Hello, I'm John, a novice game developer and a huge fan of games made in the 90's and early-to-mid 2000's. I prefer to keep to myself, so there isn't much for you to see around here, sorry... but feel free to leave me a message if you feel inclined to do so.

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Nihillo Oct 30 2013, 12:25am replied:

You're obnoxious. Be patient and be quiet.

+3 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Nihillo Sep 2 2013, 11:29am replied:

I haven't finished playing yet, so I don't know what's going on and where they came from, but for all intents and purposes they are basically zombies.

+2 votes   mod: Underhell
Nihillo Mar 31 2013, 11:23pm replied:

Shhh, you're ruining it.

+3 votes   article: Happy April! :)
Nihillo Mar 31 2013, 10:49pm says:

Amazing level design.

+15 votes   media: "Flashlight Training Room", April Build
Nihillo Mar 14 2013, 7:51am says:

So, I know Goblins can't scale over the walls of castles, due to limitations of the engine, but could they climb over the walls of camps, then? I mean, it's not really a big deal, they could just... walk in, camps don't have gates, but I'm curious to know if that would be possible.

+3 votes   media: Some Camps in 4.0
Nihillo Mar 14 2013, 7:39am replied:

Only Angmar will have walls.

+6 votes   media: Imladris Changes
Nihillo Mar 2 2013, 1:11am says:

Impressive stuff!

+7 votes   media: Underhell Chapter 1 : Features Showcase PART 2
Nihillo Jan 28 2013, 9:01pm says:

Personally, I don't think it's fitting to have a cafeteria in a barely used materials transport system. It's one of the service areas of Black Mesa, there wouldn't be enough traffic to warrant such a thing.

+3 votes   media: OaR Uncut Early Alpha Screenshots - A1 and A2
Nihillo Dec 13 2012, 9:18pm replied:

You sure are asking for a lot of things...

+2 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
Nihillo Nov 12 2012, 1:49pm replied:

They would need to record and add in hundreds of new lines, and they would also need good voice actors who can speak Chinese, that's a lot of work for something that isn't even all that important.

+1 vote   article: CoH: Modern Combat - Patch 1.011 is Finally Here!
Nihillo Sep 14 2012, 12:06pm replied:

It will speed up after a while, don't worry.

+4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Nihillo Jul 13 2012, 4:49am replied:

Go to the video options and set shaders to high instead of ultra. That should fix it.

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
Nihillo Jan 3 2012, 11:00am replied:

The only real issue I've had with props is when the owner of the prop has left the game and one of his props is blocking an important pathway.

I think it would be best if you could claim ownership over orphaned props, or if it was randomly assigned to another player.

+1 vote   mod: Contingency
Nihillo Dec 10 2011, 3:19am says:

It looks great, but it is awful quiet in that place. I don't know if you will be working on that later, but this could use some ambient sounds.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay | The Garage
Nihillo Sep 11 2011, 4:25pm replied:

The installer may have installed the mod to the Program Files folder, instead of Program Files(x86), look for it there.

+2 votes   mod: Titan: XCIX
Nihillo Sep 11 2011, 1:46am says:

Outstanding mod! I loved everything about it.

My only criticism is that the dialogue has a slow pace, the voice acting itself is good, but it seems there's too long of a pause between sentences, something that I believe should be improved in the next episodes.

I also experienced a bug after that segment with the zany crewmember locked up in the room with the tanks and valves, after I hum... 'reasoned' with him the game told me I had found a certain key item, but it didn't actually give it to me. I had to load a previous save and do it again, no big deal though.

Anyway, I am very impressed! It's amazing that you have done such a polished and well made mod all by yourself. I wish you good luck with the rest of development and hope everything goes well.

+4 votes   article: Titan: XCIX - Part ONE Released
Nihillo Sep 7 2011, 12:34am replied:

Looks more like a futuristic version of a stealth bomber based on a B-2 and a F-117. I doubt they would be using B-2s in... whatever year this whole thing happens.

+8 votes   article: Fuel-Air Bomb Peace
Nihillo Aug 29 2011, 3:05pm replied:

If anything, it sounds like he will be escorting YOU (the player).

+3 votes   media: Bank Holiday Weekend Update - Urby
Nihillo Aug 4 2011, 9:20pm says:

So this will replace the Protosoldier or what?

0 votes   media: OF2 - Synth Combine Soldier (WIP)
Nihillo Jul 25 2011, 1:10am says:

That's solid and professional voice acting right there, I applaud Stig for his great performances.

+3 votes   article: DragonNOR - Voiceacting Showreel
Nihillo Jul 6 2011, 3:26pm says:

Love how the Hybrid's portrait resembles the Atari logo. Nice looking graphics too.

+2 votes   media: The Maze
Nihillo Jun 28 2011, 10:05pm says:

It looks neat, I like the crooked portal.

+1 vote   media: Chamber 09 Overgrown
Nihillo Jun 24 2011, 2:16am says:

It looks better, now they look like Aperture Science panels, before they kind of looked like regular floor tiles.

+1 vote   media: Cleaner Floor Texture
Nihillo Jun 24 2011, 2:14am says:

Took me a couple seconds to recognize it, but yeah, I remember this place. In my opinion the lighting is ok.

+1 vote   media: Chamber 15
Nihillo Jun 22 2011, 9:37pm says:

I think it looks pretty good.

+1 vote   media: Hard WIP
Nihillo Jun 17 2011, 6:51am replied:

Why? Do american characters have an american flag in their HUD in First Person Shooters? Of course not, no offense, but that's a silly idea.

+15 votes   media: New HUD
Nihillo Jun 16 2011, 7:14am says:

Well, it's very... tunnelly.

+1 vote   media: Tunnel concept
Nihillo Jun 16 2011, 7:10am replied:

Good point.

+1 vote   media: TV rack model
Nihillo Jun 12 2011, 6:32pm says:

Cool looking ship. Nice work!

+2 votes   media: Tau 61
Nihillo May 28 2011, 10:09pm says:

It looks nice, and it fits with that particular lighting.

+1 vote   media: Special Effects - Experiment
Nihillo Dec 18 2014, 2:51am says:

I like how the bit that surrounds the map in this interface kinda looks like a horseshoe, and the Mordor one highlights the ring shapes with a vivid red (pretty obvious symbolism there), and the Imlardis one has a small star decoration on the left side that seems to be pointing west, perhaps alluding to the exodus of the Elves to lands beyond the western shores.

In most cases these are not mere interfaces made to just look cool (and they definitely DO look cool), they reference the culture and style of each faction; all of these subtle, neat little details show the love of the Edain team for this mod, and for the lore of this series overall. Well done, your dedication is remarkable!

+4 votes   media: Improved Widescreen Interface
Nihillo Dec 26 2013, 9:22pm says:

It's hard to get toilet paper in this post-apocaliptic alien-controlled world, you know.

+24 votes   media: Rebel Outhouse
Nihillo May 4 2011, 12:18am says:

Yeah, the rings look nice. Great job guys!

+5 votes   article: Technology of Peace
Nihillo Apr 1 2011, 7:53pm says:

I lol'd.

But seriously, you guys should really make a sequel, or at least another mod.

+3 votes   article: Precursor Sequel Announced (april fools)
Nihillo Mar 18 2011, 2:21pm says:

Nice, more variety in enemies! That's a good idea.

Though, to be honest, I don't think the Combine soldiers need morale boost, they already have superiority in firepower, technology and numbers, that is not to say that they are invincible, but I do believe they have the upper hand; I wouldn't worry about being overpowered by a poor, unorganized rebellion if I was one of them. Besides, they are cyborgs, we don't even know if they still have emotions -or for that matter, morale.

Just my opinion, though. Keep up the good work. :)

+1 vote   media: Special Units
Nihillo Feb 17 2011, 3:18am replied:

Probably the original.

+4 votes   article: Original Dear Esther out now on Desura
Nihillo Feb 16 2011, 9:57pm replied:

I suppose it will be added in game. This is just a render.

+4 votes   media: Soviet Nuclear Reactor
Nihillo Oct 4 2010, 1:07am replied:

Yup, definetely.

+2 votes   media: Imperial Star Destroyer Render
Nihillo Jun 13 2010, 9:34pm replied:

What's wrong with the current Star Destroyer?

+1 vote   article: New map: Space Anoat
Nihillo May 22 2010, 2:55am replied:

Oh, and one more thing: starting the game with orange portals shouldn't really bother you, once you have grown accustumed to how the Portal Gun works. I believe it was mentioned in the Developer Commentary somewhere that the decision to start with orange was merely to differentiate it from the original game and give the players the feeling that they are entering another kind of Portal. A valid decision, in my opinion.

+5 votes   article: A good attempt.
Nihillo May 22 2010, 2:38am says:

"found the voice acting to be robotic and terrible, sounds like it was being generated from MS Sam"
If I'm not mistaken, it actually was generated by some sort of program.

As for your review, well, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect your point of view, however, I feel the need to point out that this mod was intended to be much, much harder than Portal. Think of it as "extra-hard/nightmare difficulty", it is only for the die-hard fans and those looking for a challenge.

Now, I believe "Claustrophobic" is not the appropriate word to describe this experience; I think I understand what you mean, though, I felt pressured and apprehensive while trudging my way through the test chambers, so yeah, it's heavy... but still, even the first Portal game was a tad claustrophobic, afterall, you are a lab rat trapped in a maze, with an insane artificial intelligence monitoring your every step, guiding you through a course that will lead to your inevitable demise. Perhaps the element of danger was more evident here, but that does not make the mod more or less claustrophobic. It was intense, and that is one of the things that makes it interesting -some of us loonies enjoy that sort of thing. :P For me, it was thrilling.

So, perhaps you should know what you are getting into before you play, I'm under the impression that your judgement of the mod was solely based on a concept you had in mind before playing it, and how the mod fails to live up to your expectations. Again, that is not to say your opinion is "wrong" or something silly like that, I'm just saying that you should try to judge Portal: Prelude for what it is worth, instead of what you expect it to be.

+8 votes   article: A good attempt.
Nihillo Apr 8 2010, 2:09am says:

Thank you for releasing this much needed patch. I guess this gives me an excuse to play again! :P

+3 votes   download: Napalm Edition 1.1 Patch
Nihillo Apr 3 2010, 12:48pm says:

It's a Phase I Dark Trooper from the old-school First Person Shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces.

For further reading: Starwars.wikia.com

+1 vote   media: New units; early April '10
Nihillo Aug 16 2009, 6:29pm replied:

yeah, it's indeed very similar to the Terminator theme, and that's awesome.

+13 votes   media: OF2's Nuclear Update - Official Theme Song
Nihillo Aug 14 2009, 12:51am says:

Are you using random skies for the campaign? Nice job, by the way. ;)

+1 vote   article: Aldura Campaign - Locales
Nihillo Jul 4 2009, 12:24pm says:

I have WON and I can play, so no. :)

Nice mod, by the way, the ending was interesting, hehe.

+4 votes   download: Life's End
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