I am fun, loving and like long walks on the bea...wait wrong website, I am co-founder of Nightman Games, I was born and raised in Scotland, and have a passion for gaming. I have clocked more than 1000 hours on Oblivion (console & windows), maybe around 500 on Fallout 3 and 250 on New Vegas. Most of that time is in mods more than the actual games. I am a one man mod dev team which I guess is why my main mod hasn't been released yet. I really don't know what else to put here so just ask if you want to know anything. Ciao for now!

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neronix17 Nov 23 2010, 6:01am says:

I love how half the comments on this page are people asking how to install or why it is just a rar file. Seriously by now Id of thought everyone realised that they will just annoy everyone else asking something so basic considering how long the games been out. Is google even used nowadays?

+2 votes   download: Star Wars - Clone Wars mod Version IV "Demo"
neronix17 Apr 18 2010, 6:24pm replied:

yes and there is a paragraph in bold lettering at the end of the description letting you know that the mod is being made for Oblivion, but was previously being made for Morrowind, which is the reason the version in the downloads section is for Morrowind.

I played morrowind since it was released up till the time oblivion was released, Im not as thick as a lot of the people I have spoken to on this website so dont act like I cant tell the difference between games after completely ignoring the bit in the description which would have answered your question without even having to ask it. I put that notice there after getting sick of people asking if the mod is for oblivion or morrowind.

So from now on, start reading the tiny description before asking questions that have been asked far too much already.

+3 votes   mod: Operation Sci-Fi: Oblivion
neronix17 Apr 16 2010, 4:52pm replied:

oh dear god...cant you people read?

+2 votes   mod: Operation Sci-Fi: Oblivion
neronix17 Dec 21 2008, 8:22am replied:

you fail at life :P

+1 vote   mod: The Last Stand
neronix17 Dec 13 2008, 12:51pm says:

wow, is this just someone trying to make an Ashes of Apocalypse addon or carry it on?

+1 vote   mod: Rule 12
neronix17 Dec 13 2008, 12:43pm replied:

didnt die, moved to a different game.

+1 vote   mod: Ashes of Apocalypse
neronix17 Dec 13 2008, 12:42pm replied:

ummm, i think its a bit older than that...its nothing to do with stargate or halo thats jus retarded that you even think anything like that...

+1 vote   download: Ashes of Apocalypse Demo 1.1 Patch
neronix17 Dec 12 2008, 10:14pm replied:

in the largest GC you can. well, i could, i was using goa'uld and i jus took over the supergates, then u get adria and her mothership

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 12 2008, 1:11pm says:

So far the screens look good and from what ive read of it it seems alot better than what ive done lol, but since im having trouble with getting my computers sound working i havent had time to test it out yet, will give feedback on it when i do tho

+2 votes   member: Envy
neronix17 Dec 12 2008, 1:09pm says:

hey spino, i love the idea of custom heroes, jus wandering how you have your own picture for the unit when building it? oh and what programs could you use to make the right model files? (preferably something free :P)

+1 vote   article: Round 2
neronix17 Dec 12 2008, 7:36am replied:

no hes talking about the space stations in skirmish repairing too

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 11 2008, 1:40pm replied:

sorry :(

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 10 2008, 7:36pm replied:

Well making it for xbox 360 is now piece of cake if u know how to use the software, id say have a go at it but its a bit expensive, all i know is if you can get a game with nexus graphics and roughly same gameplay with all that then id pay the 400 or 800 microsoft points in a heartbeat.

+1 vote   group: Original Stargate Creations
neronix17 Dec 10 2008, 7:18pm says:

no probs, il watch anything AOA, been following and building onto it since it was made, i dont release much, if anything tho :P too many personal jokes involved

+2 votes   member: Envy
neronix17 Dec 10 2008, 7:14pm says:

ive had to do some wierd stuff to get my copy working, since my original disc didnt work i tried a few things, eventually jus figured out that cuting and pasting the mod files to replace the vanilla EAW ones, cant play EAW but i never did till this mod anyways, not sure if im allowed to say it but i will anyway, my cousin uses a no-cd crack and this also worked for him :S sorry if i shudnt tlk about no-cd things

-1 votes   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 10 2008, 7:10pm replied:

yeah i know, jus saying if he waits for the fix then it should show properly :)

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 10 2008, 1:34pm replied:

wait for the update/hotfix...like theyve said repetedly, pretty much once each page since the release :P

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 6 2008, 2:21pm replied:

its not for oblivion because i dont want to have to add speech :P

+1 vote   mod: Operation Sci-Fi: Oblivion
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 9:54pm says:

thanks yuu spino :) surprising how much rubbish comes up with jus searching for an install creator or something along those lines in google lol

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 9:47pm says:

i know its totally off subject but what is used to make the installer? would be really handy to use for my mod, sorry for asking this here but i didnt know who to ask

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 1:36pm replied:

it helps to pay attention, tauri and goauld are the only playable races but include ships from other races, and its already been said that the english text file isnt the newest 1

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 1:00pm replied:

look back a few pages, should be there

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 10:00am says:

the so called english version isnt right, most of it is bloomin german!! lucky i know the layout of the menues like the back of my hand :P

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 8:46am replied:

his spelling isnt too bad, be nice >=(

+1 vote   group: Original Stargate Creations
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 8:41am says:

shep be patient, good things come to those who wait :)

+2 votes   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Dec 1 2008, 8:20am says:

lol, silly me, been waiting for the download and i havent even got eaw installed on this computer yet :D

+2 votes   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:20pm says:

very nice model, if you need any i have loads of textures which i have permission to use in any way i want (or ive made them myself) might come in handy for the symbols even if u dont want to use them.

+1 vote   media: Render - Offworld Stargate
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:17pm says:

those pyrimids arent actually built technically, they land then open up, and from what ive seen Hataks dont land very often, i think ive seen one atop a pyrimid 2 times, 1 in the original movie and another when sg-1 try to get themselves captured so they can talk to a tok'ra spy.

+1 vote   media: Render - Goa'uld Pyramid
neronix17 Nov 24 2008, 3:12pm says:

a few actually, although im sure its scale was larger than that and not sure bout the name :S theres definately some when the tokra first make a symbiote poison, cant remember the others but they are around, mostly in the background.

+1 vote   media: Render - Goa'uld Jaffa'Tak
neronix17 Oct 20 2008, 10:48am says:

All looks amazing, apart from the kull warrior, I honestly think it looks barely anything like the one on the series, peeps are probably going to try and shoot me down in flames for saying that but I should know since its my all time favorite sci-fi character, plus I was sad enuf to make a kull warrior costume for a party, your model really only looks like a skin on a dark trooper/phase trooper (i cant remember what theyre called in empire at war) it looks far too fat to be a kull warrior.

+1 vote   article: The Goauld ground forces
neronix17 Oct 12 2008, 9:06pm replied:

ummmm, i think i speak for alot of people here when i say the words...we dont care...

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
neronix17 Oct 11 2008, 12:35pm says:

much nicer work there for the star map :D

+1 vote   media: Overhauled Star Map
neronix17 Oct 11 2008, 12:33pm says:

finally a decent atlantis model in a stargate mod! :P

+1 vote   media: Atlantis
neronix17 Jun 17 2014, 11:15am replied:

That would just make them stop producing games on PC at all, they don't give a **** about opinions they will just look at the sales figures and see the sales dropping if we were to do that, meaning they would see it as not being worthwhile to sell games on PC.

+10 votes   article: New Watch_Dogs Mod Enables "E3 Graphics"
neronix17 Apr 3 2014, 10:43am says:

So you expect people to vote above 1 for this? Not a chance mate.

+2 votes   download: Philerration
neronix17 Jan 12 2014, 1:55am says:

Great job on that, although you should have done it in Starmade so you could actually fly it...

+2 votes   media: Prometheus in Minecraft (XB360)
neronix17 Jun 30 2013, 3:54pm says:

I don't usually say this but WANT!

+6 votes   media: New headgears
neronix17 May 9 2013, 2:04am replied:

*literary not literal, I don't think you should be doing the correcting :P

+2 votes   game: After Reset™ RPG
neronix17 May 4 2013, 1:19am says:

It's a shame this and the full Fallout Who mod over at Nexus have little to no documentation on how to start the mod or...well anything really.

+1 vote   download: UNIT Lockout Car 11B
neronix17 Mar 27 2013, 1:55pm replied:


+1 vote   download: SkyFi R1
neronix17 Mar 24 2013, 8:21pm replied:

Going by the little alternate doodles at the top I would guess he just does it all through graphics tablet into photoshop or similar. If my tablet wasn't so terrible I'd do every sketch or drawing through PC only, shame I can't drop £1k to get a decent one.

+1 vote   media: Covenant Battlecarrier [Concept]
neronix17 Mar 21 2013, 11:17am says:

Awesome, will buy as soon as I get my funds from TF2 items :P

+3 votes   article: Now on Steam!
neronix17 Mar 1 2013, 11:50pm replied:

Translation: "This is amazing! -Tech Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicum"

Binary because of him being a Tech Priest?

+6 votes   media: Mars Pattern Warhound
neronix17 Jan 30 2013, 5:27pm replied:

Totally and completely agreed, people act like they are paying for mods half the time, they aren't and really should just be happy so many modders are willing to share what they do.

+4 votes   article: State of the Mod - Release Date
neronix17 Jan 28 2013, 2:17am replied:

More likely to read it in the first place, most people seem to have an allergy to documentation files...

+1 vote   download: SoGE R1021 release for SOASE Rebellion 1.1
neronix17 Jan 12 2013, 4:16am replied:


Almost identical , other than a few little differences.

+2 votes   media: Salarian Concept
neronix17 Dec 27 2012, 11:43pm replied:

I think you will find that it is smaller on the outside.

+1 vote   media: New Progress
neronix17 Dec 19 2012, 10:12pm replied:

Memory is less of an issue in Rebellion isn't it? I haven't had a single mini-dump in Rebellion with any of the mods I've used anyway, not gotten into Sins modding yet (need to finish my Skyrim projects first!) so I am not sure if the mods have been more optimized or if the engine is just generally better for larger mods.

+1 vote   article: Empires and Rebels
neronix17 Oct 15 2012, 7:14pm replied:

No but it has plenty of Windows...Sorry, couldn't resist.

+8 votes   media: UNSC Light Carrier [Textured]
neronix17 Sep 20 2012, 5:52pm says:

Witch looks bad, only negative thing I have seen come from the 1.4 update to be honest and I personally think it looks to be the worst looking addition.

+1 vote   media: Witches and Bats
neronix17 Sep 10 2012, 8:47am replied:

The Destroy or Control option sounds best, maybe with a small AOE instead of a single ship though.

+1 vote   media: Crucible v1
neronix17 Aug 24 2012, 6:13pm says:

Make them replicate by having "mining" spiders which use what they mine to create more! Go to a planet, find two spiders, leave and come back a couple hours later and boom you have a few dozen there.

+1 vote   media: Animated - Four-legged Spider
neronix17 Aug 1 2012, 11:49pm replied:

nah, they knaw on your knees

+2 votes   media: Zombies "turn" villagers/baby villager "turned"
neronix17 Jun 24 2012, 10:28pm says:

Sooo much nicer texture, cant wait to see this hammer into a bc-304.

+1 vote   media: Super Hive ingame team color
neronix17 Jun 7 2012, 9:40am replied:

Size matters not.

+1 vote   media: Syndic Destroyer
neronix17 May 10 2012, 5:35pm says:

What the biomes weren't already big enough for people? Any chance of a small biomes type? I preferred having small biomes so I could find a 3 way split between desert, normal and snow which I could build a fancy *** wizards tower in...

+2 votes   article: Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a
neronix17 May 3 2012, 9:02pm replied:

Good, means they will all be compatible.

+2 votes   media: Writable books
neronix17 Apr 30 2012, 7:19am replied:

Extract the bsa and it should work.

+2 votes   download: Sword of Truth Expansion
neronix17 Apr 22 2012, 5:45pm replied:

You mean the one you get if you don't have the latest .net framework? (like you should have if you use a computer regularly)

+2 votes   media: Stargate EaW: TPC - Modlauncher
neronix17 Feb 17 2012, 12:32am says:

I am struggling to convert models like the Stargate to work in Skyrim so the first release will likely not include that, the second release will have to since it is going to include the first world, maybe second too, I can work with a placeholder but until the proper models are in the second release won't be out. If anyone can help me with this then I would be very grateful.

+1 vote   mod: Skyrim - Doctor Who
neronix17 Jan 17 2012, 8:52pm replied:

That's always been the plan ;)

+1 vote   media: Operation Stargate - Oblivion Background
neronix17 Jan 17 2012, 8:35pm replied:

Funny how most Americans I see online seem to think things only affect them...

+2 votes   article: SOPA Protest – Websites Shut Down
neronix17 Jan 2 2012, 11:13pm replied:

That model does support shader 4.0, obviously you must have another error or the shader requirement is higher than that. I found doing a google search on your card got the answer within literally a couple of seconds.

+1 vote   download: SGmod V.1.3.5 [OLD]
neronix17 Nov 14 2011, 12:08pm replied:

this is what religion IS like.

+7 votes   media: Mojang bathroom scripture
neronix17 Oct 30 2011, 2:08pm says:

Awesome, 4 more games every fortnight to add to my steam list!

+2 votes   article: Indie Royale - The Launch Bundle
neronix17 Oct 26 2011, 10:50am replied:

that wouldnt contain the water and lava very well obviously, and really would take up more space than this one...

Edit: Actually it wouldn't even work, not for the same purpose this one is meant to anyway.

+1 vote   download: automatic piston cobble gen schematic
neronix17 Oct 7 2011, 12:08pm says:

Hehehe, a little face-stabbing at skyrim by any chance?

+6 votes   media: Enderdragon Animation Update
neronix17 Oct 6 2011, 1:04pm says:

No Idea what it is but it is apparently unbreakable, just used TMI to try out the new blocks and so far I have yet to find something that can break it. It also produces light! Could be a new lantern thing? going by that image it produces some sort of electric charge maybe?

-1 votes   media: 1.9 update screenshots
neronix17 Sep 3 2011, 10:32pm says:

Are there supposed to be white ships and white parts of ships or is something wrong? lol

+2 votes   article: Beta release v0.1a
neronix17 May 12 2011, 5:42pm replied:

little extreme, you can just buy it from the minecraft site...

+1 vote   article: Minecraft Dev Diary - maps, Scrolls music, documentary
neronix17 Apr 13 2011, 11:32am replied:

Yup texture pack lol, its my own, the base of it is Glimmar's, its for my server and is yet unreleased as I'd rather finish making every texture my own instead of using Glimmars. Might up it to moddb when its finished, depends if people are interested in it.

+1 vote   download: Paradise v1.0
neronix17 Feb 10 2011, 2:57pm replied:

Yes actually it is... Have you watched any of the movies etc? You can even see the very basic shape of a chair at the back of the gun, it is most definately manned.

+1 vote   media: AT-TE
neronix17 Oct 31 2010, 9:21am replied:

No sorry it wont, Ive been meaning to remove that.

+1 vote   article: Very Quick News
neronix17 Oct 2 2010, 10:57am replied:

Wow, nice attitude youve got there. I think he was more meaning it would be simpler and make a lot more sense if you did it on C&C3 instead of RA3. Plus the rest of his rant sort of made sense, screw it up and you will likely get people angry. Do well and EA might jump in.

+1 vote   mod: C&C 5: Tiberian Deception
neronix17 Oct 2 2010, 10:55am replied:

Actually they can shut it down because he called it c&c5, like hes continuing where they left off.

+1 vote   mod: C&C 5: Tiberian Deception
neronix17 Jul 24 2010, 7:25am says:

so 68 people viewed this yet only 9 bothered to vote in the forums. Honestly dont see why I bother asking.

+1 vote   article: Plans and Changes...Again...
neronix17 Apr 11 2010, 3:06pm replied:

Think it would be possible to have it just affect shields? That would leave the ships vulnerable but not destroy them too quickly, but I personally wouldnt like the idea of constant damge to shields, I rely on them too much :P

+1 vote   media: Corona of a sun (new background)
neronix17 Apr 8 2010, 2:19pm replied:

actually I get this error too and I have updated to 1.011 sooo... its probably my fault.

0 votes   download: Star Wars Conquest
neronix17 Mar 13 2010, 1:09pm says:

colour is fine like that, if its too dark then its more difficult to see. I always had that problem with one of the ships in the last release.

+2 votes   media: New Wraith Cruiser
neronix17 Feb 16 2010, 11:15am replied:

I will be using ALL of the gates from all of the series in some way or another, these will be in the add-on planet packs though. But the main gates will be my new design.

+2 votes   media: Stargate Model
neronix17 Feb 16 2010, 11:11am replied:

thanks, I will, might take a long time but it will get done eventually.

+1 vote   media: Operation Stargate - Oblivion Background
neronix17 Feb 5 2010, 1:39pm replied:

where the front of it is i guess :)

+1 vote   media: Asuran Aurora-class battle ship
neronix17 Jan 12 2010, 9:13am says:

I cant help but think those massive cannons on the sides at the front will do some damage to even the most powerful ships, I think even the Ori Cruiser would stop and say "Ummm...."

+1 vote   media: Aschen BattleShip
neronix17 Jan 12 2010, 9:09am replied:

Got a few things there, if you mean because they sent a note back in time to stop them sending a team to the Aschen homeworld then that wouldnt work for revenge since the Aschen wouldnt have even known it happened. When they did meet the Aschen on a different world, they didnt do too much to make the whole of the Aschen race want to take revenge for.

Ashcen kick arse though :)

0 votes   media: Aschen Cruiser
neronix17 Nov 28 2009, 7:22am replied:

Operation Stargate will is in the oblivion engine rite now :) using the construction set

+1 vote   game: Prometheus : The Return
neronix17 Nov 23 2009, 3:19am replied:

has to be. everything is :)

+1 vote   media: Know The Truth.
neronix17 Nov 15 2009, 9:01am says:

that sounds more eldar to me, definately doesnt suit the imperials

+1 vote   media: throne of the emperor
neronix17 Oct 19 2009, 3:29am replied:

to be honest, just becasue it only opened one pod doesnt mean its a variant, could have two and only needed to open one to take out the amount of enemies...

+1 vote   media: Puddle Jumpers, New Texture
neronix17 Oct 15 2009, 8:46pm says:

Id love to have a place that looked like that :O

+2 votes   media: Scene 3 background
neronix17 Oct 11 2009, 5:27am replied:

@sys2408: take it your one of the peeps that doesnt read descriptions.

+7 votes   download: H:CaW UNSC Halcyon Cruiser Demo
neronix17 Oct 6 2009, 1:36pm replied:

If you read the description it says its there for size comparison, although I do agree, it looks good.

+1 vote   media: Human Tower of Influence
neronix17 Sep 22 2009, 8:35am replied:

it still amazes me how many people think its JUST 3 games, for one there is more than 3 games, no necissarily to do with the halo rings or master chief (although now there is definately 6 with halo wars, odst and reach) there is also a few books (not just 3) theres also a wiki PACKED with info on the halo universe (obviously the info there wont all be true or accurate but who really cares?)

+1 vote   media: Textured Seraphs
neronix17 Sep 18 2009, 2:18pm replied:

same basic shape i thought

+1 vote   media: UNSC Battlegroup
neronix17 Sep 14 2009, 6:11pm replied:

I cant belive I watched this *slaps forehead* I didnt even notice the dodgy jokes when I first watched it :D

+2 votes   media: Frezza's Balls
neronix17 Aug 24 2009, 1:03pm says:

if you dont have anything constructive to say then dont say anything and move on, i personally think bigger is better and that looks huge!

+1 vote   media: Eclipse Super Star Destroyer
neronix17 Aug 16 2009, 5:29pm replied:

the words total conversion mean that NOTHING from the original should be there, so yes, this mod has NOTHING to do with morrowind

+1 vote   download: Ashes of Apocalypse Demo 1.0
neronix17 Jul 31 2009, 5:47pm says:

I know but look at it from my view, its alot more unfair on me since I know for a fact there is some people out there that have looked at this project and are interested in it but do nothing to help even though they are fully able.

+1 vote   article: Dont hold your breath for this Project
neronix17 Jul 5 2009, 5:27pm says:

nobody pays attention to previous news posts :[ I made a post a long time ago saying that the mod is being moved to fallout 3 then changed it to oblivion since my fallout 3 "broke" and no, the .nif files dont work in oblivion or F3 since something different is done with them, since nobody will help me out with that then the mod will not progress much.

+1 vote   media: Stargate
neronix17 Jun 22 2009, 4:34pm replied:

yes its for morrowind, hence the word morrowind in the title

+1 vote   download: Operation Stargate: Morrowind Demo
neronix17 Jun 22 2009, 12:23pm replied:

windows 7 is a gloryfied version of vista, what vista should have had is in windows 7, but even less games actually run on it, i admit the ones that work dont suffer but half the games i usually play dont work with it, even in compatability mode, like homeworld 2, it always says it cant verify the disc, because of emulators being detected, since i dont have any installed and that it works perfectly on my (quite rubbish) laptop with xp installed. Newer games dont suffer but their not exactly improved using it either. XP Pro CE is what im going to stick to unless microsoft come up with somehing that is actually better (not likely going by the stuff theyre coming out with lately).
I love ranting bout microsoft :P

+1 vote   article: Computers are so god damn FUSSY!!!
neronix17 Jun 22 2009, 4:53am says:

wowsers, seeing the words "Vista" and "Windows 7" made me flinch 0_0

+1 vote   article: Computers are so god damn FUSSY!!!
neronix17 Jun 1 2009, 6:55am says:

so whas the plans for the mystical oraface of the godly shimmering wall of water?

+2 votes   member: Envy
neronix17 Apr 17 2009, 6:41pm replied:

thanks, havent had much time to work on it more, had alot going on and i found a good model program for my mod on follout 3, plus it gets hard to work with a cat jumping on the keyboard when the cursor moves on the screen lol

+1 vote   game: Prometheus : The Return
neronix17 Apr 9 2009, 6:35pm replied:

thanks ^_^

+1 vote   mod: Operation Sci-Fi: Oblivion
neronix17 Mar 19 2009, 3:58pm says:

maybe just me but the ships that arent canon to sg1 and atlantis are putting me off this mod :/ wud be better if they were optional

0 votes   media: SGI Hyperspace Window Effect
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