I like things of high fantasy and mysticism. I also like medieval and renaissance related things. I went role playing at a renaissance fair once for example, a hell of a lot of fun. I have dabbled in places such as game modding and coding, PC case modding, to making youtube videos, and even playing Warhammer 40,000. I'm also the leader of my band Independent Ocean, a band of only two people with some passion for playing acoustic guitars. At the end of the day though, it all comes down to me settling down at my PC desk, keyboard in one hand and my mouse/glass of coca-cola in the other. Also, feel free to hit me up on Xbox Live if you want.

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You know, there are a lot of things that can piss me off. Like when you are at the store checking out and the cashier tries to get social with you. You know, the type of cashier that makes some sort of comment on what you are buying, or they give you a weird look. I don't know, they just make me uncomfortable. Another thing I hate is when you are trying to talk to someone, and the whole time they are just acting like fucking retards. Hur hur. Kind of like one of my older brothers. He does stuff with me pissed off in mind. For example, I stay up almost all night every night just surfing the internet or playing some online games. So I like to sleep in, but, while I'm trying to sleep at like 2 in the afternoon, he walks across the end of my bed (my mattress is low to the ground because I like it that way) when he can just go around. Picture it. Two paths, and yet, he just chooses to pounce across the end of my bed. Can't say I blame him, I mean, after all, it is 2 in the afternoon, and normal people would be awake long before then lol...

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