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niick Aug 18 2014, 12:32am says:

So that's it for now, all variants finished and I'm partly satisfied with results, now waiting for your comments.
I am going to a week long trip today so won't be uploading more stuff for this time but I will go back to work after this and (hopefully) compile all this to work with Misery.

+2 votes     media: AKS-74 pack updated
niick Aug 16 2014, 8:51pm says:

looks very good

+2 votes     media: CoD2 improved winter Waffen SS
niick Aug 16 2014, 1:00am replied:

Ah, so it's not the anim I thought of :) I was talking about anim you can find in LA model pack or STCoP Weapon Pack

+1 vote     media: G36
niick Aug 15 2014, 3:53pm replied:

This model is great but the stock folding anim isn't very good. I mean, it looks cool, but it's not so nice when you need to take your weapon out for fight but first you have to wait for character to unfold it... In fight every milisecond counts and with this weapon you lose 2-3 seconds just to get the rifle ready.

+1 vote     media: G36
niick Aug 15 2014, 3:37pm says:

I think it should be a bit more beaten up anyway, WWII rifle in such perfect condition belongs to museum, not the Zone black market :) still, very good job

+1 vote     media: New G43 Variant
niick Aug 13 2014, 2:17pm says:

great screens, looks very vivid

+3 votes     media: Beautiful Danger
niick Aug 13 2014, 12:56pm replied:

1. Sure, when I finish all AK variants that I planned (listed in first post) I will upload it here or or my profile (would rather put it here as more people can see it, but I'd understand if admins would not want this stuff here)
2. Of course, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use it, as long as you give credits and don't use it for material benefits.
3. Yes, I will for sure make MP5 pack using this model as MP5 is one of my favourite weapons, but vanilla model totally sucks for me and this one is really wonderful. But this will be relatively distant future as I don't have much time for this. For example, this worn AKS-74 was collecting dust on my HDD for three months before I had time and desire to continue my work.

Thanks for the kind words, I'll surely upload more soon.

+1 vote     media: Worn AKS-74
niick Aug 13 2014, 8:07am replied:

yes I know, I just treat this one as a practice :) will tone that down later. however about the rusty weapons it's not like it never happens: here you can see weapons of Somali pirates, guns are completely covered in rust (yet fully functional).
Would appreciate link to your tutorial, every bit of info matters a lot to me

+1 vote     media: Worn AKS-74
niick Aug 13 2014, 6:07am replied:

Yeah it looks like it's rusty but it's not rust, it's dirt that is too bright in the sunlight... Will have to fix that.

+1 vote     media: Rusty AKS-74
niick Aug 12 2014, 11:39pm says:

I want to replace every variant in Misery with new model, but it needs additional skins. As you can see, standard, worn and rusty variants are finished, for alternative I will just use another skin for it from OWR 1.0 and for modern the bulgarian AKS from Arsenal Overhaul mod, I also plan to introduce customised variants for Freedom and Duty factions. I have not decided yet about custom and camo variant, if you have any ideas post them here and I'll try to do it.
Btw any criticism is welcome

+1 vote     media: Worn AKS-74
niick Aug 12 2014, 7:10pm says:

lol'd at sunglasses
nice mutant parts icons though

+2 votes     media: That moment
niick Aug 12 2014, 7:04pm replied:

well, this... I was astonished until I looked at the ground :(

+2 votes     media: Zaton at sunset
niick Aug 11 2014, 6:32pm replied:

Yes I feel the same looking at photos (never seen it irl), but well this is a rifle meant to use with optics, ironsights are more like back-up thing.

+1 vote     media: FN F2000 rifle
niick Aug 11 2014, 6:22pm says:

Very good model, best AKM I have ever seen in any mod.

+2 votes     media: New AKM
niick Aug 11 2014, 6:21pm replied:

I don't think it should be 'majority', remember CoP area is quite close to the center of the Zone. but still rookies could carry this weapon

+1 vote     media: Borz
niick Aug 11 2014, 4:56pm replied:


+2 votes     media: Borz
niick Aug 10 2014, 4:53pm replied:

this chimera just jumped :) that's why it looks like it walked

+2 votes     media: Mutants
niick Aug 9 2014, 3:02pm says:

Pretty nice, however how about making bakelite mags for it? All AKs have metal magazines...

+2 votes     media: Dirty Camo AK74u
niick Aug 5 2014, 1:25am replied:

Exactly. It looks like a poor attempt of giving these hands appearance of a nanosuit...

+3 votes     media: Pseudo-mod #4
niick Aug 4 2014, 12:07am replied:

Honestly I really like these blue outfits even knowing they're totally unrealistic. I've seen lots of skins for Mercs, Zone of Alienation has very good Mercenary skins too.

0 votes     media: Merc character
niick Aug 4 2014, 12:04am says:

Misery has weird weapon distribution script, I wish they left unique character weapons' as they were and did random weaponry only to other stalkers.

+1 vote     media: Over protective guide :P
niick Aug 3 2014, 8:18pm replied: +1 vote     media: Indoor 2
niick Aug 3 2014, 8:15pm replied:

compared to SoC and CoP, yes, it was bad. it felt like CoD in Zone. the story was nice but gameplay was bad.

+1 vote     media: Clear Sky
niick Aug 2 2014, 5:32pm says:

Nice. Browning HP owns! There's only one thing I don't like, the amount of weapons with optics, I think these should be much rarer.

+2 votes     media: CoD2 Prisonbreak gameplay (Leon SP map)
niick Aug 2 2014, 1:30pm says:

Thank you! Seems like a cool sidearm. Take your Sako for long-range sniping, but keep the MP5K in case things go awry...

+2 votes     media: MP5k
niick Aug 2 2014, 10:06am says:

Were these guns used in Africa?

+1 vote     media: CoD2 150mm C36 cannon on Eldaba
niick Aug 2 2014, 4:03am says:

very nice, that's a cool weapon

+2 votes     media: FNP 45
niick Aug 1 2014, 7:52pm says:

Pretty nice. Will they be the only using FG42 or will Wehrmacht use it too? In other words, are weapons random or tied to one type of enemy?

+1 vote     media: CoD2 Fallschirmjagers in Newvillers (Tiger town)
niick Aug 1 2014, 7:50pm says:

Wow! This is incredible, great job guys

+3 votes     media: Wow
niick Jul 31 2014, 1:26pm says:

Still can't figure out why is this thing called a tank.

+4 votes     media: Still can't figure out.....
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