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nickreaper Nov 14 2010, 12:27pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Counter Strike Source Inspirate (EspaƱol)
nickreaper Nov 7 2010, 9:51pm replied:

Think about it. He's wearing WOODLAND CAMMO! None of it blends, it just looks good. His plan wasn't to make it blend in the first place. Otherwise he'd be brown, beige, and orange.

-2 votes   media: Grunts in Desert Camo
nickreaper Nov 7 2010, 9:46pm says:

I dunno...certain things are oversized and too brightly colored. Looks kind of like a cartoon. Not to sound like a jackass, but maybe since you're doing a redux you should've used Half-Life Source for it's better lighting engine. Of course it's too late now, and more people own Half-Life so it would've been kind of stupid. Just a point.

+3 votes   media: Help From Crowbar
nickreaper Nov 7 2010, 11:02am says:

I like how the blood covers Wolverine's face. It adds mystery to his model.

+1 vote   media: Wolverine Attack.
nickreaper Nov 3 2010, 8:41pm replied:

How is this illegal? The entire PC community is built on player made mods, addons, etc. Just taking models from a game isn't illegal, what the **** puts it in your head that it is? WHAT?

0 votes   mod: HALF LIFE 2
nickreaper Nov 3 2010, 8:31pm says:

Of course the only Assassin's Creed mod is anime related...silly me I forget how much Assassin's Creed has to ******* anime. It doesn't even look like anime, looks more like gay man cosplaying as Ezio. A fangirl's dream I'd assume...anyway, it sucks plain and simple.

+10 votes   mod: Anime Ezio!
nickreaper Oct 28 2010, 11:32am replied:

No, it's not. Just because you don't own quake doesn't make using it's models for another game illegla, especially considering ID software can't even make money off of the game anymore. Actually learn how the PC community works before you post comments on it.

-1 votes   download: Quake 2 Models pack
nickreaper Oct 25 2010, 10:29pm says:

Something I experience for all mods for both Max Payne and Max Payne 2 is when I try to switch weapons it'll jump around randomly through the weapons. Like, I'll press 1 and it'll take me to the 5th down, then 2nd, then 1st, then 3rd, 4th, 8th. It always is in the same order so if I can memorize it it's fine but, man, what a bitch. I own the Steam version, if that might have an effect on this mod. Just wondering if anyone could help e out with this.

Oh yeah, epic mod!

+1 vote   mod: Victoriously Enhanced Max Payne 2
nickreaper Oct 21 2010, 7:28pm replied:

No it's not illegal. If this is illegal every mod, addon, and expansion in existence is illegal.

-2 votes   download: The HL2 Scanner for HL1
nickreaper Oct 21 2010, 6:11pm replied:

Way to improperly use the contraction "you're"!

-4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
nickreaper Oct 19 2010, 12:00pm says:

Scream isn't really his name. His name (or rather the costume's name) is Ghostface. Scream is only the name of the movie he's from...great model though.

+1 vote   download: Scream
nickreaper Oct 19 2010, 11:55am replied:

You need to work on your English there, mate. It's so bad you use "greetings" as a form of goodbye, greetings is a form of HELLO.

+1 vote   download: Player bot
nickreaper Oct 17 2010, 12:32am says:

I hate most multiplayer games. I like doing things at my own pace, and ******* around a bit, so singlepalyer's my thing. Usually if the people I'm playing with are in the room with me (like split screen), It's Co-Op, a fighting game, or anything that isn't really competitive: I'll have fun.

+1 vote   poll: Multiplayer games
nickreaper Oct 14 2010, 4:52pm says:

Have you heard of a mod called Fate Reversal. It's essentially the same concept.

0 votes   mod: Half-Life Episode Two
nickreaper Oct 11 2010, 3:35pm says:

Whenever I start it up everything is pitch black except for the HUD.

+3 votes   mod: Head Tracking in source engine
nickreaper Oct 11 2010, 2:51pm says:

You guys deserve a Nobel Prize in Electronics...if there exists that kind of Nobel Prize.

+3 votes   mod: Head Tracking in source engine
nickreaper Oct 5 2010, 7:09pm replied:

No, modding the PS3 is nearly impossible, not to mention it's probably illegal aswell. Last thing you want is a company like Sony suing you.

+2 votes   download: Unlock all Multiplayer Clothing
nickreaper Oct 5 2010, 7:06pm says:

"(MORE BETTER)" That's god awful grammar.

+1 vote   download: Spider-Man New Costume(More Better)
nickreaper Oct 5 2010, 7:04pm replied:

That kind of defeats the purpose of trying to make the game more realistic.

+2 votes   media: Legs
nickreaper Oct 5 2010, 5:33pm says:

Wasn't there already a perfectly good version of Ivan The Space Biker?

+2 votes   download: Beta Gordon
nickreaper Sep 18 2010, 3:43pm replied:

NO, source is a completely different game engine. that's like asking if a ps2 disk will work in an xbox 360.

+8 votes   mod: Half-Life: Decay
nickreaper Sep 15 2010, 4:14pm replied:

they're basically the same thing. the only difference is that in the original version you dump mods into c:/sierra/half-life, where in the steam version they ho in c:/program files/steam/steamapps/(username)/half-life other than that, SAME THING!...well there might be a few other things, but probably minor.

+1 vote   media: New Menu
nickreaper Sep 15 2010, 4:10pm says:

so before gordon puts on the hazard suit will he have scientist legs? i'm not sure how you'd actually be able to do that.

+2 votes   media: Legs
nickreaper Aug 30 2010, 10:29pm says:

i downloaded this and used with the steam version for half-life and half of the weapons were unusable. when the shotgun fired it had no effect and the firing animation was replaced by the reloading animation. the mp5 had no animation, no sound, and no effect whatsoever. it just flashed. the crossbow was a shotgun, it had all the animations of the crossbow, but it shot out shotgun pellets and a shell came out.the rpg is the tau cannon except worked for infinity, the gluon gun did absolutely nothing, tau cannon was gluon gun except with no effect, everything was just a clusterfuck.

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life: Redux
nickreaper Aug 30 2010, 10:22pm says:

is this gonna be singleplayer aswell?

+1 vote   mod: L4D-Mod
nickreaper Aug 30 2010, 10:21pm says:

reminds me of a black mesa security guard...that was probably his former occupation.

+1 vote   media: Axel
nickreaper Aug 30 2010, 10:20pm replied:

he spilled beer on his jeans.

+4 votes   media: Gary
nickreaper Aug 24 2010, 12:02am replied:

it isn't his fault, it's valve's.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
nickreaper Aug 23 2010, 11:55pm replied:

no, infact it makes it worse

+3 votes   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
nickreaper Aug 22 2010, 6:00pm replied:

why does it have to be on the source engine?

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
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