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Silent Hill-Heather

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I respect the ambition that went in to this, and for the most part it does feel and control like a survival horror game. I'm not sure if you plan to expand on it, but in it's current hour long state it feels kind of empty.

There's barely a story, which is fine, but that makes the backstory explanation at the end jarring and totally unnecessary. Not to mention it makes absolutely no sense, probably because of how bad the English translation is. Although that does make it feel kind of retro.

It's hard to judge the actual gameplay since it's so short. The design of the hotel section is also a little poor. Running around looking for keys is definitely an element that many survival horror games have, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's fun. I didn't find it annoying here because of how small the map is, but if there are further levels made I hope there won't be more of this on a grander scale. The enemies also ganged up on me mercilessly in this section, forcing me to clear some of them out with god mode enabled. I might just suck at the mod, so I'll let that go.

The monsters with the claws are really overpowered, and crudely animated. Also, the controls are really unresponsive. I know that's an intentional design choice intended to make the game artificially difficult, but when the aim takes five whole seconds to turn off after you take your hand off the button, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks because you can't just run away, it's just not fun.

I enjoyed the 45-60 minutes I played, and although I'm disappointed it was so short, I'm pretty sure if it went on longer I would've liked it less.

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