I am fun, loving and like long walks on the bea...wait wrong website, I am co-founder of Nightman Games, I was born and raised in Scotland, and have a passion for gaming. I have clocked more than 1000 hours on Oblivion (console & windows), maybe around 500 on Fallout 3 and 250 on New vegas. Most of that time is in mods more than the actual games, I play several MMO's including but not limited to Rift, SWG, WoW (Yeah I dont like to admit that one), WAR and soon TOR. I am a one man mod dev team which I guess is why my main mod hasnt been released yet. I and my partner are working on a new 2D Pixel Art game currently called Steam Worlds, even after it is released I will be working hard on refining it then adding more to it. I really dont know what else to put here so bye!

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0 comments by neronix17 on Dec 28th, 2011

Yes I happen to have a lot of ambitious mods and things going on but this is one which isnt quite as strenuous, I will require quite a bit of help though, if you have ever watched the TV series 'Legend of The Seeker' or read the series of books by Terry Goodkind (The Sword of Truth) then you may be interested. I will be doing most of the work in the Creation Kit when it comes out *cough*Bethesda*cough*, but I lack the models for clothing, weapons, and misc items for anything resembling the items in the story, I have several emblems and things I found a source of on DeviantArt but without the talent to help me this will be pointless.

What I need is someone willing to create the following items, give me a message if you can, and as a trial run (I don't want it to be a half arsed job) you could have a go at one or two of the items.

The Sword Of Truth (Truth on the handle not on the blade, remodel of the Steel Sword would be enough)
Mord-Sith Agiel (Red & White)
Rahl Dagger

Confessor Attire (The White robes, and Black)
Mord Sith Suit (Red & White)
House of Rahl Robes
Simple Wizards Robes (Similar to Zeddicus Zul Zorander's)
Sorcerers Robes
Woodsman Garb (Similar to Richards)
Backpack (simple pack on the neck slot should work, if not possible then wont bother, is just a vanity item)
D'Hara Soldier Armour & Shield

Keepers Tooth
Seer's Stone
Seekers Compass

Book of Counted Shadows
Stone of Tears
The Boxes of Orden (3 different styles of casing and one without the casing)
Confessor Tools (the needle things to create a confessor)
Bird Whistle

Heart Hound
Scarlet (Skyrim model with re-texture would be fine)

-Static Objects-
D'Hara Banner
Mud People Huts (Rubbish roofs and alternate ones that Richard showed them how to make)
Mud People Plaza Tents (The fabric roofs that they went under while outside)

I intend on making a lot of things from TSOT come into Skyrim, from an alternate reality is the best explanation I can think of, throw in some rubbish about an Elder Scroll causing it, I don't know yet. If I cant get the models there's no real point. I will be adding Confession either way, with a Confessor in each city, accompanied by a Wizard and a Warrior, these will wander the city during the day and go to a house outside of the city at night. A Confession spell will be added and using embalming tools you can make the tome which allows you to have the spell, my way of getting around the story behind them, the spell will probably just make the person take the persona of a follower. Confessed will do whatever a follower does for you but for NPC Confessor it essentially kills them and makes them a Thrall in the same instant, obviously I will have to make it seem like they aren't dead.

Another simple addition to spells will be Wizard's Fire, this will be a master destruction spell, same as Flames but much more powerful. If i can get the models in the list above I will happily push out the quest line within a couple of weeks after the CK is out, I may even just use placeholders till then and throw in the models after I get them. The quest will be a simple one but will yield the reward of having a Confessor and/or a Wizard follower, I may make it so a multiple follower mod is required if there is one by then, and you will also have the new spells and the Sword Of Truth at your disposal. The Sword of Truth's enchantment will likely be something about rage in the description and the reality being it doubles attack damage or something similar.

If you plan on helping then send me a PM, I will iron out the details a little more tomorrow while I inevitbley wait 40 Min to get into my server on The Old Republic. I have several mod ideas and they are all typed up and ready to get started on the coding when the CK is out. Open pages for each of them as I make progress with them.


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0 comments by neronix17 on Dec 11th, 2011

For anyone who is actually interested (you know who you two are!), I am still working on the mod site, progress has been delayed a bit but the delay of the Creation Kit because of the stupid steam integration has made that alright. I have seen the massive pileup of re-textures and audio replacers on the Skyrim Nexus and I am quite happy I don't have the site up yet because of a lot of them. Not mentioning any but quite a few of the re-textures are simply a combination of changing saturation, making it darker, and using the sharpen tool in Photoshop. This doesn't make it better it just makes it different and usually a tough on the eyes texture as they don't have their monitors colour settings set up right.

Anyway, the Nightman Games network will be hosting the mod site, I am still designing the main site for Nightman Games but it will be the central stop for anyone wanting to go to any of the networks sites, like my Skyrim mod site and Doiks Gaming Reviews site. For future reference you can get to the NG website through either of the following addresses, this way you can bookmark it and check it out now and again to see if it is finished. The current site is an old version, it is already changed quite a bit and will be re-uploaded soon.


Thanks for reading - Neronix

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0 comments by neronix17 on Oct 7th, 2011

Righty, Nightman Games will be getting it's website very soon, like in a week or so, this will be the best place to get all the info on SteamVerse, any other games and of course mods which are made by us, also be where the screenshots/videos/etc will be hosted and probably the wiki for each one too.

I am incredibly excited about Skyrim (seriously I think I will go kill someone if anything goes wrong). And in this excitement I kinda sorta decided to start working on a Skyrim Mod website, where people can upload their Skyrim mods, much like here at ModDB (TES series hasn't really got a modding scene here compared to other places). I will be opening the site as soon as I can so people can start registering and prepping pages for mods they want to make and show their ideas and things, the following will be rough guidelines of the rules I have planned.

-NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Seriously none what so ever, on the mod site that is.

-Hosting has to be provided by the modder themselves for their own mods, the suggested site to use will be mediafire as it has no advertisements and is my personal favorite but not required, it is also highly recommended that multiple sites be used to host the mod, I will include direct links to several sites which would be acceptable as hosting options and also a list of what is not allowed. ModDB's Skyrim page will be the first link and suggested that it be used alongside my site.

-Adf.ly links are a scourge, plague, virus that should be avoided at all costs, if a modder wishes to use them then they will be limited to using ONE Adf.ly link and only one, if there is more for the same mod (or an addon to that mod for that matter) then it will be removed, if it happens twice from the same modder then they will be permanently banned from the site. Mods are free and should never be for personal profit.

-Mods must be of a certain standard, if a mod is uploaded and includes material not to a certain standard (major glitches, generally horrible) then it will be removed.

-No comments section, there will be reviews, which will let you rate the mod out of 10, and allow you to say what you thought about it and give feedback, but only the modder will be allowed to see these unless they wish to show them.

Thats all I have at the moment, obviously I haven't worked too hard on these so far and they are only rough ideas, I dont exactly have servers of space and bandwidth or I would host files myself etc, this is just my way of trying to get a site based for Skyrim which doesn't have any ad's or paid membership or anything like that, all I ask for modders to do in return is to use external free hosting sites. The image hosting might be through the site, that depends on a few things, could be external but be able to upload through the site(?).

So far the best name I can come up with is The Crossroads, and I'm pretty sure I just heard it somewhere before...So any suggestions in that area (the name of the mod site) would be much appreciated.

In other news, being that of my Oblivion mod, I will continue with it still (slowly dragging my feet) but development on the New Vegas adaption will be stopped entirely, this is because I have lost interest entirely in the game, the latest addon Lonesome Road, almost put me to sleep, literally. I didn't exactly enjoy any of the game and its addons, only reason I stuck with it was because of the mods and that stream has seemed to run totally dry lately. I will however continue the mod in Skyrim when I finish the Oblivion edition (which as of now will no longer have any promise of extra stuff after the stargate part, only a maybe for that now). The new UI for Skyrim has given me many new ideas for certain aspects and I will soon begin some models for that edition, which currently will be loosely based on Stargate Universe's plot line and style since I feel it would best fit in Skyrim.

Anyway, more details on that once the website for NG is done and up. Anyone interested in making models/textures for Skyrim Universe (yeah I just thought of that), is welcome to lend a hand, alongside audio (music and sound effects) and voice acting too (much later when the mod is close to release). Send me a message if you are interested in helping out. Only thing I will not accept help with is the story and editor stuff, I don't want anyone to know anything more than I want them to until it is released, which I will do my very best to make sure is sooner than a few years from now :P More like a few months for the first chapter.

Edit: The NG website is now up, still being worked on but at least it is now up and running, the projects and forums pages will be done soon but for now they are not functional.

Link: Nightman Games

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4 comments by neronix17 on Aug 17th, 2008

Hey everyone (well anyone who actually reads this) comment and tell me if you think I should begin progress on a Doctor Who mod for Morrowind, im thinking on having a Tardis in every main town/city and allow you to enter it like a building and then go up to the main panel and change where the door will take you out of, for a start it will just be a pile of boxes with a door attached to the front till i get someone to model it properly, and the inside will just be a normal room with a odd object in the middle for the console for the same reason. Maybe have new enemies like cybermen and daleks, with a quest to power up the Tardis, i dunno jus a concept jus now, tell me what you guys (and girls) think thanks.

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