inside the room. I got stuck there like 40minutes and then i gave up :D

But because this was overall so damn well made CS, and the story line was really interesting and creepy, 10/10 isnt even enough for this.

Thanks for making this, really enjoyed it :)

+1 vote   mod: Escape from Brackenburg
nikon99 Dec 25 2013, 8:21am says:

this was fun to play, i was amazed how much new stuff there was.

10/10 keep up the good work!!

+2 votes   mod: ☆ Winter's Curse [RPG] ☆
nikon99 Dec 24 2013, 5:09pm says:

omfg this must be crazy! i cant wait to play this!

+4 votes   mod: Amnesia - In Her Memory
nikon99 Dec 24 2013, 5:00pm says:

I love christmas custom stories, i hope you guys would release this soon :))

+2 votes   mod: A Christmas Nightmare
nikon99 Dec 24 2013, 4:55pm says:

Wow seems to be EPIC! I cant wait till this is finished!

+2 votes   mod: Amnesia: Fear in Hands
nikon99 Nov 21 2013, 9:39am replied:

Thanks for this well detailed review, its an pleasure to read these :) And i will try to get better and focus on your criticism.

+1 vote   mod: Horror Cellar
nikon99 Oct 17 2013, 1:14pm says:

spoiler alert!

Really good mod, maps were AMAZING, and much unique stuff. Some parts was glitchy, like that part when you had to put 3 rods in that machine, and it would open the gate for lab. I found only 2 of them and still the gate opened.

And that lab map didnt quite match there on castle which was made in probably around 1800, and then there in the lab was electricity and modern technology.

But otherwise REALLY GOOD work!

+1 vote   mod: The Things in the Night
nikon99 Sep 20 2013, 7:23am says:

The map design was pretty bad in my opinion, the maps looked like they were made in rush, with no details.
Also i think your stairway was too simple, and it had glitches. Overall the CS was worse than decent

Come on, you can make better CS, just dont rush with it. Take time to create something amazing.

This is 2/10 Sorry.

+1 vote   mod: In da house - Chapter One
nikon99 Sep 7 2013, 2:58pm says:

funny custom story name :D im gonna test this one out =D

+1 vote   mod: In da house - Chapter One
nikon99 Sep 2 2013, 1:59pm says:


+2 votes   member: ☣Kaernk☣
nikon99 Aug 29 2013, 6:11am says:

is it possible to get moving avatar?

0 votes   member: WyldStyle
nikon99 Aug 25 2013, 11:52am replied:

I know, i have played so many custom stories, and even made my own.

You just made too big maps. I have played much more better stories.

Also that "button machine" should have numbers above the buttons. It was confusing.

+1 vote   mod: The Seed
nikon99 Aug 16 2013, 1:47pm replied:

I think it might be because this mod can be bit challenging at some parts, but i loved it so much.

+1 vote   mod: The Great Work
nikon99 Aug 15 2013, 8:09am says:

Spoiler alert

Dude, i yesterday almost got braindamage from this CS, at first, there was that gate in the main hall of this castle.

I didnt see it, and i tried to find how to open that gate like 1hour, because the maps are so big. Thats why i got angry.

And also i didnt find many other things, like that cabinet which was enabled to bring down, that took like another hour.

And thats why i ragequitted.

Still, i think i will download this mod again, and try to finish it. You could add some hints for these things.

I dont like to waste my time for finding levers and stuff.

Also, the lighting of these maps are pretty horrible, one room is completely bright, and another is dark as hell :D

0 votes   mod: The Seed
nikon99 May 6 2013, 12:50pm says:

it was really really good, long as hell, and later it was fcking confusing! :D

Thanks for awesome custom story, if 10/10 wouldnt be max, i would give at least 20/10 :D

And the 2nd monster was creepy as hell! (the one with pale face and black robe) I think it was way more scary than regular monsters.

I must say that this may be the best cs ever! So unique.

+1 vote   mod: The Great Work
nikon99 May 6 2013, 12:39pm says:

Onko tää koko versio? Aion todellakin pelata, näyttää aivan mahtavalta kuvista päätellen :D

+3 votes   mod: Fekete Keres - Black Search
nikon99 Apr 28 2013, 7:57am says:

You had really nice story. Also map design was really good. This was interesting custom story :) I wish the ending could have been bit clearer, but otherwise this was awesome!

i give you 9/10

+1 vote   mod: Castle Dorian - [Full Version]
nikon99 Apr 28 2013, 7:06am says:

Good custom story, i liked it a lot. And it was long also. Atmosphere was good, and maps were awesome.


+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
nikon99 Apr 9 2013, 6:31am says:

Like the most of people said already here, i loved the design of the maps, these were amazing! The story was also pretty good, some of the keys were bit hard to find. Especially the key III in the saloon. That took me like 30minutes to find, and i couldnt even find it myself. I had to watch walkthrough for it :D


Awesome map design!

Hyvää työtä :D

+1 vote   mod: Dark Saloon II
nikon99 Mar 13 2013, 3:21pm replied:

yeah well i think i made good work and so on :P

and there are no cube fogs in every CS ;)

+1 vote   mod: Grueling Adventure
nikon99 Feb 18 2013, 9:19am says:

Kokeillaas :D aina mielenkiintoista testata suomalaisia custom storyjä :) kaua sul meni aikaa tähän?

+1 vote   mod: The Anguish
nikon99 Feb 9 2013, 12:22pm says:

This **** gave me headache, i dont think this deserves 8.6 rating... i give this 3/10. you were lazy at the maps, these were really mainstream and you even copied them and modded bit. thats messy, dont do that again.

+2 votes   mod: Horrors of the Past
nikon99 Feb 8 2013, 2:24pm says:

I love that design! I see that this map is made well.

+2 votes   media: Pictures
nikon99 Feb 8 2013, 2:21pm says:

This is really offtopic question, but how did you take your screenshots without that amnesia crosshair dot?

Thanks in advance! :D

+2 votes   mod: Obscurity
nikon99 Feb 7 2013, 12:31pm says:

Awesome that there is new amnesia mods which are well made and long, this one i will test out! :)

+2 votes   mod: The Great Work
nikon99 Feb 6 2013, 10:59am says:

Hell yeah! Finally a map which looks really good and well made and not cheap!

Like most people said. Really awesome map design!

Definitely 10/10 for map, its bit short but i really, really love that you used so much customized sounds and not these well known amnesia basic sounds.

Because this was new experience for me, i will still give you 10/10. More creators should do their CS like you did!

+2 votes   mod: The Mansion 1408 [Cinematic Mod]
nikon99 Feb 6 2013, 10:53am says:


When i exit the cellar where the brute attacks me and comes text called: Escape quick! then i get map error and game crashes, i think you could fix that..

+2 votes   mod: Forgotten
nikon99 Jan 18 2013, 4:53pm says:

what do you mean by sending a custom story?

+1 vote   member: nielspaulithomsen
nikon99 Jan 14 2013, 2:02pm says:

Omg so nice atmosphere!

+1 vote   media: Doors
nikon99 Jan 6 2013, 11:07am says:

so is this first amnesia mod here?

+1 vote   mod: The Curse Of Brewer Manor
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