I am fun, loving and like long walks on the bea...wait wrong website, I am co-founder of Nightman Games, I was born and raised in Scotland, and have a passion for gaming. I have clocked more than 1000 hours on Oblivion (console & windows), maybe around 500 on Fallout 3 and 250 on New Vegas. Most of that time is in mods more than the actual games. I am a one man mod dev team which I guess is why my main mod hasn't been released yet. I really don't know what else to put here so just ask if you want to know anything. Ciao for now!

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Classic - Mass Effect Reborn

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(Based on the 1.0 release)

Brilliant so far, visually fantastic, even using the nvidia friendly install. The only reason it's not 10/10 is because I've yet to play on a map that doesn't cause me to strain my eyes, yes the starfield is great to look at and the suns being bright are great for screenshots, but for practicality it isn't nice, I personally find it annoying to try to play with. I know some people are happy with the maps but I'm not so far.

Gameplay needs a little work, its great but waiting a few minutes for a ship to build is incredibly boring at times, there's a big lack of surveillance ships (literally found myself hyperspacing around a map to find enemies close to the end of a skirmish). I know plenty of people play without research enabled but that's another thing I enjoy about the vanilla game and most other mods that this is currently lacking.

Balance between races seems good, little tweaking on some ships but otherwise fine, Reapers can spawn in the destroyers a little quick though.

Soundtrack is great, only mod I've ever played with the music enabled when it comes to Homeworld 2. Stability is perfect for me, nothing noticeable has happened with my game other than AI only building dreadnoughts but the team already appear to know about that.

Overall I'd say the mod is great, especially for the 1.0 release, with much potential for updates. I'd be happy to raise up my review when a future version improves my opinion.

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