I am fun, loving and like long walks on the bea...wait wrong website, I am co-founder of Nightman Games, I was born and raised in Scotland, and have a passion for gaming. I have clocked more than 1000 hours on Oblivion (console & windows), maybe around 500 on Fallout 3 and 250 on New Vegas. Most of that time is in mods more than the actual games. I am a one man mod dev team which I guess is why my main mod hasn't been released yet. I really don't know what else to put here so just ask if you want to know anything. Ciao for now!

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neronix17 Dec 22 2014, 11:01pm replied:

You could always just take the link on the right in the description...

+1 vote   media: Live presentation on YouTube
neronix17 Oct 11 2014, 5:09pm replied:

May your freedom be short and death eternal, shol'va.

+1 vote   media: Nephilim Update
neronix17 Jun 14 2014, 10:54am replied:

Version numbers are no indication of time unless already designated as weekly or monthly versions (like mojang use weekly numbers for snapshots). Not to mention that it could go up to 0.9.999, or even 0.999.999 before 1.0.0.

Basically I'm saying those other (possibly) 5 versions could take a year to do.

+1 vote   media: In-game main menu
neronix17 Jan 29 2014, 10:02pm says:

Looks interesting, although I think you might be making up the 3500 hours of work, considering that would mean almost 600 days if you had spent 6 hours a day, every single day, working on it. Either you are miscalculating that or you have spent too long working on it for only 10-20 hours of new gameplay (and I'd bet money on that being wrong, I have yet to see a time estimate be even close to how long it really is for this sort of thing).

Sorry if it sounds harsh but I couldn't be more indifferent considering you added TESO as a related game.

0 votes   article: BlackLand V1.6 available!
neronix17 Sep 12 2013, 6:24pm replied:

And under the Bdcraft.net to emphasise the point, look at #6.

"-6- Can I host/mirror your pack and share the link?

NO! You can post a link to the download of the texturepack but use the original Adf.ly links. The best is to link to bdcraft.net."

Uploading it here is basically doing that..

+1 vote   download: Sphax PureBD 1.6.2 Resource Pack Conversion
neronix17 Sep 12 2013, 6:15pm replied:

Read it properly. Not just the section you like to read.

"to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work (for private use and/or by redirecting to Bdcraft.net)"

You can only share the files themselves privately and this is sure as hell not private.

There is also no link in the description so I don't know why you keep saying that. Their terms stand regardless of whether or not they updated it themselves yet. I do appreciate you are trying to help but I know how ****** off I get when someone goes against my own terms and know they get just as annoyed by it.

+1 vote   download: Sphax PureBD 1.6.2 Resource Pack Conversion
neronix17 Sep 12 2013, 6:13pm replied:

Don't think that's what he meant, you can do a surprising amount with the little space there is in that corridor to make it look better, long plain corridors with nothing to look at get very boring, very quickly.

Also please post an English description, even a machine translation would do, I'm not trying to be mean saying this, it's just most of this site uses English and going out of their way to translate it isn't something a lot of people here will do.

+4 votes   download: RPG Map Minecraft
neronix17 Sep 11 2013, 7:54am says:

This includes the original pack which is not allowed to be distributed anywhere other than the Sphax PureBD website. There are no terms which allow you to upload this here.

+1 vote   download: Sphax PureBD 1.6.2 Resource Pack Conversion
neronix17 Aug 27 2013, 11:43am says:

****...spino why don't I know anyone who appreciates lego like you do!

+1 vote   media: Halo Mega Bloks
neronix17 Aug 16 2013, 10:47am says:

Icon looks like you just played around with the Spore one...Oh no Android? It's the only platform you don't support by the looks of it. Oh well, no loss there.

+1 vote   article: Pre-order Nihilumbra Today!
neronix17 Aug 11 2013, 10:13am says:

Looks brilliant!

+2 votes   media: McQuinn Bridge Rework Update
neronix17 Jul 24 2013, 5:25am says:

Side engines are too large, the three engines should be about the same size. You should try Cinema 4D, barely half the people who use the fancy 3D programs for non-commercial purposes find an 'alternative' means to procure them.

+1 vote   media: 1st views
neronix17 Jul 23 2013, 3:24pm replied:

I can't find anyone who bothers to keep in contact or do anything they say they are going to. So to begin with the latter, more recently I've chosen just not to accept 'help'.

+5 votes   poll: How big is your development team?
neronix17 Jul 23 2013, 3:23pm says:

The other two look fine, this one looks a lot like some 10 year old modified a SPAZ-12 though.

+1 vote   media: GCX12
neronix17 Jul 7 2013, 5:05pm replied:

Al'kesh were used by Ba'al in Continuum as a scout briefly, that's the only reason I mentioned them as scouts. They have a cloak the same as a Tel'tak so they could be used as scouts. Obviously Tel'tak are better for the role, just saying.

+1 vote   media: Goa'uld
neronix17 Jun 26 2013, 8:54am replied:

Yes you need the new launcher, if you want to use an older save it should still work perfectly fine as it should basically just update the minecraft files you currently have.

+4 votes   article: Minecraft 1.6 Pre-release
neronix17 Jun 20 2013, 8:34pm says:

Hope you are crediting SolCommand for the model.

+1 vote   media: Masterspace v2.0 Preview
neronix17 Jun 20 2013, 8:33pm replied:

That's what the one word in the descriptions says...

+1 vote   media: Masterspace v2.1 Preview
neronix17 Jun 11 2013, 5:30am says:

"Oh look, there's bob, hey bob" *waves and slices off face with sword*

+3 votes   media: Realm Explorer Character Customization Preview
neronix17 Jun 3 2013, 5:08am replied:

Cerberus didn't but Humans obviously did.

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Carrier
neronix17 May 29 2013, 2:12pm says:

Nice, reminds me of the layout of the Destiny for some reason, congrats on the 5 year club membership by the way :)

+2 votes   media: New McQuinn Bridge (WIP)
neronix17 May 28 2013, 11:10pm replied:

Wow, desparate much? How's about just making a good channel instead of linking people to your channel from a completely unrelated thing, not to mention the subscription popup already in the link.

Kinda have to assume the upvote you got was either a mistake or you making a second account to do so.

+7 votes   article: VIRGA: It's Farming Time!
neronix17 May 19 2013, 7:12am says:

Much nicer.

+1 vote   media: New planet look
neronix17 May 18 2013, 4:46pm says:

I'd love a beta key, looks like a phenomenal game :)

+2 votes   article: An Indie Showcase Second Look At Aethereus
neronix17 May 13 2013, 5:25am replied:

Too much time and effort, the race would have problems with pretty much any wearable object and absolutely any mod that adds any of those things.

+3 votes   media: Dagmar
neronix17 May 6 2013, 8:38am says:

You do realize there is already a much more complete LOTR mod for 1.5.1 right?

-3 votes   mod: Awaken Dreams - Lord of the Rings mod (HD!)
neronix17 May 4 2013, 2:21am replied:

Possibly have the recipe 9 coal but only cook 64 items so it has a price to pay for being stackable to that level.

0 votes   article: Minecraft Snapshot 13w18a
neronix17 May 2 2013, 3:09pm replied:

Indeed they should, although I do think the alternating lengths look better.

0 votes   media: Asgard Beliskner - Final model
neronix17 Apr 30 2013, 2:31pm replied:

I may be interpreting it wrong but this change sound very much like it will not be backwards compatible with updates before this one, the restructuring of the games files means older versions would need to be adapted to work on it.

Of course it could have an alternate version so to speak, where it loads older versions like they used to be loaded. Just noting that it might not be the case.

+1 vote   article: The new Minecraft Launcher! What does it mean for Minecraft?
neronix17 Apr 29 2013, 7:20pm replied:

Also a little curious about this, any particular reason?

+1 vote   article: Update 0.42.2
neronix17 Apr 28 2013, 12:35pm replied:

Where? Certainly not the horse right at the front.

+10 votes   media: Players' screenshots
neronix17 Apr 25 2013, 11:22pm says:

The shield effect should look the same in-game, not sure about the colour, blue or green might look better; the shield will only actually be visible when the player is right up against it or when something hits it.

+1 vote   media: Some Concept Models
neronix17 Apr 25 2013, 11:19pm says:

The grass circle will be less repetitive when it's in-game, and it will have several different types of plants/trees, some creatures too. The land will also not be completely flat...

+1 vote   media: Some Concept Models
neronix17 Apr 19 2013, 5:03pm says:

Edit: Whoops wrong game I'm remembering, heh :P Congrats on getting Greenlit!

+1 vote   article: Planet Explorers has been Greenlit!
neronix17 Apr 17 2013, 6:26am says:

You should really make another page for 3089, would get more attention from new players and make sense anyway being that it's a separate game.

+2 votes   article: 3089 Update: More building options & fixes!
neronix17 Apr 15 2013, 7:47am replied:

Bizarre how many ships in Star Wars are asymmetrical, as opposed to typical symmetry used to keep ships balanced in atmospheric environments.

+2 votes   article: Boba Fett: The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy
neronix17 Apr 15 2013, 5:44am says:

I'd say the current ship design system looks like it would be easy enough, as long as the lists are expandable and collapsible it would be fine. oversimplification is the problem with many games nowadays.

+2 votes   article: Galaxial: Improved Colony Interface
neronix17 Apr 1 2013, 8:22pm replied:

I thought the exact thing they were doing is having it so you can land your ship on every planet with an outpost of some sort, then walk around a relatively small area for buying goods, ammo, etc. Since setting up a cool looking skyline for 100 planets would not take as long as you would think, being that you wouldn't be walking to them and just seeing them in the background.

+2 votes   media: NYC 2942
neronix17 Mar 30 2013, 3:00am replied:

Ah good point, it could still work with limited distance, just don't have a maximum limit, as in the city itself needs to 'rank up' by having a certain amount of people. That way it could potentially expand forever but only if enough people join it.

+2 votes   article: Land ownership in Olvand
neronix17 Mar 28 2013, 6:51pm says:

You could have it so the first portal is surrounded by a few rectangles of territory of it's own, enough that it cannot be built inside a city and a city cannot build too close to it. I don't imagine it would be possible to completely stop someone from coordinating their city around the territory of a portal no matter how far out it goes, if anything a larger territory could cause some interesting conflicts over territory control.

I do like the idea of population factoring into expansion, if you look at the player city system that was in Star Wars Galaxies, they basically had to place a town hall, and then entice players into living there, the more players that moved in made more options available to build as the city grew in status. I cannot remember if the actual bounds of the city moved but this basically forced you to make the city in a great location along with making the buildings packed in nicely with the space you had to work with instead of expanding to ridiculous distances to make it bigger.

You might want to simply have it grow to a limited distance too, like you start with 1 block adjacent but can only expand to say 10 blocks for example. This might stop cities from growing too big and give people good reasons to start their own cities elsewhere.

Really liking the look of the game so far, keep up the great work!

+2 votes   article: Land ownership in Olvand
neronix17 Mar 21 2013, 9:48am says:

Odd, same look as the Kenshi beds, the textures are identical, only difference is Kenshi has single beds.

+1 vote   media: Masterspace v1.7 preview
neronix17 Mar 15 2013, 7:07am replied:

Read the very short summary.

+2 votes   game: Crash Bandicoot Returns (duplicate)
neronix17 Mar 10 2013, 10:05am replied:

Oh look another Minecraft fanboy, Minecraft was far from the first voxel based game, it is itself a clone of another game (Infiniminer). There are thousands of generic shooters that copy the hell out of each other, why choose this one type of game to criticize for it when there are plenty of others doing the same damn thing.

Also, StarForge is doing the same as several other games too, don't act like it's the only one using non-boxy voxels.

+2 votes   game: Cube Arena
neronix17 Mar 3 2013, 1:43am says:

Weird the feature got archived, looks well presented with images and nice layout. Might be because they were posted in such close proximity, the only difference is that it doesn't appear on the front page, people are still alerted to it if they are watching.

The models for the housing looks great, the slums style shacks remind me of Fallout, using the RTS mod to build a settlement of buildings like that.

+2 votes   article: Added some images and a feature about how HOPE started as a research project.
neronix17 Mar 2 2013, 12:10am replied:

Anything specific you would like to know about in a news update? How starships are going to work is probably going to be next as it's going to be a pretty central system for Stargate and Star Wars. Especially in Star Wars as it is the only way to travel between worlds.

+2 votes   article: The Boring Update
neronix17 Feb 17 2013, 3:39pm says:

So glad I backed this on Kickstarter, looks phenomenal.

+3 votes   game: Star Citizen
neronix17 Feb 14 2013, 6:38am replied:

They aren't really competing, more running alongside, there are plenty of games sold on one which aren't sold on the other.

+1 vote   game: Impire
neronix17 Feb 11 2013, 11:44am says:

*COUGH*The Girl Who Waited*COUGH*

+1 vote   media: Model Renders
neronix17 Jan 20 2013, 4:31pm replied:

Already have all the references I need, magazines are an outdated format in my mind, and almost impossible for me to use to get decent looking textures even with a good scanner. But yeah I have made a decent amount of progress on the console room since that render, the only thing I need to do now is wait to see the further in rooms which will apparently be in some upcoming episodes.

I'll have the console room in-game before then of course, I am dying for a new player home to use as none of the ones I have tried lately work for me.

+1 vote   article: 2012/2013 Tardis Interior WIP
neronix17 Jan 19 2013, 3:00pm replied:

I haven't used magic launcher yet, yeah Multi-Minecraft lets you have 'instances' of minecraft, which basically means it has installs in different folders which never interact with each other. You can set the version to any one back to a certain point, think it was one of the early beta versions, all the way up to the latest snapshots. It's also pretty easy to install mods with, but that's down to personal preference more than anything.

+1 vote   download: Nether Network 0.2
neronix17 Jan 19 2013, 10:06am replied:

I use Multi-Minecraft to test out the newest snapshot, keeps the last stable version safe and totally separate. But yeah as long as they don't remove anything for 1.5 which is in the snapshot it should still work fine.

+1 vote   download: Nether Network 0.2
neronix17 Jan 15 2013, 6:16am replied:

I bought Rebellion because I love playing Sins. If I didn't enjoy the game I wouldn't enjoy a mod for it.

+4 votes   media: Normandy SR1: Rebellion
neronix17 Jan 12 2013, 2:04pm replied:

You deserve to have your throat slit. Using barbed wire.

+1 vote   media: Whiterun night watch
neronix17 Jan 12 2013, 4:13am says:

Hehe, I didn't realize you meant 3ds Max because of the ' which it doesn't have usually :P I've always wanted to get a hold of those rigs, more out of personal entertainment than actually making something.

+2 votes   download: Finns Minecraft Items v1 - 3D's Max
neronix17 Jan 10 2013, 8:49am says:

Very nice changes for the textures, should make texture packs more interesting anyway.

+3 votes   article: Minecraft 1.4.7 is Published (And Future Texture Info)
neronix17 Jan 9 2013, 4:31pm says:

This as a single/multi-player game would be cool, but MMO with subscription? Not a chance.

+1 vote   game: Galactic Mining Corp Game
neronix17 Jan 9 2013, 4:24pm says:

Well that preview image was misleading.

+15 votes   game: Islands
neronix17 Jan 3 2013, 12:11am replied:

Bloody right, I've been having to use mods for this since I started using redstone! Finally able to have a bridge and door that only opens during the day!

+4 votes   media: Daylight Detector
neronix17 Dec 29 2012, 4:29pm replied:

Thought it would work like that, makes the most sense really. Looks great of course.

+3 votes   media: Mass Effect Relays
neronix17 Dec 27 2012, 11:42pm replied:

Wow, just realized I was down voted for this, just a tip; dont down vote mod makers, they might just not release anything.

+1 vote   media: New Progress
neronix17 Dec 27 2012, 11:40pm replied:

She isn't, that's the effect of mod added NPC's, they have a grey tint to their face and I had not learnt how to fix it before this. Not to mention she is in a darker area of the room.

0 votes   media: Sword of Truth Expansion
neronix17 Dec 27 2012, 5:43pm replied:

Thanks! Wasn't sure how it would be recieved to be honest but it reminds me much more of the classic style of Tardis and so I thought it would make the best 'default' interior.

+2 votes   article: 2012/2013 Tardis Interior WIP
neronix17 Dec 26 2012, 9:25am replied:

Then do what any other person would have done, add a readme with a link to the Planet Minecraft page. Since this is a 1.2.5 project you should have probably made that clear too.

+2 votes   download: The Pyramid of Creation
neronix17 Dec 21 2012, 3:34pm says:

Damn I would, but to busy this weekend...

+1 vote   article: Alpha Testing
neronix17 Dec 17 2012, 7:52pm says:

For anyone actually looking through these pictures, congratulations, you are one of the people who now knows I have decided against removing humans from the universe and this tunnel is similar to how the SGC is going to look, the Earth year will be 2054, this is so I can have an excuse to include fan designs in ships and weapons.

+1 vote   media: WIP Models
neronix17 Dec 16 2012, 9:58pm replied:

Nicci from the books or from the TV series? If you mean from the TV series then get the hell out before I backhand the skin off of your face.

+2 votes   download: Sword of Truth Expansion
neronix17 Dec 16 2012, 9:48pm replied:

I know right? Mind blown.

+1 vote   article: Mod of The Year 2012
neronix17 Dec 12 2012, 6:30pm replied:

Oh don't be silly, I already have seven personalities, but I only let two of them speak. But no it's because on here my profile is Neronix17, on Skyrim Nexus it's Durge13 because someone already made a profile under Neronix17.

Hope it is anyway, a lot of time has been put into it, the only problem I have at the moment is texturing, most of the custom assets have solid colours marking out how textures will roughly be placed, would be great if I was making it cell shaded haha. Thats the biggest reason for putting of the beta so long though, been working through the models texturing them one by one and finding the right references can be a nightmare.

+1 vote   article: Mod of The Year 2012
neronix17 Dec 11 2012, 1:16pm says:

The progress is looking fantastic, those models are brilliant.

+3 votes   article: SNL Come to the top 100 again time to revote and maybe helps us
neronix17 Dec 9 2012, 12:17pm says:

So is the SOL a mobile base? just seems like the most sensible use of such a large ship which can apparently land on the ocean. If not still looks absolutely amazing, can't wait for the release :)

+8 votes   media: 7 days left - Setting sail
neronix17 Dec 8 2012, 10:50am says:

Absolutely beautiful job! Best Destiny I have seen yet!

Edit: I take it the blue area at the front is where the team colour is going?

+6 votes   media: Asuran Destiny Class
neronix17 Dec 8 2012, 6:02am replied:

Maybe the first could be done with an effect on all stars which only affects Destiny class ships, if it isn't possible on the ship of course. Could it be possible that a Destiny class ship could use an ability where Kino's are used to explore the gravity wells within one jump away for a short period of time?

I would have thought the shuttle would fit more in the fighter role as it is very small really and would need to re-dock with Destiny before moving to another gravity well. Just my input.

+5 votes   article: Things to come (December 2012 update)
neronix17 Nov 12 2012, 3:17am says:

Awesome hat.

+1 vote   media: Supanova Brisbane 2012
neronix17 Oct 26 2012, 8:04am replied:

"This is only the third app officially approved by Mojang, so you know it's top quality"

Guess it's that...

+3 votes   article: Announcing Minecraft Skin Studio!
neronix17 Oct 21 2012, 11:40am says:

I re-edited the link for Star Wars, for some reason it had been removed at some point (I tested them so know it was working before). Not happy about the temperamentality of ModDB today.

+1 vote   article: SkyFi Survey
neronix17 Oct 20 2012, 10:27am replied:

Which is not the original block game so stfu.

+1 vote   media: The Black Shark
neronix17 Oct 15 2012, 7:05pm replied:

No need to imagine in dev mode...it's kinda fun!

+1 vote   article: Rethinking Titans
neronix17 Oct 12 2012, 9:45am says:

Awesome, rebellion is better in so many ways.

+8 votes   article: Dawn of the Reapers is going to Rebellion
neronix17 Oct 8 2012, 11:47am replied:

Intelligence is not necessarily a big factor, I'm far from clever but I am a quick learner when it comes to games and found the mods mechanics and winning strategies by the second match against hard cpu.

+4 votes   article: Complex 8.2.4
neronix17 Oct 7 2012, 12:39am replied:

They are aligned correctly to the direction the ship would be flying.

0 votes   media: Cerberus Heavy Frigate
neronix17 Oct 5 2012, 4:59am replied:

Apparently not, minidumps when activating using the defined settings in the description.

Edit: Nevermind, got it working by manually editing the enabledmods.txt file

0 votes   download: Maelstrom Rebellion v1.04 R3
neronix17 Oct 5 2012, 3:38am says:

Might be a stupid question but I am guessing this works on 1.041 yes?

0 votes   download: Maelstrom Rebellion v1.04 R3
neronix17 Sep 15 2012, 9:38am replied:

It is both, it is most often called a city-ship.

+1 vote   media: You asked, we listened
neronix17 Sep 4 2012, 5:09pm replied:

Although if there is a specific item feel free to PM me a pic or vid of it, or both if you can, and I can see if it would be possible to add. Only weapon I know if is a Phaser(?), so there could easily be many things that I would be happy to add.

+1 vote   article: Last News Till Release
neronix17 Sep 4 2012, 5:00pm replied:

There is, but not in mine, sorry but I'd sooner put up a g-string mod haha

+3 votes   article: Last News Till Release
neronix17 Sep 4 2012, 4:58pm replied:

In that case it sounds good, from the images so far it seems very much high quality work.

+2 votes   game: EndCiv
neronix17 Sep 3 2012, 10:55am says:

Saying that browser games can be classic in any way is an offence to gaming. Having said that this sounds good as long as it isn't pure freemium, money grabbing trash like 99.9% of games in the same area.

+2 votes   game: EndCiv
neronix17 Aug 27 2012, 11:16am replied:

I do not mean this to be an offence to ModDB staff but I have seen things take up to a few days to authorize before, not uncommon on this site, I guess it must have been a busy weekend.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Chunk; Pax/Minecon/Snapshot
neronix17 Aug 20 2012, 12:00am replied:

Ah alright, good, that's the best time period in my opinion.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
neronix17 Aug 19 2012, 1:23pm replied:

Al'kesh or Tel'tak would be better for a scout no?

+1 vote   media: Goa'uld
neronix17 Aug 19 2012, 10:46am says:

Awesome to see a star wars mod on rebellion, what era will you be doing?

+4 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
neronix17 Aug 17 2012, 5:28pm says:

Almost looks like they do in the show, very nice, can't wait to see them shooting down the enemy.

Edit: By almost I mean the quality not the accuracy :s

+7 votes   media: SGI Hatak - Wallpaper - Join the Rebellion
neronix17 Aug 16 2012, 11:15am says:

Wow, 1.4 really is packed with new stuff...

+2 votes   media: Item Frames - blocks
neronix17 Jul 18 2012, 6:29am says:

Still amazes me how b-e-a-utiful Rebellion can look...

+3 votes   media: Arctic Assault
neronix17 Jul 12 2012, 6:54am replied:

Nevermind, found the info on the summary page. Very nice so far, keep up the great work.

+1 vote   download: EVE: RTS - Version 0.21
neronix17 Jul 12 2012, 6:48am says:

So what has changed? I read the description but nothing there about what has actually changed.

+1 vote   download: EVE: RTS - Version 0.21
neronix17 Jul 9 2012, 5:19pm says:


+4 votes   media: It's Mars!
neronix17 Jul 9 2012, 5:21am replied:

That actually works pretty well yeah :)

+2 votes   article: Mod News and stuff
neronix17 Jul 8 2012, 10:25am replied:

Totes playing TEC Rebels now...

+1 vote   download: Enhanced 4X 1.4 Beta for Rebellion
neronix17 Jul 4 2012, 4:11pm replied:

Probably because the budget for that was stuffed into the chairs.

+5 votes   media: Creepers gonna creep!/New Mojang meeting room
neronix17 Jun 30 2012, 6:59am replied:

...I don't know where this is going but I like it...

+3 votes   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 Jun 30 2012, 6:53am says:

Aw I thought it was a new post u.u

+2 votes   article: Designing the villages #6
neronix17 Jun 24 2012, 10:15pm replied:

They also have some on a stretched skin rack thing...

+1 vote   media: WIP
neronix17 Jun 23 2012, 12:08am replied:

No, its ancient, considering its not organic I would have thought that obvious :P Not to mention it says in the description...

+2 votes   media: WIP
neronix17 Jun 22 2012, 2:19am says:

And I am dead for the night, or morning depending on how you look at it...7am yup, morni-zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz....

+2 votes   media: WIP Model
neronix17 Jun 22 2012, 1:14am says:

Keep in mind those textures are not the actual ones, they are temporary to help me more than anything.

+2 votes   media: WIP Model
neronix17 Jun 18 2012, 2:43am says:

If anyone is curious about the pronunciation of Tarea it is Tah-Ray-Ah.

+2 votes   article: Beta Info and the Tareans
neronix17 Jun 11 2012, 7:14pm replied:

Also, any more emails that are lets say...not kind, better hope they aren't sent from the same one their steam is attached to or you wont be able to download the mod.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 11 2012, 7:09pm replied:


It is not done being typed up but I skipped ahead in the list and did the Tau'ri section of the Wiki to end this 'discussion'. I do not want to hear anything else about Tau'ri, or why they are not in, I am sick of the damn e-mails about it.

Although if anyone finds plot holes because of them being removed then tell me so I can fill them in.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 10 2012, 3:18pm replied:

They stole humans from another world, as I said, makes a lot more sense in with all the info I have to put into the wiki.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 10 2012, 8:05am replied:

If you like you can think of it that way sure, doesn't make it true but you can think of it that way. Love how someone thinks voting my comments down will make a difference.

@maxbun I have re-read your comment several times and still I am not quite sure what you mean. If I am right though, I know there is no Earth because in the universe in this mod, I made it that way, I decided long before starting development not to include earth or the tau'ri.

I say no earth in the way that we know earth, I have many reasons for this, for all you know I could add earth with a different name.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 9 2012, 6:09pm replied:

I give up, no earth, if you dont like it go look at Skygate instead!

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 9 2012, 2:02pm replied:

Won't need to, no Tau'ri no pistols, one of the less decisive reasons for not having Earth involved.

If you want a short explanation of it then it is basically because certain events leading to the demise of the Ancients did not happen and this will be one of the alternate universes where the Alterans were successful defeating the Ori plague that forced them to ascend or die.

A more lengthy explanation will be posted on the wiki I am working on for the mod and it will make more sense once you read that but that is pretty much the summary for the main reason.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 9 2012, 1:57pm replied:

If there is no earth, no Tau'ri, then there is no BC-304, no X-303, no P90, nothing us earthlings made. There will still be all the system lords, replicators, and so on that the tauri originally defeated because they never existed in this universe to defeat them.

I made this choice for many reasons and will explain them in future. I am not 100% ruling out the chance of seeing something Tau'ri as I may incorporate some random multi-verse quest but there is no Earth, no Tau'ri and none of their consequences in the universe as it is planned.

+1 vote   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 9 2012, 9:08am replied:

For the billionth time..there is NO EARTH

0 votes   article: Delays, Beta's and Models!
neronix17 Jun 7 2012, 10:14pm replied:

Ok changed my mind, Wraith may be playable BUT not sure how I will do it.

+1 vote   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 May 27 2012, 5:27pm replied:

Darkness to Redness to Whiteness!

-2 votes   download: Demo Patch - 1.4
neronix17 May 26 2012, 6:11am replied:

..walk into Chulak...

+4 votes   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 May 24 2012, 6:16pm says:

I still don't have proper internet access so the beta wont be out for a week or two still, blame the internet company not me!

+2 votes   media: Sneaky Update
neronix17 May 4 2012, 5:34pm replied:

They do, ******** just arent noted when they die, thats kinda why people presume only good people die.

+2 votes   media: Joel Goldsmith is dead...RIP
neronix17 Apr 27 2012, 7:14pm replied:

Well I did plan on a world with Tok'Ra at one point, could easily do it really.

+1 vote   article: Beta Testing Soon
neronix17 Apr 27 2012, 7:52am replied:

Goa'uld voices would be great! Not reached a stage for that yet though. The beta will just be released for everyone as I think only having a few people doing it is a bit stupid really, the more people testing = the more bug reports you get and less chance of missing something.

+1 vote   article: Beta Testing Soon
neronix17 Apr 26 2012, 3:56pm replied:

Exactly, those mods conflict with some others I use and consider essential. Can't remember which ones though.

+1 vote   media: Pocket Edition crafting
neronix17 Apr 26 2012, 8:57am says:

Why not have something like this in the PC version? So we don't have to reference the wiki if we can't remember how to make something.

+7 votes   media: Pocket Edition crafting
neronix17 Apr 23 2012, 6:40pm replied:

Yeah, thinking wraith wont be playable, would make it easier on me lol. All Jaffa tattoos are now in, they all look good apart from seth's, it kinda sucks but meh. Still waiting for the guy to get back to me.

+1 vote   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 Apr 23 2012, 9:35am says:

Really? no comments? 260 views and nobody comments?

+1 vote   media: Cargo Ship (Tel'tak)
neronix17 Apr 22 2012, 7:52pm replied:

Hehe, well I sort of have unas, just doing orc's with adapted argonian skin, wraith will need models as well as skin so will need to do them first :)

+1 vote   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 Apr 22 2012, 10:32am replied:

Change of plan, I will be doing the symbiote pouch later, currently it makes more sense to use the nord skin as any skin replacers will also work. I am waiting to hear back from someone who creates the skins I use to see if they would be willing to do the pouch for me.

+1 vote   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 Apr 22 2012, 10:19am replied:

Yes they will, I am having fun trying to get that to work properly ¬.¬

+1 vote   media: Jaffa Race
neronix17 Apr 10 2012, 11:11am says:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the fact this uses a Stargate to get to the house...

+3 votes   download: SkyFi - Homes 1.0
neronix17 Apr 9 2012, 7:33pm replied:

It already is in the current state of the mod, which should be released soon, maybe 2 weeks at most, but that would only include the completed village and into area of the first world if I release it then. A lot of time is taken up in texturing and converting all the required models at the moment, once that is done you can expect more regular updates.

+1 vote   media: 2.0 Progress Update 1
neronix17 Apr 7 2012, 4:53am replied:

Not sure what you mean? I pretty much am just mashing the baker, Tennant and smith tardiis' together lol

+1 vote   media: More TARDIS WIP shots
neronix17 Apr 2 2012, 9:52pm says:

We modders can make new collision geometry, in fact it is very simple, you can even do basic collision in the CK itself but thats just annoying and needs to be done often. Creationkit.com

+1 vote   media: More Static Meshes and no LOD
neronix17 Mar 21 2012, 11:54am says:

Should be relabled "THE WORST SCAM"

+1 vote   media: Kony 2012
neronix17 Mar 21 2012, 11:50am replied:

Not at the moment, I would like to but its a very long story and I wouldn't know where to begin on how to do it in Skyrim, I only plan to have a few factions and their gear in Skyrim while placing places like the Temple currently in. Not even sure what others I want in other than Screelings, Sisters of the Light and Dark, Confessors (yes they will confess), banelings and some others which are undecided. I have only made it half way through the second book so still got a lot more to see yet and the list of things to do will grow with what I read.

+2 votes   download: Sword of Truth Expansion
neronix17 Mar 21 2012, 10:47am replied:

No problem, the Agiel (weapon) is a little over powered but it is kinda supposed to be.

+2 votes   article: Sword of Truth Expansion
neronix17 Mar 7 2012, 6:46pm says:

Oh my, I love seeing this when I change something drastically, I mean this is now a view of a huge open valley with a goa'uld hatak...

+1 vote   media: 2.0 Progress Update 1
neronix17 Mar 3 2012, 5:00pm replied:

Yup I prefer SG-1 and SGA gates but this was easier for a quick placeholder.

+3 votes   media: 2.0 Progress Update 1
neronix17 Mar 1 2012, 6:14pm replied:

Shame it still feels like it is in beta with the lack of things like guild banks and the like, I played it for 2 months, cancelled half way through the second month cos I can't afford to keep it running atm and yet they still tried to charge my bank account :P cheeky bastards

+1 vote   media: My new Throne XD
neronix17 Feb 28 2012, 8:26pm replied:

Thanks, I got a screenshot that will make one hell of a teaser image for the 2.0 release :P

+3 votes   article: Progress Update on 2.0
neronix17 Feb 28 2012, 5:50pm replied:

Apart from the thunderstorm :P Once I get LOD working I will upload some very beautiful sights from this world.

+1 vote   media: 2.0 Progress Update 1
neronix17 Feb 23 2012, 6:48am replied:

I will set up a forum on here now, would be good if you could report them there thanks :) Not sure if you can talk to vendors, I have been able on one save but not on another so I need confirmation from others on that.

+2 votes   download: SkyFi R1
neronix17 Feb 20 2012, 2:11pm replied:

not my problem, blame this hellish site. getting pretty sick of it.

0 votes   download: Jaffa Staff Weapon (Ma'Tok Staff)
neronix17 Feb 20 2012, 12:02am says:

THIS is where the stargate will be, I am converting the model now and will have it in for screenshots soon, dont be surprised if it isnt up on moddb for another week though if authorization has anything to do with it.

+1 vote   media: New Progress
neronix17 Feb 20 2012, 12:00am replied:

Not even close, its a tunnel. I am not going to say this again and will ignore any posts asking, but the SGC doesn't exist, this is based in an alternate universe where I can do whatever I want and not have to copy everything exactly as it is in the show.

-2 votes   media: New Progress
neronix17 Feb 19 2012, 1:29pm replied:

Yeah, and Wolfire's seems a lot better at the moment, although I havent watched Mojangs feed for a couple hours.

+5 votes   article: Mojam – Final Countdown!
neronix17 Feb 19 2012, 5:27am replied:

Hahaha, I never thought on including that! I will certainly have to do some things from it now, maybe have the Vogons come to Tamriel and threaten to blow it up for a new bypass :P

+2 votes   media: Cheyanne Mountain WIP
neronix17 Feb 19 2012, 5:26am replied:

Well the sky is from another mod, just happens to be one I was using at the time, I am going to be having different skies and things on other planets later though, the mountain is currently temporary, just wanted to have the base shape of the area done for the first release.

+2 votes   media: Lighting Progress
neronix17 Feb 12 2012, 5:20am says:

Comments welcome, looking for feedback on new images and stuff so I know if anyone spots something wrong.

+1 vote   mod: Skyrim - Doctor Who
neronix17 Feb 3 2012, 11:37pm says:

Just to clarify, I said putting oblivion to sleep meaning that I will come back to it later, its not dead, just sleeping. Also means I am not releasing the work already done for anyone else to do as I will be coming back to it and don't want to see it go in another direction entirely.

I will release the models/textures and anything else after Skyrims version is released so that it can be used as a modders resource, it will be archived like the files for Skyrim as that is one of the new tools for the Creation Kit. I will not be using Steam Workshop for any of the releases.

+1 vote   article: Short Announcement
neronix17 Jan 31 2012, 10:24am says:

Isnt the shortcut command swfoc MODPATH=Mods\Imperial_Civil_War when the mod is for Forces of Corruption? Or does both work?

+3 votes   download: Imperial Civil War 1.3 RAR, Recommended for Steam
neronix17 Jan 29 2012, 8:16pm replied:

Goa'uld want to enslave/destory, I doubt they would destroy ALL potential miners :P

+5 votes   media: Picture of the Week - Goauld vs. Wraith
neronix17 Jan 7 2012, 11:13pm says:

Looks too similar to the Chimera station

+1 vote   media: SSC Tau'ri Presentation
neronix17 Jan 7 2012, 11:12pm replied:

because that one is cool im guessing :P

+2 votes   media: SSC Tau'ri Presentation
neronix17 Jan 4 2012, 2:04pm replied:

Download could have been corrupted, try re-downloading to see if that fixes it. The mod I mean, not this file :)

+2 votes   download: Editted EnabledMods.txt
neronix17 Nov 18 2011, 10:15pm replied:

Pretty sure these are old series daleks... the colour schemes suggest that anyway.

+1 vote   media: same
neronix17 Oct 25 2011, 12:09pm replied:

The ultimate question is never known!

+1 vote   article: Important news regarding chickens and eggs
neronix17 Oct 1 2011, 9:38am replied:

There's a picture...but I can only see a door and ridiculously bad grammar.

+15 votes   download: Dwarven Rescue
neronix17 Sep 23 2011, 12:06am replied:

Oh wow a flappy thing for people to oggle at for all of 5 seconds before continuing their game...I don't like it but then again I can't make it to Minecon (maybe should have thought about the name, I know its not but it sound like a clone of minecraft that someone deliberately made to 'con' people out of cash) so maybe I'm just jealous...not like I can use a mod to do this...I love minecraft but as Kizzy said, when it comes to TF2 crap I begin to abandon it, seriously if they start adding buy-able hats I will stop playing, and literally eat my own hat.

Edit: wasn't supposed to be a reply, damn you ModDB!

+5 votes   article: Minecon Swag – Cloaks
neronix17 Aug 14 2011, 6:36pm says:

again too shiney, needs more of a matte effect.

+1 vote   media: New Raider Design(WIP)
neronix17 Aug 14 2011, 6:36pm says:

too shiney

+1 vote   media: Viper Camo
neronix17 Aug 14 2011, 6:35pm says:

why would a viper need camo? its in space ffs

+1 vote   media: Fully Camouflaged Viper
neronix17 Aug 14 2011, 6:34pm says:

again looks just like the BSG is off the google warehouse. Hope youve been asking permssion hehe

+1 vote   media: Giant Galactica
neronix17 Aug 14 2011, 6:33pm says:

That Cylon ship looks pretty identical to the one on Google sketch-up 3d warehouse...

+1 vote   media: Giant Basestar
neronix17 Jul 20 2011, 12:13pm says:

Looks interesting, +1 Watcher

+1 vote   mod: San Andreas - Battlestar Galctica
neronix17 Jun 29 2011, 11:45am replied:

Power would probably be best explained as that ship maybe "recharging" other ships?

+1 vote   media: new Higi Powerstation
neronix17 Apr 12 2011, 9:55am replied:

Power durr

+1 vote   media: new Higi Powerstation
neronix17 Apr 12 2011, 9:50am replied:

Hehehe, certainly no mudhut :)

+11 votes   download: Paradise v1.0
neronix17 Apr 6 2011, 2:49pm replied:

Yeah if thats what hes going for, spot on, otherwise thats a hideous recreation...

+1 vote   media: Tom Welling preview
neronix17 Apr 5 2011, 11:24pm replied:

I didnt even realise orks had ships to be honest...

+1 vote   media: Ork Ramship
neronix17 Apr 5 2011, 10:59pm replied:

Most people think the graphics can be maxed on that one option, which is bull as I have changed the settings manually through the dev console to full, and so far I'm seeing a huge difference in visuals from any of the three options... Still going at quite a bit over 60fps, I love my computer...anyway, this mod is useless...

+2 votes   mod: Crysis 2 BOOSTER
neronix17 Mar 8 2011, 10:48am says:

"The Imperial Guard need you!"

+5 votes   media: The Imperial Guard
neronix17 Mar 3 2011, 12:15am replied:

Of course that depends how long hes been playing this world, I have a diamond fort and I havent used any 'cheats' to do it on that world, and if you make a mould its very easy to make obsidian things without any mining involved :)

+1 vote   download: Nether Research Facility beta
neronix17 Mar 2 2011, 4:33am replied:

Awesome, thanks, oh and I got it working, forgot I had to launch with the mod manager XD its always something that makes you feel silly once you see it. I like to avoid editing any files myself manually, I usually end up doing it wrong somehow haha gotta love mod managers though :D

+1 vote   media: All Factions Mod - 3 ACU's
neronix17 Mar 2 2011, 2:58am replied:

Thats great, I tried doing a manual install of the file yesterday off your GPG forum post about it and it didnt work for me, Im probably doing it wrong but I tried both in the original files and in the revamp mod file and neither way worked.

+1 vote   media: All Factions Mod - 3 ACU's
neronix17 Mar 2 2011, 2:49am replied:

is it a mod launcher compatible mod? also any chance you could upload it to mediafire or somewhere that doesnt mean waiting a day or more for it to be authorised? lol

+1 vote   media: All Factions Mod - 3 ACU's
neronix17 Mar 2 2011, 2:22am says:

This would be awesome, any chance of a download for it soon?

+1 vote   media: All Factions Mod - 3 ACU's
neronix17 Feb 27 2011, 1:11am says:

Great, Now I cant play the mod :( the mod manager doesnt work with steam or if I change the install directory.

+2 votes   download: SC2 Mod Manager
neronix17 Feb 22 2011, 6:43am replied:

post the image... save time and effort if people dont like it, maybe show the decent area rather than a couple of buildings someone could make in like 5 min

+4 votes   download: modern-city city BETA*
neronix17 Jan 1 2011, 10:19pm replied:

better question, have you got version 1.1 installed?

+1 vote   article: Beta V2 installation guide
neronix17 Jan 1 2011, 10:05pm replied:

Im having the exact same but even better! Mine crashes constantly. Ive had several other homeworld 2 mods and all of them worked fine, and Im not exactly a newb at this so must be the file. Unless theres some extra commands I have to add which arent in the readme.

+1 vote   download: Halo: Homefront Beta V2.1 (.Big) Version
neronix17 Nov 23 2010, 8:28pm replied:

really by adding on the last bit you just said first, well done.

+1 vote   mod: Fallout: Who Vegas
neronix17 Nov 5 2010, 1:34pm replied:

haha, to which bits? lol

+1 vote   article: Bumper News Update
neronix17 Oct 23 2010, 4:09pm replied:

Not always but in this case yah textures will make it look much nicer.

+2 votes   media: Mothership design progress
neronix17 Oct 17 2010, 4:30pm replied:

That said it is germany...

+1 vote   article: Bigger than i expected... and keep your mind out of the gutters :P
neronix17 Oct 16 2010, 5:03pm replied:

Not just the forward section but the whole design really, blatant earth dezign, have to admit Im no overly impressed with this design for some reason.

+1 vote   media: Hestia Class textured
neronix17 Oct 11 2010, 6:25pm says:

Very nice, cant wait to abuse with flash animations!

+1 vote   download: Stargate Concept Art
neronix17 Oct 10 2010, 11:03am replied:

Agreed, the ship itself along with its type was old but had been chosen because its structure meant it could survive plasma blasts much better than another UNSC vessel, it was upgraded to the best humans had to offer at that time. Its original mission would have ultimately led to humans using plasma tech and shields on their ships if the mission succeded, and really if you have the opportunity for that then you throw everything youve got into one basket (or in this case, ship). The Reach version shows what it should have looked like in CE.

+1 vote   article: Back to the roots
neronix17 Oct 2 2010, 10:50am replied:

No I see it too, design doesnt look c&c at all to be honest.

+1 vote   media: The Dreadnought
neronix17 Oct 2 2010, 10:49am replied:

Certainly not Scrinish anyway, there units were fine, they wouldnt advance much since c&c3 because they are highly advanced aliens who wouldnt need to do anything there, were all their units biomechanical anyway?

Would suit as an unmanned Nod fighter though.

+1 vote   media: Scrin Fighter
neronix17 Oct 2 2010, 10:44am replied:

Agreed, but nowhere near as rediculous as what the officials did with c&c4 though, just in general the game itself I mean.

0 votes   media: Deathsnake Attack-Submarine (Nod)
neronix17 Oct 1 2010, 3:07pm says:

Il be satisfied when I see the download up! lol Looking very nice so far.

+1 vote   media: This is what ORaW has become.
neronix17 Sep 24 2010, 8:02pm says:

Woo! Cant wait, just got back into playing morrowind yesterday too! Awesome timing :D

+2 votes   article: Update!
neronix17 Sep 21 2010, 3:26pm replied:

seriously did you even watch the movies?

+1 vote   media: Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter
neronix17 Sep 15 2010, 7:50pm replied:

Thats how things look before textures are slapped on them :D
And something that size doesnt need much detail...

+1 vote   media: Scarab
neronix17 Sep 11 2010, 11:33am replied:

Its called winrar, its free and incredibly easy to use, as everyone else will tell you for things like this, google is your friend.

+2 votes   download: Fight for Freedom 2.2 [OUTDATET]
neronix17 Sep 1 2010, 9:01pm says:

whoa, whats with the uber massive rplicators???? why not make the queens? or more appropriate for the size - ships???

+1 vote   media: replicator invasion
neronix17 Sep 1 2010, 1:10pm says:

Only been reading the spoilers here so far and to be honest I wouldnt have known if this was you writing the episodes or if it was leaked info on an actual 6th season. Should maybe give them a kick and get their attention with these, might convince them to make a new season :D (Wishful thinking of course)

One thing though,[SPOILER](no idea how to do what you have sorry) wasnt Repli-wier's story cut off when they digitally ascended and she traveled back to atlantis?

+1 vote   article: SGA Season 6 - Episode Guide
neronix17 Aug 12 2010, 1:00pm replied:

its a defence of the strong...

+1 vote   media: Asuran Mine
neronix17 Aug 3 2010, 5:09pm replied:

The shields only lowered for less than seconds and only in the section where the plasma was being fired from. If I remember the books correctly anyway, which I very recently read...

+2 votes   media: TEC failure
neronix17 Aug 2 2010, 8:11pm replied:

You will hear again soon dont worry! Im going to be posting another news at some point in the near future detailing the Starship Expansion! Along with some tasty renders of the ships you will be able to choose from... Hopefully that one will be short on text, full on images haha.

On another note Im currently playing around with the Stargate system, trying to figure out how Im going to make it work, hoping the end product will be activating the dhd, then having a menu the same as the birthsign choice come up with a list of the planets, a description of the each world when you choose it, along with a small picture of a landmark or something recognisable from the planet (like an ancient control tower or landed goa'uld hatak for example, maybe even just a nice view.).

Anyway, point is Im only testing it by placing a gate in the location the oblivion gate for the story will be, then having it lead to several different large rooms so i can test multiple locations and travelling between them etc, meaning nothing big will be in it but maybe a few little teasers so I can release it as a mini-mod for you to play with soon (roughly in a months time).

+1 vote   article: Project To-Do List
neronix17 Jul 30 2010, 6:21pm replied:

Ooh fair point, that would exlain why he did the fob watch thing (which will be in the mod since I can use my replica to get perfect textures haha). And yes my articles are long but Id prefer it if most mods kept updating with big articles rather than the usual "heres a load of pictures of the one model weve done over the past 3 months" or "Yes we are still alive" posts, so glad that someone reads my half hour of typing :D

+1 vote   article: Doctor Who?
neronix17 Apr 12 2010, 3:53pm replied:

More long and boring than awesome lol

p.s. second.

+1 vote   article: Quick Update for April
neronix17 Apr 11 2010, 3:02pm replied:

I was gonna say that :3

+1 vote   media: Corona of a sun (new background)
neronix17 Apr 9 2010, 11:32am says:

Thats not the nanite table, thats the table used in the episode where mckay and shep are playing a game which turns out to be real planet with a grid of satellites in orbit.

+1 vote   media: Atlantis nanite table
neronix17 Apr 9 2010, 11:30am says:

Oh wow, the eclipse :O

+1 vote   media: Star Wars
neronix17 Apr 8 2010, 12:59pm says:

very nice, looks a lot like the Lucrehulk from star wars though

+1 vote   media: Asgard Odin class ship
neronix17 Apr 1 2010, 6:40am replied:

its not.

+1 vote   media: the mandalorain advance
neronix17 Mar 28 2010, 8:26am replied:

Im doubtful it will be coming in May now, probably July now, but Il update that as it gets closer to the time so Im sure.

Now, if you read the bit in bold at the end of the description on the main page for the mod you will see the answer to your second question, the only reason I havent deleted the comment is because you asked another question too :)

+1 vote   article: Progress Update
neronix17 Mar 28 2010, 8:24am replied:

thank you for answering that for me lol

+1 vote   article: Progress Update
neronix17 Mar 13 2010, 1:13pm replied:

or how about creatures? large creatures would have to be classed as vehicles since wraith technology is all basically living creatures.

+1 vote   media: The Wraith fleet (small ships)
neronix17 Mar 4 2010, 2:32pm replied:

wait till you see the Tok'ra world ;)

+1 vote   media: Worlds Part 1
neronix17 Mar 4 2010, 2:32pm replied:

he is indeed, no response to me asking him to help me build worlds yet but still hope :)

+1 vote   media: Worlds Part 1
neronix17 Feb 24 2010, 12:25pm replied:

As far as I know its the same as the one thats in vanilla oblivion.

+1 vote   media: Worlds Part 2
neronix17 Feb 16 2010, 5:35pm says:

oooh purdy O.O might have something to do with the military heli's flying over my hometown a lot lately...*le gasp* were under attack by aliens!

+2 votes   media: next aircraft carrier for UK :P
neronix17 Feb 14 2010, 4:09pm replied:

sounds like Linkin Park, but Im probably wrong...

+2 votes   media: SGA - One Step Closer
neronix17 Jan 31 2010, 11:16am replied:

Yep, its the only way to get people to coment lol. I was meaning the Nero vas Eternity bit, only people that have played Mass Effect 2 will get it :)

+1 vote   article: World Development Kit and Update
neronix17 Jan 28 2010, 5:37am says:

thats pretty feckin cool...

+1 vote   media: Omega Primus - Still WIP
neronix17 Jan 25 2010, 10:12am says:

This city isnt what the layout will be, I thought it too simple after I found a few drawings I did when I was like 10 (I was better at drawing then than I am now XD).

+1 vote   media: City 'magnified' Example
neronix17 Jan 23 2010, 7:27pm says:

wow Im glad there arent character limits on news posts :O

+1 vote   article: Features Update
neronix17 Jan 20 2010, 2:32pm says:

hope nobody notices the last 3 pillas on this side dont go down to the surface like the first 3 XD

+1 vote   media: Jumper Hangar WIP
neronix17 Jan 18 2010, 3:08pm says:

sorry bout the crappy view of the ship, Im not exactly great at getting a good view on models.

+1 vote   media: Asuran Warship
neronix17 Jan 15 2010, 8:12pm replied:

Shame it's one of the ones my friend 'made' I just textured it to that colour, still going to use it though :P Its going to be in the IC sized city, depending on the Poll in the forums it might be deserted with some coll artefacts, weapons and armour/clothes or it might be filled with living, breathing, arrogant, alterans lol

+1 vote   media: Alteran Control Tower
neronix17 Jan 15 2010, 8:05pm replied:

Hope it does anyway lol, Im working on some of the other buildings in my spare time at college, so far I have plan for a small city (by small I mean slightly bigger than the Imperial City XD).

+1 vote   media: Residential Building WIP
neronix17 Jan 12 2010, 6:19pm replied:

I thought but just making sure, youd be surprised how many people on here would ask it as a serious question XD

+1 vote   media: Alteran Console
neronix17 Jan 10 2010, 8:14pm replied:

Thought you might :) Still waiting on the nif plug-in, I might need to find a copy of 3ds max 2009 if theres not one released soon. Either that or export them to a different program.

Starting these competitions so people can do their part for the mod but also because Im stuck drawing designs for interiors etc waiting for the damn plug-in lol

+1 vote   article: Operation Stargate - January 2010 Competition
neronix17 Jan 9 2010, 8:52pm says:

Hey, sorry I didnt see your post on my mods page last april lol, was just browsing the comments, Id be happy to get the help if youre still interested, Im just doing oblivion just now but the oblivion models will work for fallout 3 when I release it on there. I too couldnt get the morrowind models to move from morrowind to oblivion or f3. Something to do with the way the model is built up, I am now using a new model based on the SGU gate, this and many other models will be able to be used with tes4 and f3 once i get the nif plugin for 3dsmax 2010 that is.

+1 vote   member: PepperNg
neronix17 Jan 9 2010, 11:31am says:

that looks like Google Sketchup :D Very simple system to use, I use it and it works better than some other expensive 3d modelling programs lol

+1 vote   media: Omega Primus Engine System Preview
neronix17 Jan 8 2010, 2:19pm replied:

Im too much of a stargate fan to get details like that wrong lol, glad ive finally got some comments appearing :)

+2 votes   media: Stargate Model
neronix17 Jan 2 2010, 6:46pm replied:

Maybe you just dont know how to install it right.

+1 vote   mod: Top of the World Deluxe Edition
neronix17 Jan 1 2010, 12:20pm says:

LAWL!!! Even I knew that!

+2 votes   media: LOL :P
neronix17 Dec 28 2009, 2:53pm replied:

finally some good feedback lol, Il keep them that way then :)

+1 vote   media: Residential Building WIP
neronix17 Dec 28 2009, 2:51pm replied:

I can see you will be annoying lol

0 votes   media: Asgard Control Panel
neronix17 Dec 28 2009, 2:49pm replied:

right, to make it clear, this mod will have nothing to do with any names in the series, even if its a robot that can live forever. This is based in a separate universe and the only names you will know will be the names of races and any technology I add.

In short - Hes non-existant.

+1 vote   media: Alteran Console
neronix17 Dec 27 2009, 11:13am says:

Ive gotten 3DS Max to render decent screens of the models now, fiddled around with the settings long enough lol

+1 vote   media: Goa'uld Storage Crate
neronix17 Dec 26 2009, 1:21pm says:

I think I see F-302's, not sure but there looks like there are 2 different lines of different ships...

+1 vote   media: Guess the ship(s)
neronix17 Dec 24 2009, 12:37pm says:

C'mon, no comments? I was hoping for at least some picky nerd to point out something wrong like too many or too little symbols? Or anyone want the other gates to be the main gate? like the Tollan gate? or the Pegasus or Milky Way gate?

I post these so I can get some feedback, not just for the fun of it...

+2 votes   media: Stargate Model
neronix17 Dec 24 2009, 12:34pm says:

yes, there are 4 floors, 2 doors, 6 rooms and 38 windows muhahahahahaha

Anyway...is anyone going to comment on the colour scheme for these buildings or what? or is nobody commenting because they like it like that?

+1 vote   media: Residential Building WIP
neronix17 Dec 23 2009, 4:56pm says:

Modular Space Station?

+1 vote   media: New Stations
neronix17 Dec 23 2009, 2:16pm says:

Very Nice, just remember not to make the mistake of having the point of origin on the DHD, since its counted as the middle button :)

+1 vote   media: dhd hd wip
neronix17 Dec 22 2009, 2:26pm says:

I like it :)

+2 votes   media: Citadel Wireframe
neronix17 Dec 21 2009, 4:28pm replied:


-3 votes   media: new Imperial Star Destroyer III
neronix17 Dec 21 2009, 1:50pm says:

Ive never seen an IG-100 with a gun before...ever.

+1 vote   media: New Screens
neronix17 Dec 21 2009, 10:38am replied:

No SGC, its based in a different universe completely :)

+1 vote   media: Earth Symbol
neronix17 Dec 20 2009, 9:44am says:

Still a lot better than the Nexus style one :)

+1 vote   media: Hyperspace (WIP)
neronix17 Dec 16 2009, 11:32pm replied:

I agree, considering that every damn space game buggers up with sounds as there is no possible way for sound to travel through space!

0 votes   media: Combat Trials movie 1
neronix17 Dec 16 2009, 10:51pm replied:

Fair enough, I just thought because its colonial not cylon that itd be viper rather than star.

+1 vote   media: Stealthstar
neronix17 Nov 30 2009, 4:27pm replied:

BF3 Only a shitload better than Lucasarts could ever do!

+2 votes   media: Jundland Wastes
neronix17 Nov 30 2009, 1:59pm replied:

why not get to work on the multiplayer bit then do this aesthetic crap after you get a working version? That way you wont be wasting your time if it doesnt work.

+1 vote   media: Differant Pip-boy Colours!
neronix17 Nov 30 2009, 1:57pm says:

Braveheart Battle Armour? Ghoul King?? seriously, are you trying to WoW Fallout 3? Get more post apoc stories rather than nerdy WoW styled stories for these...

+1 vote   article: Some Legendary Items!
neronix17 Nov 30 2009, 10:25am says:

I like the logo, maybe making a new patch logo instead though, just using the Pegasus patch looks like you cheated a little with it...

+1 vote   media: Stargate Invasion needs YOU!
neronix17 Nov 27 2009, 4:07pm says:


+2 votes   media: Fails
neronix17 Nov 25 2009, 2:40pm says:

Isnt that a Stealth Viper not a Stealthstar?

+1 vote   media: Stealthstar
neronix17 Nov 18 2009, 4:21pm replied:

yeah, dual core and it registers as one, just tried it for Aion, said i didnt reach minimum, because of my processor, needs 2.0 and i have 2x 2.6 so even then its wrong lol

+1 vote   media: i know my laptop is good... but it aint that good
neronix17 Nov 16 2009, 9:25am replied:

I believe he said very "Swish" :) think it mean nice/cool/etc.

+1 vote   article: Stargate: War Begins Public Beta 6 Released! + Casting call for Beta Testers!
neronix17 Nov 11 2009, 5:43am replied:

Nevermind, its wrong anyway, says my laptop cant run half life 2, command and conquer RA3, or oblivion and yet all of them run PERFECT on the highest graphics settings.

+1 vote   media: i know my laptop is good... but it aint that good
neronix17 Nov 11 2009, 5:23am replied:


+1 vote   media: i know my laptop is good... but it aint that good
neronix17 Nov 10 2009, 6:00pm says:

Vue 7 by the looks of it, Just finished playing around with the trial, makes a lot of lifelike Vues :D shame about the time it takes to render though.

EDIT: Just seen the DA page for it XD

+1 vote   media: UNSC Attacks
neronix17 Nov 10 2009, 5:56pm replied:

Looks too much like the MAKO in Mass Effect without wheels to be honest.

+2 votes   media: Apex Studios Weekly Update 09/11/09 Images
neronix17 Nov 10 2009, 11:43am says:

Doesnt take much to run that game by the looks of it...anyway what website is that?

+1 vote   media: i know my laptop is good... but it aint that good
neronix17 Nov 9 2009, 5:25pm says:

Why not make the text scroll off into the distance like in the movies? and wheres the stars? <:O

+1 vote   media: Various Images
neronix17 Nov 9 2009, 5:21pm says:

Not bad, still dont see how this is going to be enough to warrant putting it on a disk and having to PAY for it.

+1 vote   media: Additional Media Releases.
neronix17 Nov 9 2009, 5:18pm says:

considering its a flash game, why the hell do you need a box?

0 votes   media: Box Art!
neronix17 Nov 9 2009, 5:13pm replied:

its flash, not much you can do looks wise with flash, Id say that the writing could have been done a hell of a lot better, obvious the designer hasnt had experience in school, college etc with colour choice and stuff like that. I cant say Id be any better but at least Id use a different colour for the writing rather than just a drop shadow round text the same colour as the background.

+1 vote   media: Captain Rijo Extra
neronix17 Oct 19 2009, 6:39am says:

awesome, halo warsy :)

+4 votes   media: Covenant Refinery
neronix17 Oct 15 2009, 9:55pm says:

id say it looks fine without textures to be honest

+1 vote   media: Now that's a slipgate!
neronix17 Oct 15 2009, 8:45pm says:

very cool, im guessing that theyre cell shaded? just thinking the black outline makes it look like that but im probably wrong and its just shadow...

+2 votes   media: weapon models
neronix17 Oct 6 2009, 1:51pm replied:

*cough* Depth Perception *cough*

+1 vote   media: Stargate Invasion Fleet So far.
neronix17 Oct 6 2009, 1:38pm says:

Whats the point in having 2 variants for the fighter and bomber? The series only had 1 variant (not including the DHD differences or the Time Travel one)Textures nice though.

+1 vote   media: Puddle Jumpers, New Texture
neronix17 Oct 6 2009, 12:05pm replied:

To be honest I dont want the traditional Steam Punk, mine will actually have more steam than victorian crap, including things like inter-planetary travel, which will be why there will be some modern stuff, futuristic stuff, cyber punk, steam punk, even barren planets just for mining raw materials, lots that will be added slowly over time.

+1 vote   media: Concept Art
neronix17 Oct 6 2009, 5:18am says:

Its a funny episode but not the funniest :/

+1 vote   media: RvB: Lost in Triangulation
neronix17 Sep 22 2009, 8:27am replied:

i didnt see 'silver' anywhere there, although i did read in the page that it has a white/blue hull, although in the upper pictures if you look close it LOOKS purpley :)

+1 vote   media: Textured Assault Carrier
neronix17 Sep 18 2009, 2:22pm says:

if i didnt know this was a game i would have thought that a clip from the series :O

+1 vote   media: Shiny new Basestar
neronix17 Sep 16 2009, 6:32pm replied:

it looks great and that would be a damn good way to make people think with decent tactics rather than just a fleet of random ships to see who can kill who first lol

+1 vote   media: New Ship
neronix17 Sep 14 2009, 11:20am says:

you really cant call it a mini-mod since you have to mod it into the game yourself

+2 votes   article: Adding the BC304 Minimod to Sins of a Solar Empire
neronix17 Sep 7 2009, 8:32am replied:

If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. In other words: Shut up.

Better textures doesnt always mean higher sizes, I agree that there should be better textures but not by making them more detailed, the textures just dont look like they belong there, mainly on the tauri ships, like on the hanger on the bc-304 looks like the texture has been repeated along the side.

Other than that the textures are fine.

+1 vote   article: Reborned
neronix17 Sep 5 2009, 1:29pm replied:

id guess a weapon of some sort.

0 votes   media: Ingame screenshots
neronix17 Sep 5 2009, 1:28pm says:

that looks alot like the mothership of the scrin race on C&C3

0 votes   media: Ingame screenshots
neronix17 Sep 5 2009, 1:27pm says:

okay...are those ships :O

0 votes   media: Ingame screenshots
neronix17 Aug 29 2009, 7:18pm says:

cool, glad to see some ships that will need some protection, i like a challenge ^_^

+1 vote   media: Civilian ships
neronix17 Aug 24 2009, 4:09am replied:

if a nuke went off, there wouldn't be any vegetation left within miles

+2 votes   media: New shots
neronix17 Aug 14 2009, 1:40pm replied:

lawl, MLG means nothing. Just says your full of yourself and shouldn't be allowed out in public.

+2 votes   mod: TM Mapping Team
neronix17 Aug 13 2009, 11:04am says:

grrrr vista >=(

+2 votes   media: My current desktop
neronix17 Aug 6 2009, 10:59pm replied:

im sick of people always thinking its time travel

+1 vote   download: STARGATE san andreas rebellion V1
neronix17 Jul 31 2009, 5:43pm replied:

what do you mean by map? like creating and modding areas? buildings interiors etc?

+1 vote   article: Dont hold your breath for this Project
neronix17 Jul 18 2009, 10:43am says:

my cats are proud to destroy my laptop by sitting on it when im busy using it.

+1 vote   media: a couple funny pics
neronix17 Jul 13 2009, 5:53pm replied:

which is likely where bungie got the halo ring idea from...

+2 votes   game: alpha_bwrpg
neronix17 Jul 10 2009, 12:29pm buried:



-6 votes   article: Machinarium pre-orders launched!
neronix17 Jul 5 2009, 5:23pm replied:

thats because the original mod was for morrowind...

+1 vote   media: Stargate
neronix17 Jul 1 2009, 9:31am replied:

it is ive been there :P

+1 vote   media: Andromeda in X3
neronix17 May 22 2009, 2:23pm says:

your cams reslolution is so good i can see my own house from that pic O.O probably isnt that good but its alot better than mine ^_^

+1 vote   media: my home street
neronix17 Apr 26 2009, 12:12pm replied:

Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD)

+1 vote   media: ISD´s Approaching
neronix17 Apr 26 2009, 9:28am replied:

alot more people will moan about it not being the same as the shows, i personally couldnt care, i just love the visual representations ^_^

+1 vote   media: Destiny Class CapitalShip
neronix17 Mar 26 2009, 7:10pm replied:

it says at the end its being upgraded to entrenchment :)

shame bout the ori, wouldnt be too hard to go around the godlike part since the earth ship (odyssee i think) got upgraded with the asgard beam weapons and knocks out the ships in a couple hits (5 or 6 if i remember right :/ not sure) and itd be easy enough to create some new ori-style ships, not argueing by the way, just felt like posting a few extra super long comments (pointless or not) today :)

+1 vote   article: To Set the Record Straight...
neronix17 Mar 17 2009, 2:14pm replied:

shut up, this is the way they want to do it so just leave them to it, critiseze them later when they at least have a release out so you can test it out, concepts change all the time and id say this is a damn good concept already.

The non sentient bit i think is just ment to say there really stupid....cus it says CLOSE to non-sentient...

+1 vote   mod: Sins of a Solar Empire: Revolutions
neronix17 Feb 10 2009, 5:11pm says:

and the point in this is? lol

+1 vote   media: PS3 cover for mod
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:20pm says:

very nice model, if you need any i have loads of textures which i have permission to use in any way i want (or ive made them myself) might come in handy for the symbols even if u dont want to use them.

+1 vote   media: Render - Offworld Stargate
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:17pm says:

those pyrimids arent actually built technically, they land then open up, and from what ive seen Hataks dont land very often, i think ive seen one atop a pyrimid 2 times, 1 in the original movie and another when sg-1 try to get themselves captured so they can talk to a tok'ra spy.

+1 vote   media: Render - Goa'uld Pyramid
neronix17 Oct 11 2008, 12:35pm says:

much nicer work there for the star map :D

+1 vote   media: Overhauled Star Map
neronix17 Oct 1 2008, 8:40am says:

whats the difference between the old gate activation and the new one? i seriously see barely any change at all, also why is the model blackened out?

And finally the texture on the gate when its open doesnt look that great to be honest, its good but could be better, if you want ive got a few textures that ive been doing for it?

+2 votes   media: Stargate Invasion Particle Effects
neronix17 Sep 27 2008, 6:21pm says:

sorry but r2-d2 looks like the only 3d thing there, the rest looks like animations

-1 votes   media: Leia hides the Deathstar plans on R2D2
neronix17 Aug 20 2008, 7:54am replied:

emm...has nobody heard of google? lol, jus go have a look for nif tools in google, for blender, the only free one u need a plugin which ends up being like 4downloads but its simple to do

+1 vote   article: Woot, I can Model!
neronix17 Aug 18 2008, 8:21pm replied:

dont worry, the doctor who one will be done at the same time as the stargate one but stargate has priority, il only work on the dw one when i am waiting for something for the stargate one :) if i knew what program works for making models for morrowind then id be getting along much faster with the stargate mod, and the dw one...

+1 vote   article: Doctor Who Mod?
neronix17 Aug 18 2008, 1:16pm says:

why do these models look like they were made in google sketchup?

+1 vote   media: Ruined House
neronix17 Aug 17 2008, 8:13pm replied:

OMFG same here :D hes like my favorite character in starwars because itd take a few nukes to kill him properly :)

+1 vote   media: Durge
neronix17 Aug 15 2008, 7:02am replied:

wow a comment already XD didnt expect any this soon lol, the requirments for the final version will be morrowind with both expansions as it will use alot of things from both of them, there is also a couple of other mods you will require but I will upload them when they are needed so you dont have to go searching for them. Im not sure how big the file will be yet but including the required mods your best just to have a gig free space. One of the required mods is about 600MB because it has 90+ armour sets in it and im using a few of them in this mod. Sorry I cant make it any smaller :(

The demo is out if you want to have a go at it. its only around 60-70MB at the most. and it only requires Morrowind and will work with most other mods.

+1 vote   mod: Operation Sci-Fi: Oblivion
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:12pm says:

a few actually, although im sure its scale was larger than that and not sure bout the name :S theres definately some when the tokra first make a symbiote poison, cant remember the others but they are around, mostly in the background.

+1 vote   media: Render - Goa'uld Jaffa'Tak
neronix17 Oct 20 2008, 10:48am says:

All looks amazing, apart from the kull warrior, I honestly think it looks barely anything like the one on the series, peeps are probably going to try and shoot me down in flames for saying that but I should know since its my all time favorite sci-fi character, plus I was sad enuf to make a kull warrior costume for a party, your model really only looks like a skin on a dark trooper/phase trooper (i cant remember what theyre called in empire at war) it looks far too fat to be a kull warrior.

+1 vote   article: The Goauld ground forces
neronix17 Oct 12 2008, 9:06pm replied:

ummmm, i think i speak for alot of people here when i say the words...we dont care...

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Oct 11 2008, 12:33pm says:

finally a decent atlantis model in a stargate mod! :P

+1 vote   media: Atlantis
neronix17 Oct 8 2008, 7:53am says:

lol, yeah sorry I forgot to wait till it was accepted before tellin u :P

+1 vote   member: [$#!T-Happens]
neronix17 Oct 6 2008, 8:08pm says:

download says top 500, why does the filename suggest that theres only 100? =.(

+1 vote   download: Top 500 Rated Creature Database
neronix17 Oct 6 2008, 5:28pm says:

cant wait to see that on my screen and be blowing the hell out of UNSC ships with covvie ships, seriously a beta, anything, id give you my left arm to play it as you make it :P

well...maybe not my arm...

+1 vote   media: New Engine Particle System
neronix17 Oct 6 2008, 1:53pm says:

Hey, just made a stargate group you may be interested in, its for anyone that makes anything based on stargate, images, stories, models, etc, since youre one of the more well known peeps on here il give you any title you want if you join :)

+1 vote   member: [$#!T-Happens]
neronix17 Oct 4 2008, 4:59pm says:

awsome models, dont ya jus looove the mute button tho? :P

-2 votes   media: Halo: Covenant at War Model Look Around #2
neronix17 Oct 1 2008, 8:53am says:

I agree, this is a total joke, people want news for the mod, not a game thats probably going to be rubbish and not even out for a couple years yet...

and jus saying but maybe u should use a dictionary =/

+1 vote   article: Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2
neronix17 Sep 27 2008, 5:54pm says:

awsome mod!!! i cant wait to see this when its done, i love both of those games and to have them merged together is a dream come true, im so excited i think i jus peed a little bit O.O

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
neronix17 Sep 27 2008, 5:26pm says:

OMFG its about time a stargate mod came out for this, ive been making stargate based maps but this is gunna be awsome

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Invasion
neronix17 Sep 26 2008, 7:14pm says:

sorry to sound really nerdy here but that looks alot like the submarine thing that the 2 jedi and jarjar use n star wars episode 1, but the other way round lol

+1 vote   media: Covenant Picket Ship (CPS)
neronix17 Sep 25 2008, 1:00pm says:

thats from the stargate homeworld 2 mod :S

+1 vote   media: Destroyer (Fan ship)
neronix17 Sep 24 2008, 9:37pm replied:

lol, FAIL, they are only alike in 1 way and that is that they are for the UNSC XD

+1 vote   media: UNSC Ship Scale Chart
neronix17 Sep 19 2008, 11:10pm replied:

simple way of putting your problem is that vista sucks when you want to play games, i HAD vista on my desktop and couldnt play a single game i wanted to, no matter what i did it was really fussy.

Solution: Get a version of XP and ditch vista.

+1 vote   article: Announcing the release of BSG Fleet Commander version v.0.4.3
neronix17 Sep 19 2008, 9:18am says:

I know im probably going to be sloughtered for this but there is no such thing as a x304, theres an f302, x303, and bc304 class but no x304, great mod tho

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Tauri allanci
neronix17 Aug 27 2008, 4:55am replied:

actually it wont start up, it opens the program and sits doing nothing at the screen with jus the HL2W background, i have the same problem and im not wasting money till i find out wether this mod is worth it or not.

0 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
neronix17 Aug 25 2008, 10:52am replied:

awesome, cant wait to play it :):):)

+1 vote   media: Atlantis
neronix17 Aug 24 2008, 6:50pm replied:

awsome, im guessing that the midway station is between earth and atlantis and would be the only way to travel between the pegasus and the milky way galaxies?

+1 vote   media: Atlantis
neronix17 Aug 23 2008, 11:40pm replied:

nobody reads X( theres already a demo of sorts, and its for EAW. look at the downloads!

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Aug 20 2008, 6:45pm replied:

not neccisarily The odyssey, could have been deadelous, maybe the
BC-304 looks better like that than the X-303

+1 vote   media: [Mini-games] Stargate Invaders
neronix17 Aug 20 2008, 5:30pm replied:

there only is single player...

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
neronix17 Aug 20 2008, 7:55am says:

sorry, cant help u there then, seems it cud just be you lol, remember its the red arrow button u click no the name of the download server :)

+1 vote   download: Operation Stargate: Morrowind Demo
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